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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What is the problem?

Michael Lucas seems to be a little upset with certain people in the industry. It seems that he has a bone to pick with Raging Stallion. He has issues with Brent Corrigan and he showed how childish he could be by jumping on the stage at the GayVn’s. He was a total bitch to Ryan Razz the weekend of the GayVN awards and Mr. Pam caught it on film. Now I really have nothing against Mr. Lucas. I just think that the stupidity that he has shown as of late is rooted in the fact that many people have not done as he would have liked.

Now I am not going to berate the work that his company puts out because I think most of it is pretty damn good. I also think that Michael Lucas is a pretty good performer. But I do take issue with his public actions. It seems that his attacks on certain models are a bit misdirected. Now the thing with Raging Stallion and Michael Lucas has to do with Tony DiMarco leaving Lucas. Tony De Marco has gone on to direct Grunts, The Drifter, and he also co-directed To The Last Man. After going to Raging Stallion and being a part of the last years-big GayVN winning videos. This could be a big part of Michael’s rage against Raging Stallion.

This same rage that he showed against Brent Corrigan can be attributed to the fact that Brent turned down an offer to perform in another Lucas movie. The film was La Dolche Vida; you know the one that he got sued about. Yeah Brent turned him down for that movie. Yet Michael goes on about how his working in the industry would cause its downfall. Is Michael Lucas really that stupid to think that no one would find out the truth?

Then there is the little drunken street encounter with Ryan Razz the night of the GayVN’s where he was a rude son of a bitch to Ryan Razz and Mr. Pam caught it on film (it happens @ 3:58). What is funny about all of that is that Ryan just signed a contract with Raging Stallion studios. So it seems to me that Mr. Lucas seems to think that he was entitled to some kind of loyalty from anyone who ever worked for him. Now I don’t know about any of you but his actions bring to mind the actions of a certain dead porn producer who he was defending when he attacked Brent. Another egomaniac that could not let go and that is most likely what help get him killed.

Michael Lucas has certainly put his foot in his mouth on several occasions and I am sure that these events will not be the last. He screams about the bare back porn industry and yet he gets sued about a bareback porn video that he shot and sold and then tried to market. From the little scuttlebutt that I get here in my inbox it is rumored that he was shooting bareback porn in the dirty south. Yet publicly he is an advocate of safe sex and denounces bareback porn.

Do I hate Michael Lucas? Well the answer to that would be no. But I also don’t like him all that much and I really don’t have all that much respect for him either. I will admit that he has put out some very good material over the years and he has also put out some shit as well. But lately he has just stepped over the line and he seems to be in a desperate state with some of the fair that he has been releasing. There is a market for high production values for pissing videos and good kink porn and I find a good loud fart hilarious. But are his fans really all that interested in boys shitting out bananas?

So in theory it would seem that Michael Lucas is a jealous bitch but then again he could just be a marketing genius who likes to see his name in print no matter what the subject. You know there are certainly others out there who have the same attitude. "Any press is good press as long as it is about you". You know this is one of those situations that I didn’t know if I wanted to post this because it really won’t make a difference to the person that it is about. He will just eat it up and keep on doing the same old stupid shit but then again maybe shedding some insight on his actions will help us to understand his motivation. Do you think that is the case?

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