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Black helicopters
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Friday, May 30, 2008

Twisted logic

So many of you seem to be a bit confused with the details of my involvement in this murder saga.

First of all I had no contact with Joe and Harlow before April 16th 2007. So I guess that rules out the possibility of me aiding Joe with the identity of the owner of the Nissan Murano parked in Bryan’s driveway on the night he was killed. You know the one that Rob brought up.

Secondly I knew about the location of the Maserati long before the beach tapes. I really don’t get why so many of you seem to think that I am more involved in this case that I really am. I just blogged about it.

Thirdly I have had no contact with Robert Wagner. No emails no phone contact nada. Robert’s whereabouts on the night of the murder are not known to me. I did not pull his credit report nor anyone else’s for that matter. Where Rob got that bit of info from is your guess as well as mine.

Finally I did not ever write Harlow or Joe’s blogs for them. I have spoken to the both of them on the phone and in emails and they never made and confessions to me about the murder. As far as where the vehicle Harlow was driving on the night of Bryan’s murder was parked, From witness testimony it was parked in the driveway on Midland Drive. Behind Bryan’s car and the mystery SUV with New York plates, as per Rob.

As far as any of the other things that I have been accused of that is pure speculation from the posters. As far as me not supporting Joe and Harlow anymore you all can believe what you want to believe. I just have better things to do with my time than to argue with you all about something that I can not change. I think that this case has been mishandled from the very start. I was never sent anything with regards to this case. Joe and Harlow never sent me anything no packages or letters no evidence what so ever.

I will not be included in the trial, as I have no information that the state would need because PC has everything that the state would assume that I would have. He has made it clear that he is the expert on this case with his intimidation tactics and outing of people who post on his and other blogs. He has all the information on everyone involved and he would be able to make a more compelling argument than I ever could. Jim if you think that I will be indicted in this murder case on conspiracy charges you are more delusional than I ever would have thought. But I guess you could hope that I would be charged with a crime for not believing you and your "Ocams Razor".

Bryan Kocis was in violation of the law with his home business. He illegally filmed porn in his home in Dallas Township. There is video proof of that; scenes filmed in the very living room where he was killed can be seen in "A Boys Raw Urges"and "Naughty boys toys". He used the same sofa where his dead body was found in "A Boys Raw Urges" Yet he was allowed to film porn in his home and use the Luzerne County courts to intimidate Sean Lockhart who claimed that he was filmed by Kocis while he was underage. The courts of Luzerne County are more involved in this murder case than any of us would like to believe.

Just look at all of the news about the legal system in Luzerne County. It really makes you wonder what is really going on in that county and what is going to happen with this murder case if it ever makes it to trial. Bryan Kocis ran an illegal business from his home and used the courts to intimidate a minor child who he filmed in a porn video. He also got a slap on the wrist for having sex on film with a minor child. And the courts of Luzerne County never had him register as a sex offender. Now this same court system is being investigated by the state of Pennsylvania and the FBI. It kind of makes you wonder what is really going on there.

Luzerne County has worked its magic under the radar of the Feds for so long that I guess the good ole boys just got sloppy and thought that they were above the law. Well I think that attitude is going to change when the federal indictments start getting handed out to various parties involved in the mis-justice that is Luzerne county.

This is Elmysterio and I’m out.