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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bare Backing Across America, Or the next viral explosion

I for one did not have a clue about AID’s when I was in my early twenties. It was something new and no one really knew what it was. We are talking about the early eighties here. I got wise real quick and made it a point to not sleep around with just anyone and I tended to have steady boyfriends during that time. Many of my friends were not so lucky and they got infected early on and the medications that they were taking were toxic to their systems and they died. We now have better medicine and people are living longer with the virus but that does not make me want to go out and get infected. I just read a post on DeWayne’s blog about three models who just tested positive after a bare back shoot. They’re ages were 18 to 26 years old. This I find quite alarming and so preventable. These guys now are sentenced to a daily regimen of pills and regular blood tests to insure that the virus does not progress.

Now I was watching a video the other day and I noticed that there were a lot of the current batch of models in it and they all preformed bare back.
Here are the names of a just few models who have preformed bare back in the last few years. Some of them might be a shock to you but they did it for smaller companies and they have since moved on to mainstream work.
Leo M pictured on the left just recently made it public that he tested positive. He worked for Eurocreme and Blake Mason. Blake Mason is a strong advocate of the use of condoms. Many of the companies are now starting to film models bareback and it is the models choice to do so. Some companies are adamant about not going there because they have seen first hand what can happen. Chi Chi Larue is one of the ones who has said she would abandon porn if it came to that.

We all know of Brent Corrigan and Aaron Phelps, they were under contract with Cobra Video. But did you know that Josh Vaughn did a bareback video, how about
Zack Randall, Brent Everett or Tory Mason.

Yes they have all gone on to bigger and better things but they all preformed in bareback porn. There are many others who have gone the same route. I have no bad feelings towards any of them because it. It is their life and the choice is theirs to make but was it an informed choice? If they were faced with the same choice would they do bareback porn again? I for one would not if the opportunity were presented to me. As far as I know they are all still HIV negative and I truly hope they all stay that way.

From what I know now there is no way in hell that I would do it. I spoke to Harlow and Joe about the bareback porn they filmed and I told them that I had my concerns and they told me about what they did to insure that they’re models were safe. That is all fine and good but you can not insure that a model always practices safe sex. So how are we to insure the health of the models that perform in these videos? The fact of the matter is that we can not. No amount of testing and can insure you that someone is not carrying the virus. This was just proven in the case in England. The models were all tested before the shoot but one had not converted yet and the virus did not show up in the standard antibody test. He in turn infected 3 other models. Now this model was responsible enough to inform the producers about this and the other models were tested.

But this is not always the case and there have been incidences were some models don’t care and will infect as many people as they can. There is one known model that has done just that. My question is who should be held responsible for the testing and the health of the models? The producers, the models or should we just let things go the way they are and not care.

Eastern Europe is starting to show signs of a outbreak of new HIV infections and that is becoming quite alarming since most of the market saturation of Bareback porn is coming from there.

Bareback porn is up to a 30% share of the market and it is rising fast, especially in the twink market. Most of these boys are far to young to have a real grip on what it means to be positive. And they are doing bareback porn because they are told that it is safe and that the models are tested and they will be paid more for it. Consider this you are eighteen and you need money and you have a gun with one bullet and some one who tells you it is safe. Do you spin the chamber and hope the one bullet is not there? That is what it is like to perform in bareback porn. I just want to say this: Consider your options and if you don’t feel safe doing it then don’t do it. Dominik Trojan Pictured on the left has made at least 20 Bareback videos and he seems to want to move on as far as I know he is still negative. I have seen what AID’s has done to the gay community FIRST HAND and I for one do not want to see us go through it again.

I have seen allot of porn and I can tell you from my own personal experience that whether they use condoms or not does not make it hot. Some of the worst porn I have seen did not use condoms and some of the best did. Is bareback porn hot? It can be but I have seen porn where they use condoms and it is hotter than most of the bareback porn that I have seen. Porn is just what it is, some is good and some of it really sucks the big one. It really is all about chemistry. If the models have chemistry than it is hot if they don’t then it is just going through the motions. Most of the European videos that don’t use condoms are not worth the time it takes to watch them. I could make a list but that would be another post.

This is elmysterio and I’m out.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat and Birthday Wishes

Today is the beginning of the 21st year for one of the most notorious twinks in the history of twinkdom. Lets all say Happy birthday to him and best wishes for a better year.
Happy birthday Sean. Scorpios rule!

BB's latest post seems to be a Halloween trick of sorts as I have received no new information on Joe and Harlow and all seems to be well. A trial seems to be eminent.

We also want to Say hello to a new blogger, Jim has a new blog "Silence of the Chinchillas" is a cute play on words and might be of interest to the all of the Harlow haters out there in blogland.
And I just got the lowdown from Virginia Beach that there were no Federal warrants issued for Joe and Harlow. Because if there were warrants extradition would not have been a issue now would it. I wonder where that trick started. Oh and by the way the Asst. DA in Virginia swore to that in a Court of Law. Guess that kills that theory.

And last but not least I still have not seen the email that I sent to the "unmentioned one" yet posted on his Technicolor trash page I guess he is still thinking of a lie to post about what it said.
I am starting to get impatient, I want to know what I wrote.

That's pretty much it for today, So happy Halloween and stay safe all you Goblins.
This is Elmysterio and I'm out