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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Doctors say marrow transplant may have cured AIDS

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With the recent bad news in California and a few other states with the passing of anti Gay laws the medical profession seems to be shining a bright light on the future of 33 million people world wide. They think that they might have found a way to eradicate the AID's virus. Most in the medical profession are leery of proclaiming it as a cure but the results are promising. There is more here.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Keith Oberman's comment on MSNBC

I was going through my blog roll and popped over to Brent's blog, no not that Brent the other Brent the one who just got married and his husband is celebrating a birthday, Scorpios rule. I read a moving post by him and saw a video by Keith Oberman of MSNBC which must of made anyone who supported the passage of proposition H8 feel like a total hypocrite. He laid it out there and made it perfectly clear that to deny anyone there rights is wrong. Not just in the eyes of those who were wronged but on so many other levels. I have said it all along that this really not about Marriage but the right to love and to have that love respected by the law of the land.

What he said totally moved me and inspired me to write this post and I think we should thank him and let him know that we really appreciate what he did for everyone, not just us. We can not let those who hate win this fight. Their hate will consume them and we should use love to win this fight. The reason we have a new President is because of the hate that George Bush represented. It is through the hate he fostered that has us in the sad financial situation we are currently in. It is George Bush's hate that has the standing of America so low in the eyes of the rest of the world.

It was George Bush's hate speak to us as Americans that made it possible for this amendment to pass. George Bush campaigned on this issue 4 years ago and his legacy will be that he divided this country. I for one will not sit here and let him do that. This is not a religious issue any more this is a issue that is more personal than that. This is a civil rights issue and just like we got the "Jim Crow laws" overturned we shall get this one overturned as well. The United States Constitution does not allow for this type of law to be passed. This will go to the United States Supreme Court and it will be overturned for the entire country. And all citizens will have the same rights. If they have to take marriage out of the Constitution and rewrite the laws it will happen.

This little act of selfishness will cause a backlash that those who voted for the ban will have never expected. Their very own marriages stand a good chance of being outlawed in favor for a more inclusive one. This country can not tolerate anymore segregation and discrimination especially in the eyes of God. God is love and God does not divide people. People do that themselves. To think that the word of some who claim that they have been spoken to by God and claim that they were told that it was OK to hate, is in my opinion blasphemy. They are using the name of God in vain. When you go to Church do you worship your Paster or do you worship your God?

I have personally been to far to many churches where the pastor stands at his pulpit and preaches hate in the name of God. My question to all of you who supported the passage of that hate bill is what are you scared of? All we want is the same right to love as you. Is it our love that scares you? You claim that we have an agenda. You seem to have the idea that we want to convert your children to be gay. Well the truth is you are the ones who are raising gay children. You are the ones who disown your gay child because they are gay. You are the ones who want to oppose your will on us yet you seem to think that we are the bad ones. You are so wrong on so many levels. You are just plain wrong!

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