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Friday, January 16, 2009

Officials: Conahan ordered deposits to his bank

This is a previously unpublished post. I thought with the turn of events that it was a bit more relevant now.

Well it would appear that there is a serious problem in Luzerne County. And it is getting worse by the minute. while searching the Internet for information about Luzerne County I came opon this jewel. I wonder how Conahan will explain this away

I also found this article and then we have this lovely article .
Published: Wednesday, July 23, 2008 11:03 AM EDT
Former Luzerne County President Judge Michael T. Conahan directed millions of government dollars to a bank of which he is a director by ordering the county’s magisterial district judges to deposit their fines there, county and state officials say.

First National Community Bank — where billionaire casino owner Louis A. DeNaples was chairman of the board until his recent indictment on perjury charges — handles about $7 million in deposits from those magisterial district courts each year, state and county audits show.

Conahan, whose financial holdings are a focus of an ongoing FBI investigation into the county courts, did not return phone messages seeking comment Tuesday.

Conahan’s decision to direct district court deposits to the bank came shortly before or after he was named to the bank board in 2003, county Court Administrator William Sharkey said Tuesday. Before that decision, the county’s 17 magisterial district judges, who handle traffic tickets, small civil cases and preliminary hearings in criminal cases, used banks of their own choosing.

Sharkey said the change was made because First National Community Bank, headquartered in Dunmore, offered a countywide courier service with daily pickup.

“Some of the magistrates had some concerns for security reasons. They weren’t too thrilled about taking deposits to the bank every day,” Sharkey said.

Sharkey said he didn’t know if the bank approached the county or if Conahan sought proposals from other banks.

“I’m not quite sure how that happened,” Sharkey said. “I’m not sure if they contacted the county and they offered the courier services or vice versa.”

James Koval, communications manager for the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts, confirmed that First National Community Bank is the depository for all district courts in Luzerne County. He said decisions about where to deposit fines from district courts are left up to the president judge in each county. The fines are divided between the state and county, with more than two-thirds typically going to the state.

Koval said his office exercises no oversight over the selection of the banks and has no rules governing the selection.

“I’m not aware of any rule that addresses this head-on,” Koval said.

Joseph A. Massa Jr., chief counsel for the state Judicial Conduct Board, which enforces the state Code of Judicial Conduct, did not return phone messages Tuesday.

Conahan was paid $57,583 as a director at First National Community Bancorp Inc. in 2007, according to the bank’s U.S. Security and Exchange Commission filings. He owns 55,927 shares in the bank worth $755,014 at Tuesday’s closing price of $13.50 per share.

DeNaples, a Dunmore businessman with holdings in landfills, used auto parts and real estate, owns about 10 percent of the bank’s 15.8 million outstanding shares. His brother and son, who are also directors of the bank, own about 9 percent. The DeNaples’ shares are worth $40 million.

The bank reported having $945 million in deposits in 2007.

DeNaples took a leave of absence from the bank board on Feb. 6 after he was charged with lying to state gaming regulators about ties to organized crime figures when seeking a license for his Mount Airy Casino Resort in Monroe County, which opened last year.

Federal banking regulators subsequently suspended him from the board and prohibited him from participating in the affairs of the bank while the charges are pending. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board barred DeNaples from Mount Airy and appointed a trustee to oversee the casino until the criminal case is concluded.

DeNaples, 67, and bank President and CEO J. David Lombardi, who is acting chairman of the board, did not return phone messages Tuesday.

Conahan, who retired last year at age 56 and is now a senior judge presiding over the county’s Drug Treatment Court, has declined comment on the ongoing federal probe.

Courthouse sources speaking on condition of anonymity say the FBI and IRS have questioned them about Conahan’s links to the former owner of a juvenile detention center. The center made millions from county contracts after Conahan decided to stop sending juveniles to an aging county-owned facility in 2003.

Conahan has described the former co-owner of the facility, Butler Township attorney Robert J. Powell, as a personal friend. The FBI seized county records detailing the county’s dealings with Powell’s center last month.

The Standard-Speaker first reported in May that Conahan and current President Judge Mark A. Ciavarella Jr., who presided over juvenile court for a dozen years, have a financial interest in a townhouse development firm headed by Powell’s law partner, county Prothonotary Jill A. Moran. Powell owned half of the townhouse firm until the second half of 2004.

The townhouse firm, W-Cat Inc., is building an 86-unit development in Wright Township called The Sanctuary with $4.5 million in funding through First National Community Bank. Another director of the bank, Michael G. Cestone, is president of the construction company building the townhouses, S.G. Mastriani Co. Inc.

Cestone did not return a phone message Tuesday.

Can we say oops, you are going to get busted. Bad judge go to jail and do not pass go.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Bryan's little secret?

I find it very funny that there were several people who had contact with Bryan Kocis who all made it a big production that that they were all HIV negative after they had contact with him. Now I dont want to go and make assumptions about what Bryan's HIV status was but it would seem that it could be a problem. Brent Corrigan made a big deal on his blog about being negative and so did Harlow and Robert Wagner even makes it known on his manhunt profile that he is HIV negative.

We all know that Bryan had a thing for bareback sex and he had sex with his models so that in and of it self could be a problem and also a motive in his death. Bryan was also known to drug models so that he could have his way with them. Bryan Kocis could very well be dead because he told Harlow after they had sex that he was positive and that he had infected Harlow. If someone just drugged you and fucked you bare back and they told you that they were positive that could explain the viciousness of the killing. Bryan was known for drugging models and having his way with them. He did it to that 15 yearold boy. He did it to Brent Corrigan and what makes you think he did not do it to Harlow.

The facts in this case have never made any sense to me and the viciousness of the killing never made any sense either. Bryan was a nasty person in my opinion and I would not put it past him to do something like that. If you read the transcripts from Blacks Beach tapes you can pretty much figure it out, it was Harlow who was drugged. Harlow says that Bryan knew who he was. Harlow also said that seeing that fucker going down felt good. That statment alone is very telling. Robert Wagner, Brent Corrigan and Harlow were all victims of Bryan Kocis as well as that 15 year old boy.

The Pennsylvania Judicial System let that man go free and unencumbered to molest more boys and young men. He should have been a registered sex offender but Judge Conahan trying to save face over a clerical error tried to cover it up. That mistake is what let Bryan go on doing what he was doing and eventually brought about his death.

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