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Black helicopters
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Friday, May 11, 2007

What Was The Civil Case Really About

Those of you who are under the impression that the Civil Case was about the age of Sean Lockhart aka Brent Corrigan are incorrect.
This case was really about Cyber-squatting and a broken contract and the use of the name Brent Corrigan. The age issue was not really part of the suit it was a byproduct of it. Sean stated he was under age when he filmed his first titles for Cobra video and that Bryan did not have valid 2257 documentation on file. That is why there was a request for a certified birth certificate. So our fellow blogger Julien’s Gay Rant Page has basically taken the age issue and given the age deniers a wet slap to the face. Now that that issue seems to be finally be resolved lets move on to more important subjects.
Like who killed Bryan Kocis and why.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

BoyBatter Bitches: That’s all I have to say about that!

Boybatter is all that. I will admit I have seen a few of their clips and the chemistry is out of this world between the models. I had friend come by and we watched the latest video Harlow and Troy. His response was "Who is this guy, he is so sensual and he is a total sex machine". I told him the whole story of Harlow and his response was he would be worth every penny. Well I have to agree with him on that. These boys are so hot they need asbestos sheets on their bed.
I truly must agree with Mark/MJT that Harlow is a stud wonder. I gave him the title "Stud Wonder Of The New Millenium" and it’s no lie. When it comes to porn there is sexy, hot, steamy and sensual but rarely do you have all four in a single scene. Well in this scene you do. I said the same thing about Harlow meets Drake. But I thought it was a fluke, well I have to admit I was wrong. It’s not a fluke it is there in every scene I have seen so far. Hot, sexy, steamy and sensual. Ok so I liked it but MJT will never know because you my loyal readers will never tell him will you?
I can not let him know I really liked it because he might get an attitude or something behind this.
So my advice to all of you who are curious about it you really need to check them out. That’s Boybatter bitches. And it is hot.
This is Elmysterio and I’m out.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Brent Corrigan is not dead

As reported earlier Porn model Brent Corrigan has not died but he is in near critical condition due to a massive financial mishap. Hopes were high for him and his Lover and other business partner Lee Bergeron. After he fled from the clutches of the nefarious Cobra Studios and started his own company, His fan base was astounding and he wrote an engaging blog. But it was not meant to be. There were people who had negative intentions towards him and struck out to ruin him. When he was found he was cash less and clueless as to what happened. Witnesses said that there were several possible causes too his untimely demise. One was his age, which has never been publicly verified and it is said he was born in 1985 and others are adamant that he was born in 1986. No matter what you believe he was quite simply to young when he passed away from public view. While that was one several factors involved his early demise. Others attribute the cause to his early departure from Cobra video.
Because cobra wanted to suck the life out of him first and they continued grabbing at him for 2 years. There is the murder of his former video director Bryan Kocis which put Brent in a very negative light because of a public battle they had and many assumed that Brent was responsible for Bryan’s death. There is also the unsubstantiated rumor that he and his partner conspired to hire a hit man to dispose of Bryan. None of these rumors were ever proven but the strain was taking its toll on Brent. He went into hiding to try to deal with his feelings and his world turned upside down. He rallied back a few times but it was just too much and he just went away quietly. His video career had come to an almost complete stand still yet the demand was still high to see him. He had a brief resurgence in late 2006 but he was showing signs of financial weakness and had to be renamed due to it.
After a settlement between him and Cobra Video came about he was getting his health back. And his fans still wanted to see him in action. His latest come back plans were thwarted by one of his business partners who witnesses say sucked the last bit of life right out of him. Brent was the subject of much speculation when a blog item appeared that said he might do a scene with the fabulous Harlow stud wonderCuadra. It was to be a joint venture between BoyBatter and LSG Media. The public opinion was mixed but it favored the pairing of the two by 2 to one odds. The poll numbers were high but Lee Bergeron the other Partner was not going to let it happen. Brent was trying to make one last ditched effort to reap that last little bit of Life out but the odds were against him and it appeares he failed. After the mysterious failure he had nothing to do and just drifted away. We thought we lost him in April 20, 2007 but he rallied back ten days later but he was very weak and due to a massive financial hemorrhage was finally finished off. Grant Roy his lover is just beside himself after the sudden loss of Brent. The real question is who put the final nail in his coffin and took away the rising porn icon from his admiring public. Friends are asked to post their thoughts on one of the Porn Worlds most popular twinks. Rest in peace Super Twink Of The New Millenium.