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Black helicopters
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Friday, February 15, 2008

Prodigy Pictures is on the rise.

Brent Corrigan AKA Sean Lockhart and Grant Roy have finally got a good business partner to help them Get there company Prodgy Pictures off the ground. With the new infusion of cash and expertise they seem to be on they're way to a successful venture. I Have been a fan of Dink Flamingo for quite sometime and I can see that he is going to help Sean and Grant achieve what they have been trying to achieve for quite sometime.

No thanks to Lee bergeron and all of the others who have tried to destroy his asperations Sean has made two new videos the Porne Ultimatum and Brent Corrigans Summit and they are both due to be relesed this month if all goes well. I have also read on his web-site that he is soon to be in paradise filming his next epic. I have not seen his first effort and don't really know if I will but I do wish him the best of luck. It has been a rough couple of years for him.

I just thought that I would get the truth out there before the Internet Maggot got his smelly fingers all over it. Seems he is setting up a new big lie to tell the world but we all know he does not know a damn thing about this.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The 385

With 385 potential witnesses who seem to be at the beck and call of the prosecution in the Kocis case willing to testify to the whereabouts of Joe Kerekes on the night of January 24th 2007. It would seem that Joe does not stand a chance at defending himself against the allegations that he is charged with. It would appear that Luzerne County has him dead to rights. I guess Joe was on Bryan’s web cam and this can be proven by the prosecution. You know the same web cam that Robert Wagner witnessed Bryan’s murder on. It is really to bad that the desk clerk at the hotel could not ID Joe at the preliminary hearing.

As for his criminal record it would appear that Joe is a bad driver and he should be kept off the road, as he is a serial speeder with tinted windows. Harlow’s criminal record is just as bad as Joe’s is with the exception that Harlow is a serial masseuse. With Joe and Harlow’s serious criminal records it seems that what the prosecution claims would be a stretch. But the prosecution seems to think that two people who have no record of violent crime would travel to Pennsylvania and commit this crime unprovoked. The police claim that this is the motive."Investigators claim the two Virginia men killed Kocis, their rival in the gay porn industry, inside his home and then set the house on fire. Kocis, 44, was found dead by firefighters".

Some seem to think that Joe and Harlow had a large debt load that this was a good reason for them to commit this crime. They also feel that Joe and Harlow thought that Sean Lockhart would be their financial savior. These same people seem to think that Joe and Harlow were under the impression that getting Sean to work for their web-site would help them make a wad of cash. This I find interesting because Joe and Harlow would have to produce a video with Sean and get it distributed to make this wad of cash. A video that would take weeks to months to get put on the market and it is not even a sure thing that anyone would really even want to see it.
For the record Harlow has never publicly admitted he was at Bryan’s house and from what we have been told the police have no solid evidence to prove otherwise. As far as public statements made by Harlow there really have not been any. As far as we know the only thing that says that Harlow was ever at Bryan’s house are the Blacks Beach tapes. From what I gather from the comments on the blogs is that Harlow is a known liar. So I guess we can not believe anything that he says. This is proven in the letters that he sent to Damon and the alibi that he claimed he had. So why would you believe what he said on those beach tapes?

The prosecution seems to be a little pissed off that Harlow finally has a good attorney and now they want to take that away from him by filing this latest motion. Funny thing is that it would seem that Joe’s attorneys would be the ones filing this motion not the prosecution. I guess the prosecution wants to make sure that Joe has a fair trial. It makes you wonder what Melnick is thinking. Is he that scared that his reputation will be smeared again by Fannick. You would think that with 385 potential witnesses Melnick would have a sure thing when it comes to a guilty verdict. But I guess they want the state of Pennsylvania to foot the bill for Harlow's attorney? Maybe so they can wrap this up in a nice little package like they did with the other case that concerned Bryan Kocis.

With all of the evidence that the prosecution is claiming you would think that they would not resort to dirty tricks but I guess that just shows that the case against Joe and Harlow is not as strong as they are claiming. As far as I am concerned the case is not as clear-cut as some would think. With all of the evidence that it would seem that Sean Lockhart had against Bryan I find it strange that Bryan was not arrested. If Sean went to the FBI on the four occasions that I was told of why did they not take any action against him. With the email threats and the civil suit and all of the other underhanded things that Bryan did to Sean and Grant it would seem that they would have taken Sean’s accusations seriously.

It is clear that Bryan wanted to control Sean and make his life a living hell. That has been proven with the backdoor deal between he and Lee Bergeron. Bryan went as far as to get a separate Cobra Video just to file the civil suit against Sean and Grant. It appears that Bryan seemed to have some sort of hold on the FBI for them not to take Sean’s case seriously. Bryan also must have had some sort of hold over the head of the Luzerne County Judicial system as well for his prior case to be basically dismissed. Why would Judge Connahan not require him to register as a sex offender when he videotaped himself having sex with a 15 year-old boy?

The defense that Bryan used was that the boy lied to him about his age. Bryan also claimed he was going to use the 15 year-old in a video for his company. He claimed that he filmed him and he "forgot" to get the boys ID. Which I might add it is against the law to film a model without having valid records of the age of the model on file (US 2257). But apparently that never stopped Bryan before. By the way all of these claims were made against a company that at the time did not even exist. There are several people who would have a valid reason to kill Bryan Kocis as he was not a nice person. He was a gambler and a child molester and he was a liar. Who knows why he was killed the fact is that he was but it has still not been proven as to when he was killed. The Coroner can not confirm time of death, just how he was killed. They are still not even positive as to the murder weapon.

I have been accused of all types of things with regards to this case. Funny thing is most of the stuff that I have been accused of saying is stuff that I have read in the newspapers. So I guess I am using a bad resource for my information. But I was told that the newspapers were a good source information. You know with all of the things that I am accused of saying I just find it funny that some are trying to attribute all of this to me. I guess they are just so intent on spreading lies about everything regarding this case that they need to pin the blame on someone. Did Joe and Harlow have anything to do with this murder; that has not been proven. Did Sean and Grant have anything to do with this murder; that has not been proven. As far as I am concerned this is a circumstantial case and it always has been, nothing more nothing less.

This is Elmysterio and I’m out.