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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Bryan Kocis Timeline revision 3.1

2001, unknown month: Bryan Charles Kocis establishes Cobra Video and operates the gay pornographic film enterprise out of his home on Midland Drive, Dallas Township. The DVD/video films Mr. Kocis distributes primarily star young-looking men. The same year Kocis started Cobra Video; he filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 claiming liabilities of $222,800 in mostly credit card debt, according to bankruptcy records.
In his bankruptcy filing, Kocis listed his vehicle as a 1998 Honda Accord, and a monthly income of $1,800 earned through video sales.

July 2001: Mr. Kocis is charged with alleged rape and sexual assault of a 15-year-old boy whom he met on the Internet. He recorded video of their sex session that occurred at his home. Police seize equipment from his studio. He was hit with a host of charges, including rape, statutory sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault and involuntary deviate sexual intercourse.

April 2002: Prosecutors drop most charges against Mr. Kocis after believing Mr. Kocis’ claims he didn’t know how old the boy was because the teen lied about his age. Mr. Kocis pleads guilty to sexual abuse of children; a charge later revised to corruption of minors. He serves one-year probation.

July 21st 2004: Sean Lockhart Began modeling for Cobra Video under the name Brent Corrigan and signed a 1-year exclusive contract. Cobra alleges that Sean provided ID that he was over 18 years of age.

2004: Mr. Kocis produces first adult films with client, Sean Lockhart, (AKA Brent Corrigan super twink of the new millenium), who becomes the featured star on Mr. Kocis’ Web site.

July 17th 2005: Sean Lockhart renews his Cobra contract and gets a car form Cobra.
This car is also part of the claim in the civil suit.

July 2005 Cobra video registers the domain name to exploit the famous mark “Brent Corrigan” in which Cobra invested time and money and resources in order to promote such famous trade name for the benefit of Cobra video.. Cobra does this in response to people posting pictures of Brent on various web-sites.

July 2005: Cobra Video manager Bryan Kocis signed over the title to 1 Volkwagan Jetta to Sean lockhart as payment for work all ready done and work to be Completed at a later date.

August 16th2005: Sean Lockhart notifies Bryan that he was underage when he performed in his first 4 pornographic videos. Bryan is said to have ignored the underage claim and threaten Sean. Sean files the claim with the FBI in Scranton PA .

August 22nd 2005: Cobra Video filed an application with the United States Trademark and Patent Office to register the words “Brent Corrigan” as a trademark. The registration application is pending with application Serial No. 78697319

September 2005: Cobra Video Claims Sean Lockhart breached his contract. Sean counter claims this is due to threats made by Cobra Video and it’s President Bryan Kocis to his personal safety. Sean also states that Cobra Video voided the contract for failure to pay him for scenes he had shot for the company.

September 13th 2005: Mr. Lockhart’s attorney Chad Belville announces that Mr. Lockhart was underage when he began working for Mr. Kocis. Mr. Kocis responds he was given legal identification proving Mr. Lockhart was of legal age. Cobra Video pulls the disputed titles staring Brent corrigan from the market as a result of this announcement.

September and October 2005: Sean had several conversations with a field officer in the Scranton, PA office over the phone in San Diego between . At one point the FBI agent asked Sean to send a layout of the house and where all the stuff was kept, because the indicated they were about to organize a raid. Nothing happened.

October 4th 2005: Brent Corrigan online is registered as a domain name and the web-site goes online. BCO is owned by LSG Media and not affiliated in anyway with Cobra Video LLC and has all new and original content.

December 6th 2005: A Cobra release states in part: "The Writ of Summons was filed through Cobra Video’s legal counsel, attorney Al Flora of Wilkes-Barre. Sean Lockhart has also been notified by Cobra Video’s legal counsel that he must appear in Luzerne County [Pennsylvania] on December 6, 2005 to submit to an oral deposition under oath regarding matters relating to his entry into a modeling contract with Cobra Video, the fulfillment or non-fulfillment of the terms of that contract, whether or not Lockhart fraudulently induced Cobra Video to enter into modeling contracts for the purposes of obtaining trade secrets of Cobra Video and whether or not Lockhart conspired with John Doe to engage in such fraud." Sean does not attend the hearing on the advice of his legal counsel.

December 15th 2005: Cobra video receives a Trademark filing no.3338162 with the state of Pennsylvania that registered the words “Brent Corrigan” as a State of Pennsylvania Trademark.

January 2006: Bryan ands his attoureys file to dismiss there "Writ of Summons"
(2nd contact with the FBI) Sean went to the local San Diego FBI field office and gave an interview. The one agent who was conducting the interview, or rather just listening… was primarily concerned with the time because it was nearing 5 o’clock! He didn’t take a note didn’t write down a single word he didn’t even pull a pen out of his pocket! Sean had a stack of correspondence / paperwork relating and basically backing up all of his claims, the contracts that were signed under age, his license, his birth certificate, the fake license, everything! He told them they could keep all the paperwork , but if they wanted the licenses and birth certificates he would make copies. The agent said they didn’t need anything. He said if the field agents who preside over this jurisdiction needed anything they’d contact Sean. He didn’t even write down Sean's information! He said if they needed anything, they’d know how to find Him???

February 2006: Mr. Kocis sues Mr. Lockhart and LSG Media in Federal court for breach of contract and Copy-write infringement and cyber squatting regarding a breached contractual agreement.

April 12, 2006(3rd contact with the FBI) :The neutral evaluation conference that took place. Bryan did not attend. It was Sean Macias, Jeffery Douglas , all representing Bryan. there was a certified copy of the birth certificate offered to Macias, but Macias said he didn’t want it unless it came directly from the State of Idaho. That same day images of Sean were presented to Bryan's counsel (team) that were still being displayed on Cobra’s website that were taken when Sean was underage. Chad Bellville was still representing Sean and when they left the settlement conference they went straight to the local SD FBI office to present the facts that Bryan was still hosting “child pornography”. This time they met with two agents, this time they took notes! This time the kept a few of the copies that had been made for them with the URL’s and the date’s clearly showing that day’s date!

June 29th 2006:Sean appears at Micky's at Cocktails With The Stars. Bryan hires 2 goons to take to harass Sean while he sits back and watches the whole thing.

July 13th 2006:In July 2006, Flora and Tokach agreed to amend Kocis’ guilty plea from sexual abuse of children to corruption of minors that prevented the boy from testifying at a Megan’s Law hearing.“There was a serious mistake of the boy’s age. Nobody really wanted to try this case,” Flora said. “Plus, I don’t think the boy’s family wanted to go to trial.”
The change was officially made on July 13, 2006, by Luzerne County Judge Michael T. Conahan, who hand wrote on the order, “not subject to any Megan’s Law provisions,” according to court records. “It worked out for everyone’s benefit,” Flora said.

September 29th 2006:, Brent Corrigan stars in Falcon Studios' Fall 2006 release of "The Velvet Mafia." part 1 and 2 and Cobra Video releases its latest Corrigan feature Take It Like a Bitch Boy at the same time. Cobra's video is only availiable on their web-site.

October 8th 2006:, Brent Corrigan announces on his blog the launch of the private, adult, pay-only section of The entry provided a link to the pay site, he discussed the delays and included a humorous video celebrating the pay site's start.

October 12th 2006: Corrigan's blog announced that his contracted online billing company had cancelled their contract under legal pressure from Cobra Video. this is revealed in a blog post titled "I tried my best". this same post request donations from his fans to help pay for legal fees and other neccesities.

October 14th 2006: Grant Roy sends a email to Bryan Kocis. this is the first attempt to initiate a settlement. See post from June 5th titled A email from Grant

October 28th 2006: Brent has a post on his blog titled "Happy fucking birthday Brent Corrigan" about his arrest for under age drinking.

October-November 2006: According to Grant Roy’s statement to police (see 2/9), "several months" prior to the murder, Roy saw Harlow Cuadra’s profile online and approached him via e-mail to ask if he would be interested in appearing with Sean Lockhart in a video produced by LSG Media. Roy stated that he was looking for models "in anticipation of a settlement with Cobra Video." An e-mail correspondence ensued during which Lockhart invited Cuadra and Joe Kerekes to meet at the AVN Adult Expo in Las Vegas, in mid-January.

December 7th 2006: - MOU signed by Sean, Grant and Lee, signaling a "partnership" of sorts between LSG Media and Cobra. The terms of the MOU appear to fall in Bryan's favor.

January 9th 2007: - The attorney for Sean, Grant and LSG files a motion to withdraw as their attorney citing lack of payment of legal fees to the tune of $38,000 and infighting between the partners at LSG, in regards to the settlement with Cobra. As stated in the document, the motion to withdraw is E-mailed to Sean, Grant and Lee on Jan 9th as well as overnighted to them by mail.

January 10th 2007: According to police informant #1 (see 2/10), the day before they travel to Las Vegas, Cuadra and Kerekes talk about plans to hire "Brent Corrigan" (Lockhart) for a video that they expect to make "a ton of money." They indicate that they know about Lockhart’s contractual obligation to Cobra but are trying to make a deal anyway. They also mention plans to travel to Pennsylvania.

January 10th 2007: - Sean and Grant leave San Diego and drive to Vegas for the AVN Adult Expo, as stated in Brent's January 11th blog, "Brent Corrigan is a Leper.""

January 11th 2007: Lockhart, Roy, Cuadra and Kerekes meet at the AVN Expo in Las Vegas, having dinner at Le Cirque, at the Bellagio Hotel. This is during the AVN conference in Las Vegas. Bryan also attends the conference with Cobra model Robert Wagner/Aaron Phelps. Bryan and Harlow are said to not have meet at the conference. According to an E-mail Bryan sent to Cad on 1-16-07 in which Bryan states "Things were supposed to be hammed out but as usual Grant had ruined them. The mediation talks in Vegas were key.

January 12th 2007: According to an online post on 5/18 by someone identifying himself as Roy, he met Kerekes and Cuadra again briefly and by chance in the morning and introduced them to Keith Miller from Helix Studios. He says he then went to a mediation meeting regarding the LSG-Cobra lawsuit.
It appears that Cuadra and Kerekes left Las Vegas early, rather than attend the conference to conduct business.

January 13th 2007 Sean Lockhart, Grant Roy, Bryan Kocis and Aaron -/Robert Wagner attend the Hustla ball in Las Vegas. Sean is reported to have spoken to Bryan and it was said he was showing no hard feelings about the past legal case.

January 14th 2007: at 9:33am - As Julien posted on his blog, an E-mail is sent from "Mark" at Norfolk Male Escorts to fans of their site who are registered to recveive newsletters. The newsletter states, "A HUGE UPDATE FOR XXX SITE is that Harlow and Mark just returned from AVN awards in las Vegas where we sat down with Porn Twink mega star "Brent Corrigan" and discussed a partnership in filming and collaboration in porn site efforts and dvd distribution!"
According to police informant #2 (see 3/21), sometime after returning from Vegas, Cuadra and Kerekes said that they had a "verbal agreement" to collaborate on a video with Lockhart, but that there was a contractual problem.
According to informant #1 (see 1/10 & 2/10), Cuadra and Kerekes were reclusive and acted "very suspicious and unusual" after returning from Vegas.

January 15th 2007: at 7:52pm Pacific Standard Time (I got the time by converting the GMT time that the E-mail was sent to Cad at to PST, the time zone Bryan was in at the time in San Diego) - Bryan E-mails Cad and in addition to mentioning the above about meetings with Grant (and Sean and Lee, as Zane mentions in his comment), not working out, he says "Grant is actually coming over later tonight, Sean and Grant will be here tomorrow to meet with me."

Again, according to Zane's comment, Grant and Bryan did meet up that evening and "they had their meeting for 20min or so."

January 18th 2007: - Sean posts a comment on his blog, in reply to his own post, "In Memory of Dr. Martin Luther King..." which states, "The last few days have been tumultuous for me; in Vegas and now here at home in San Diego."

He continues:

"The trip to Vegas was fun, yet it was overshadowed by a daunting, yet much-important ground breaking event for this company and another one I am closely related to. I’m having trouble allowing my new, positive thoughts to wash away anything that might have precluded them... I want you all to know that I have things to write about Vegas. But, my emotions have dominated my thoughts the past few days and I am having trouble writing about going to clubs and meeting porn stars.

Whatever happens, I want all of you to know that our possible upcoming arrangements are based on what is best for me, my company, and my future."

^^We can all infer what Sean meant with these statements and now that we have more info as to the days proir to this post, we can come to some conclusions on our own but only Sean knows for sure what he meant with these words.

January 18, 2007: Kocis, Roy and Lockhart sign the settlement in San Diego. Lee Bergeron will add the final signature in the next day or two

January 18, 2007: Mr. Kocis and LSG Media reach a settlement through their attorneys that would put them in a joint business venture. The signed settlement was to be mailed to Bryan Kocis Jan. 25.

January 19th 2007: - Sean posts a blog on his site entitled discussing his time in Vegas entitled, "The Porn Industry's Little Secrets..." In the blog he makes no mention of meeting Bryan in Vegas and talks very little about the trip, instead focusing on the AVN expo and straight porn. From his words in this blog, whatever he was feeling from the the day before in the comment posted under Jan 18th seems to be gone, or at least those feelings are not coming through in this blog entry.

January 20th 2007: Lee Bergeron is the last to sign the settlement paper as per Cad. the papers are all signed and the Settlement goes into force and is sealed to the public.
A background check on Kocis is purchased from USA People Search, paid for with Cuadra’s Discover card and using Bryan also reurns home to Pennsylvania.

January 22, 2007 - According to an article which appeared in the Times Leader after Bryan's death, it is revealed that on this date (January 22), in regards to the civil lawsuit, "the court ordered a settlement conference that is scheduled for Feb. 21."

January 22,2007: At 11am, the account is created using the name Danny Moilin. The first e-mail it receives is from Within 30 minutes, a model application is submitted via the Cobra website using the name Danny Moilin and dmbottompa e-mail address, and a separate e-mail is sent from dmbottompa to Kocis’ e-mail account. A second model application is submitted via Cobra’s site at 1:23pm.
At 7:30pm, a newly activated, prepaid cell phone places its first call. It is to Kocis, and originates from a cellular tower close to Cuadra/Kerekes’ house. Because the phone is prepaid, there is no subscriber information available from Verizon.
Also on 1/22 or 1/23, Kocis forwards to Wagner a photograph from the model application and indicates that he has an appointment to meet him on 1/24. The plot leaps into action on 1/22 and proceeds rapidly, rather than having been started soon after the Vegas trip.

January 23, 2007: At 9:40am, Cuadra rents a gray Nissan Xterra SUV from Enterprise in Virginia Beach, using2 his driver’s license and Discover card.
At 9:44am, Cuadra and Kerekes are recorded on CCTV buying a gun and knife from a pawnshop in Virginia Beach, using Cuadra’s Visa card.
Initial news reports indicated that a knife was recovered at the crime scene, but this is not mentioned in the affidavit.
Two people check into the Fox Ridge Inn motel in Plains Township, Penn., using Kerekes’ driver’s license, paying cash for two nights, and listing a gray vehicle with a Virginia registration.
Between 1/23 and 1/24, at least a dozen more e-mails are sent from the dmbottompa account to Kocis. In one of them on 1/23, "Danny" writes "can we please be alone."
The cell phone used to call Kocis on 1/22 makes further calls to him on 1/23 and 1/24 originating from cellular towers within range of the Fox Ridge Inn or Kocis’ house.
According to Cuadra’s remarks in the intercepted conversations (see 4/28), Cuadra and "another" "did some recon work" on Kocis’ house at some point on 1/23 or 1/24.

January 24, 2007:At 6:43am,est an e-mail from dmbottompa to Kocis offers to meet earlier than originally planned. Kocis replies that he has afternoon meetings and prefers to meet at 7-8pm. At 1:17pm, "Danny" sends an e-mail stating he will arrive "around 7:15 depending on traffic." Sean Lockhart spoke to Bryan that morning at around 9am PST. or 12:00pm EST.
At 2:23pm, Kocis sends Lockhart an e-mail that mentions the appointment. The affidavit does not quote the e-mail directly, nor indicate whether it included a photograph or when Lockhart might have seen it. The affidavit indicates that police learn about this e-mail five days later (see 1/29). And Cad a friend of Bryan's had an instant message conversation with him at around 5PM EST and Lee spoke to him around 3PM PST or 6:oopm EST -
At 5:35pm and again at 7:50pm, attorney Sean Macias speaks with Kocis by telephone. During one of these conversations, Kocis mentions the imminent appointment. Also during one of them, Kocis interrupts the conversation to say that the prospective model had arrived. Macias will later tell police he thinks the model’s name begins with a "D." Around 6:30pm, Wagner speaks with Kocis by telephone. Kocis mentions his appointment with the new model.
At 6:35pm, the Verizon cellphone places its final call to Kocis, originating in Dallas, Penn. The affidavit says the final call was "01/25/07 at approx 1835 hrs" – however this appears to be an error and should read 01/24. Police say the only activity on the phone was to/from Kocis, and the Xterra was back in Virginia by then (see 1/25).
These last two calls seem to indicate that Cuadra didn’t arrive during the earlier call with Macias, but rather during the one that began at 7:50.
At 7:50pm, Macias again speaks with Kocis by telephone.
According to the intercepted conversations (see 4/28), Cuadra believed that Kocis knew his real identity during the meeting. Kerekes stated that Cuadra might have "slipped (the victim) something" in the wine they were drinking. Also, "at some point, the doorbell rang."
If Kocis recognized Cuadra, how did he know? The doorbell ringing could indicate that Cuadra entered alone, followed later by Kerekes. (this is speculation and is not proven as fact.)
Cuadra is also quoted as referring to conversations Kocis had with "various individuals" while he was present.
In the terminology of an affidavit, can "various individuals" refer to only two people, including Cuadra himself? Or might this refer to a phone call Kocis made or received during the meeting – perhaps ending the call with Macias? Or was there a fourth person present?
At 8:30pm, the fire department is dispatched to Kocis’ home. Kocis is found dead on a couch. An autopsy later determines that he died from "slash-type wound to his neck," after which he "suffered 28 stab-type wounds to his body and torso, which were found to be post-mortem."
Neighbors tell investigators they saw a silver/gray SUV leaving the scene immediately before the fire was reported at around 8:20pm.
Police find no signs of forced entry to the home or of a struggle inside. Smoke detectors have been disabled. They later determine that a limited number of items are missing, including two tower PCs, a laptop PC, two video cameras, a Rolex watch, and business records relating to Cobra.
Kocis "concealed numerous loaded firearms throughout his residence" including one "in a drawer eight to ten feet from where [he] was found." From this, and from interviews with Kocis’ associates and family, police conclude that Kocis "was significantly concerned with his personal security." According to newspaper articles, on this date Bryan told an associate he would be meeting someone named "Drake" at 7:00pm that evening. Bryan Kocis was found dead after a fire was intentionally set at his home at around 8:40PM EST. The coroner rules he was stabbed to death before the fire was set.
update 8:20pm A light colored SUV is seen leaving the victims driveway and racing down the street. The fire was reported 10 minutes after the SUV was seen leaving the house. This was around 8:30pm at night. The fire was completely put out in 10 minutes time from when the call was placed at 8:30. That would make it 8:40 pm. (this is a statment made by MIPA after he drove by the scene after the fire) "I checked around the neighborhood and the fire dept. is around the corner from the house. The flames had not broken through the roof of the house at the time the fire was reported. Now you tell me was there something used to make that fire burn so fast that it burned through 2 floors and a ceiling in less than 30 minutes?"

January 25th 2007: According to Roy’s statements made 15 days later to police (see 2/9), Cuadra calls Lockhart in San Diego and tells him to "go to the WNEP website," which has a report of the murder. Cuadra allegedly says: "I guess my guy went overboard."
At 12:45pm, the Nissan Xterra is returned to Enterprise in Virginia Beach with 1,052 miles added during the rental. (A round-trip journey to Kocis’ house is 770 miles.)
Wagner tells police about the model appointment, and says that he thinks the model’s name begins with "D." It appears that Wagner also provided the photograph forwarded to him by Kocis on 1/22 or 1/23.

January 26th 2007: Citizen's Voice published an article interviewing an attorney for Sean and Grant who said the settlement papers were set to be mailed from California to Bryan on Thursday (Jan 25) for his signature. The article also states, "“They are extremely shocked,” Yates said of his clients’ reaction to news of the murder." The Settlement was actually signed on the 18th of January in San Diego without their lawyers present.
Cuadra and Kerekes visit the Big House Gym, where they are members, for the first time since at least 1/22. They will continue to visit daily through 2/9.

January 27th 2007: - Sean is at Rich's as evidenced by a link to photos from the event in another comment here on Jason's site.
According to Cuadra’s intercepted remarks (see 4/28), Cobra "master tapes" taken from Kocis’ house were destroyed after being kept (and watched) at his house for "approx two days."

January 29, 2007 the police file 6 search warrants 3 are sealed and the other 3 are for phone, cell Phone and Internet E-mail providers.
Cuadra posts an inquiry to asking for help using a Sony HDR-FX1 camera – the same model as one reported missing from Kocis’ home.
Police interview Cobra webmaster Alex Puente, who provides information about e-mail from dmbottompa to Kocis (see 1/22) and the e-mail from Kocis to Lockhart (see 1/24).
Was this the first time police learned about the e-mail to Lockhart on 1/24?
Police serve a warrant on AOL for information relating to the and accounts, and learn the IP addresses from which the dmbottompa e-mails were sent. They track one to Cox Communications, then subpoena Cox for the associated account information, and learn that it belongs to Cuadra. The affidavit doesn’t specify how quickly these developments occurred, only that the AOL warrant was served on 1/29.

January 30th 2007: Police serve a warrant on Yahoo for information relating to the dmbottompa account. They will learn that "nearly all" activity was to or from Kocis.

January 31st 2007: - The Citizen's Voice newspaper publishes an article stating Sean and Grant "have information about a man said to have met with 44-year-old Bryan Charles Kocis the night he was stabbed 28 times" but are "seeking a criminal lawyer before talking to police..."
Was this a response to inquiries that followed the discovery of Kocis’ last e-mail to Lockhart? (see 1/24 & 1/29)

February 2nd 2007 The police release a picture of a model “a person of interest” in the case with a possible last name of Drake. The image was supposedly recovered from an e-mail sent to an associate. The Police later say the image was a photograph from the Danny Moilin model application, saying his name might be "Drake" and asking for information about him.
Was this a ruse by police, or had they still not identified Cuadra? Why would police let Cuadra discover that police have his photo a week before they search his house, if that wasn’t necessary? Where did they get the name "Drake"? They already knew that the alias used in the applications was "Danny Moilin." Also on February 2, 2007, A statement on Lockhart’s blog (as Brent Corrigan) says that he has "been advised by my attorneys and law enforcement officials in charge of the investigation not to make public comments or statements regarding this very sad and senseless crime."

Sean posts a comment on his blog on his site which states:

"Dear Cobra Video and Brent Corrigan Fans,

In light of the tragic events that took place last week and due to the extreme sensitivity and its nature, I have been advised by my attorneys and law enforcement officials in charge of the investigation not to make public comments or statements regarding this very sad and senseless crime.

When I am again able, I will address the issues surrounding this terrible tragedy. Contrary to what others may have written, we had finalized a settlement with Cobra Video and Bryan regarding the civil lawsuit. The settlement documents were signed and all parties were looking forward to moving on to a mutually beneficial arrangement. Please pay your respects to Bryan Kocis, his family and friends. It is time to show them all the love and support you have shown me.

With all my love, respect and admiration,

February 3rd 2007: Ryan Anderson informs police that the Drake photo is Cuadra, for whom Anderson previously worked. Anderson sends police a photograph of Cuadra and Lockhart together at Le Cirque, apparently from Cuadra’s MySpace page.
Investigators research Cuadra and match the Danny Moilin photograph to Cuadra’s Virginia driver’s license. The affidavit is not clear how quickly this occurred.

February 5th or 6th 2007 the model is identified as 19 year old Harlow Caudra a Virginia Beach male escort and porn model. Also on February 5, 2007 - Sean posts a comment in reply to another thread of his on his blog which says, in part,

"I CANNOT TALK ABOUT BRYAN’S DEATH. If you guys thought it was strange that I couldn’t defend myself publicly in regards to the lawsuit, then you’ll surely not understand this situation. It’s not that I’m not communicating myself. I CAN’T.

This isn’t my fault, this situation is not because of me. However, despite all that, I must protect myself from any possible future harm. Please try your best to understand that fact and do me a favor and spread the word about my stance on all of this."

February8th 2007: Cuadra is identified in newspapers as the person in the photograph, and quoted as denying any connection to the crime. "Mark" from Norfolk Male Escorts (who does not exist but is an alias of Kerekes) is quoted as saying Cuadra was with a client in Virginia on the night of the murder. Harlow Speaks The Times Leader paper speaks with Harlow Cuadra by phone. The papers states Harlow "said he didn’t know Kocis..." and that "he was with a client for three hours in his hometown of Virginia Beach when Kocis was killed on Jan. 24." The paper goes on to state that "Harlow said he doesn’t know of anyone by the name of “Drake.” He is familiar with Cobra Video movies, and admitted to meeting Sean Lockhart during a recent adult film convention in Las Vegas. “Nothing really came out if it,” Harlow said about his discussions with Lockhart

February 9th 2007 A 19-year-old male escort matching the photo of a man wanted for questioning by Pennsylvania police in connection to the murder of Cobra Video owner Bryan Charles Kocis in Dallas Township says he didn’t know the late gay pornography producer.
According to the Wilkes Barre Times-Leader, the man, whose first name is Harlow, said he didn’t know Kocis and does not understand why investigators want to talk to him. The Times-Leader reports that Harlow refused to give his last name and said he “freaked out” when he learned that his picture is linked to a murder investigation. He acknowledged, though, that his photo has been misused by other male escorts or porn actors just starting in the business.
The Citizen’s Voice reports that Harlow’s employer confirmed that the male escort was working in Virginia the night Kocis was murdered.
Authorities released an Internet photograph last Friday of a man they believe was scheduled to meet with Kocis the night the 44-year-old Dallas Township man was slashed and stabbed to death and his home intentionally set afire.
State police last week identified the man as a model they believed Kocis had an appointment to meet the night of his murder. At the time, they said his last name might be “Drake.”
Police obtained a search warrant to review Kocis’ phone and Internet records for the week after the murder. Electronic records show Kocis e-mailed a picture of the man police want to question to an associate, saying he was to meet with the man, police have said. Police had previously said the man in the photograph was believed to be from the Philadelphia or Allentown area.

Also on this date
Police interview Roy by teleconference, nine days after the news report that he and Lockhart have relevant information (see 1/31).
According to Roy’s account of the dinner at Le Cirque, Cuadra "asked questions such as ‘what if Bryan left the country’" and Kerekes said "Harlow knows someone who would do anything for him." Roy acknowledges that "as he looked at Harlow, Roy knew that Cuadra was talking about killing the victim. Roy then stated to Cuadra that they (Roy and Lockhart) didn’t need Kocis to leave the country, and the conversation was switched to another subject."
Roy also relates a history of his relationship with Cuadra (see Oct-Nov 2006) and the call from Cuadra to Lockhart following the murder (see 1/25).
These details of the dinner conversation are not definitive, but rather what Roy told police. Note that Roy said he realized that Cuadra and Kerekes were proposing murder.

February 10th 2007 In an early morning raid, police search Cuadra/Kerekes’ house in Virginia Beach. The suspects are not home, and will not return for quite some time. (The affidavit states that they were never subsequently observed at the house, although their parents were seen removing items.) Sometime thereafter, a private auction of the home’s contents is scheduled for April 11, then cancelled. Authorities from Pennsylvania and Virginia searched the Virginia Beach home of Harlow Cuadra, three days after Cuadra admitted to reporters that he is the man in the photograph linked to the murder of gay film producer Bryan Kocis.
Trooper Tom Kelly, public information officer at the state police, Wyoming, confirmed that a search did take place on Feb. 10. The search warrant affidavit is under seal in Virginia, Kelly said.
A hearing was held in Virginia Beach Circuit Court today on a motion filed by Cuadra's lawyer to unseal the search warrant affidavit, according to the Virginia Beach Circuit Court Web site.
First reported by The Times Leader on Feb. 7, Cuadra confirmed to a reporter that he is the man in the photograph who investigators believe was scheduled to meet Kocis on Jan. 24. Here’s the million dollar question how did the police know to get a search warrant for Harlow’s home on the 29th of January when he was not identified until the 5th or 6th of February? The search was not reported until March 13th.
In the search, police recover two video cameras with their serial numbers removed. One is a Sony HDR-FX1 (see 1/29). Police will confirm that Kocis purchased an HDR-FX1 in December 2005.
Why did Cuadra and Kerekes leave Virginia Beach on 2/9, sometime after their final visit to the gym (see 1/26)? They knew Cuadra was under investigation since 2/2, when the photo became public. If they expected a search, why leave the cameras behind? If they were not fleeing, why did police not find any of the five or six Rolex watches that they allegedly owned?
Virginia Beach police interview Informant #1 (see 1/10). He "has been associated" with Cuadra and Kerekes for "approx eight months" and had assisted police previously.

February 10th, 11th or 12th, 2007: - Sean's personal Myspace account and the BrentCorriganxxx Myspace account maintained by Cobra Video are deleted. Whether they were deleted by MySpace, by Sean himself or by someone else is unknown.

February 12th 2007: Police interview Kerekes’ parents. Kerekes calls several times during the interview but refuses to speak with investigators and asks his parents not to.

February 13th 2007 Brent talks to Jody Wheeler who then posts quotes from Sean on his site. Sean disregards his previous stance on not talking about Bryan's death, seemingly ignoring his lawyers advice to say nothing, insomuch as saying to Jody "Harlow and his boyfriend," whom Sean refers to as "Joe" "are on the run" and that "Harlow and Joe really fucked it all up."

Jody also wrote that Sean told him his neighbors had received "flyers" which stated, ""If you don't want to die with your throad cut and 28 stab wounds to your chest, don't piss off the people [Sean and his partner] who live next door."

To date, I have seen no newspaper articles or police logs or quotes regarding these "flyers" Sean's neighbors supposedly received. Brent says certain things that he has second thoughts about and asks Jody to delete the post.

February 14th 2007: - Jody takes down the post he had put up before stating on his site, "Sean read the post on-line, for the first time, this morning and asked me to pull it down. Since my feelings were mixed in with what he said, it's just too easy for the post to be read the wrong way or be seen as an "official statement" from him. It was anything but."

February 24th 2007 Harlow is spotted at the GAYVN awards in San Francisco; it is rumored that he is filming a scene with Brent Corrigan.

March 3rd 2007: Four messages are sent from Cuadra’s MySpace account to Grant Roy within half an hour. One reads: "you need to make some kind of contact with us before I tell them you hired us joe." Another reads: "and we all know what u said to us at the avn in vegas and we have it on tape recorder and our conversation at le Cirque is recorded as well dont fuck with us."
Does "as well" refer to a conversation besides the one at Le Cirque? And why would Kerekes believe that a recording of the conversation/s would be threatening to Roy?

March 8th 2007 the name Drake is used in a Boybatter video titled Harlow meets Drake.

March 13th 2007 the news of the search on Harlow and Joe’s home is reported.

March 14th 2007: Police serve a warrant on Yahoo for information about its stareyes23510 account. They learn it belongs to Kerekes and was accessed multiple times during January 22-25 from the same IP addresses as the dmbottompa account.

March 15th 2007 Harlow and Joe’s attorneys try to get the warrant unsealed by a judge authorizing the search of his clients’ home on 2/10. This is denied on 3/21.

March 21st 2007 Judge refuses to unseal the search warrant. The Police interview Informant #2 (see 1/15). He has been associated with Cuadra and Kerekes since April 2005

March 26th 2007 Someone using the name Harlow Cuadra attemps to update Brent Corrigan's wikipedia page by adding Harlow's name to it and a link to Harlow Cuadra's web page from they also attempted to add this paragraph "This person of interest turns out to be famed Harlow Cuadra of Gay Male Porn Star & Escort from Norfolk Va, Police have not questioned him. No arrests have been made." as well as this statement "Harlow Cuadra gay male porn star supposedly working a deal to film with Brent Corrigan" in another attempt at shameless promotion. I might add that this is very much unnecessary as we all know who Harlow is.

March 31st 2007 Time’s Leader reporter tries to see the sealed search warrant and is refused by the clerk. A Judge issues an order to seal the warrants and grants a police request to extend the seal on three warrants related to the investigation for another 30 days.

April 3rd 2007 Pilot online has a news article on Harlow Cuadra and they use my blog. I'm famous (lol Elmysterio is now a star. :)
Well I found my complete time line and have revised my post. I'm sorry but it was late and I was trying to geterdone so I could go to bed. I hope the revision helps put things in better perspective.

April 9th 2007 Brent makes a statment on his blog in the comments section that Aaron Phelps aka Robert Wagner a Cobra model and Bryan's sister are running Cobra Studios.

April 11th 2007 Well it appears Brent has posted some proof that he is indeed 20 years old. Making the videos he did for Cobra Studios before October 31st 2004 contraband or child pornagrphy. So if you have these in your possession dispose of them immediately.

Because boys and girls this Id is the real deal. He was born in 1986 on October 31st. . Go Scorpio! I had my moments of doubt I will admit but I still held out for the truth being that he was only 20. I guess he has now been vindicated.

We will have to wait and see how that plays out. I have said all along that Bryan would gain nothing from suing Brent and LSG Media the company had no money and the only asset they had was Brent Corrigan. So if Bryan won the case what would he get. Nothing not a damn thing maybe the satisfaction of winning but Brent could drop the name and go with Sean and still work and Bryan could do nothing about it but be happy with a name while he sat in Jail for making kiddy porn. It is a sad commentary on things but that is pretty much what would have happened if Bryan had won the case in court. The settlement was beneficial to all involved. Cobra got the Id they needed to sale Brent Corrigan videos made after 10/31/2004 and LSG Media could open their member’s site. The sad thing is that Bryan was killed. But the police are of the firm belief that Bryan knew his attacker from the available evidence at the crime scene. I will leave the police to do their job and hope they do it soon.

April 19th 2007: Joe sends me an email with a referrence to a possible contract with Grant Roy to film a video. I tell Joe to run it by their attorney which he says he does.

April 25th 2007: Joe informs me in a email that he and Harlow are going to San Diego for some filming after an MTV interview . This is in regards to a contract recieved from Grant Roy.
April 27th 2007: Investigators from five agencies conduct "an electronic intercept and surveillance" of a conversation in La Jolla, Calif., among Cuadra, Kerekes, Roy and Lockhart. During this, Lockhart and Roy comment that "their lives had been damaged" by the murder, and Cuadra and Kerekes responded with "apologetic statements for their hardship." Roy asks if Kocis "felt any pain," and Cuadra and Kerekes "became silent" but Cuadra then "leaned toward Lockhart, who was walking next to him, and stated silently, ‘don’t worry, he went quick.’" Cuadra and Kerekes offer to discuss it further the following day at a nude beach.
The detail about Cuadra walking next to Lockhart could mean that police were observing the conversation as well as listening. Also, how did Cuadra state something "silently?" Either this means "quietly," or it was a gesture that police interpret as meaning "he went quick."

April 28th 2007: Police again record a conversation among the four, this time at Black’s Beach. Cuadra and Kerekes describe a variety of details about the crime scene, items taken, the murder, and events following. (See 1/24 & 1/27.)
Police later decline to reveal how the surveillance was conducted. Photographs taken at the beach show Lockhart wearing a pair of large sunglasses on what appears to be an overcast day.
The circumstances seem to indicate that Roy and Lockhart were participants in the surveillance, but police have not verified this.

May 14th 2007: Joe speaks to Damon Kruezer and does a telephone interview. I had previously advised him not to do so. He did not know who he was and I informed him but Joe spoke to him anyway.

May 15th 2007: Cuadra and Kerekes are arrested in Virginia Beach, 17 days after the conversation on Black’s Beach.

May and June 2007: Several false starts with court proceedings. All of Harlow and Joes assets are seized under the RICO Statute. Barry Taylor is forbidden to assist in the court proceedings. Several bail hearings are set and none come to be the last one is set for June 14th 2007. Joe and Harlow have a new attorney for the extradition hearings James Brice is the lawyer representing both men. He said they'll fight the warrants with a writ of Habeas Corpus. "That means they've got certain rights under the constitution. If these rights are violated the state must release them." Judge Simpson set that hearing date for June 27th in Circuit Court. Brice can fight this on four points. Are these the correct people? Are they actually fugitives? Are these valid charges in Pennsylvania? Is the paperwork sufficient? The extradition papers are signed by Pennsylvaina and Virgina and the Bail hearing is cancelled and replaced by a extrdition hearing on June 27th 2007.

Bryan Kocis Rest in Peace.
This is Elmysterio and I'm out.


  1. god i love you mr elms

    you make my internet experience complete

    you are a hero

    rob in oz

  2. Thanks Rob I try to post the truth.

  3. Thanks for posting the timeline, Elm. Much appreciated. There's a few things I may want to add, when I have a chance to review my previous timeline, if that's okay. I'll be back later this week to do so.

    Also, as I've said all along and something I'm standing by: I firmly believe Sean's obsession for wanting to retain use of the name "Brent Corrigan" was the primary motivator in his decision to settle, even though the trademark was owned by Bryan. As Cad has mentioned and I have witnessed through blog postings of Sean's and two live chats, Sean truly believes himself to be "Brent Corrigan," when in reality, all "Brent Corrigan" is, is a fictitious character who appears in porn films. That's what Sean wanted all along, in my opinion, and maybe taking that away from Sean, by legally forcing him to drop the name, was all Bryan ever wanted. Because maybe Bryan realized, that right there is what Sean cared about the most; A stage name.

    Things didn't turn out well for anyone involved in this mess and I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel just yet. We may get there someday if the police are able to find who killed Bryan, but as much as I'd like to believe otherwise, I think an arrest is a long ways off.





  5. I agree about the arrest being a long way off and that Seans main goal was the name Brent Corrigan. I do not think bryan really care about the name as much as some people think. Bryan wanted brent's ID to make more money of of him. he also needed it to vindicate himself. As to all those who doubt Brents age thats all fine and good but If Brent provided his Id to the authorities the whole case would have taken a different turn. Bryan might still be alive but Cobra would be no more or worse Bryan would be in serious trouble and he stood the possibilty of going to prison. As for adding to the time line that is fine just post the change and I will correct the post.

  6. I fucking can not believe the blog they used in this one. That is so scary.The post they show is Lies Fabrication Trickery and deciet. Im Famous thats so cool.yee haa.

  7. wow - now i know my very own american tv star ..... sweet see mr elms appears the world is watchin. wooo hooo

    rob in oz

  8. I guess, that is to much for me to comprehend right now.Harlow truly does have star power.

  9. Elm, congrats on the flash of your site on the TV feature.

    We will of course agree to differ on the age issue and my views on Bryan's reasons for pursuing the legal route are well documented elsewhere.

    Also, Cobra were doing quite nicely before Brent came along. As much as anything Bryan was improving his direction and technical skills with each film. Brent came along at the right point in Bryan's learning curve and proved the icing on the cake.

    Back to the murder though.

    What I find surprising when people throw around theories about Bryan's murder is a consistent failure to address its timing.

    Why was Bryan killed on 24 January 2007 ?

    Sure if it was a chat-line hook up that went wrong then the timing is just coincidental.

    Otherwise it seems likely that Bryan was killed because of something that had happened or was about to happen.

    Those people that suggest he was involved in local corruption need to identify why would he need to be killed on that particular day.

    I think the solution is actually very simple. The problem will be gathering sufficient evidence.

  10. there is one "critical" and "telling" item you left out of your timeline, i.e., Bryan Kocis got a case number in Luzerne County Court and then claimed in a press release that he had sued Brent Corrigan for fraud in Luzerne County.

    This happened BEFORE the Federal Lawsuit.

    Kocis claimed that he had sued Brent Corrigan and that Brent Corrigan was required to appear in Luzerne County court for a deposition.

    When Brent Corrigan did not appear for the deposition, because there was no suit, Kocis then sued Corrigan in Federal Court in San Diego.

    The fact that Kocis was trying to get Corrigan into Luzerne County is telling. Also, the press release Kocis issued about filing a lawsuit should have been seen (or heard of) by the Clerk of the Courts and Judges in Luzerne County who therefore should have known that Kocis was lying about filing a lawsuit (and scheduling a deposition).

  11. Hey everybody I have correted the timeline so sorry for the confusion it was late and I had to go to bed.

  12. Hi Anon 10:03 I made the same point on a thread at Jasons some time ago. Bryan wanted to GET Brent in Luzerne County. Why? Because he would have had him arrested for Fraud. Knowing the boy had no resources he would have been jailed and I am convinced he would have had an "arranged" accident in the Luzerne County Lockup. Looking into the age issue I am convinced Bryan needed Brent dead (easy way) or silenced legally (harder) in order to avoid prison in the future. After repeated failures to get at Brent, Bryan went the settlement route because he would have a Legal mechanism to ensure Brents silence. Cad we can argue about Brents Age till the cows come home but I mentioned at Jasons I asked to see his I.D.(at a Jason event) Brent sighed but really did not seem surprised. He readily produced it keeping his thumb over the address, As he turned it under the show lights the CA Hologram was noticeable. It was an authentic license and as I mentioned at Jasons I have had some experience in examining documents & ID. Cad the most telling point on Brents "Age". Bryan is dead, if Brent is 21 why does he continue to be "segregated with the under 21's" at Rich? A bouncer is assigned to watch the 2 "underage"performers to make sure no one passes them a beer! What 21 year old would give up his right to drink now? Brent who admits he likes to Drink? I was 21 once and I cannot imagine waiting till 22 to go to clubs & bars just to prove a point. Brent no way he would say fuck it! I would have!

  13. hey tv star elm :-)

    thanks for the timeline.

    but when you look at it, sean wasn´t allowed to drink at oct 28. whethet he was born at the 31th of oct. 85 or 86. so in fact its says nothing. and there isn't any documentation for that event.

    i think the time and the cruelty of the murder is crucial.

  14. howard,

    "Bryan wanted to GET Brent in Luzerne County. Why? Because he would have had him arrested for Fraud. Knowing the boy had no resources he would have been jailed and I am convinced he would have had an "arranged" accident in the Luzerne County Lockup. Looking into the age issue I am convinced Bryan needed Brent dead (easy way) or silenced legally (harder) in order to avoid prison in the future. After repeated failures to get at Brent, Bryan went the settlement route because he would have a Legal mechanism to ensure Brents silence."

    why there have been no legal actions against bryan because of underage porn for about 17 month. sean is still alive and was able to testify all the time. he was somehow silenced just days before bryan´s death. sean in danger of his life in luzern county is just one of the wildest speculation i heard so far. it would have caused even more attention to the case.

  15. just gets better day by day

    rob in oz

  16. Howard 1.58, we are never going to agree about Sean's age.

    In religous terms I am an agnostic rather than athiest about Sean's age. In absence of proof both sides depend upon faith.

    We are all frustrated by the lack of arrests in Bryan's murder but I do not see what is being gained by the wild fantasies being put forward about him.

    Everyone here has a view about Bryan. However I am someone who actually spoke with him hundreds of times over more than a year. Without compromising my own security I would say that there is no way that I would or could have maintained our relationship if even a small fraction of what is being alleged about him was true.

    Don't believe the hype.

    Bryan bought experienced, relevant legal advice from several sources. Although only one appeared on public documents there were others working in the background.

    Bryan was not going to incriminate himself or make matters worse by pursuing a worthless Federal legal suit.

    People post here without consequences. Bryan knew that everything he did had consequences.

    If he did not legally pursue Sean then the same people that ridicule the legal action would have claimed that the lack of legal action proved his guilt.

    I do not know Sean's age. Considering the recent response of the Sean camp to allegations over Jeremy's age then if Sean is proved to be aged 21 (now) somehow they will still find Bryan responsible for it all.

    The truth will out.

  17. Cad said "Bryan was not going to incriminate himself or make matters worse by pursuing a worthless Federal legal suit." AND "If he did not legally pursue Sean then the same people that ridicule the legal action would have claimed that the lack of legal action proved his guilt." Cad you indict your friend! Your right the only Legal strategy open to Bryan in response to age allegations(if they were true) was ATTACK. Bryan successfully continues this even in death. Bryan is a Saint while Sean is evil incarnate. One was a 40+ year old pornographer with a previous conviction for underage porn(yeah we know what he got the charged REDUCED to,Money shows results)The other party (Sean)was the master manipulator who planned the whole thing, RIGHT! Just like Justin Berry FORCED 2000 Perverts to watch him on Cam. Serious that is what people allege! Bryan HAD to stop Seans accusations PERIOD. Oh ab the FBI did not want to charge any of the 2000 men in the Berry case until the NY Times made it a Cause Celeb.(just a handful have been prosecuted) The FBI does NOT have to do ANYTHING and beside its a Fed DA's call and Carol Lamm is one of the 9 that got fired recently.Oh and cad you dont respond to Howards last point Why if Kocis is dead would Sean continue to deny himself the life of a 21 year old and Lie and say he is Underage now? This beggers belief you don't know coming from a country like England how important turning 21 is to an American Kid,,,You also basically call everyone who has seen Seans I.D. Jason,Howard. anyone a LIER because you have not seen the I.D. Is there a reason the Sean haters want that Birth certificate scanned and posted online? I think that has nothing to do with age I think they want Seans real last name exposed! Yeah haven't you all noticed That Sean said his step dad raised him from age 4 on how much you wanna bet Lockhart is not on the BC. That would be the last shred of anonymity this guy has. The haters want it all and cad is one of them He just plays nice. And speaking of Cad one last point,,Cad said "I would say that there is no way that I would or could have maintained our relationship if even a small fraction of what is being alleged about him was true." So you are saying the 2001 case did not happen it was the kids fault? Why do old men always insist the kid they just fucked over is the monster! Cad Bryan was a perv and I have no doubt Sean is too he learned from the master!

  18. Cad said:-

    "Howard 1.58, we are never going to agree about Sean's age.

    In religous terms I am an agnostic rather than athiest about Sean's age. In absence of proof both sides depend upon faith."

    HOWEVER, as starters

    (1)Driving licences are not definitive ID because they are derivative i.e. dependant upon other documentation.

    (2)An attorney attested affidavit would avoid Brent Corrigan having to disclose his true name.

    (3)If Brent hated Bryan so much as he has presented it would be in his interest to provide such evidence to the authorities that would convict Bryan.

    (4)Brent has never said that he has approached the FBI etc. only to find them disinterested.

    (5)Sean BELIEVES HE IS Brent Corrigan and is aged 20.

    (6)Sean has as much to lose by being proven to be 21 as Bryan had of him being proved to be only 20.

    (7)Purely subjectively, no matter how young he looked in Every Poolboys Dream, how old does Sean look now ? Could he pass for 21,22,23+ ?

  19. two new "critical" and "telling" timeline entries

    It is important to put a timeline entry AFTER Kocis filed his lawsuit in Federal Court to show that (at this critical time) Kocis and his Lawyer Al Flora THEN went back to Luzerne County Judge Michael Conahan and had Kocis 2002 guilty plea changed from "sexual abuse of children" to "corrupting a minor". This change ment that Kocis could then deny being a Registered Sex Offender and Child Molester before the Federal Judge in San Diego.

    This is a very important entry in the Timeline because it PROVES that Bryan Kocis was becoming very "high profile" in Dallas Township/Luzerne County because of his various lawsuits against Brent Corrigan (the fake one in Luzerne County Court and the real one in San Diego).

    AlsoWhere you note that Brent Corrigan did NOT appear in Luzerne County to give a deposition. It might be interesting to note at this entry that the judge in Bryan Kocis 2002 child molestation case, Michael Conahan, was/is in fact in charge of Juvenile Court. Kocis Judge Michael Conahan decides where juveniles are to be held when they are arrested.

    There was a controversy in Luzerne County when Judge Michael Conahan essentially decided to no longer send juvenile detaineers to the state approved juvenile detention facility but instead to send juveniles to a facilty owned by a man that Conahan was friends with.

    The controversy surrounding Judge Michael Conahan and the Luzerne County Juvenile Detention Facility is documented on the web.

    Clearly, it is very very important to note that IF Brent Corrigan had been arrested in Luzerne County, he more likely than not would have faced President Judge Michael Conahan, the Judge who changed Kocis 20002 guilty plea so that Kocis would not have to register as a sex offender

  20. Anon 4.08

    Sorry I forgot to address your point about Bryan's 2001 conviction.

    That matter was dealt with based on the findings of the Court. I don't see it as my role to revisit that evidence or their sentence.

    Bryan was clearly in the wrong and punished accordingly.

    A common thread in US and UK justice is while we may take previous convictions into account when considering sentence we avoid doing so when considering guilt or innocence.

    [Since pedants see this forum as 101 law, yes, there were recent changes in UK law that allowed a defendant's criminal convictions to be considered as evidence by a jury in certain limited circumstances]

  21. Offenders are placed on the sex offenders register automatically upon conviction. It is not even delayed until sentence.

    If Kocis was not on the register it was deliberate, error, incompetence or collusion.

  22. Elm says, "From the looks of things it appears that the police are grasping at straws. I don’t think they have a viable case against Harlow and are trying to go after him on his escorting."

    Elm, wouldn't the escorting (in Virgina) be outside of the jurisdiction of the police in Pennsylvania? Why would they pursue that?

  23. Wow Elm, I watched the video clip first before reading any of these comments and when I saw that blog pic appear, I thought to myself, that looks mighty familiar. Congrats on the TV coverage!

    I guess I've about run out of steam with all this. As I sort of mentioned this AM, we can continue to follow the news and discuss what happens and maybe somewhere along the line, an important piece of the puzzle will come out. But it will probably be just that; a piece, far less than what's needed to solve the puzzle that is Bryan's murder.

    At the end of the day, I have no idea who killed Bryan and really, not even a solid theory. All I can say is, I truly believe his murder has something to do with the settlement. I feel that the timing of it being agreed upon, being signed, is far too coincidental to be unrelated to his death. How it's related to his murder though is the $25 million question.

    There's too many unanswered questions, far too many... The sad thing is, that regardless of what anyone thought of Bryan, he had a family who lost a brother and son in a way that few to none of us will ever experience and they deserve nothing less than to have the killer or killers caught, no matter how long it takes or how many people the police have to interview or where the investigation takes them. They deserve to have closure.

    Cad reminded us of this the other day and I think it's something that we should all remember. Bryan may not have been a saint but he was a human being and his death has affected a lot of people, both directly and indirectly and not one of those individuals will ever be able to truly move on, until this case has been solved.

    And so, we continue on...

  24. mj I agree we all lose site of this a Gay Man in a rural Pennsy town is murdered violently & his home burned. I have to feel part of the reason there has not been a break in this case is that very reason. Bryans life as a Gay man and his choice of career make his life "worth less" as far as the Police & authority's are concerned. As for said murder I remained convinced that we and the PA Police do not have a clue as to the identity of the murderer! Having said that I absolutely believe the killer has been online at Jasons & possibly here to see which way suspicion is going. I also feel he has steered us in certain directions.

  25. Hey everybody glad you could stop by the most famous blog on the net ha ha. Seriously though I agree I have said it before that every time we get going on a good train of thought we get derailed. Someone will come out screaming about something totally off subject. I find this totally disruptive and that is why I started my blog to try to get info out there and to give you all a place to post your thoughts. I’m glad your are all here and I appreciate your input. So here’s my take on things Howard I agree with you on the age issue with Sean. Cad you must admit that Bryan was not an angel. He had flaws and this has been proven. But to think that he ran his business and did not sample the wares is just plain ludicrous. Bryan’s neighbors told of his various hot tub parties with his “boys”. They also mentioned that he was very secretive and did not socialize with many of them. The whole story posted by anonymous about Luzerne County being corrupt is very plausible. Judge Michael Conahan is probably a dirty judge. The fact that Bryan did not have to register as a sex offender is interesting to say the least and that his conviction was changed 4 years after the fact by the DA and the above mentioned judge is disturbing. Here is something else why would the police run Harlow’s private detective out of town? What were they trying to hide? There is more to this case than any of us can imagine. We are all trying to find out about Sean’s age but it is only a small part of this whole story. People have tried to make excuses for the police issuing a search warrant for Harlow’s home on the 29th of January when the police did not even know who he was or that he even existed until the 2nd of February explain that coincidence. There is just too much missing or omitted information. The case against Harlow is truly suspect. He has said all along that he has an alibi but the poliuce are still harrasing him as if he was involved. This little hick town is crooked as the roads going to it and they will pin this on anyone they can to take the heat of their own butts. That’s my first rant of the day and I feel so much better.

  26. elm, i m a little tired to reply again and again to make things clear. so here my post from jasons blog:

    ab said...


    we still don´t know whether sean was underage or not. there is now proof for that claim.

    bryan faced punishment with or without that birth certificate in his hands. but was never prosecuted. we should ask why?

    the police was simply in possession of harlows photo before jan 29 and the following report to the press. so the search warrant was issued for a person of interest.

    why the murder happened right after the settlement so lsg could operate again) but days before bryan could get his hands on the birth cerfificate?

    i don´believe in coincidence her.

    the only person talking about an alibi was harlow. the other lsg members might have one. but there are more people i would regard as belonging to the sean camp.

    my theory is still a person obsessed with sean wanted to protect him: from ever working with bryan again, from bryan making money with sean and from ever cobra get access to the bc.

    we have seen here many examples of people believing everything what sean says, defend every of his actions, willing to buy everything he offers.

    some people show such an amount of hate against bryan even after his death. they still blame him for everything bad in the world.

    this person might be close enough to the sean camp to know about a connection between sean and harlow and started to frame him or at least use his photo to schedule a meeting with bryan. somehow convinced bryan to let him in and killed him in a moment of improvidence.

    the murderer showed such an amount of hate to be able to stab 28 times. to just kill one uses a gun. this is a crime with strong emotions involved."

  27. anon 4.08

    "Bryan successfully continues this even in death. Bryan is a Saint while Sean is evil incarnate. One was a 40+ year old pornographer with a previous conviction for underage porn(yeah we know what he got the charged REDUCED to,Money shows results)The other party (Sean)was the master manipulator who planned the whole thing, RIGHT!"

    no one ever said that. bryan was punished in the 2001 case.

    sean aproached bryan to do porn.
    how would you argue without any former conviction of bryan or cobra just as a company when one employee gets paid in advance and ran away.

    ",,You also basically call everyone who has seen Seans I.D. Jason,Howard. anyone a LIER because you have not seen the I.D. Is there a reason the Sean haters want that Birth certificate scanned and posted online? I think that has nothing to do with age I think they want Seans real last name exposed! Yeah haven't you all noticed That Sean said his step dad raised him from age 4 on how much you wanna bet Lockhart is not on the BC. That would be the last shred of anonymity this guy has."

    who is howard, why should i give a anon poster any credibility for saying he inspected an id. even jason became sceptical about his own inspection.

    the real names of all other real persons involved are also public. why there should be a difference in seans case. and the age doubter (i like cads analogy with agnostic rather then atheist) do not want to see a scanned copy of the bc on the net (which can easily be photoshopped) but a certain authority to inspect sean´s bc and give a statement whether the guy behind the brent corrigan persona was ever underage when doing porn for cobra.

  28. *****BREAKING***********
    be looking for an indepth interview with an entertainment reporter for large NBC affiliate in Virginia HARLOW AND HIS LAWYER!!!!

  29. Ab I'm a real person known to my friends in WeHo I do not disclose my full identity online for the same reason cad,elmysterio or the other posters at Jasons or El's don't. Ab I will give you a point Cad mentioned there is a way Sean can place the age controversy in the dust bin. Have a neutral 3rd party an Attorney or even a Notary public agree to inspect the BC & ID's of Seans. Then they can agree to tell Jason or post something online. It would settle the controversy. I have never claimed to be a friend of Seans I just met him twice at Mickys in June & November at the X show. My image of this young man was formed from those 2 events. I am a somewhat large man,not that atractive. I found him to be genuine with me with none of the sorry attitude I see in other Porn Stars in the WeHo mafia. Maybe that was an act but I can usually sniff it out. When signing pix he spent as much time with the older guys as he did the young ones. Anyway I would say to Sean I am convinced I saw a valid CA ID but what would it hurt to have the Birth certificate Notarized. A notary or Attorney then could testify as to what they examined. Ab I would add one thing I do not believe one year probation is punishment for Drugging & Raping a 15 year old Boy. In California Bryan would have seen Prison & sex offender status. An the kid lied is not a valid defense in the state of California. But at least we agree on one thing,, Sean can clear up the BC but then I am sure some will find another issue to whip him over!

  30. I added a few revisions to the timeline. From when Sean signed his contract with Cobra video.

  31. Cad wrote:

    I do not know Sean's age. Considering the recent response of the Sean camp to allegations over Jeremy's age then if Sean is proved to be aged 21 (now) somehow they will still find Bryan responsible for it all.

    Hol' up for a devilishly dry desert moment thar', pardner.

    I'm a bit confused by what your comment is supposed to mean. It reads snarky, and I'm sure that wasn't your intent.

    As far as I'm aware of, there aren't any allegations about Jeremy's age. There's gossip based soely on a post by Jason C. A post I might add which people misconstrued into JC saying he's known for months that Jeremy was underage. Jason quickly clarified that nothing factual should be construed from his post. It was an assumption on his part, one that Brent, writing on his own page and on Jason's, said was wrong.

    So for my own edification if no one else's, would you explain how Jason's being cute speaks to anything other than the maddening quality of people to take rumor for truth in a situation where there is an abundance of the former and a dearth of the latter?

    I'm really curious.

  32. OMG, it's my left wing liberal friend Jody making one of his rare but always appreciated appearances. "Hol' up for a devilishly dry desert moment thar', pardner." You gotta love his humor and creativity. Hi there Jody.

  33. Cobra Video's Trademark Application on Brent Corrigan

    IF Bryan Kocis had filed a WIPO complaint against Brent Corrigan for the domain name, he probably would have won (because of Cobra Video's trademark application).
    see Bryan Kocis Trademark Application

    MY THOUGHTS ... Bryan Kocis sued Brent Corrigan in Federal Court because it would cost Brent Corrigan a lot more money to defend a lawsuit in Federal Court than it would have cost Brent Corrigan to defend a WIPO complaint. So, Kocis would have deliberately decided that HURTING Brent Corrigan financially was more important than actually winning his claims. Kocis could have easily won before WIPO but stood no chance in hell winning in Federal Court.

    Bryan Kocis went from acting wildly and acting in a blind narcissistic rage against Brent Corrigan to suddenly wanting to settle. Something big had to have happened to change Bryan Kocis' attitude. You don't go from that kind of rage to being buddies overnight without something major happening.

  34. Anon 4:52, You have more info on this than I have been able to gather.
    Paragraph 3. Yes, several things were happening and not all coming from LSG. Some fans on both sides were acting.
    Paragraph 2. Awesome, hadn’t thought of that.
    Paragraph 1. My understanding is that the Pennsylvania patent was fraudulently obtained because Bryan did not have permission of the character to copyright that persons alias, or should I say permission of the person to copyright that characters alias? Either way, Bryan’s lawsuit was frivolous on this point, to my understanding.
    Trolls, I am asking, not making a statement, except 3 and 2.

  35. I was reading the court documents and it has listed as a co plaintiff with Bryan and Cobra a man Named Robert Wagner. This is first that I have heard that Bryan had a partner. I’m not sure how he fits into this whole case but he is listed on the official court documents.

  36. harlow appeared live on local TV news in Norfolk last night & was beside his lawyer really just talking about general things with the Kocis murder and wrongful raid and accusations by the authorities.
    He did say they (his lawyers and he) were considering petitioning the Va Circuit court of appeals to over turn the judges decision to keep the affidavits sealed. This was followed by a notable statement from Harlow in which he said for the first time "I feel somemone or several people have conspired untruths about me" I will dig and dig till I find out the truth" Harlow seemed bent on discovering the truth in what he called will be his own "probe".
    stay tuned I guess. Also he went on saying how all of the negative publicity has replaced by double what nearly 40 computers did for advertising his porn ---40 computers that he said were stolen by Police in an unlawful SWAT raid on my home"


    Last Login: 04.04.2007!

  38. Hi there Jody.

    Hey, Big A. I try to stay out of the blog blustering as the signal to noise ratio is so low, but CAD's remark re: Jeremy... well, I'm curious about what he meant.

  39. Anonymous@April 5, 2007 4:43 AM

    so about Harlow on the news, did anybody else see that. I checked and did not find anything about it.

  40. i watched it on the actual TV last night but did not see it online

  41. has anyone seen the new banner & pop ups on Harlows sites with all the pretty pictures??? BOLD to say the least

  42. I really cant wait to see harlow and brent film. it looks like harlows hole was meant for a cock that thick. plus, in the pics i see of them together they really seem to click.

  43. anon@April 5, 2007 3:57 PM
    Did you record it? if so can you post it on a site somewhere.

  44. I saw the Banner on Harlow's site and all I can say is that it is a bit much. Yes I believe that he had nothing to do with this murder but please show some class. Mark can you talk to Harlow and knock some sense into his pretty little head. oh not the lower hear the upper one. cause they are both pretty.

  45. what banner ... where ... looked and looked ...but alas ... looks all normal from this side of teh world. does'nt sound like there have been any more developments - but thanks for the updates in teh timeline - helps put order to the whole story. One has to wonder why it is taking so long to gat any answers, and why the law appears to be holding the whole case up - for what reason ? keep the updates comin and have a good easter
    rob in oz

  46. it is towaord the middle of the page and it has all the pictures of everybody who is assumed to be involved in this fiasco.

  47. "Bryan Kocis went from acting wildly and acting in a blind narcissistic rage against Brent Corrigan to suddenly wanting to settle. Something big had to have happened to change Bryan Kocis' attitude. You don't go from that kind of rage to being buddies overnight without something major happening."

    Anon. You are completely wrong.

    I spoke or was otherwise in contact on a daily basis, in fact often several times a day, with Bryan and can categoricaly state that he did not initiate the settlement. He was somewhat surprised when the approach came. We discussed the framework for a response at some length.

    Bryan was not in a rage about Sean. I think you have things the wrong way round.

    I would categorise Bryan's feeling towards Sean as dissappointment and sadness. He said that at their last meeting Sean was looking haggard with bad acne, lots of makeup and no longer the "prince" he discovered. Bryan sounded genuinely sad.

    What people don't seem to realise is that there was a coherent legal strategy, Bryan could have so easily used a variety of piecemeal measures e.g. to prevent LSG opening the members site.

    A much more brilliant strategy was to allow them to apply their limited resources, invest all their hopes and ambitions, ( receive the criticism of their fans for the delays !!), let the site open THEN BAM issue a cease and desist letter to VISA international.

    Not pretty, but an excellent legal strategy that forced LSG to settle. Bryan always had the upper hand.

    As I always say in such situations - "If you want to be loved don't become a lawyer - buy a labrador"

  48. Your timeline is slightly off about the fire. The one the cops gave is off. The firemen were called 10 minutes after the SUV was viewed leaving the house. This was around 8:30 at night. The fire was out in that 10 minute time frame from when the call was placed at 8:30 and the fire department arrived and extinguished everything. I checked around the nieghborhood and the fire dept. is around the corner from the house. The flames had not broken through the roof of the house at the time the fire was reported. Now you tell me was there something used to make that fire burn so fast that it burned through 2 floors and a ceiling in less than 30 minutes? Don’ believe the cops they lie. They are hiding some serious shit. I drove down the street looking around and some dumb ass cop followed me almost to my front door I stopped at a store cause I was scared. At least I got some grocery shopping done LOL. Love your blog got here from Jason’s this is only my second post. Gotta stay under the radar.

  49. Thank you MIPA for the update I will correct the timeline accordingly. New version 2.4

  50. Thanks for stopping by Elm's blog, MIPA. We do appreciate first hand accounts. They help, especially with time lines. Hope you continue posting.

  51. I love the picture of Harlow but I think I will have to sue him for false advertising. he does not have a nine inch cock he needs to revise his adds and say 7 on a good day. Harlow if you read this I still think your hot but you LIED about your cock.

  52. yes there is a web site that explains how to measure a penis and it states that you measure it from your pubic bone to the tip on the top. not from the balls like Harlow is doing. I happen to be a "peniologist" that is an expert in judging penis size.I would actually give Harlow about 6 3/4 inches which I might add is above adverage but by no means huge but he does have good girth though. I'm not saying that I would kick him out of bed for eating crakers but I also would not fall all over ny self for him either. Much love Harlow and you and joe stay safe.