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Friday, April 10, 2009

Is Damon Kruezer the most hated man "in" gay porn?

We all know that Damon Kruezer really has no tie too the Gay Adult Film industry and he is only used by the most unscrupulous people in the industry. Damon is just an attack dog used by the many who are to chicken shit to confront their victims themselves. Damon has admitted that he did work for Bryan Kocis and was working on the harassment of Brent Corrigan when his own mother was evicted from her apartment of 17 years. Paul Barresi just uses Damon when he wants to back stab someone. Chris Steele and Paul Barresi his "friends" were working on "The Velvet Mafia" starring Brent Corrigan but Damon did not even revue it. Damon’s claims about working with many models are in fact lies. Damon has never been to an industry function and his name is verboten.

I was reading the comments on the threads about the Advocate article by C. Brian Smith. His inclusion of Damon Kruezer as a source for information on the gay porn industry was at best troubling. I have come to the conclusion that this whole article must be a joke. Well it must be because C. Brian smith is a writer of satire and the use of Damon Kruezer as point of reference is his attempt at humor right? It seems that he was trying to use Damon Kruezer as some sort of joke that seems to have fallen flat. Maybe C. Brian Smith has never actually looked at Damon’s Technicolor trash page. Because if he had he would be well aware of Damon’s false claims about being one of the last people to interview Harlow Cuadra. I also believe that he never spoke to Patrick Terpstra who also took Damon on his word that he was connected to the gay porn industry and that he interviewed Harlow Cuadra. If C. Brian Smith had spoken to Patrick Terpstra he would know that the mere mention of Damon Kruezer could be a huge mistake.

I wonder if C. Brian Smith ever spoke to Michael Gross who wrote the article for Out Magazine on the Bryan Kocis murder. Michael could have given C. Brian some insight on Damon Kruezer. I wonder if C. Brian Smith even did an Internet search on Damon Kruezer. If he did he would have come up with a wealth of information on Damon Kruezer. I wonder if C. Brian Smith actually asked anybody who is connected with the Gay porn Industry if he would have mentioned Damon Kruezer. I wonder if he spoke to someone at Cybersocket would he have used the name Damon Kruezer. It is just sad that someone who has such a bright future ahead of him as C. Brian Smith now has to deal with his name forever being connected with the taint of Damon Kruezer. But I guess he is used to being connected with world class idiots.
C. Brian Smith is a Yale educated writer and he is also a contributing writer for The Huffington Post. C. Brian Smith is a good friend of former first daughter Barbara Bush. He tells about how they met in a Vanity Fair article. He seems to be pro gay since he himself identifies as a gay man. He is a writer of satire and I do believe the fact that he used Damon as a source in the piece he wrote for the Advocate was done in a satirical form, which seems to have backfired on him and the Advocate. It seems that C. Brian Smith might not have done enough research on Damon Kruezer. He does not appear to get a true feeling of how many people do not like Damon Kruezer. Maybe he missed the post on Just One Hot minute that dealt with Damon’s Cybersocket awards Nomination and visit or the lack there of to LA. Maybe he did not catch their post about Damon and his lie about the sell of Falcon Studios.

Now I can understand that C. Brian Smith has written for some rather prestigious publications and I have really only written on my blogs but even I know enough to not give Damon Kruezer any credit. I tend to do a bit more research when I write something. Yes I can be lazy about it sometimes and not get all of the facts right and when I do make a mistake I will admit it. Lets see if C. Brian Smith will man up and admit that he made a big mistake by using Damon Kruezer as a reliable source in his story in that Advocate article on the Gay Porn Industry. An industry that will not even speak the name Damon Kruezer. I wonder if he is aware of all of the people that have been victims of the words and lies of Damon Kruezer. There have been few in history that have had such a negative effect on peoples lives like that of Damon Kruezer and they too are forever vilified. Damon Kruezer has no credibility and is a known liar and a fraud and the sooner the mainstream gay press takes him to task the better. Lets see if the Advocate and C. Brian Smith do the right thing.
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The season of spring is upon us

This is the time of year when all of the trees and flowers start to bloom and the weather gets nice. Well being in California it is nice pretty much year round. But in Spring, Summer and Fall it is get naked weather. Yes the boys can run around shirtless and in shorts. What is really sad is that due to ignorant fashion choices the shorts got longer and baggier. Now in my opinion that sucks, when I was in my 20’s we wore daisy dukes and those little thin nylon running shorts that did not leave all that much to the imagination. It was hot and sexy and did we have fun, you bet. We were one of the last of the outdoor generations of children and we all had fairly nice bodies. You know from playing sports to riding bicycles to running and just being outdoors in general. Then along came those damn video games and freaked out parents who thought that someone was going to snatch their precious little brats.

That changed everything, if you were born after 1978 you were a house child unless you lived in some Podunk little farming town. By the time I was in my twenties you did not see kids playing outside. You did not see kids riding bicycles or walking to the store. Kids did not even walk to school anymore. Then they started getting fat. Yes kids were fat, no just one or two kids were heavy or as we called it husky but kids were fucking fat, I mean huge. 5 year olds weighing over 100 pounds and shit. I mean when I was 5 I might have weighed 40 ponds and I was tall. Well I am going off tangent here so back to what I was talking about earlier. Spring has sprung and it is time to get back is shape so that you can get naked and get laid.

Now all of the boys you see have these little gym honed bodies which is fine if you like that but I like a guy who has that natural athletic build that comes from doing shit. You know that natural sun kissed look that comes from being outdoors, not that artificial sprayed tanning booth thing that you see so much of nowadays. Yes I know that the sun can cause skin cancer but still it can make you look so much better than those umpa lumpa orange tans that we see so much of now. Hell I’m African American and I would even get out in the sun to get rid of that paper sack color that winter brought on.

What is funny also is what people think is hot now compared to when I was a younger. Six pack abs meant you were not eating enough, now it is what everybody wants. Now I had six pack abs forever and I was not to thrilled about it cause when I was in my 20’s everybody wanted those big pec’s. I always thought that I was to skinny and I could not wait to gain some weight. All of my friends were always bitching about being skinny. A few of them started to go to the gym to build up some bulk but they just got more ripped and they were still skinny. Funny thing is now everyone would think they were all hot and shit. I guess it is just a sign of the times. The current generation of 20 somethings is going to the gym to look the way we just looked naturally. Who would have thought.

What is all of this all about, well it is spring so the White Party is coming up and it is time to show the goods again in one of the nations most famous circuit parties.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jack Wrangler, Porn Industry Icon Dies

Jack Wrangler June 11, 1946- April 7, 2009 Rest in peace

I did a blog post on my memories of him on my other blog The World according to Ebony Wood

If you have not seen Anatomy of an Icon it is a must see video it is full of fun facts and it is the story of his life. And it won a GayVN award this year for best alternative release.

The Advocate, Porn Panic or C. Brian Smith's Porn Mistake.

The Advocate has just posted an article on the porn industry. About how it is in a virtual tailspin with the advent of free porn sites and piracy. It also discusses how the major studios are pinching pennies to stay afloat. It is interesting reading but there are some glaring mistakes in this article that I just can not stay silent about. I have sent the publisher an email with links to different articles and blogs that discuss the major problem with this article and I hope they get a clue real soon. The email is below.
I Just read the article by C. Brian Smith on Porn Panic the article was decent but it was the inclusion of Damon Kruezer that I find it quite upsetting. I just don't understand why there are so many reporters who really do not have a clue. I have read many articles about the gay porn industry and none of the articles seem to do any fact checking on their sources. The one blatant error in this article is the use of Kruezer at night. Do an Internet search on the name Damon Kruezer and you will get an eyeful of useful information on this Internet Maggot.
This man has for the last 10 + years stalked and lied too and defrauded so many people that no one in the industry will even speak to him yet you use him as a resource? That is a shameless mistake on your part and it seriously takes away from the validity and the credibility of this article. You might want to go back to your other sources and ask them about this Damon Kruezer. Now if you did an article on him that would be some good reading.
There are plenty of people who you already spoke to for this article who would have some interesting things to tell you about him. Damon is someone that the industry will not even mention. While you are talking to dear old Damon you should ask him about his attendance at the Cybersocket awards or better yet any of the gay awards shows honoring the porn industry. He has never been to one of them. He is not an industry insider and never has been, he is an Internet pariah.
You can email your disgust to this address.
This is Elmysterio and I’m pissed

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A myth busted

Now I don’t fault the gay porn industry for this because they are just going after a untapped market. You know as well as I do that Gay men fantasize about seducing straight men. It is just a part of our nature. But if any of you have ever succeeded in this endeavor you know that it is not all that it is cracked up to be. Yeah you get to suck some straight boy dick and maybe you get him to fuck you but then after it is all said and done you are still sitting there wishing he was gay.

So with this in mind I am sitting here writing this little post about the fraud that is being put out there by several online companies who claim that they have these straight boys going through special training to have and enjoy gay sex. Yes we all know who they are and we all know that it is bullshit but we watch it anyway because we think it is hot.

So that brings me to the subject of gay for pay. Now there are some guys who do perform in gay porn who are truly straight. And this is quite obvious by the lack of enthusiasm they show on film. We will not deal with them right now. But there are also the gay boys who also are "straight for pay" who perform in gay porn and hope that you believe that they are straight. The one thing pornography is about is fantasy and that really is all.

Why does anyone care who the porn star fucks when they are not in front of the camera? If it’s not you then it really should not matter. Look these men are doing what they want to do on camera and as far as I know no one is holding a gun to their heads making them do it. It really is all about making a dollar and that is it. They fuck for cash and you get the opportunity to watch it. Some of the guys show real enthusiasm and some don’t. As far back as I can remember in my many years of watching porn it was always a undercurrent that these boys were being seduced into gay sex. Thus fulfilling a fantasy that the porn watcher has always had.

Now we all know that the best sex you are going to have with a man is with someone who is out and proud. We seem to be less inhibited by the whole man on man thing. But as long as we in the gay community have this idea about seducing straight men there will always be porn based on this fantasy. So does that mean that "gay for pay" is here to stay? I think it is just like "straight for pay" is. So to all of those men who find it upsetting that there are straight men performing in gay porn there are just as many gay men pretending to be straight performing in gay porn.

Do you get it now? Porn is about fantasy or to be more blatant it is all about lies to fool you into thinking that these people are having real sex like you have in your own bedrooms at home. They just happen to be on a set with several people watching them with bright lights and a camera shoved up their ass and some guy off to the side telling them to "moan louder" and to "move that hand it is blocking the shot". Porn is a job just like selling shoes or working at a computer all day. There are good things about it and there are bad. Some people don’t like their jobs and some people do like their jobs and you can always tell the ones who do like their jobs.

In my opinion who really cares who the models are fucking off screen as long as the fucking that they do on screen is hot and gets you off. Because in the grand scheme of things that is really the point right? So let the boys fuck for our pleasure and leave their private lives alone unless it is some really scandalous gossip then you know we all need to talk about it.

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