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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Damon Kruezer: The real story and why he does not want you to know it.

Update:6/4/07 Damon tells more lies. Here is a correction on a Damon Lie. Harlow and Joe are in jail and are not in the regular section they are part of a segregated population. As with anyone in jail it is not a easy thing to deal with. Damon is not in contact with Joe and Harlow and he is lying about it. Update:
Damon's lies confirmed. He did not know Bryan Kocis at all and he could not even tell who he was in a picture.
Hey Damon Can you find Bryan?

Hey Damon I guess since you and Bryan were such good friends than how did you confuse his picture with Grant Roy when they really look nothing alike. I guess my blog is now public domain because that is where you stole the picture from. You are a idiot this picture is Bryan Kocis----------------------------->>>
Damon is not editing any Blacks Beach footage unless the police gave it to him which I found truly doubtful. As for as Joe and Harlow allowing him to edit anything he is lying about that as well. They did their own editing.

Damon can't even edit his own web page how could he edit a video.

Damon hears the voices and tells more lies

Damon wishes Brent Corrigan was losing his twink looks and suicidal because Damon is a jealous troll sitting under a bridge waiting for some crumbs and no one likes him.

DK's PREDICTIONS and updates: with a stunning revelation There is good reason to believe that key evidence was deliberately planted in an elaborate sting operation with all-too-obvious "fall guys" lured into a trap devised by others. Bryan Kocis was deliberately drugged and restrained to make him a victim who could offer no resistance, most likely by who I believe was the 3rd person in the house the night of the murder. I predict that the TOD and how it was putatively established using questionable criteria will be a key issue at trial /
do tell Damon were you there and you witnessed this or are you making this up? more blatant lies and we believe Damon because he always tells the truth. NOT

DAMON KRUEZER...a nightmare to all. but always just beyond the veil of shadows lurking on the Internet, often targeted and always compromised...the voice of the nutty people.

update: 6/3/07 Damon missed his meds and he is hearing voices again. Lets hope his mommy give him his pill. Predicting the future again how interesting do you know when you are going to jail?
Letters to Joe and Harlow in jail. Did not happen they can not recieve corrospondence. I know because I asked the Jail. Damon who is sennding you letters?
Hey Damon you Idiot Sean and Grant were out of town this weekend. which one of you spys saw then in a Texas grocery store?
News update: Damon Kruezer is a liar more updates to follow.

Kruezer at night's alexa rating slips. Only 0.000001% of the Internet viewers are looking at his web-site. A Very small percentage of the Internet viewing population. He is now using desperate measures to raise his saging ratings and he has raised the bar on lying and deception. What is next Damon public hangings?

6/2/07 I decided to use his name in this post so if you do a Internet search for him he will come up and you can see what a brilliant liar he really is.

Damon's page has such great style I thought I would copy it. do you kruezer fans approve?

If it's purple it's a link. click it for fun.

I really like all the pretty colors don't you.

Did Harlow send you the infamous beach video footage? I think not, some may say that Harlow is crazy but not that crazy. Also Demon when did you do the interview with Harlow. you keep changing the date. I have confirmation from Joe that it was on the 15th of May. but you say it was on several different days, which is it?.

Funny how this was posted on Friday and Demon came up with it on Saturday. Demon the police are reading my blog as well as the news media. Are they reading yours Mr, Luezer? The only industry that you are a insider in is plagiarist union. Your lies and slander are soon coming to an end.

This is the email that he received from from Bryan foretelling the future. It's funny how this email explains all his lies away.

Well Miss Cleo Bryan was not for obvious reasons.

But he does confirm Demons lies all about Windows Vista and and confirms all of the other lies Demon has told.

Funny that Mr luezer found this April 2006 email conveniently to support his blatant lies.

Demon has new fake documents he is posting to back up his claims.
what is so funny is that the Boybatter email address is . Here is the problem with the items that Demon is claiming are real. The address does not exist. Click on Harlow's name and see what happens when you send a email to that address. Ever here of email bounce back?
Harlow and Joe used different addresses. That evidence is in the affidavit.

Do we want to trust this liar? your choice.

Here is a link to proof of the new custodian of records for Cobra Video. and here is a link to the location.
Damon you will be pleased to know that Elmysterio has been in contact with a certain gay publication that is way out. And has spoken to a certain writer whose initials are MG about a certain cyberstalker and will talk more in detail in the upcoming article.
Breaking news: Elmysterio has spoken to a certain new reporter about a certain Cyberstalker.hey P in VA keep it on the down low we don't want Damon to know.

Demon Luezer is a prevaricator and he wants you to think other wise. I have ignored him for the most part but now he has just gone to far. There are peoples lives at stake here and he is telling lies to anyone who will listen. The man has a serious problem and I just want to make sure that he is not seen as a credible source of information by the authorities. He has been telling his untruths for several years and he has delusions of grandeur. He thinks he is a journalist but in fact he is just an Internet hack who feeds on cheap gossip that he steals from other web-sites and claims the info is his own research. He has lied on several occasions and I am just the latest victim of his vengeful venom. He has tried to assume the identity of college professor Kent Barklay more than once. He has an issue with me because I will not sit idly by and let him spread his lies. He is now telling lies about a dead man who can not defend himself. I find it fascinating that he claims that he was showing Bryan Kocis how to use the new “Windows Vista” operating system. But the fact is that “Windows Vista” was not released until January 30th 2007 which is after Bryan Kocis was killed on the 24th of January 2007. He also has made claims that he was in the will of Bryan Kocis, which is another out and out lie. I have a copy of said will and he is not mentioned in it. Could he be directly involved in the murder? Your guess is as good as mine being that he is constantly trying to divert attention from the facts of the case.
His latest claim to fame is that he interviewed Harlow Caudra and this is also suspect as I had a conversation with Joe and Harlow and they asked me who he was. I have the email from May 3rd 2007 to prove it. He also lied to them and said that he worked for MTV and was doing a piece on Bryan Kocis.
They did not call Damon, he called them on the 15th of May. He has been posting on my blog under several aliases and I have the posts to prove it. He has been trying to get several other bloggers and me to link to his site but we all refused to. It is because of this that he posted his social security number on my blog to put me in direct violation of Google Policy. He wanted to get my blog deleted because I was higher in the Alexa ratings than he was. Just so you know the lower the number the better. I responded with re-posting his social security number and attaching his IP address to let him know that I knew it was him who posted it. So he went to a fellow blogger to relay his displeasure with that post. Here is his comment.

BB said...
I just got an email from Damon Kruezer, most of it I will share:

snip... "I am very angry about El Mysterio and Julien's attempt to intimidate and harass me by allowing posting of what they claim is my personal, private information on each of their blogs.
This a clear violation of Terms of Service...and it's also a dirty, underhanded tactic I won't tolerate.
I have researched El Mysterio and discovered who he really is.
If my so-called private information is not immediately removed, or if slander is allowed such as calling me "psychotic" which is hate speech, there will be consequences.
Interesting how people who hide their own identity and accuse me of things without even bothering to contact me directly allow such dirty pool on their own Blogs, isn't it?
I'm angry now and this is going to stop. When people create blogs they are by definition open to public comment without censorship based on personal bias. If they want their own little "club" then they need to get their own website and create a mailing list for readers who opt in, just as I have.
I will appreciate your making my feelings known to the appropriate people. You may quote me or forward this email if you wish. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.


** Damon Kruezer **"
May 28, 2007 9:01 PM

Demon Luezer is not the most balanced person on the planet and he is spreading his insanity all across the Internet and his lies are going to make it impossible for Joe and Harlow to get a fair trail. He has spoken to the press and now he thinks he is a credible source of information. I find it quite telling that what he has accused me of doing is what he has done all along by publishing the private information of people who he takes it upon himself to publicly crucify. He is a petty jealous vindictive man with no apparent life out side of his fantasy world. He claims to be in West Hollywood but in all actuality he is in Massachusetts and he is most likely still living with his elderly mother. His lies and false statements actually got his mother evicted from her home. It is really sad that I had to make this post but he left me no option but to tell the truth in an attempt to dispel all his vicious lies and rumors. Here is a sample of some of the comments that he left on my blog.

Yves Mignon has left a new comment on your post "You have questions? Well I have some answers.":

I'm reading this blog with interest as to the possible involvement of Grant Roy/Sean Lockhart in the Kocis murder. But all of the anti-DK comments are a turn-off, especially the hate-filled rants of Kevin Clarke who admittedly has never spoken to or met DK. DK made the evening news on account of his Harlow interview immediately before the arrest. That's a fact. Watch the news report. Listen to DK speak. You may call him crazy. You may call him a liar. He's been called every name in the book by jealous rivals and their sycophants. But he is the one who interviewed Harlow, who had communicated with all of the players in this drama and who continues to provide new information on this case. It seems more than coincidence that the arrest was made right after DK's interview with Harlow.

Posted by Yves Mignon to Rants From a Mysterious Place at May 27, 2007 6:01 PM Top of Form 1

Dark Lord of P*rn has left a new comment on your post "Murder In Pornland or How I got involved in this m...":

My oh my, gay men busily trying to trash each other on a Blog that didn't exist until recently. But Damon K has been around for years and now obviously has a network of friends, allies and sources. Those who resort to personal attacks instead of dealing with the issues are especially very jealous and envious of him. Oh well, he's got a bunch of reporters and editors on his side now, and as far as my partner and I can see, Harlow really liked him and wanted him to visit, and Damon K has the interview tape parts of which I'm sure he'll use for fun and profit at the right time...while you jealous queens sit and spin and wish you were him. That had to be said cuz U know its true! By the way we hear the TV episode based on the script he sold will be aired in September, right around the time the Cuadra trial should begin, resulting in more interviews and offers for him. He's on a roll!

Posted by Dark Lord of P*rn to Rants From a Mysterious Place at May 27, 2007 11:57 PM

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Murder In Pornland or How I got involved in this m...":

NOTICE TO AUtHOROTIES Demon Luezer = Kent. W. Barclay SS # - 018-42-xxxx

Posted by Anonymous to Rants From a Mysterious Place at May 27, 2007 9:50 PM

Rolling Eyes Bitchily has left a new comment on your post "Murder In Pornland or How I got involved in this m...":

As for as Demon Luezer he is a hack and a liar and he will not be happy until he gets sued or gets someone killed. I don’t allow his name on my blog because it would just get him more traffic. So I am now deleting all his posts.

QUESTIONS: What, exactly, are his lies that you can prove? Have you ever bothered to email him or call him directly? I just don't understand how you can have such an attitude without proving your case or even getting in touch with him. In any case I doubt if what you think matters since DK is now a major player in this drama whether you like it or not.

Posted by Rolling Eyes Bitchily to Rants From a Mysterious Place at May 27, 2007 9:31 PM

Here he is posing as Matthew Rush yet he accuses me of posting as other people. That is really sad if you ask me but then again consider who is leaving these Comments on my blog.

Matt R has left a new comment on your post "You have questions? Well I have some answers.":

Hi Guys Mathew Rush here you all should not be jumpin all over Damon he just tells it like it is. Elm he is just doing the same job you are! Damon is a seeker of Truth! He has good contacts in the biz cause people talk to him then lie about it because Mr.Lawrence,Kevin Clarke and others can't stand him. This is all petty jealousy & envy, for the damn fine reportin Damon has done.

Posted by Matt R to Rants From a Mysterious Place at May 27, 2007 6:26 PM

prof has left a new comment on your post "Murder In Pornland or How I got involved in this m...":

Although it's true that the individual version of Windows Vista went on sale on 1/30/07, this does not necessarily invalidate Demon Luezer's claim to have assisted Bryan Kocis in using Vista. As I understand it, the corporate version had been released somewhat earler, and a beta version had been in use for many months before the retail release.

I'm not saying that Luezer has much credibility, but it's best to use rock-solid arguments against him, and this thing about the release date of Windows Vista is not of that character.

Posted by prof to Rants From a Mysterious Place at May 29, 2007 3:20 PM

I recieved an email from the professor and he states that he is not Damon Kruzer and is not involved with him.

As you can see he is not a well person and he needs serious help. I hope that the media does not take his lies seriously as they can cause serious damage to their journalistic credibility. He is a prevaricator of the highest magnitude and he must be stopped.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out.


  1. A truly scandalous post, Mr. Elms.

  2. Cobra has not gone.

    Since no one seems to have believed my assertion that the masterdiscs were not destroyed in the fire I would bring your attention to

    Take It like a Bitch Boy has been re-released and the eagle eyed will notice a new custodian of records:-

    ES Bryan
    475 Wyoming Avenue
    PA 18644

    Stand by for further re-releases !!

  3. cool great news. keep us posted.

  4. Hi Cad well I see the new video but I am really looking for Every Poolboys Dreams, Schoolboy Crush & Bareboned Twinks. Any idea when they will be rereleased?

  5. school boy crush and every pool boys dream will never be relaesed in the us because they are considered kiddy porn sorry howard but your ysl butI'm sure you can get it on the black market for a premium price. there must be someone out there with no scruples who would do such a thing.

  6. Everything you wrote about Damon/Kent is true and has been carefully documented by many in the p**n industry. Most casual readers take him with a grain (make that a barrel) of salt, but those of us who have been his victims take him quite seriously. He is a dangerous man, and it is important that everyone be make aware.

  7. Elm, I admire your confidence re. EPD etc.

    Remember your certainty about Harlow's innocence & Aaron's guilt?

    Wait and see.

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  9. Cad about The Banned 3 videos, care to make a bet as to when they will be released? Now we know the English love to bet are you a betting man? I do mean for sale in the U.S. under 2257. Say by X-mas!

  10. Elm,

    As much as I wasn't interested in learning any more about DK, today's blog post was still an enlightening read. He is definitely not a person I'd care to associate with.


    Thanks for the info on TILABB's rerelease and tip on the new custodian of records. Seems like Cobra is not defunct. Will be interesting to see what other releases they have planned.

    After all that we've seen the past few months, I'm not sure anything could truly surprise me anymore, although seeing the legal rerelease of EPD or SC, would almost certainly do the trick!

  11. Interesting that while Take It Like a Bitch Boy has been released, the front cover remains the same.

    Bryan offered to send me copies of the newer Cobra films, but I didn't take him up on it, until TILABB. The movie is quite good - the best scene is 2nd to last, between Cody and Cameron. Very hot!

    As for the re-release of EPD, BBT, SC... we'll see. Actually, Bryan re-edited the Brent/Chase/Brent scene from SC (removing Sean) and put it on Naughty Boy's Toys... clever.

  12. Amazing post, Elms.

    I just bought all the remaining cobra films in case they became unavailable.

  13. Am I the only one who bothered to do a reverse directory lookup on the address of Cobra's new custodian of records?

    I won't spoil the surprise. It's better if you see for yourself.

  14. j-bee, that is rather funny.

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  17. I'll have two of whatever Marc is smoking.

  18. A serious note about Kent Barclay AKA Damon Kruezer. He dates back to the late 90’s when he terrorized the RAD video and Atkol forums with his personal and vile baseless attacks. He would wait till they left for the day then post all night long nasty personal attacks against whatever young model was on his list at the time. It was about the same time that the stalker behavior started. He would infuse himself into a models personal, family, and professional life in ways that were way beyond the pale. There was Noah Walker, Joey Hart, Court Logan and his largest stalking victim Matthew Rush. He would post all night long and they would spend an hour in the morning removing the posts. They would be things like whomever was his target of the day saying things like so and so when doing a trick that night stole the johns credit cards and was on a buying spree and the police were hot on his tale and they would be caught any moment. All false. He would post thousands of posts like so and so is turning tricks and is not informing his clients he has aids that was the level of his attacks. Finally Atkol banned him and mention of him for life and Rad just closed the forums. The truth is both RAD and Atkol still have the posts and will gladly verify all of this because they did not appreciate his abuse. Imagine being called to the Dean of Students office and being told there were anonymous accusations and pictures that there was a gay porn star living in the dorms and being expelled from school. Imagine being outed as a porn model at your day job or residence. Imagine your parents being sent anonymous tips and pictures of you! These are the things ha has done. Imagine your bf getting emails saying you are cheating; imagine someone interfering in the most personal and private aspects of your life where he is neither welcome or belongs, that is Kent Barclay. You might ask yourself why he got away with it the answer is because he was always under the radar PO boxes and fake addresses. Why do you think he is never at porn events? On a few occasions he has met with people and what they will tell you is that he among other things is not the person in the pictures he has presented himself to be. Anyone remember when he had a contest last year as to what was the real picture of Damon? It certainly is not the picture he is using now, and the few people who have seen him say that pic he is using now is false as well. He claims in the current context that he is going to be called as a defense witness it will never happen. He holds on to the illusion that he can grab the brass ring and finally the riches and acclaim he has been kept from will be his. He dreams of the magazine staff position, the TV script, the movie deal, they will never happen. The reason is that as soon as people find out whom and what he really is and that he deceived them and lied to them they drop him. He has crossed the Rubicon of truth and decency so long ago that there is no going back.
    All one needs to do is look at his behavior of this week. He claimed that he teaches Windows Vista at a Cambridge college. That is a lie. What it is is an attempt to steal the identity of a legitimate college professor with the same name. Imagine him on the stand defending that lie. How long would he last? He claimed that in order to help Bryan Kocis safeguard his intellectual property he taught his Vista ultimate and had it save him. The problem is that as verified by Microsoft it was not released until Jan 30, 7 days after Bryan’s death. How long would he last on the stand? He then plagiarized the technical jargon he used to show his expertise in Windows vista right off the semantic page. How long would he last on the stand? He has gone after people who work at Falcon and printed bankruptcy papers that have nothing to do with their jobs. At least they have jobs. He neglects to mention that about a year ago now he allowed his 83YO mother to be evicted from her home of 17 years because it was assisted seniors citizens housing and he was there illegally... They were 5 months behind on their less than 400 a month rent, and he acts like he knows how to run a porn company. He thinks the answer to every problem is Christian Owen bottoming. These are people’s lives and livelihoods he is messing with. Imagine how, when the DA shows him the lease he forged to prove he lived in California that was actually to a PO box so he could commit welfare fraud that ended up in having his own mother evicted, how long he will last on the stand. Imagine the glee that would spread through trough the porn community that he had to appear in public so he could be served, and that he would be under oath and would have to answer to every lie he told through the years? Of course the lie that any lawyer would risk their clients on his lies is just another Kent Barclay lie.
    There are several reasons why this is important now. He is claiming to have evidence in a murder case. This is not saying that Matt Rush is over the hill. He is saying that Bryan Kocis told him that he was afraid of plots by someone close to Sean trying to implicate Grant. Does anyone really believe that Bryan was telling Kent he was afraid? That simply was not how he was acting or speaking. All there is, is Kent’s lying words. There is no recording saying it. Does anyone believe that Bryan would leave his company in the hands of Kent who he had only talked to on the phone and put that in a will but then take it out because Kent thought that the wording was too vague? Where is a draft of this will? Why not just fix the language if Kent was so important? Because it is a lie. Since Bryan Kocis was murdered Kent has tried to use the death for his own advantage, Grave robbing plain and simple, and despicable. Is it a mystery that everything he says starts with Damon says, or Damon thinks, then come the lies. He is also trying to represent himself as spokesman for the gay community. It is important that he is an outcast, is shunned by the vast majority of it, and is a disgrace to the community as well. He speaks for no one but himself, or should I say he lies for no one but himself, and his attempt to interject himself into a murder is beneath contempt. He is reaching for the Brass Ring alright but it is beyond his reach. He will never get that job. Never get that script, he will only reap what he has sown, one never thought a person could go lower than abusing his own mother, but now grave robbing and plagiarism, identity theft, and providing false information is a murder case makes that look like a high point. The porn community has had enough of him, the gay community has had enough of him, and we will make sure he is exposed for what he is a lying piece of human waste posing as a human being.

  19. J-Bee:

    a surprise indeed, i had to check a few times coz i though i was seeing things :)

  20. Okay Folks I am slow tonight what are you seeing about Cobras New custodian of records? says its a vacant lot for sale $2700.00. I guess we should not be surprised.

  21. Try this:

  22. I have confirmed Cads statement that there is a new custodian of records.But at the present time they are being kept by the police as evidence. E S Bryan is the trustee and one of the attorneys is overseeing the sale of Cobra video. There are at present 2 companies interested in purchasing Cobra. One is an American company out of San Diego and the other is Eastern European company. The american company looks like it stands a better chance do to its close ties to Cobra. We will just have to see what happens.

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  24. I asked a simple question. No implication at all. He claims to be so well versed in all that was Bryan and Joe and Harlow.The fact is that he has made incessant claims and he is to say the least dubious. wouldn't you ask the same question?

  25. From what I've observed, Myself, I see Kreuzer as a self-promoter and little else.

    A decade ago his hero would have been Matt Drudge. Nowadays, I guess he'd have to be termed a wannabe Perez Hilton: definitely energetic, somewhat amusing at turns, utterly unencumbered by the need for truth-telling, but essentially harmless.

  26. DK passed the point of being harmless a long time ago. His lies hurt people and he will be held accountable.

  27. We just told him about this and you should have heard him laughing over the phone. He loves this stuff, people. A lot of generalities without any specifics in the accusations, all of them without a shred of proof. You're creating more interest in him at just the time he wants it.

    He told us on speakerphone I quote: "I can't believe how stupid these guys are, they're just like Pavlov's dogs"! The man has a point about his stimulus and your response, he's got you all barking and jumping to his tune.

    Great entertainment becuz El Mysterio forgot that when you set someone up as a boogeyman you just create lots of interest and attraction to them in working so hard to demonize them. Great work!

  28. So you enjoy hurting people. I think that is enough of a confession.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Marc oops I mean Demon, you really think that all of this talk about you is getting you more attention well my dear sir you are cowrong. You see the web crawler will only pick up youre info if we use your name. But as You can see most everyone does not. And since this is a DK free zone all posters are aware that their comments will be deleted if the use your name. We do not speak of the devil here. Kisses from the land of mystery. Oh yeah your little ploy at evidence is a bunch of crap. There is no Harlow R. Cuadra address at boybatter. poof be gone you troll.

  31. Demon Dear I'm not at war with you persay, I'm at war with those who Lie and tell on truths now if you fit that catagory then we are at war but if you are telling truth as you claim then there is no fight. I truley love how you talk to all of your friends on speaker phone. you know like the Professor,REB, DLOP, Yves Mingnon, and oh and is Matthew Rush there too? Sounds Like a party to me to bad there is only you there. are you still using the box of kleenex as a speaker phone.

  32. Marc said,,,, We just told him about this and you should have heard him laughing over the phone. He loves this stuff, people. A lot of generalities without any specifics in the accusations, all of them without a shred of proof. You're creating more interest in him at just the time he wants it.

    He told us on speakerphone I quote:,,,,,

    Excuse me DK you are admitting to having conversations with yourself on Speakerphone? Uh With how many people? You do know Mr. Barclay that is a sign of Schizophrenia you really need to get mental health treatment STAT! And FYI Blogging while Mentally impaired is surely not in YOUR best interest. Especially since all of your “ranting and raving” may one day be used against you in a mental health assessment hearing!

  33. "We just told him about this"

    Howard, I skipped over that but it is worth a repeat. How many people does it take to tell another person somthing? In this case or should I say these cases, the question becomes a matter of do you believe the person is schizo or preparing an insanity defense. I think this ass hole is so lazy he would rather go to the funny farm then get a real job and actually care for his mother. Lazy shit I think. Not insane.

    "He told us on speakerphone." Notice "WE" are not using bluetooth. Some awesome techno wizard here. Maybe I should consult with him on the specifications for my TRS 80.

    Sometimes I just got to try to make you guys smile. I'm Albert and for tonight. I'm out.

  34. Hey Marc, Yves or Demon I don't think that addy exist dear. You really should have used the affidavit for a better address.Also you picked the same date that they asked me who you were in your fake eMail well I find it really funny because mine was not a single email it was several. Just thought I would let you know. So they contacted you when they were still in California I see.

  35. gee ya go away for a day and all hell breaks loose ... wow this DK is a DHead hey ... what a looser ... his web traffic will be up - cause its mighty funny over there - in a twisted sorta way ... and yes even with out knowing his ip - its an easy pic who he is ... whats really funny is that he staes he's gonna do this and that and this and new blog and interviews and - well at the least its making me laugh.... we call em wankers here
    speaking of wankers ... geee sure miss those grant posts ... heheheh
    lovin ya Elms

  36. Nice try Kent. Just keep in mind that every time you raise your head your past will do you in. Why don't you tell everyone what happens every time you steal someone's banner and put it on your webpage and within 24 hours they insist you take it down? Just remember now that you are no longer operating in the dark. The things I said about you were not vague anything. They were all facts. You will NEVER be anymore that what you are, a liar, a plagerist, a cyber-stalker, an idenity theif, grave robbing, mother abusuing waste of flesh. Here is another joy for you on the stand. Imagine the DA playing the Det. Lucheeze tape?

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. sethj said...
    Note to Kent you are forging emails in a murder investigation.

    Note to authorities: Southeastern housing court case docket

    Norwell MA. 02601

    This will lead you to his forgery of a lease to the court regarding a residence in CA that was actually a rental mailbox.
    You are so comfortable showing people's bankruptcy petitions try this one on for size. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    May 31, 2007 8:19 AM

  39. Maybe it was too much sake last night but will someone spell out why Cobra's new Custodian of Records address is the Pennsylvania State Police? I really think I need some asprin.

  40. Okay ~ my head is starting to clear a bit. It just seems strange to have the cops holding Cobra's 2257 docs while a new video is being released.

    I can see why they might want to have the records (concerning BC's age issue) but why would they allow themselves to be printed on a video label as the Custodian? I don't get it.

  41. I can attest to the lies and rumors that Damon has created. Why? It's easy, I'm the real Matthew Rush. I have been on Luezer's hit list for the past 4 years. I've also been one of the unlucky few to see the man in the flesh.
    Early on in my career, I thought he was legit. Everyone warned me about him but I gave him a chance. He played a good game pretending to be my friend but would quickly turn on me when I didn't agree with him.
    This man is a joke in the industry. His name has no credit whatsoever.
    He's a very old and lonely man that thrives on any attention that he can get wether it's good or bad.
    His weakness is to be ignored. Giving him any kind of attention only feeds his twisted ego. If we completely ignore this man, he will slowly go away.

  42. So Harlow Cuadra DID call Damon the day before his arrest, had doubts about Grant Roy, and already interviewed with MTV when he did call Damon. What else have you got wrong? Or have you reached the point where you delete anything that factually contradicts your stands? Let me guess, anything Damon produces is "made up" but anything you present is 100% truthful and accurate? Isn't that what you accuse Damon of doing? Let's have some TRUTH IN ADVERTISING here fellas, you got it WRONG about Harlow calling Damon and knowing who he is!

    Oh by the way, you're WAY WAY too late to hurt Damon's business dealings or rep, he is showing friends the contracts and drafts of the interviews that were in the can long before you started your smear campaign. And Damon got you to link to him one way or the other didn't he? hehehehe....

  43. I can see why they might want to have the records (concerning BC's age issue) but why would they allow themselves to be printed on a video label as the Custodian? I don't get it.

    I wondered that, too. But I occurs to me that the State Police don't necessarily know it as yet. The only legitimate inquires into the 2257 data would come from either attorneys (say, Brent's mouthpiece) or from other law enforcement angencies.

    Since no seems to be alledging that there's an age problem with this new vido, it could well be that the State Police will never be contacted in relation to those particular documents (in a 2257 sense) .

  44. Claiming the State Police (who are in possession of your 18 USC 2257 records) as your new Custodian takes Big Balls.

    It's like the Feds seizing all your model releases in a raid -- then you put out a new movie -- listing the J. Edgar Hoover Building as the Custodian of Records.

    Sounds like something Harlow and Joe might have thought up.

  45. we can add "Marc" to the growing list of Luezer aliases. Not very creative for him, tho. He's done better.

  46. Claiming the State Police (who are in possession of your 18 USC 2257 records) as your new Custodian takes Big Balls.

    It's probably not that big a deal. It's just a legal custodian - where to find them if you are authorized to examine them, which hardly anyone is. The custodian is not responsible for their authenticity. And of course if all the paperwork is in order, they're just a mundane part of a legal business.

    Still funny to see the police offices listed though.

  47. love it ....
    " he is showing friends the contracts and drafts of the interviews"


  48. and so ... was it the cops who re titled - "bitch" to "take it like a bad boy" ready for distribution ... me thinks not ... so who was it ??

  49. DK and the game I played:

    about 2 weeks ago I emailed DK asking if he had a copy of the JG forum that was removed, he emailed back saying YES. That was the beginning of the game.

    At that time I also emailed a blogger explaining what I was doing - well lets face it, nobody believes a word out of anyones mouth unless they can provide back up :) I hope he reads this and does provide that back up, if not, oh well :)

    Every fucking day it was a new excuse from DK as to why he had not emailed the items he claimed to have. It was very obvious from the start what was going on. I thought, ok I'll play along for a short while then bust him wide open.

    The idiot sent me 3 emails yesterday saying the files were attached, they were not. I wrote back saying:

    "B B
    to damon

    show details
    May 30 (16 hours ago)
    am still waiting for the attachment, with your knowledge of vista security, i'd think attaching a file to e-mail is the easiest of tasks. if you need me to walk you through it, let me know :)"

    The reply to this was:

    "Damned webmail! My mailbox is so full with 100's of fans, reporters and legal eagles wanting this and that, a large attachment like the zipfile doesn't go through.

    Let me work it out, delete some of the excess and get the file to you.

    Right now I am sending you 2 screencaps WELL IN ADVANCE of when I publish them.

    Use them as you see fit. EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU, for the next 12 hours or so.

    The TRUTH will out.

    ** Damon Kruezer **"

    naturally these are FAKE. had he sent me the actual email, that would be different.

    I did what I did in an attempt to get something he may have had. He did not have what I wanted :(

    I well recall his antics in the past - he is a very sick demented individual. Most of what you read about him on the blogs in TRUE.

    I will not discuss this again, he is a waste of space.

  50. you go for it bb ...wondered why ya been so quiet ... good work to enforce the facts about this wanker

  51. DL here, Grant Roy on Julien's blog... the world has seriously been fucked up!

  52. does someone have the juicygoo thread ?^^

  53. me no think that is ol grant ... not enuff colourful lanuage

  54. ab i have bits and pieces of the JG thread, not much thou :(

    i am not giving up looking thou :)

    most of it needs to be repeated for all 2 see.

  55. rob in oz said...

    me no think that is ol grant ... not enuff colourful lanuage

    i thought that too... at first. however now bryan is gone, he has no need to go back to his normal way of posting - its not like he can accuse anyone of being bryan anymore.

    the backup posts made by jody makes me think it is the cobrakiller in a lame attempt to reinvent himself as a good guy - will NEVER work. once the cobrakiller, always the cobrakiller.

    can u feel the luv? haha.

  56. i m just curious what will happen with lsg. there is now really silence about their infight. will sean ever appear on porn again outside from cobra?

  57. ab nobody in the biz will touch sean. he could make an attempt at being an independent. thou i would hold out no hope. he tried that too with LSG and failed thanx to his cobrakiller.

  58. There haven't been alot of concrete statements on the current LSG impasse-- certainly none that I've read from the Bergeron side. Do we have reason to think it a wholly insoluable argument?

  59. ElM's accusation that "prof" is Damon Kreutzer is a blatant falsehood. Would DK have written the second paragraph in the message ElM quotes? No way.

    I believe that ElM's claim that he he is searching for the truth is correct. However, I also believe that ElM does not understand how to search for the truth. He leaps to conclusions and does not consider possible negative evidence.

  60. As I've previously posted, ElM's accusation that I am Damon Kruezer is a blatant falsehood, and I think that ElM owes me an apology for this accusation.

    I think, however, that I can understand a reason for the misunderstanding. I've been participating in ElM's blog from the beginning, occasionally posting as "anonymous."

    When ElM decided to block anonymous comments, I had to choose a screen name. Since I am a (retired) professor, I chose "prof."

    What I should have thought of is that Damon Kreutzer also claims to be a professor and so my screen name might have identified me with DK.

    With that out of the way, I understand that DK claims to be a professor in Cambridge. Is that Cambridge MA? I happen to live in Cambridge MA and so might, with my academic credentials, be able to investigate his claim.

  61. well prof if you are not damon than I'm sorry but you have to understan that Demon luezer has used that name before. her has also tried to steal the Id of a college Prof. before. tha man lies and you got pulled it to it. as for mr. Luezer he is a raving lunatic and he needs to be stopped. and I will see to it with the help of my alies thet it will occur. so be for warned Mr Luezer your hours are numbered. oh yeah and to Bb claims I can attest to them he did do what he said he was going to do and he did a great job. High 5 to the beebster. love all the trickery you guys kick butt.

  62. elm prof is setting a trap to find out all your personal details IMO. as i have had this done to me :) do be careful, it is not fun.

    i do not know for certain prof is dk. i am 90% sure it is.

  63. Good thought BB. Elm that is DK. Look at the last paragraph.
    You do not need "academic credentials" to find out if someone is a college professor. That is a typical DK self-grandiosment to make himself sound important to himself. A regular guy would just do it and tell the results. OH. wait. That's alredy happened. What a loser.

  64. Thanks Guys but the professor did not fool me I now for a fact that it is demon luezer. I was just playing along with him. He is using a different IP address and he thinks I won't check it out but I did. its a dialup but I will be nice because it goes straight to his home. But I will play fair and not put that information out there because it would not be nice. So Demon just go away and all will be fine.

  65. bb 11:29p:

    You are 100% wrong.

  66. ElM 12:48a:

    You say that you know for a fact that I am DK. But that's got to be a false statement since I am definitely not DK. You're proving my point that you are not a reliable truth-seeker but only someone who jumps to unsupportable conclusions based on incomplete evidence.

    BTW, since you've learned that my IP identifies me as a DUN user, you can probably also learn that I'm an Earthlink subscriber in Cambridge MA.

  67. i'm going to ignore your intrusions. have a nice day

  68. Where to start, which lie today there are so many. First off Prof of course you are Kent. No one else would give a flying hoot about him but him. Now let me see if I can enlighten you. You can claim all you want but saying you are someone and proving it are two different things. You can say who you are but since you lie about everything why would you be believed? Why would someone who was not Kent care about what BB said about him and know it was 100 % wrong? It is just like the absurdity of your website. You post unconfirmed fake emails full of lies and that is supposed to convince people that the previous lies you told were true. Isn't it amazing that out of thin air an email appears with no headers from April 2006 that address all the issues that people have called you on, says how wonderful you are and how awful everyone else, is and even addresses how it will take a year for you to be fully integrated into Cobra. Why to add to the amazement it even uses your wonderful word haters and even takes a whack at Dexx Jones whomever he is. What I don't understand is why Bryan did not point out that Matt Rush was over the hill. You must have been so excited when you found it, it answered every lie you have been caught in in the last few days in one email. Barbara must have been doing cartwheels in the motel room with joy at this wonderful find. Now would any rational person believe that in one email from over a year ago there was an answer to every accusation against you from this week? You really expect anyone to believe that now the haters will apologize and be humbled because you told another lie? Lets be clear about just one lie. You claimed to have helped Bryan Kocis on Vista windows Ultimate. When you were called on that you changed it to Vista Beta, while claiming to teach Vista Ultimate at a college in Cambridge. Now who do you expect people to believe that anyone who runs a business would trust his security or any aspect of his business to a Beta version of anything. The Beta versions of Vista were full of problems and programs like photoshop and editing programs were not compatible yet. If you are going to lie think about the lie first. If you are lying writing fake emails with no co-oberation are not proof of anything but another lie. Your frustration is showing, but trying to use a dead man as proof of how wonderful you are, and how the haters are wrong and someday the world will see, is as pathetic as you and your mother thrown out on the street because you tried your intellectual bully, forgery welfare fraud game and the court sent you on your way. You call people haters when what they are is truth tellers. Your lies are dis-proven as quickly as you tell them that does not make people haters that makes them public servants. You have done these good guy bad guy posts to yourself for years. What kind of moron gets indignant and calls a blatant falsehood that someone online in a blog said he was someone else without proof of who he is. It is false because you say it is? What kind of moron? Kent Barclay.

  69. Note to Kent... Please be advised that a women of Barbara's age and girth should be very careful doing cartwheels in welfare motel rooms. True the hair on her arms could allegedly cushion some of the fall, but the combination over her glee that you discovered the lost email that finally vindicates you, and the realization that finally you have the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow could cause a miscalculation in the double reverse backflip she is so famous for and have her bust her ass.


    I think it's time to find out everything about El Mysterio and make it known. Me and many others are tired of his arrogance and judgmentalism and we are urging Damon to use his San Francisco contacts to find out all that can be known about Elm given the amount of lies, distortions and fabrications he has allowed to be presented as "truth".

    Damon's San Francisco people came up with pure gold about the Falcon men so we're sure he can do the same about El Mysterio.

    FYI, Damon told us that BB's game was discerned for what it was and he was not given what he sought for that reason. He has all the original emails but no way is he going to forward them to some blogger who was an unknown until recently.

    Like I said, Damon's gotten everything he wanted out of this cesspool of hatred and calumny as more and more people read his site and blog and then wonder exactly who is behind Elm, Julien and BB and pulling their strings.

    Yup that's the question folks - we know the puppets, who's the puppetmaster and how much is he paying them? Let's find out....starting with El Mysterio.

    Fasten your seatbelts, we want Damon to do to Elm and Julien what he's doing to Falcon: Revealing the hidden truth as documented, with everything verifiable.

  71. shut up dk, whatever you write: nobody will believe you

  72. Disney quote time....

    i've got no strings to hold me down
    to make me fret or make me frown
    how i love my liberty
    there are no strings on me!!!!!!

    Elms, I hope you're shaking in your shoes from the "San Francisco Contacts" (snicker)

  73. Oh my Kent talking to Kent. How unusual. Dear Elm: please note my IP address is differant so therefore it is proof that I am not me. To suggest that me is me is a blatent falsehood as my differant IP addresses irrefutably prove. Now those of us that are not me are asking the me's that are me to do to you what Damon so badly wants. Just how much are you being paid and by whom? Why have YOU not jumped on the meaningless Falcon story. After all when Damon tries to keep from getting sued by saying allegedly then allows the voices in his head to rant that people are not reporting alleged things it makes sense to him. Or should I say them. Only in Damon land do you promise something you don't have, then when you fail to deliver you say it was only a test, blame the person you promised for your not sending it, then proclaim your self righteousness. PS YOU ARE A MOTHER ABUSING LYING PIG.

  74. this is a email that demon sent to a fellow blogger and he is fishing for info. sounds like he is scared that the truth is being told and he is trying to get it stopped. Sad as it may be he thinks there is some one who is in control of me and and my fellow bloggers. the truthis we all all independent and we are not the puppets that he thinks we are.

    Demon you are a sad man and we will not tolerate your salacious lies and slander anymore. You have been for warned to cease and desist with your lies and do the right thing which is to tell the truth. I have forwarded this email to the authorities as they would really like to talk to you.

    Who exactly are El Mysterio and Julien?

    I think it's time for me to use my San Francisco contacts to find out everything about El Mysterio. It certainly worked for what I found out about the Falcon guys, now it's time for this man hiding behind the cloak of anonymity who thinks he is my judge and jury to be revealed.

    Then it's Julien's turn, since he is going after me even more than El Mysterio for no apparent reason.
    Who's behind them and why is it so important for them to try and discredit me? There is a puppetmaster at work here, but first let's find out who the puppets really are, shall we?

    You can help. Shine a bright light on both of them. Let's see who runs for cover first. I think this will set the gay blogosphere world on its ear...or on its butt!


    ** Damon Kruezer ** 526-xxxx

  75. hey demon just a heads up for you I have emails form several people who knew Bryan Kocis and the one thing that they have all confirmed is that Bryan used you. yes my "dear psychotic friend" he used you to print hateful things about Brent Corrigan.That was the only purpose you served to him, to print lies and sladerous statments and you did his bidding for him. that just goes to show how stupid you really are. you can posat all the contrived emails you want but the reading world as a whole knows that they are all made up in that cesspool that you call a brain. so you can say what you want about me and you can use your San Francisco connections to get info on me if you want but guess what dear Demon, I don't care because in the end you will be destroyed by your own lies and that will be satifaction for me and all the others you have wronged over the years.

  76. I just read a great post by fellow blogger Voch and it braks it down for you. It is always nice to get another perspective on this sordid tale. Vochs is freah and to the point, Good job.check out his blog @

  77. Elm, that is hardly another perspective. It is the same old 'hate' Grant/Brent we have been hearing repeated over and over ad nauseum. You cannot ignore the fact that Bryan knew Brent was underage long before Brent or rather Chad Belville made it a public issue. Bryan had already threatened Brent about what would happen if he didn't do things Bryan's way. The responsibility for ensuring Brent was of age was Bryans. He didn't do that.
    Far from 'costing' Bryan a lot of money, Bryan made a lot of money off of Brent. A used VW Jetta is hardly a reason to spend $10,000 a month in an effort to destroy a 19 year old. Bryan had other models. There are other boys out there wanting to get into porn. Bryan was obsessed with Brent. He could not tolerate the idea that he had lost Brent. It consummed him. Bryan threatened to destroy and even kill Brent. It is very understandable that a protective boyfriend would react by wanting to do the same to Cobra. That company remains taintd with Bryans illness.

  78. Albert I have not denied that Bryan had issues or the fact that Brent lied. All of this mess is the result of lies just like this whole mess with Demon Luezer. Lies begat lies and more lies are still being told. So the real question is will we ever know the truth? From my perspective it is doubtful. The whole motive for this murder is a lie. The police are going the easy route on this one. A porn rivalry is just obserd. You know this and I know this there was and is much more to the murder of Bryan Kocis that and the truth needs to be told but the question is will that ever happen? I would like to think so but in the currant atmosphere of deciet and trickery that it is very doubtful. There is so much spin I think we are all a bit dizzy from the affects of it.

  79. Of course there is much more to this murder than is public. That is normal. I am also a little taken back on the motivation for the murder. It is very difficult to believe two guys can be so stupid. On the other hand they left a trail a mile wide and made a confession that was recorded. Recorded at some risk to Brent and Grant. That took courage.

  80. Albert, I'm wondering, if Bryan "knew" Sean's real age, why Sean had to go and tell him in August 2005? If someone knows something, why tell them?

    And thank you for your comments about my post being another "I hate Grant" blog (that was sarcasm, by the way) - yes, I have no love for Grant, that is true. But I was hoping the blog would be taken a bit differently, considering I wrote it in response to Grant's hate-filled email about Bryan, that he sent to Elm.

  81. Albert, I'm also curious - you seem to have a lot of knowledge as to why Bryan did the things he did and the reasons behind it all. How do you know?

  82. For those of you who are convinced, on the basis of no evidence whatsoever, that I am Damon Kruezer under an alias, I provide two pieces of evicence that I am not. I emphasoze "on the basis of no evidence whatsoever" because no one has offered a logical argument in support of this assertion.

    My first point: I think that Harlow and Joe are guilty as hell. DK, on the other hand, seems to think that they are innocent. He even posts a link to their defense fund on both his e-column and his blog sites. (He also posts a link to bb's blog because it tends to support DK's view of the matter. Hey, maybe bb is really DK).

    My second point is that I have come to the conclusion that ElM is no more serious a searcher for the truth than DK. If I were in fact DK this could be considered a compliment, but I do not intend it as a complement.

  83. Albert said :-

    "It is very difficult to believe two guys can be so stupid."

    I completely agree.

    My initial reviews of their background indicated a $250k+ gain on property transactions over a 2 year period. What it seems is that everything else in their life had a lien upon it.

    I tend to think they acted in desperation. Whether they did so with a promised "reward" is what now challenges us.

    But no, I do not believe that Sean & Grant's role in the arrest required or demonstrated any element of courage.

  84. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  85. Voch asked,"Albert, I'm also curious - you seem to have a lot of knowledge as to why Bryan did the things he did and the reasons behind it all. How do you know?"

    I guess from my perspective I would say I don't think I know a lot of why Bryan did the things he did. Some much of it was simply abnormal. Your question is general enough I can answer in a general way.

    I have been studying this case since the release of Brent's first video. I had enough interction with that sick man that I knew how to push his buttons.

  86. Yes, it's all about perception Albert - yours and mine differ greatly. I, too, have been studying this case for a long while, and take offense to your referring to Bryan as a sick man. While you may not agree with anything he did, you have in your possession child pornography.

    And you call Bryan sick?

  87. I do indeed call Bryan Sick. I also note your offense at that comment.

  88. i'm sure no one thinks bryan was an angel ... i sure would think that unless the 15 year old looked mighty aged .... he knew what he was doing way back when ..... but the whole sean thing ... why would he be so stupid to allow an underage to film again ... and indeed have sex with him .... we sure aint seen the id's given to bryan ... and sean has sure said that he lied about his age and had fake id's .... but sean was no victim ... he knew what he was doing ... and he and grant tryed everything in their power to destroy cobra ... the two week period after signing the contract ... the release of the underage clains ....thats mighty suss - pre meditated they call it don't they ....

  89. anyone the defends the actions of sean and his cobrakiller is beyond sick.

    those actions resulted in a brutal cold blooded murder.

  90. Interesting theory BB. Can you 'connect the dots' so to speak, in order for someone like me that is "beyond sick" to understand.

    Bryan raped boys. Simple concept. Established fact. Of course, if that is 'Normal' in your world we may have located a conceptual gap.

  91. Albert, you continue to amaze me. You make claims about Bryan's actions and yet have no problem whatsoever getting off on child pornography. Is that what you deem "normal"?

    Sure, you keep it in your "safe"... *wink* *wink*

  92. hey albert ...
    unlike yourfineself i for one have never seen any underage sean porn ...

    but what i have seen is a tattooed stared arse loving every cock thats ever been up it.. and thats what made the twinky lad so popular

    i'd has'en to say that bryans cock was not the 1st to venture up the untattooed butt ... so what number in the order of cocks up the bum of said victim was bryan ??? - i'll guess 42nd ...

  93. allburp on one subject you beat me hands down. kiddie porn. i do not own any, i have not seen any. i have better things to keep in my safe - ALL LEGAL.

    i stand by my statement, i will go one step further. YOU ALBERT are a PERVERT. you want proof? you told all in a blog post you keep KIDDIE PORN in your safe.

    THAT is a FACT.

    your claimed reason for keeping kiddie porn would never wash with any judge. if it is illegal, it is illegal PERIOD. so, now we have established not only are you a PERVERT, your also a LAW BREAKER.

    this as you know takes away any credibility from anything you have to say - which is the usual bs dribble your told to feed on the blogs.

    you as bad as your lying cohort in crime - depain. you people really are disgusting.

    how old are you? your probably the oldest poster on these blogs. kiddie porn = pervert. no excuses. FACT.

  94. Prof/Kent. Of course you are Kent. You state there is no proof you are? Well as the saying goes if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck odds are it's s duck. The proof is that you say what only Kent would say in the very ways that Kent talks. What proof is there that you are not Kent? You say so? Now that's proof for you. You claim there are two different IP addresses. Well you can ask ELM today I posted from two different IP addresses. So much for your proof. The idiot here would be the idiot that believed a word you say. Last night in your fictious email you had Bryan Kocis tell you to stand up to those people in the blogs. Exactly what blogs was he referring to? These blogs were not there in April of 2006. Just another lie. We have it on good authority that Bryan Kocis thought you were the village IDIOT. But there is no need to put words into his mouth that is your deal. Fabricating evidence in a murder investigation is both wrong and illegal. Using a dead man to try and make yourself important is pathetic. But as I have said many times a man who abuses his own mother is capable of anything. Keep in mind every time you raise your head the people you have trashed will be there to swat you down. Get used to it. Certainly you are familiar with what happens when people find out you are a liar, slanderer,stalker,forger, and parent abuser, they dump you like the garbage you are. You think that is going to ever change? No! Hell no!!! People here have seen you lie day after day, grave rob day after day. Just more people to add to the list of those who long ago tired of your psychotic meddling in people you don't know lives. Your chickens have and will continue to come home to roost. Of course in your case the chicken is your over sized mother in her moo moo telling the process server that her all mighty and powerful son is hiding in the bathroom. You are such a man.

  95. Voch and BB, I am a little confused on the specifics of your claims against me. Can you please be very precise in what it is you are saying I am doing wrong.

    By the way, Bryan raped boys. He liked it. He promoted it. To his mind, it was A-OK, Keen, Cool, The bees knees.

    I have the proof.

  96. albert
    I have the proof. ....

  97. i'm confused .... you have vids of bryan raping boys ???

  98. You are right Rob. I too, should be specific. We differ on points of view but I was clearly too vague. I have proof Bryan promoted sex with under age boys. To paraphrase his words, 'It's all on them.' Meaning, if he could get them to lie about their age, he was relieved of responsibility in his own mind. Sorry about that and thanks for the corrective notice.
    After midnight in my part of Texas. Another day guys.

  99. yeah ok ... yes he did promote it - he was selling it ..... and i sure don't condone his actions at all - but he was manipulated ... by sean and his then boyfriend - and then again by sean and his current boyfriend ... sean was in the wrong to start with ... he could have walked away a hero .. but he didn't why not ? is it because he entrapped a whole stack of people, the producer, the models the punters who bought the stuff ... the people who still have it ...
    he need never have done any of it - but he did ... then instead of doing teh right thing and comin clean he hatched some dodgy plan with new bf to destroy the guy who created the persona that he and his bf want so much
    its all too weird

  100. To Professor Demon you really should go away and take Marc with you. I had a little conversation with a reporter today about a Certain Internet liar and he say's that he received several complaints about an interview that he did with a certain prevaricator. Well I think he was referring to you. Your reputation is proceeding you. But that's all fine and good. Professor if you were not the notorious Demon Luezer you would have emailed me to clear it up but you have not which leads me to believe that I was correct the whole time. You seem to be under the impression that there is a great conspiracy of bloggers out to get you yet you can not seem to understand that you started this whole mess.
    You said you wondered why we never contacted you are linked to your blog well you never contacted me. You just started talking shit about me. I have never even given you a stray thought and yet you assume that we are out to get you. I did this post and made comments about you in direct response to you slanderous lies. You are a small weak little man with no friends and no life. And yet you derive pleasure through the pain you inflict on others. I can understand that you might have issues with fact that my blog is only 3 months old and I have a higher Alexa rating than you do. But that is something that you will just have to deal with. Your lies and the custom designed emails that you use in an attempt to back them up are to say the least hilarious. Your many personalities also remind me of a movie that saw many years ago. But it was a sad movie and so are you. You should realize that I am not the only person on the Internet who can not stand you. You must also realize that your lies and innuendo will soon be stopped and it won’t be a pretty site when you get taken off to the slammer. Best wishes Demon from the haters club.

    As for the whole issue with Brent/Sean and Bryan you all must realize that they are both stupid and they brought this all upon themselves. The murder is a different story all together it is sad and all that were involved in it have had their lives changed forever. The whole Rants from Grant on Juicygoo are just sad and this whole ordeal sounds like something that was made up in the sick and twisted mind of Demon Luezer. This whole mess is just too twisted for color TV. I have been reporting on all this mess for the last 3 months and it has truly left a nasty taste in my mouth. Where is this whole sordid affair going, your guess is as good as mine is? Will Brent Corrigan have a future in porn, I really can not say but I know allot of people who can not achieve sexual arousal while watching him. I’m not going to name names but they Know who they are. All the ranting about whom did what to whom is getting quite tiresome. We all have our own ideas of who was involved in this murder and we can all speculate on why Bryan was murdered. I for one do not believe the lame excuse that the police have come up with. It just does not make any sense at all. But then again you have to understand that these are people who have stepped in to the sordid world of underage gay porn and male prostitution and the gay culture is like a foreign land to them. When you think about it was foreign to all of us at one time. This murder case has lifted the rock that we hide all our dirty little secrets under and I don’t think it can ever be put back. Through all of this mess we have all lost a bit of our innocence and we will never get that back again. I am personally tiered of all of the lies and slander being thrown about and I will admit that I am guilty of some slinging as well. But we have to understand that we don’t know all the details of this case and we probably never will.

  101. allburp:

    if you believe sean and his claim of age, in your mind you have deliberately kept kiddie porn. it is perverted and it is against the law. your love and admiration for the toxic twink has me thinking you are in fact a sick paedophile - you say you believe sean was underage when that porn was made.

    as his age has not been legally verified, you have actually committed no crime by having said tape.

  102. this is a post by the proffessor that I deleted for editorial reasons. He used a name that has been banned from my blog. I am reposting the corrected post with the name edited.

    Tosethj 7:22AM:

    My first reaction to your comment was that it was intended as a parody, since it's so ridiculous. But then I read some other comments and realized that it was characteristic of your way of thinking. (When I was actually a professor you would have flunked).

    Quote "First off Prof of course you are Kent. No one else would give a flying hoot about him but him."

    For your information, the title of this thread, chosen by our host ElM, is ""Demon Leuzer: The real story and why he does not want you to know it."

    It's ElM, not me, who is obsessed with DK.

    And, I might add, so are you. You go on at great length attacking me under the erroneous assumption that I am Demon Luezer. You are obviously obsessed with Demon Luezer.

    I am only obsessed with the irrational idiots on this blog, such as yourself, who have come to the unwarranted conclusion that I am Demon Luezer. As I have said, there is absolutely no evidence to support this conclusion.
    June 1, 2007 4:19 PM

  103. This is a post is by Howard Beel and it was edidted do to the use of a name that has been banned from my blog. this is the edited post only the banned name has ben changed.

    Howard Beel Said
    Elm You must wonder about this Demon character I recall vividly the week after Bryan Kocis was murdered that he was named in Bryans will. Indeed I posted a long piece at Jason's which while a work of Satire has been proven prescient on several point's.

    I said 2 or more were involved (we know Joe & Harlow & a possible 3rd mentioned as Matt in the affidavit) and I stated if Demon was named in the will then he had a REAL MOTIVE to kill Bryan. So you don’t have to look this up again I have reposted here.
    On Sunday Feb 4th Howard Beel said...
    Jason I have done it! I have fingered the Cobra Killer; I have solved the murder of Bryan Kocis! Demon Luezer killed Bryan. How do I know? From Demon, he fingered himself (well we know he does that nightly but that is beside the point) Demon stated on his website that he was to inherit Cobra Video in the event of Bryans untimely demise.

    How do I Howard Beel know this? Demon wrote everything down, the whole sick plot was written on a Yum Yum donuts napkin he stupidly left on my counter. Demon does not particularly care for Yum Yum preferring the trans fat fried delectable’s at his local Dunkin Donuts but hey Yum Yum has 30 minutes free WiFi with a dozen, a working girl like Demon must have internet too.

    I digress! The plot so richly detailed and hatched in the mind of this diabolical and cunning schemer is as follows! When Bryan informed his good friend Demon last August that he would inherit Cobra in the event of Bryan’s untimely death, Demon was pleased and flattered his good friend thought so highly of him. But Demon in the succeeding hours was depressed at the prospect that Bryan was only 43 and in good health.

    The idea Demon might have to wait 30 or 40 years to inherit Cobra was simply unacceptable. Beside in even 30 years Brent Corrigan would be 50 or 51 (depending on Brent or Bryans math) who would pay to see a 50 yo Twink. Demon you see has an obsession with Brent Corrigan and desperately wants to fuck the boy.

    He was so overcome with lust for Brent’s insatiable Ass that in his very first interview he pulled his pants down & showed his 11” schlong to Brent hoping the young twink would Bend Over! But alas to Demon’s shame & embarrassment Brent stood, pointed at Demon’s Dong and exclaimed “Fuck Dude my cock is twice the size of yours & you really need to do something about those eruptions, ever heard of Penicillin?”

    From that moment Demon Leuzer was a sworn enemy of Brent Corrigan and vowed to Destroy, Humiliate and eventually Fuck Brent Corrigan! So when Bryan told Demon about the change in the will he knew he had his chance, all he had to do was get rid of Bryan, but how?

    Well Demon was reviewing a new porno one day with his left hand when he noted the plot of the movie, a war between two rival porn Studios over a young twink boy. The one guy with the bouffant had Matthew Rush rub out his enemies. Now Demon knew something about Mr.Rush unbeknownst to his fans Matthew has become a drugged out bottom boy who lived for his weekly sessions with Demons 11 incher!

    Demon knew then that Matthew was the man for the Dirty Deed! But how to get Matthew Rush into Bryans House, he went for Twink Boys. This is where Demon had another moment of inspiration he contacted Falcon and asked to meet with Fox Ryder, he told them he wanted to cast the boy in his next porno (Demon has filmed numerous pornos many of which have received rave reviews at Demon

    Fox met with Demon in October and they agreed that for his fee of 10K he would fly to PA and get Bryan to open the door for him, Then Fox would decamp to the kitchen to fix a Grey Goose while Matthew Rush (Fox Ryders bodyguard) would come in to the room and Do the Deed! So he had a plan but when to do it?

    Unfortunately for Demon as November turned to December he came to realize his friend Bryan was getting more reclusive, while his hated enemy Brent Corrigan was thinking of leaving porn for a career on Broadway! Then as happens dozens of times a day to Demon, Eureka! The AVN would be in mid January and Bryan always attended, as did Demon.

    Perfect he would meet up with his good friend Bryan offer him the delectable Fox Ryder and sic Matthew Rush on him. But alas Bryan was no where to be found, while the HATED Brent Corrigan was seen everywhere at the Hustlaball,on Chi Chi’s lap (disgusting) where was Bryan? And for that matter where was Fox Ryder, it seems Damon learned from his impeccable sources that Chris Steele was shacking up with the Boy Fox at his new studio!

    In desperation Damon called Bryan from the pay phone at the Vegas Club. And that is when Damon heard news so horrible and unbelievable he was left shaking in Rage. Bryan informed his friend that He, Cobra Video and the Hated Contemptible EVIL TWINK Brent Corrigan had settled their lawsuit and reached an agreement. That nefarious Bryan, how will I EVER GET BRENT CORRIGAN now!

    So Damon resolved to wait till Bryan returned to Pennsylvania and he would hire a professional to do the job. Now Damon knew hiring a hit man was tricky and this was a bit of a problem until inspiration once again struck Damon. Hire a type of pro he was intimately familiar with, someone who will do anything for 200 an hour might do ANYTHING for say 1K and a little Tina! So Damon logged into his account at Escorts4Trolls and looked for a suitable boy. It must be someone who Bryan might like as a Cobra Boy. Finally Damon found the guy he was called Drake, he contacted the boy and made his offer.

    No surprise the escort was a little reluctant until Damon showed the stud Bryans pic. DAMN said the boy that’s the perv who filmed me at 15 and turned my life to shit, who forced me to become the no good hustler I am today! I’ll do this one for FREE!

    Damon could scarcely control his glee at the thought of a Freebie and eagerly took the boy up on his offer! (He also tried to slip the boy his wookie for a little nookie but the kid insisted THAT would cost a 3 hour minimum!)

    So that is what happened! The whole sordid mess explained by me Howard Beel master sleuth, but I must thank Damon Kreuzer for unwittingly supplying me with his nefarious plans. My reward from crime stoppers can be mailed to The Madison Village, Sun City West AZ In care of Howard Beel The above is a work of Satire and I am protected from suits for libel or defamation by the 2nd amendment, The European Human Rights Act & the Magna Carta, This has been explained in explicit detail by Damon Kreuzer on his Website. Sincerely Howard Beel all copyrights reserved!
    11:01 AM
    May 30, 2007 5:31 PM

  104. this is a post by marc that was edidted dur to the use of a banned name on my blog it has been corrected and replaced with the offinding name removed.

    marc said

    It seems El Mysterio has decided to declare war on Mr. Luezer. In doing so he is giving Mr. Luezer exactly what he wants, which is a big reputation and a big name whether good or bad. Also El Mysterio totally overlooks the very real accuracy of Luezer's Falcon expose. By making things so personal and focusing just on Luezer's involvement in the Kocis case, El Mysterio has made himself a 1 issue blogger and thus, increasingly irrelevant.

    I'm sure Demon K is rubbing his bejeweled hands in glee as El Mysterio does his bidding whether he realizes it or not. I note that all of his attack points are either simple rehashes of what has been seen before and disproved or ignored as irrelevant, or are simply wild-eyed allegations masquerading as facts. I don't see how him appointing himself to be Luezer's judge and jury is helping solve the Kocis murder, but it sure is helping the name and fame of the man who El Mysterio calls a "leuzer" but who's winning this round hands down in the opinion of many.
    May 30, 2007 9:35 PM

  105. gee elms
    don't get down buddy ...
    one one cares for dk or what ever he says - but we sure care about you ....

  106. this is a post that I originaly posted and I screwed up and used that offending name and noe I am reposting a corrected version.

    Elmysterio said

    The only opinion that really matters here is the opinion of my readers (and it appears that I have some, do you?) who all seem to agree with me. Marc oops I mean Demon lest we forget that I have your IP address 24-91-212-129 and I know from where you came and I see you have me bookmarked I feel so privledged. Did you enjoy Nicks Wild American blog it is quite a good read. I love how you come here under so many different names maybe with all those personalities you at least have 5 readers that I know about. I did not start this fight you did. So take your delusional "psychotic" butt and go away, far far away. your lies are usless here.
    May 30, 2007 9:52 PM

  107. Rob I am removing his name because he wants it there to get hits when you do a internet search for dk. That is his whole plan and I will be no party of it so I am deleting his real name so he will not come up attached to me in a internet search.

  108. This post was edited to reemove the forbidden name from my blog all other content remains the same

    KM said:

    Could he [Leuzer] be directly involved in the murder? Your guess is as good as mine being that he is constanly trying to divert attention from the facts of the case.

    By all the commenters' sound and fury, it appears as if Mr. Leuzer is thought to be and have done a great many distasteful things, but to even imply that he was actually involved in Mr.Kocis' murder goes too far, don't you think?
    May 31, 2007 12:16 AM

  109. omg i just went over to teh dk site thats the funniest email i've seen ... man you gotta admit that this guy is a real looser ... that is so funny - thank god he got the email from bryan.... thats great even expliand the vista and beta ... how cool - so lucky he kep t that email ... geee we now know the truth ... DK is a worlds worst WANKER

  110. yeah he is a sad liar at best and a true wanker. tha email is so out there it just makes me laugh. he is a desperate man with no chance for redemption. pity that his lies have hurt so many people. he revels in the pain he causes. its his turn to feel the pain now and he is learning that as no one can trust hi he can trust no one either.

  111. Marc,PROF,Damon,Kent,mother abuser,liar,forger,welfare cheat, cyber-stalker,plagerizer,grave robber.

    So many things rolled into one. A truly world class talent.

  112. PS about the charge that Damon fingers himmsef.. That is a lie. His self hate is so obvious by his over compensating delusions of grandeur that he is even revolted by himself. Even he would not have sex with him. Why do you think he spends so much time trying to find the worst in everyone else. It is because when he looks in the mirror he sees a sad, lonely miserable failure that at 56 yo was living with his mother and had her evicted from her home of 17 years because his need to be a cyber-stalker outweighed her need for a home. His hatred for himself is what fuels his trying to diminish others. If I make them seem bad whether with truth or lie maybe in some way I will feel better about myself. You would think by now he would see it does not help and only makes him more ugly and vile but no the attacks keep on coming. Seriously the only reason he would finger himself is to let a little air up up there so he could breath. When your head is af far up your ass as his is breathing is difficult. Why do you think he spews so much crap?

  113. Last thought for the morning. Kent isn't it sad that you have been reduced to bragging about interviews and not being able to say what stations they were on? Now why could this be? 1. They never happened. 2. If people found out where they were then whomever you mis-represented yourself too would find out the truth about you and would have to isue a retraction and answer to their editors as to how they allowed someone on the air without checking and finding out that he is a notorious cyber-stalker. Just how did that station in VA. Beach verify that pic of you? Pray tell were the new interviews ON Camera interviews? Or just a loser hiding behind a fake pic and a telephone? Here is your problem. You cannot raise your profile without your past coming out. If there are interviews say WHERE they are and where and WHAT station they are on or do not mention them at all. If you can stand the scrutiny of being a public figure than you should have nothing to hide. If you can't you should not put peoples jobs in jepordy because you are lying to them about who and what you are. Did you tell them like you said on your colum that you teach at a college in Cambridge? Did you give them a contact there to verify your employment? If you are going to say you were on and doing interviews why are you afraid of saying where? We know why it is, because within hours the wreckage of your past will arrive and you will as you always are discredited. So put up or shut up reference your brags or do not make them you coward. By the way you making negative comments on Sean's looks is really a riot.

  114. Dear Proffesor I will give you a public apology once you ilicit one from the one who started this, and you know who I am talking about. I am tired of this game of who's who as much as anybody else. and to tell you the truth you were not slanderd or defamed in anyway because no one knows who you really are except you. lets move on.

  115. Kent,
    Again you delude yourself. Keep telling yourself that it does not matter what people think when they find out the truth about you. NAME THE STATIONS YOU COWARD.Keep telling yourself that you are free and clear of your past. If you had nothing to hide you would list who you say did an interview with you. Trying to goad Grant is just silly. How would a person in SD see interviews in FL and PA? Obviously they never happened if you cannot reference what stations they were on. Oh and lets all have a high five for the anniversary day June 5. Remember June 5th Kent? Wanna tell everyone on your page about it? Since he won't I shall. June 5 2006 was the day Kent was responsible for having his 83 yo mother evicted from her home of 18 years. Yes that was kicked to the curb day. A joyous day for all those on Washington Ave. In fact allegedly they have a "Washington Ave. Festival" (nicknamed the 23-Cki doo)scheduled for the anniversary where the seniors can dance the night away to the tune Ding Dong The Barclays are gone!!!!

  116. elmysterio said [June 2, 2007 11:20 AM] ...

    "Dear Proffesor I will give you a public apology once you ilicit one from the one who started this, and you know who I am talking about. I am tired of this game of who's who as much as anybody else. and to tell you the truth you were not slanderd or defamed in anyway because no one knows who you really are except you. lets move on."

    I have no idea what you are referring to by "who" or "this." If by "who" mean DK, I have no influence over him. If by "this" you mean the false claim that I am Dk that you and others have been promoting here, as I said in my email you started it. So if I'm correct about "this," you owe me a public apology.

    It's of course conceivable that I spoofed the return address in my email message, but I gave you enouch information that if you were truly a truth-seeker you could have validated what I told you. You could Google on my name find my office address and telephone number, and contact the person I am supposed to be impersonating. You could look me up in an online telephone directory and find my mailing address and home telephone number and do the same. You could even look up my biography in Who's Who in America.

    You're comment only demonstrates that you're not man enough to admit a serious mistake.

  117. Professor I did check out who you are. My question is do you want me to post who you really are on my blog? I have said that you are the victom of Demon Luezer's lies just like many other people are and you should get him to stop referring to him self as a college professor, something of which he is not. Now I have read your Bio and it is quite impressive and the university that you worked for should be quite proud. You should also understand that you are still quite anonymous here and I would not jepordize your true identity. I am sorry for the mistake but you must understand that you have been pulled into one of the many lies that are the calling card of Mr. Luezer. Just be full aware that you will most likely have future problems with him. I hope this clears things up.

  118. This comment has been removed by the author.

  119. ElM commented to me June 1, 2007 11:16 PM as follows:

    "Professor if you were not the notorious Demon Luezer you would have emailed me to clear it up but you have not which leads me to believe that I was correct the whole time."

    Fair enough. And so I emailed ElM this morning with information about my real identity. Here is the response I received:

    elmysterio said [June 2, 2007 11:20 AM] ...

    "Dear Proffesor I will give you a public apology once you ilicit one from the one who started this, and you know who I am talking about. I am tired of this game of who's who as much as anybody else. and to tell you the truth you were not slanderd or defamed in anyway because no one knows who you really are except you. lets move on."

    I have replied to this comment in a previous post. Let it be noted here that the supposed truth-seeked ElM is unwilling to own up to a serious misstatement of fact even after he had elicited (the correct spelling)an email evidencint this misstatement.

  120. I can't help but think an actual college professor posting under alias wouldn't really care who another person posting under an alias thought him to be. He'd have enough of a life that a few mistaken words on a blog about the porn world wouldn't really matter in the larger context of things...

    But that's just me.

  121. Apparently you missed this comment. I posted the aformentioned apology in. I find it strange that you would have such an issue with a comment or two on a blog full of anonymous posters. The topic is about Demon Luezer yet you want it to be about you which is Strange and interesting. You posted your original comment in regards to the Windows Vista launch and it was released earlier to a select few, you could have possibly been one of them. But the referrece by Mr. Luezer is not to a beta version and it was supposedly taught to Bryan Kocis a man who could not stand Mr. Luezer. so you inavertantly got caught in the crossfire. speaking for the posters on my Blog we do apologize for the mistake and hope you don't feel to slighted.

    Professor I did check out who you are. My question is do you want me to post who you really are on my blog? I have said that you are the victom of Demon Luezer's lies just like many other people are and you should get him to stop referring to him self as a college professor, something of which he is not. Now I have read your Bio and it is quite impressive and the university that you worked for should be quite proud. You should also understand that you are still quite anonymous here and I would not jepordize your true identity. I am sorry for the mistake but you must understand that you have been pulled into one of the many lies that are the calling card of Mr. Luezer. Just be full aware that you will most likely have future problems with him. I hope this clears things up.

    June 2, 2007 4:00 PM

  122. "I am sorry for the mistake but you [prof] must understand that you [prof] have been pulled into one of the many lies that are the calling card of Mr. Luezer." The first part is fair enough; you [Elm] should be sorry for the mistake as well as many others you have made. But then you go on to passively blame something else for your [Elm's] mistake. So typical. The problem here is the hysteria and obsession you and some other posters have for DK. It's irrational and unhealthy. Anyone who disagrees with you or criticizes you must be DK or an alias or friend of DK. Don't you see that your obsession undermines your objectivity and everything else you have to say? I'm sure any reporters or law enforcement personnel reading these blogs find this tempest in a teapot concerning DK to be quite boring and irrelevant to the murder investigation.

  123. elmysterio said...

    "My question is do you want me to post who you really are on my blog?"

    Although you know everything about me that this is to know,I prefer to remain anonymous on yout blog. I would appreciate an acknownedgment, if not an apology, that you and others were in error in accuding me of being DK.

    "I have said that you are the victom of Demon Luezer's lies just like many other people are and you should get him to stop referring to him self as a college professor, something of which he is not."

    I don't see myself so much as the victom of DK's lies as the victim of the tendency of yourself and others to leap at the conclusion that any apparent defense of DK must be cominng from DK himself.

    Let me see if can paraphrase the "logic" that seems to underly your reply to my first post os "Prof." This guy claims he is not DK. However, DK is a liar. Therefore, his claim is a lie. Therefore, he is really DK. Thc circularity of this reasoning is unmistakeble.

    Now I have read your Bio and it is quite impressive and the university that you worked for should be quite proud. You should also understand that you are still quite anonymous here and I would not jepordize your true identity. I am sorry for the mistake but you must understand that you have been pulled into one of the many lies that are the calling card of Mr. Luezer. Just be full aware that you will most likely have future problems with him. I hope this clears things up.

    June 2, 2007 4:00 PM

  124. Hey Yves why don't you go and jump in the frog pond. I'm sure you know where it is. It is really near the donut shop you are posting from. You are not slick. the police are monitering the Ip addresses on all of the blogs you are posting on and they will find you. I did.

  125. Demon aren't you getting tired running from Internet cafe to internet cafe only to post your lies and have them shot down. You are a scared little man with no life or teeth for that matter and the police are looking for a old man in a wrinkeld sweat suit as we speak hunched down in the corner of a cafe in Quincy MA. better run their on to you.

  126. ok...previously I was an anon poster and have been following this saga and blog for a while. Pls Elm can we PLEASE stop posting about DK - its driving me insane *Really*.

    I don't agree with censorship at all but can we ban all use of the DK word, his name, anything about him, what he is doing on his website etc PLEASE.

    Your blog is losing its appeal and I have really enjoyed yours and others views. Also this constant rubbish talk is Frustrating and obviously not getting us or YOU anywhere.

    So I say NO MORE DK!!! Lets start a campaign - HERE and NOW

  127. To sejhj:

    Our host ElM has challenged me to reveal my true identity to him via email. This I have done. It appears that ElM no longer believes that I am in fact DK, althojgh at the present he seems to be reluctant to say so expliitly.I expect that ElM will have a more explicit denial of the claim that I am DK shortly.

    I have said that your claim that I am DK is bases on no evidence whatsover. You have not provided any evidence. Insteac, you have relied on tbe (invalid) circular argument I have criticized in another message.

    I have challenged Mel to apologize to me for his false claim that I am DK (which, I take it, he now acknowledges to be false). I make the same challenge to you.

  128. Ethan I do agree with you I never wanted to talk about that Luezer in the first place. he is a tired old man and he has no llife and his only interest is to harm others. this iwill be the last post on the subject and this thread will be closed to comments.

  129. Oh Kent back to Yves? Is that really the best you can do? I have great news for you.
    In just the few hours since I mentioned the Ding Dong The Barclays are gone!!!! Washington Ave Festival the porn world has gone ablaze. I can't say who yet has agreed to attend but the list is being complied by the master of ceremonies MARK ADAMS himself in the Flesh. When we let everyone in on the big secret that when you were bounced out on to the street you left behind the new Dolce and Gabanna outfit that you had worn to Chi Chi's after party is going on auction people started making their plane reservations right then. Everyone has agreed to make a layover stop in North Carolina in your honor. It will be a few hours before the list is complete you know how slow Mark can be but allegedly the music will be provided by Blondie and there even is the possibility of a surprise visit by Soupy Sales. Now as I said the list of party goers is not yet complete but my sources have confirmed that for sure you can expect M.R ., J.H., C.O., and even N.W. DEVELOPING……..

  130. Sounds like Luezer is back to his physic network... must be chatting with Dionne Warwick again. :(

  131. ElM has now amended his original post to include the following:

    :I recieved an email from the professor and he states that he is not Damon Kruzer and is not involved with him.

    This is highly deceptive. My email not only stated that I am not Damon Kruezer, I also provided him with information on who I really am and with enough detail that he could corroborate what I claimed. So ElM now knows for a fact that I am not DK and have no involvement with him.

    Why doen't ElM come out with a straightforward statement that he was wrong in his initial claim that I was DK?

  132. Elm--You are going to like this. I am a college professor, and I have been in email contact with Damon K.

    Four emails from me, commenting on the Brent Corrigan/Cobra Video matter. And four replies from Damon, I would not know or report the truth if it hit me in my ample ass, K. Sorry but I teach business law, business communications, mass communications law, and editing for my living. I know piss poor reporting when I see it. Unfortunately, in my opinion, Damon K. is making it up as he goes along.

    Very clearly, DK is out to ruin lives. He promises much and delivers little. He promised a magazine article in a national weekly--the magazine is not named and, moreover, not one reports even a blurb attributed to Damon K. on the matter of the murder of Bryan Phillips aka Kocis. I will say what everyone has been skirting, Damon K. is a liar. Furthermore, he uses others for research that he does not attribute and attempts to quote others on point without permission. Damon K. makes things up and gets honked off when he gets caught in his own lies.

    If he were my student, I would flunk him for a complete lack of journalistic integrity and ethics. Elm thank you for pointing out that Damon K.'s colored fonts of varied sizes and wild ass, out of context, unattributed quotes are not fact. I must also note an interesting slight of hand on the late not so great Bryan Kocis's part. But then Kocis was convicted of molesting a 15 year old. Oh a pattern is evident. Brent Corrigan was also underage when he worked for Kocis. Well, this could just possibly be statutory rape regarding Brent. This by Kocis's admission that he had an "affair/relationship" with an underage boy. Goodness what a can of worms. At the very least, a sexual harassment charge can be laid against him and his company.

  133. rob it would really help things if you posted those emails on my blog or on yours and I will link to them. Damon must be stopped his lies are getting dangerous. you can emal me as well if you want to

  134. ... and yet more predictions from the psychic network...

    " I predict those who believe that the trial is merely a formality have a very major surprise coming as the defense team assembles its case and prepares its witness list and considers expert witnesses to hire, a process just now starting about which I will keep you informed in general terms without giving away anything evidential or confidential."

    DK has never talked with the defense team... how do I know? I asked. Furthermore, the only thing he'll keep anyone informed on is public information, and he can't even seem to find that.

  135. If you recall about 2 weeks ago he promised a blockbuster story that night about a medical student in Boston that was going to change what everyone thought they knew about the story. Lying piece of crap...

  136. Damon does not know shit aboutr anything to do with this case. He is ice fishing in texas in the summer. the man is a raging luezer. a fact that he has proven time and time again.

  137. Now I see DK is getting letters from H/J and is going to write a book.

    What next... an intervention from the Pope?

    This guy needs to be certified to a mental hospital more than anything.

  138. I'll just leave one comment or two before bed. First, I thought Elm agreed to close this thread. Nope, you can't resist can you? Just like that unruly bitch Julie, who had to post a tickle video on his blog. I mean he thinks that's funny. What I find funny is "Julie" licking his straw for his ice cream soda or whatever that is shithead, what a cunt! Second, who would ever imagine
    YOU (Elm) to be the "voice of reason"? God help us all if a pathetic and deranged blogger like you should somehow become the "voice of reason". I'll go to sleep now and say my prayers.

  139. Mignon said...
    I'll just leave one comment or two before bed. First, I thought Elm agreed to close this thread. Nope, you can't resist can you? Just like that unruly bitch Julie, who had to post a tickle video on his blog. I mean he thinks that's funny. What I find funny is "Julie" licking his straw for his ice cream soda or whatever that is shithead, what a cunt! Second, who would ever imagine
    YOU (Elm) to be the "voice of reason"? God help us all if a pathetic and deranged blogger like you should somehow become the "voice of reason". I'll go to sleep now and say my prayers.

    June 17, 2007 4:10 AM

    I don't know where you got the idea that I would remove this post. It is a public service to let the world know that you are a idiot. I will stand by that statement.