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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Heaven needed a friend so they called Bea Arthur 1922-2009

I never really liked All in the Family when I was a kid. I always thought that Archie was so mean to poor Edith. But one night I watched the show and there was a new character. Her Name was Maude and she was Edith’s cousin. As annoying as Archie was, Maude was a breath of fresh air. She was bold and brash and she did not take anybody shit but Walters.
Now this show All in the family might have the spin off record. There was Archie Bunker's Place, The Jefferson’s and Maude, which spun off Good Times. Now what is funny is I loved the Jefferson’s and I learned to love all in the family but I learned to hate Good Times. I guess I just could not identify with the family. I did identify with The Cosby’s though because that is the kind of family I grew up in.

But I digress back to Maude that show made me laugh and it also made me cry it was just an all around great show. When it went off the air I was truly sad. I watched the movie Mame with Bea Arthur and Lucille Ball and I actually liked it. It was different it was a musical and being queer I just like musicals OK. Auntie Mame with Rosalind Russell is the original. It was the height of camp and fabulousness.

I was so thrilled when Empty Nest had a spin off called Golden Girls after lousing Mary Tyler Moore, Rhoda and Maude we needed another girl show on TV. The show had a dream cast with Rue McClanahan playing against type of her character on Maude and Betty White playing against type of the character on MTM. Estelle Getty played Sophia Pertrello the mother of Bea Arthur’s character. Together they were brilliant. That is a show that I will watch and it still makes me laugh. Bea Arthur was someone who I just loved to watch. She was a big part of my TV watching life and she will be truly missed.

Yes there were plenty of jokes made about Bea Arthur but she was truly loved. Her success transcended the small screen and it graced Broadway and the Silver Screen. Bea Arthur was a star. She was sheer talent. She was one of those rare actresses who could do it all. One of the greats. Hollywood will shine less brightly now that another star is gone. The saving grace is that she will live on forever as long as there is cable, videotape and DVD’s. Her legacy will live on and we can always get our Golden Girl fix.

Bernice Frankel, 1922-2009 Thank you for being a friend.

This Elmysterio And I'm saddend

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hate as free speech jeopardized by hate crime legislation!

Looks like the Advocate is still stirring up the shit. Seems that no one really got past the crap with Rezeurk Nomad to look at this gem. The son of Jerry Falwell has mounted a coalition to stop the passage of hate crime laws saying that it will effect his right to free speech. Well Now isn’t that just special! Who told him to go and start this whole crusade of hate? Could it be possibly SATEN!

I come from a long line of Christians and I just happen to be gay and yes I do believe in God. I also have several family members in the clergy and I have had some serious debates with them about the whole issue of my Gayness and they all still love me and they all understand that it is not a choice. They also have an open mind on this issue and are willing to listen to me. We have known each other most of our lives. They knew that I was not some evil sinner. I am the same little snot nosed bowlegged kid who they grew up with. What I am getting at is that I have a cousin who was giving a youth sermon at a family reunion and I stopped him in the middle of it and I told him that we needed to talk.

He stopped excused himself from the group and we went off and I spoke of my concerns with his sermon. When I explained to him that he was inciting hatred with his words. He in turn understood what I was saying and he realized that he was wrong for saying what he had said and he apologized to me. He then proceeded to apologize to the group about what he said and continued on with his sermon. This is not rare and not all Christians are zealots and bigoted.

There is a small minority who are ignorant to the truth and they are willing to allow some "man" to stand up in a pulpit in front of them and proclaim that he speaks the word of God. In effect they are worshipping a false idol and in the bible that is one of the biggest sins. So let them go to the gates of Heaven with that burden on their souls and they will be sent to the same place that Jerry Falwell senior was sent.

My main reason for writing this is that these Christian right wing conservatives want to continue preaching their hate rhetoric unabated and this hate crime bill has them scared. Yes they could possibly be held accountable for inciting some negative action on society. It was Hitler’s negative hate speech that sent millions of Jews and gays to the Nazi death camps. And now these religious radicals want to hide behind the bible and speak their hate unabated by the law. What is funny is that no one seems to get it. They preach hate and they give good Christians a bad name. They have an agenda people and they always have and they hide behind God to do it. Get a clue people figure it out I know you can. Are we really so stupid that we will allow this to happen again less than 100 years after Hitler’s last reign?

Then we have these same people who are still trying to use their lies and scare tactics to spread their agenda of denying people the right to love who they choose. They are using their religious beliefs as a reason to justify discrimination. What would God think about this? Does God want us to look down on people because we do not agree with them? Or does he say that we shall not judge lest be judged? Well I don’t think these people who claim that they are preaching Gods word were listening when he spoke to them. Or maybe they only hear what they are comfortable hearing but they are wrong in trying to use the word of God as some attempt to justify discrimination.

People Jesus died because of discrimination! Think about that for a minute. Yes the Son of God was killed because someone did not like what he had to say or believed in. Do these people want to keep this legacy of hate going? That is what is wrong with the world today, Too much hate and not enough acceptance.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Porn as art, whoda thunk it?

Kurt Wild wants to bring the art house and the whorehouse together and make artistic porn. What is funny is that many don’t seem to get it. Kurt wants to bring the heat, sensuality and the passion back to porn in the same way Kristen Bjorn, Lucas Kazan and Cadinot have. Belami has on occasion touched on that fine line as well. But most companies seem to think that two hot guys fucking is the recipe for a hot scene. I just don’t understand that rational. To me porn is not just about two people fucking. It really is about the fact that the people you are watching fuck really want to be there fucking. That they are so into what they are doing that you the viewer does not exist. You know the kind of porn you feel dirty watching because you feel like your spying on a private moment between two people.

There needs to be chemistry between the models and I have been saying this forever. It seems that lately "reality porn" or the free stuff you can watch on Xtube and similar sites is pulling the viewer away from the "big budget" porn. The one thing that I have noticed about the "big budget" stuff that I have seen is that it is just so formatted. The director has to be aware that some times he just has to step back and let the models go and make sure that he has cameras there to catch the magic. A good sex scene has a beginning middle and an end. It has to flow and it has to build in intensity. What I have seen in most of the porn lately is just a rush to a cum shot. In all truth good sex is nasty and dirty and it rarely gets depicted that way in porn.

All you have to do is think of one of the hottest times that you had sex and you know you would not want someone filming it because it was not pretty. Porn tries to sanitize that bit of nastiness and sometimes in doing so they loose the spontaneity. What I find strange in porn is that models are chosen for their looks and they don’t have an attraction to each other. The scenes often fall flat and you have just put two people through hell for what you thought would be a hot scene. Sex is really about attraction and it always has been. It is chemical and physical and emotional and it has to have all of those components to be hot.

Just because two guys have nice bodies does not make them compatible. Sometimes it does happen but for the most part I have noticed that it is the opposites that attract who make for a hot scene. I have mentioned Kurt Wild a few times on my blog and he has never failed to deliver when it comes to heat on the screen. One thing that I have noticed is that allot of the boys who are making a definite mark on the gay porn scene have come from the website porn scene. Two sites in particular have been the beginning playgrounds for allot of the models that are becoming big names in the industry. Corbin Fisher and College dudes 247 seem to be flooding the market with hot talent.

These Models seem to go from company to company and are consistent in putting on a hot performance. You have Jesse Santana, Mason Wyler, Kurt Wild, Adam Campbell and Tory Mason all from Corbin Fisher. There are others out there that are just as consistently hot too. Zack Randal, Aaron James and Shane Erickson have also made the cross over to big studio porn. And a bunch of them all went to different online sites such as College Dudes 247, Chaosmen, Sean Cody and Cockyboys, etc. These web based porn companies are putting out the best content in my opinion. And when these boys do step on the set of studio porn they are ready and they make the scenes work. But then we have what I call the dead fish of porn. You have Brody Sinclair, Mike Roberts and Barrett Long who constantly proclaim their straightness.

When will these lackluster bitches learn that we don’t care who they fuck off the screen?
Porn is about fantasy and every time these gay for pay bitches open their stupid mouths they ruin the fantasy. So to all of the gay for pay bitches out there I say shut the fuck up and quite bitching about people thinking you are gay. You fuck men on camera, get a god damn clue bitches! And to the viewing public who are offended by these "straight men" doing gay porn stop watching their shit and the producers will get the clue. As long as the scene is hot I really don’t care if you have sex with a fence post in your private life. I say make it look real make it look hot and make me want to watch it again that is the key to good porn. It is also the key to saving the industry. Buying porn is not cheap and you have to make it worth the money for someone to pay $30.00 a month or to drop $50.00 on a video.

The porn industry seems to be going the way of extreme porn and they are loosing focus of what is hot and only trying to get a buck for the shit they produce. I have seen my share of bareback porn, as a matter of fact that is all there was when I started my porn-viewing career. So it really was not such a big deal to see a boy take a big cock up his ass with out a condom. So if you want to watch bareback porn there is still plenty of it available and the boys who did it are most likely dead now. We need to be responsible and not teach the message that fucking bareback is safe. All you have to do is look at a Treasure Island video and you will see what the effect of bareback porn has on a person. All of the companies who are producing twink bareback are just being irresponsible for a buck. The idea of watching a cute little 18-year old boy risk getting infected with HIV is not my idea of erotic. It is sad and it pisses me off that the people who are producing this shit are most likely old enough to know the effect that unprotected sex had on the porn industry and the gay community in the 80’s and the 90’s. We lost some very talented people because of Aids. And if this practice keeps up we will continue to do so.

I understand that porn is a business and it is about making money but just because it is does not mean you have to exploit the talent pool, who just happen to be the key to your success. It is that attitude that will be the downfall of this industry. Those who do not exploit will succeed and those who do will fall by the wayside surrounded by the bodies of the boys that they destroyed. It is already happening and it will continue to do so until there are some serious changes made in what type of content is produced and what kind of treatment is afforded to the talent that makes this industry function. The models in porn are human beings not just some throwaway commodity. Once the producers realize this the better for the industry.

This is elmysterio and I'm out