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Black helicopters
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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

PC is on a mission

Well it looks like PC is on a mission to cause problems for me. What I find interesting is that he himself asked me to keep our conversations private which I did. I never posted any of our conversations on my blog yet he has done exactly what he asked me not to do.

Well I have all of our conversations archived as well as all of the emails but I choose not to post them. To me it seems that he is just a bit pissed off at me for some stupid reason. My blog is a place for me to say what I want to say about how I feel about this murder case and his is his place to do the same.

What I find funny is that he is now attacking me for my opinion. He claims that I don't have proof to back up the comments that I have made but I know who his source was in Virginia Beach court system. I also know that he was informed by this source on who to contact in the Luzerne County Court system. I have this in PC's own words in comments that he made to me.

So I guess he is now going to play nasty. That really is to bad because I don't think it is that important to destroy someone with their own words and I won't go there unless I am pushed.

this is Elmysterio and I'm out.