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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Do we really want the truth?

People ponder this could Bryan have known that Brent Corrigan was under aged? I think he knew this, he made a comment on tape that he would need to get 2 pieces of ID from Brent. I think Bryan used the legal system, the civil suite, the name trademark and the slanderous website to draw attention away from the fact that he did not use proper diligence in checking the ID’s of his models. We all know that in 2001 Bryan had a problem with an under-aged model in which he was charged with sexually assaulting a then 15-year-old boy twice in his home. The charges were later reduced to a charge of Corruption of a minor. See story here at I find it curious that he filled for bankruptcy shortly after that case which also was the same year that Kocis started Cobra Video, he filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 claiming liabilities of $222,800 in mostly credit card debt, according to bankruptcy records. See story here at
Brent at the time looked all of 15 years old and that fact should have truly raised a red flag to someone whom had just been through the ordeal that Bryan had been through. But this is purely conjecture on my part, I was not a party to what was actually shown as ID for Brent. I will say this I would have been very cautious about using someone who looked that young. Due to the circumstances of how Bryan was introduced to Brent I would have not gone there. There is also the question of the car that was purchased for Brent as stated is his contract it was for payment for scenes he was too shoot for Cobra Video. But there is no mention in any contract as to what were Brent’s scene rates. Someone stated in a blog that it could be payment for his silence on the age matter although this is pure speculation it is plausible.
There is a lot of questionable information out there on the subject of Brent Corrigan and we probably have read it. I believe that the real story here is not about Brent but about why Brent? Why all this fuss about a model that it has been said that he lied about his age, broke contracts, will not show proof of his age and started his own porn business. It all comes down to money, yes the all mighty dollar. Brent is a valuable commodity he has only done 8 or 9 films and most of them are not even available through normal channels.
Yet he is unmistakably a star. He has just what the buying public wants he’s a cute sexy twink with a large penis for his frame and he has a great web-site where you can get to “know” him. The main problem is that Bryan had him all tied up in this legal mess. And why do you ask? Bryan would be facing serious problems if it were confirmed that Brent Corrigan was underage when he filmed those early scenes for Cobra Video. He would have faced the real possibility of jail time or the loss of his business and more public scrutiny or both. Then why make a federal case of it all you ask? Well Bryan had to show that he knew nothing about Brent being underage and he had to get court proof of that fact. If you read the MOR document from the civil case paragraph 1 is a request for a certified copy of Brent Corrigans birth certificate. Also in this document in paragraph 4 is a disclaimer to be made by Brent Corrigan stating to the effect that Bryan was not aware of his underage status. This was a read flag for me, now the first time I saw Brent Corrigan my first thought was this is a child. I said to myself there is no way this kid is legal. So when I read paragraph 4 of the MOR my suspicions were confirmed. Now I am not defending the actions of Brent Corrigan because he was wrong to mislead everyone involved in this fiasco. But to his credit he did leave some clues to the impending collaboration between LSG Media and Cobra Video on his web site HarlowCuadra
The pictures, the web-site, his escort business and he being the person of interest in the subsequent murder case were quite interesting. How do all the pieces fit together? The fact that police could not identify him, that was done by people on the Internet who in a matter of hours knew not just who he was but what he does and who with and they had pictures of him and Brent together in Las Vegas.
We the people on the Internet through several blog’s shared information and theories to the how and why of the senseless murder of Bryan Kocis. We speculated and had a few arguments but our main focus was to bring justice to the killer(s). But in our attempt to find justice we found out a whole lot more. I really don’t think any of us were looking to destroy someone’s credibility but we did cause some serious questions to be asked of all parties involved. Some have been answered but most have not. The fact still stands that there was a brutal murder and no one has been charged with it and the reason why is still not clear either. We do see that life seems to be moving forward for Brent, which is good in my opinion. And Harlow we will just have to see what happens with him I think he’s about to get “Brented” a new term, cute huh, I like it, kinda like getting Lanced. Let’s hope Harlow has all his ducks in a row.
So I will just say to you all, Later from the land of mystery. It’s Elmysterio and I’m out.

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