Black helicopters

Black helicopters
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The end of a error

As I sit here this early Wednesday morning, I reflect upon the times I had with Damon Kruezer and regret that I ever did. I never knew what true ignorance was until the day I first read his technicolor trash page. I was aghast by the lies he called news. He never got anything right, he belittled people, he would reveal their secrets to their loved ones and torment you because you would not respond to his drivel. You see Damon is a very sick lonely man whose only desire is to be noticed by anyone. You see he has been hiding behind his mommy for sixty years. To scared to come out into the real world with the truth.

Well it appears that Damon just got a invitation to come out in the real world that he can not refuse. It would appear that Damon’s lies and cruel insanity has just earned him a visit to the real world. A place that fills him with terror. He pushed the wrong victim to the boiling point and his stupidity has just earned him an audience with the law. His crimes are said to be Internet Harassment, Cyber Stalking, Fraud and Forgery. Those are the few that I can think of right now.

His pitiful cry fowl just made me laugh, he says that he is faultless yet we all have documented evidence that he did all that he is accused of. I don’t pity the man for anything that is going to happen to him. You see he attacked me unprovoked and unasked for. He was having issues with the fact that my little upstart of a blog was higher in the Alexa ratings than his. He fell to a all time low in his little world of Damon and he was on the attack. He lashed out at me and he lashed out at Julien only to get lashed back at. Damon did not know better than to fuck with a bitch.

His reputation proceeded him because we knew all about his tactics. But the sad thing is that Joe and Harlow did not know the truth about Damon. They emailed me about doing a interview and this is what they said "O some magazine named damon kruzer wants to do magazine on Harlow now too". They did not even have a clue who he was. I told those fools not to talk to him but they did not listen again. Now you can truly see the mess that Damon has caused.

Damon causes damage where ever he goes. He calls himself the so called "Voice of Gay America" and the sad thing is he believed that shit. Poor lonely deluded Damon is his imaginary world with his imaginary boyfriend Marc and his imaginary backers and his imaginary readers is going to have a real experience with the law and we shall all revel in abandon at the idea of justice finally prevailing. We all have one soul brave enough to step up to the plate and say no more to thank for this prize and that is Angel Skye. Angel Skye has been taking hits from this "Internet Maggot" for months now and he's finally said no more. Damon finally went to far and now we get to watch with great anticipation the total humiliation of a demon.


This is Elmysterio and I’m out.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

***Confessions and Retaliations***

Angel Skye has sent out a indusry wide notice that he is tired and that he is not going to take it anymore. Follow this link to see what he is talking about.