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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Threats and arrests at the Gayvn awards?

Seems that two of the most controversial players in the gay porn industry are at each other’s throats. Seems to be a battle between the lips and the butt. Yes Michael Lucas wanted to get Brent Corrigan ejected from the GAYVN awards ceremony last night because Brent lied about his age when he first started doing porn. Seems that Michael thinks that Brent’s lies could have caused serious jeopardy to the industry. Now I don’t know about any of you but it would seem that the person who would hire someone who looked as young as Brent did when he first started would take serious precautions before hiring such a young looking model.

Now that is all water under the bridge anyway. Seems that there is another issue at play here and it seems that Sir Michael of Lippsinburg Russia is a little pissed that a certain model refused to do a video shoot with his New York based company. Now I am not one to condone violence and if there was a threat made to Michael it should be taken seriously. It would seem that Brent gets these over zealous boyfriends who tend to make threats and want to beat people up who say mean things about Brent. My theory is if you can’t take the heat stay out the fucking kitchen.

Michael has been known to stir up controversy whereever he goes. From posting the story of his own death to promote the video the Gigolo, to getting sued for his mega award winning la dolce Vita for copyright infringement and the Ice cubes incident at the Gayvn’s he has also been accused of beating up his neighbor. Michael is not one to stray away from the controversy and the public eye. Whether any of this is true or not is the real issue here and Brent seems to be caught up in the fire storm.

The same can be said about Sir Brent of the Twin Peaks he has been know for his controversial activities as well. Falsifying documents to work in porn to spilling the beans on the tyrant that ran the Video Company that he first worked for to breaking contracts and bad mouthing Falcon studios. Oh yeah and consorting with murderers. I know that is a touchy subject to some but you know what I consorted with the murderers too.

Now I don’t know if all of this bullshit is serious but I think it is a great PR campaign non-the less. They both worked on the movie Not another gay sequel and I did not hear too much about any fights but then again maybe there were a few cat fights. Michael Lucas is notorious for speaking his mind. Too bad you can barely understand him when he does. He is known for being a catty bitch but for that matter so is Brent. The two of them court controversy where ever they go. So is this a big deal or is it just hype to promote their websites and studios. Is Michael Lucas jealous of Brent Corrigan’s 3 Gayvn award wins last night? Or is he just pissed that Brent refused to work with him? Or maybe Michael just wants to put those duck lips of his on Brent’s big round ass and chomp away.
With the economy the way it is I guess you would try and get all of the free press that you can. And lord knows these two are the perfect pairing to stir up a shit storm if there ever was one. Maybe Michael and Brent should just get a room fuck and get it over with. I can’t wait for the Grabbys that should be a really fun show since Brent is one of the hosts of that show. Michael should have some real fun trying to get him thrown out of that venue. Is this all just a publicity stunt or is it real you be the judge.

Update: Jim chimes in with a new post that sheds some light on Michael and the Grabby's.

Update: This shit is getting out of hand and there seems to be no stopping it.

My personal opinion in all of this is that the industry stood by and let Bryan Kocis and Cobra Video degrade Brent Corrigan and did nothing to correct the practices of Bryan and Cobra Video. The law states that the producer is the one responsible for verifying the Id of the models they hire. Bryan Kocis did not do that. He looked at Brent and all he saw were dollar signs. Michael Lucas is a misguided idiot if he thinks that all of the problems with this lie on Brent’s shoulders. Brent said that he was wrong for what he did and Brent is the only one who has taken any resposibilty for his actions. Bryan Kocis never did nor did Brent's exboyfriend Chris Henriquez. Bryan tried to hide the truth and when it did come out he tried every trick in the book to make it look like he was not responsible.

For Michael Lucas to say that this is all the fault of the model(s) and Brent Corrigan in particular is in his own way validating the practices of Bryan Kocis and Cobra Video. In doing what Michael did pointing the finger at one model and not the studio that the model worked for was wrong. Both parties are just as responsible for the fiasco the transpired. This is not the first time Michael Lucas has gone off half cocked and it won’t be the last. To disassociate your self from him is your prerogative but I think that in no time at all Michael will put his big foot between his big puffy duck lips and make a total fool of himself. It has Happend before and it will happen again.

Update: Michael Lucas has spread this bit of info to Michael Musto. Is there no end to the madness?

Update: Can this shit get any better? Lucas calls Corrigan to the carpet about bareback porn and I find this tidbit. Is life funny or what?

Update: the san francisco chronicle chimes in on the story


  1. Ducky Lips Ducky Lips

    I will never refer to Ducky Lips in any other way.

    We must all think that Fierce Twink Phillip Ashton for Twittering Ducky Lips to all the masses of Twitter followers! ;)

    BTW Elm

    Brents BF WAS NOT arrested, they called ME this morning at 9:00 A.M. after the SFPD left.

    Brent said they were going to crash till ck ot and fly home BOTH are in San Diego

    Michael Lied about the arrest
    and he lied and said Brents BF jumped on stage and pushed Lucas off (we were all watching no such thing happened)

    As fro a threat?

    No threat was made..
    or BF would have been arrested

    No assault...
    Or BF would be arrested.

    I was told SFPD has ZERO tolerance in cases of assault allegations they will arrest and sort it out later.

    So there you have it ALL LIES by Mr.Ducky Lips

    Are We surprised?

  2. Just to be clear on the subject this is an excerpt of what Michael said.

    During my call to action Corrigan’s boyfriend rushed to the stage and started yelling insanely at me to get off the microphone. As I was leaving the theatre, several people were warning me to watch my back, as some overheard Corrigan’s boyfriend making threats to my address. Among all the scattered lunacy, people were saying THANK YOU for having the courage to say what I did. I didn’t see my statement as too heroic at that point. I simply exercised my right of free speech and I strongly believe in the importance of my message. The adult industry shouldn’t award models who work when they’re underage and forge their identification.

    Conversely, and apparent in this occasion, speaking your mind can be dangerous. At the after party, Corrigan’s boyfriend came up to me and bumped his chest against mine. I do not know the boyfriend’s name but I know that it’s not his ex Grant Roy. This guy was a buff Latin male that appears to be in his thirties .He then threatened that he was going to kill me and demand that we leave the club together immediately so that he could break my neck. The club’s security swiftly came and separated him; he came back and told me that he will splash acid into my face, “which will be the end of your career.” I called the police immediately when I reached the hotel and recalled to them what happened. The cops went to Corrigan’s room, but the couple was still out partying elsewhere.

    I called the police at 7:00 am, San Francisco time, as soon as I found out that they were back in their room (I simply called the room and Corrigan picked up the phone). The police were there within ten minutes. They talked to Corrigan and his boyfriend for about twenty minutes, and then handcuffed the boyfriend and took him into custody.

    Michael never said that Brent's boy friend came on the stage, he said he rushed up to the stage.
    He also did not say that Brent's boyfiend was arrested he said trhat he was taken in to custody. That does not mean he was arrested it just means he was detained by the police.

    I understand the zero tolerance policy in San Francisco. There were no punches thrown so Brent's Boyfriend was not arrested.

    I do not know Brents boyfriend but It appears that several people who do know him have made comments regarding his propensity for violence.

    I think what Michael did was stupid and in bad taste but this is America and he does have the right to say what he wants and to express his opinion. It is also our right to disagree with it as well. But it is not our right to threaten him with bodily harm for doing so.

    I really think that it is stupid that this has gotten so out of hand and it brings to mind another incident where someone was killed.

  3. "I can’t wait for the Grabbys that should be a really fun show since Brent is one of the hosts of that show. Michael should have some real fun trying to get him thrown out of that venue."

    It's highly unlikely ML will even be at the Grabbys; see my latest post for the old history on that.

    Lucas has zero Grabby noms this year in fact. Whether due to ML not sending in screeners, or the Grabbys just plain snubbing him, who knows. I suspect it's the former.

  4. As typical Damon gets it all wrong again.

    The Brent Corrigan retrograde phase begins with Michael Lucas getting his new boyfriend arrested on threatening charges at the GAYVN afterparty...time to wake up Sean, face the tormented guilt feelings over Bryan I know you have, dismiss the parasitic DeWayne feeding off your dark aura, and deal realistically with what you've done and set in motion since you were 17 to the present day. It's a tall order - but MICHAEL LUCAS is not the only one concerned with the structural integrity of the industry and the baggage you carry. And Sean - why is it that all of your boyfriends have anger management issues? developing...

    Kentie is a raging turd and he does not have a clue as tio what he speaks of.

  5. First of all this is not about Brent. This is about Brent's boyfriend Marco amd Michael Lucas. Brent was the catalyst but he did no wrong in this. Michael was the one who took inappropriate action on the stage at the Gayvn's

    Michael never said that Brent attacked or threatened him he said that Marco did. Whether any of it is true or not is the real issue.

    Both Michael and Brent are mired in contoversy and it Seems that Marco is rapidly climbing up that ladder as well. There have been incidents reported about Marco on the blogs and some of them make it sound as if he has issues.

    I can truly understand Brent's point that this should not be antoher Juicy Goo. Brent is finally getting his shit together after 4 long hard ugly years.

    He finally gets some recognition from the gay porn industry and this falls in his lap. Brent as far as I can see did not ask for this. It was thrust upon him and now he has to deal with the fallout of someone elses stupid actions.

    I say to everyone let this shit die an ugly death just like its birth. It really is no ones business but those directly involved and I think we should all leave it at that...

  6. Michael this is a message that you sent to Michael Musto
    "Remember Brent Corrigan, who forged his birth certificate and lied about being of legal age? He did porn videos when he was 17 and basically sent the owner of the company to jail. Well, I've been trying to stop him from being in porn ever since. Tonight, he was supposed to present the first award at the GayVN's. But I talked to the producers of the event and made sure he didn't. He was just canned."

    This is the problem with people who are reactionary, they never think before they blurt out stupid shit.

    Michael you are wrong when you say that Brent sent Bryan to jail. Bryan sent himself to jail for fucking a 15 year old boy who he met on the internet in 2001 and video taped the evidence for the police.

    Micheal it would appear that you have your cases mixed up. Bryan was arrested before Cobra Video was formed. Brent did not work for Bryan until 2004.

    As it would seem Bryan did not learn his lesson or as many believe he did not care. As I have said on many occasions Bryan is just as much at fault in this as Brent is.

    Bryan did not do his job in verifying the id of the model who clearly looked underage. A photo copy of a models ID is not sufficient ID for a porn movie or the 2257 regulations. So the one who endangered your industry in all honesty was Bryan Kocis.

    The records are all avialible that is how I found the truth. I think you owe Brent an apology. Brent has taken responsiblity for his part in the fraud but Bryan Kocis nor any one affiliated with Cobra Video never did.

    This comment was cross posted posted on Michael Lucas's blog