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Black helicopters
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Friday, August 3, 2007

The seven faces of Lee.

If it was a movie it could not have a better plot. A man who has seven different names all variations of one. He uses all seven distinct names and uses them all concurrently. A man who has had at least as many failed business ventures. What would the purpose be? To possibly hide something maybe? I think that could very well be possible. There are several civil judgements against him at least 1 bankruptcy that we know of and at least enough different addresses to fill a phone book. Now I don’t know about you but I would be a little leery about going into business with this person. There have been a few high profile businesses that he has been involved in that have failed miserably. Lee petitioned the family of the original organizer of “Gay Ski Week” so that he could take over and run it only to have it collapse mysteriously a year later. He also has several other businesses fail. He has been to court several times for several different civil cases. He just looks like a legal nightmare to me. And he is at it again. A lot of you were trying to find out if Lee was involved in the civil case and the answer to that question would be yes. He has been involved in LSG from the beginning. He was not listed on the original civil case by name because Bryan’s attorneys did not know who he was at the time of the filing. But he is LSG Media primary share holder with 51% of the company. It was reported that Lee was supposed to pay the lawyers but he and Grant switch focus and Lee paid the models instead. So Brent had to appeal to his fans for their help. Lee has been a stumbling block in this thing from the beginning. Did you know that since the membership site has been up and running that Brent has still not received any compensation from it? Did you also know that Brent has not received any compensation for any of the video work he has done for his own company? Did you also know that Lee was trying to sale all the videos that Brent had not been paid for to Marina Pacific? Lee Bergeron is broke. He has not paid any of the bills that he needs to pay and this is not the first time this has happened. There is also the back door deal with Cobra Video. Yes Lee was trying to broker a deal with Bryan to sell his share to him. This has been reported about but no one has any documentation to prove it. The police and the federal authorities were aware of it. All of the dirty dealings forced Sean and Grant to abandon Brent Corrigan Online and start a new venture. Brent Corrigan Inc. As was last heard Lee is stuck with a web-site with no star performer and a cache of videos that he can not sale. He thinks the focus is off of him. Wrong little man we are looking directly at you. I have got a scenario for you; here goes Lee sets up a back door deal with Bryan to destroy LSG Media. Yes to destroy LSG media. The attorneys were not paid and Lee and Bryan were banking on the fact that there was no money to do so. Why do you ask? Because if LSG Media lost the civil case, which was the plan, hatched by Lee and Bryan they could run Grant out of the picture. They would have control of the prize, which is what Bryan wanted all along and Lee would sale his Share to Bryan for a nice profit. What is the prize you ask? The only thing of any value at LSG Media, Brent Corrigan of course.

Bryan and Lee conspired to remove Grant who was the only stumbling block between Bryan and Brent. There was only one problem with that plan which Bryan and Lee did not figure on and that was that Brent and Grant had a backup plan. Drop the name Brent Corrigan and move on. They used this as a bargaining chip to start settlement negotiations. The only problem with that was Lee. His back door deal was now in jeopardy. And he was most likely going to lose his sweet deal with Bryan. Bryan did not have any loyalties with anyone and he had a singular mission and that was to get Sean/Brent at any cost. So Bryan screwed Lee over when the settlement came about. The first thing Bryan did was stipulate that Lee pay Sean a salary and this was a problem because Lee was broke. He paid the models and the some of the other expenses and Grant was stuck with the legal fees. Jeremy their webmaster is still owed money. And now we all see what has happened, Sean and Grant walked away from Lee and BCO and now are working on their new site BCI. Lee is stuck holding the bag on another sinking ship. Just another sad truth about Lee. So where does that leave us? Could Lee have set up the murder of Bryan Kocis? I would not venture to guess about that but I will say that he would have had motive. Bryan double-crossed Lee in a business deal and he left Lee holding the bag for a large payoff to Sean Lockhart and Lee did not have to money to pay it. I guess Bryan got what he wanted, which was Brent Corrigan. And that is why the police think Bryan was killed. The police think this whole case stems from the online battle between Bryan, Grant and Brent. I tend to think different, Bryan was dealing in a rather nefarious business and I would tend to think that some of the other people who had interests were not pleased with his public battle with Brent/Sean. And they would have rather seen Bryan just let it go. Think about it the case about Justin Berry was all over the news and then you have this case with Brent right on it's tail. There were several people who could possibly be charged in that case and you can bet that if there was a link to Cobra Video and Brent Corrigan it would seal the deal for some big indictments. So I am thinking that someone who was directly involved Panicked and had Bryan killed. Bryan also had to deal with the fact that he was facing a possible arrest for producing underage porn. Bryan did not have valid documentaion for Sean lockhart on file and he knew it and this whole civil case was a ploy to cover his butt and get the documentation on file to make it all leagal. Bryan knew all along that Sean was underage but he deined it at every chance he could. the fact is that Sean lockhart was underage and he could no longer deny it. He saw the birth certificarte. There are those who deny that Bryan did the things that he is accused of but there is documentation to the contrary. Bryan was obsessed with Brent corrigan and we all know it.

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