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Friday, April 13, 2007

Who Framed Harlow Cuadra

Why was the home of Harlow and Joe/Trent in Virginia Beach searched? Inquiring minds want to know. There is just way too many interesting plot twist to this story and I will try to address them all in this post. We really want to know why the affidavit for the search warrant remains sealed. And it does not look like that will change any time soon. It would appear that the courts in Luzerne County have an agenda against Harlow. And it is hidden in the affidavits sealed away from us to hide the truth

First we shall talk about motive and opportunity. So lets see who had one and why? The first person to come to mind when this story broke was Grant Roy. But as it is unlikely he was responsible for this as he was instrumental in the settlement negotiations and was one of the initiators of it as well. Sean Lockhart/Brent Corrigan falls in the same category the same can be said for Lee Bergeron as well. These are the people form LSG Media and they entered into a binding settlement with Cobra video on the 20th day of January 2007. With the settlement in place for them to want or have someone murder Bryan Kocis would be pointless. The agreement with the two companies would succeed Bryan in death.
The other person who would have motive was the boy that Bryan pleads guilty to video tapping when he was underage. There is also the possibility of a disgruntled former Cobra Video model killing Bryan. The list really can go on but there is just one problem with that.
Bryan was a solitary man and he had few close friends and would only open the door to his home if he was expecting you or he knew you were coming over. There were no signs of forced entry to his home and his body showed no defensive wounds. So the police assume he knew and trusted his killer. There was an open bottle of wine found at the scene and the apparent murder weapon was found as well. There was a fire set to destroy evidence and the door was left open to feed the fire air. This person did not want to get caught and they truly wanted Bryan dead. With the method of the killing the killer would be covered with blood so they had to spend time in the home to clean their self up before they left.So you ask how does Harlow fit into all this? Well to tell you the truth just a bit to well if you ask me. So shall we see how Harlow fits. This is the real interesting part, a models picture shows up on a supposed E-mail sent to an "associate" of Bryan. This E-mail alludes to a supposed meeting with a new model by the name of "Drake" at 7:30PM on the 24Th of January 2007. After the reports of Bryan’s murder hit the Internet, it soon was a buzz with people claiming they know who did it and why and what for. News stories were being updated and quoted on a regular basis and theories flew in all directions. It was a feeding Frenzy for new and updated information it was scandalous and salacious all at the same time. It was better than TV.

Then we got a break in the story; there was a person of interest. And quite interesting at that I might add. A guy who might go by the name "Drake" was supposed to meet with Bryan the night he was killed. And now the search is on to find out who this "Drake" guy is. Within 24 hours we knew how old he was where he was from what he did for a living where he lived and how big his cock was. Oh and yes we knew his name too. If you need any thing done just ask the gays. I love Kathy Griffin.
His name is Harlow Cuadra and he has his own video production company named Boybatter and he is doing quite well from what I can see and Harlow has other financial interest as well. The Times-Leader reports that Harlow refused to give his last name and said he "freaked out" when he learned that his picture is linked to a murder investigation. In the span of 8 days Harlow’s life went form one of fast cars and hot men to shear panic. I guess I would freak out too. Harlow has stated from the beginning that he was not in Dallas Township on the evening of January 24Th 2007. He has stated that he was in Virginia with a client for three hours on the night in question. The Luzerene County courts issue 3 sealed search warrants plus 3 other warrants for phone and electronic communications on the 29Th of January. Yet the police still secured a search warrant to search the home of Harlow and his partner Joe 10 days before they even knew his name. The police and SWAT team practically destroyed their home in a pre dawn raid using tear gas and a battering ram to break down the door. By an act of divine intervention Harlow and Joe were not home at the time. It has been speculated that the reason the search was at 5:00AM on a Saturday morning was that no one in the house was supposed to survive the search. The swat team was supposed to have killed Harlow and Joe thus making the case a done deal for Luzerne County Pa.
What has happened to this country? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? I have been following this story since the beginning and I can tell you there have been many theories involving this case. We all speculated and theorized from the beginning.
The one thing for sure is Harlow fell out of favor as a subject quite early on. You ask the question why not Harlow? For starters why would Harlow model for Bryan Kocis when he already has his own production company? He is one of the top stars at Boybatter. Another reason is that Harlow does not fit the bill as a Cobra Model. Bryan’s models were very young looking twink boys. Harlow is not by any stretch of the imagination a twink boy. Harlow is more the Falcon Studios type of model. He was courted by Falcon Studio early on but declined because he was already a star with Boybatter. Was Harlow set up from the beginning of all this? Well from the looks of things it would appear so. Harlow’s picture that was used in the "supposed" E-mail that Bryan sent is from Harlow’s Myspace page yet you can only access that picture with a Myspace account. Another interesting twist is that he met Brent Corrigan for the first time in Las Vegas at the AVN Expo convention where he, Grant and Brent took a picture together. This is another tie in to the case. But Harlow never did not meet Bryan who was also in attendance with one of his Cobra models Aaron Phelps.
Bryan was in meetings most of the trip with the members of LSG Media working on a settlement agreement.
There were some questionable things early on that occurred, that for most people would have sealed Harlow’s fate but it all fell into place just way to easy. January 14th 2007 Mark @boybatter sends out an E-mail heralding their meeting with Brent Corrigan and the possibility of them working together.

but 1 day later.
January 15th 2007: at 7:52pm Pacific Standard Time Bryan E-mails Cad about meetings with Grant not working out, he says "Grant is actually coming over later tonight, Sean and Grant will be here tomorrow to meet with me."Again, according to Zane's comment, Grant and Bryan did meet up that evening and "they had their meeting for 20min or so."

January 20th 2007 The Cobra LSG settlement is signed and Bryan is murdered 4 days later.

This is the plot of a great movie but the problem was that this was all too easy. We found information on Harlow like someone left us a breadcrumb trail. Then the theory of him being setup to take the fall for this came to be. And it really started to make sense that he was not the one that did this. There was just no viable reason for him to do such a thing when he did not even know Bryan Kocis.

We tried the hit-man theory but the murder was too sloppy for a hit. This murder was personal and it showed from the beginning. The timing of the murder was just wrong. It was mid evening on a Wednesday night between 7:ooPM and 8:30PM in a residential neighborhood. Someone would surly have seen something or someone that would raise suspicion. The method of the murder was just too risky for any hit man with any common sense to attempt. Plus the crucial point here is who would Bryan’s murder benefit? Not LSG Media the settlement was a done deal. Not Harlow because he did not even know the victim.

Who ever killed Bryan Kocis would have intimate knowledge of the settlement and who was seen with who and they would also be aware that the only neighbor that Bryan had, who he was some what close to was out of town. This person had to know that if they just showed up Bryan would let them in.

New theory

But wait what if the killer was already there and had been for a few days. Someone that Bryan trusted and spent time with on a regular basis. That would explain why there was no forced entry it to the home and why they only saw a car leaving the house. This would also explain the emails from drake to set up the appointment and the e-mail to the associate and the picture of Harlow on Bryan’s computer. Who ever killed Bryan was there the whole time. No one showed up to his home on the 24th because they were already there they just left on the 24th after they set the fire. As far as we know Bryan was only in contact with 3 other people in the 4 days after he arrived home from San Diego. But who is to say that he did not have someone at the house with him the whole time helping him get caught up on business stuff. Do we know if he had someone house sit for the two weeks he was gone or at least check up on things? This settlement was a life changing thing for Bryan and I would think he would be more focused on it than meeting a new model. The model theory is just too far removed from reality to really think about.

But the fact remains that Harlow is a pawn in a sick game of chess.

Damn it I know I’m right about this I can just feel it in my bones.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Brent Corrigan super twink of the new millenium is 20 years old.

Well it appears Brent has posted some proof that he is indeed 20 years old. Making the videos he did for Cobra Studios before October 31st 2004 contraband. So if you have these in your possession dispose of them> immediately. Just kidding you just keep on enjoying your kiddie porn. Because boys and girls this Id is the real deal. He was born in 1986 on October 31st. Go Scorpio! I had my moments of doubt I will admit but I still held out for the truth being that he was only 20. I guess he has now been vindicated. You go Brent and your closet is a real trip it’s a good thing your out cause there is no room in there for you. Love the baby pix you were so cute all chubby and round.

Time to move away from that old stale issue of your age. And guess what Brent the years are really going to fly by now. You will be 30 in the blink of an eye so party now and have fun cause you will be old soon enough.

There are some vicious old queens who are throwing up as we speak. Kisses dears

Y is for yeah

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