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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Eartha kitt Dies 1/17/1927-12/25/2008

I am deeply saddened to report that Earth Kitt has passed away. I met Earth Kitt in 1983 or maybe 1984 when she was promoting her record Where is my man. She performed at Trocadaro Transfer in San Francisco. It was a great night.
There was a funny incident, I was dancing right in front of the stage. I had the record and I knew it backwards and forwards. She was looking at me when the music track started and when she started to sing I shook my head and said no when she almost started to sing too soon. She laughed and then I gave her the cue to sing. She grabbed me and and I grabbed my friend Tyrone and drug him on stage with her. It was too much fun but I was so totally embarrassed about being drug on stage. She was very nice and we chatted after she performed. She even hung out and danced with us later. She thanked me for saving her when I walked her out to her awaiting white limo. It was a great night.
You can read more about her career at IMDB . She was the best Catwoman, sorry Julie Newmar but it is the truth. She had that role down like she was meant to be Catwoman.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Have a Jazzy Holiday and Funky Christmas

Merry Christmas From a Mysterious place

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ken Starr to defend proposition 8 and other things that I am thinking about

This is a bit of old news but I was reading over on Former Damon fan and it is the lead story on The Unmentioned Ones Blog. Seems he is staying totally abreast of all that is happening in the world of Gayness and keeping us all posted on "Bradgate". Seems like Brad Star had a head transplant. His dad Ken Starr is defending prop 8 because he is mad at Angel for corrupting his baby. Hows that for a lead story Kentie, it has all the flavour you so love and its full of lies. Anyway getting back to the subject of this post Kentie's revelation is based on old news and he was certainly not the first to post about it. Here is a link to a news site that mentioned this hot piece of news almost a month ago. I like Queerty because they are free of an agenda, except a gay one.

The picture above is Brad Star from a rencent photo shoot for South Beach Diaries. borrowed from Angel Skye . The picture to the right is Ken Starr, He is not Brad's father.

My opinion on Ken Starr is that he is a sexually frustrated old fart who has not had any sex in 50 years and he hates the world because of it. He did not succeed with Bill Clinton and he will not succeed here. Attitudes are changing and you can not take away the rights of some and not effect the rights of all. This has been proven several times yet there are those who claim that gay people have an agenda but I think it is just the opposite.

President Elect Barack Obama and Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church.

Fear and ignorance fueled the vote on proposition 8 and through education we can right that wrong. I think President Elect Barrack Obama should be taken to task for who he picked for his invocation. This is a man who goes against everything that you represented Mr President. I can understand Mr President Elect trying to appease a certain segment of the population but in doing so he alienated another. I think that this could have been handled better. When it comes to human rights I do have an agenda and that is for fairness.

John Roecker is pictured to the right he directed the here tv documentary Everything you wanted to know about gay porn stars

I would also like to mention that I saw the John Roecker's Everything you wanted to know about gay porn stars/episodes/1/6. The Harlow Cuadra segment and I will just say this I came away from that just a little depressed. Harlow gives some insight in to his family life and his childhood and how he came to meet Joe but it never really gets that deep. I Knew most of what was talked about already. This documentary just put a face to it. The one thing that really hit home is when I heard his voice actually describe his situation. In the phone conversations that we had before he was arrested and after we never talked about how he felt. I just tried to give him hope. All I can say is that I hope Harlow can hold out long enough for the truth to be told.
pictured on the left is Harlow Cuadra who is featured in John Roecker episode 6 of everything you always wanted to know about gay porn stars.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

President Bush greated with a shoe in Iraq

A man identified as an Iraqi journalist threw shoes at -- but missed -- President Bush during a news conference Sunday evening in Baghdad, where Bush was making a farewell visit. Bush ducked, and the shoes, flung one at a time, sailed past his head during the news conference with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in his palace in the heavily fortified Green Zone. The shoe-thrower -- identified as Muntadhar al-Zaidi, an Iraqi journalist with Egypt-based al-Baghdadia television network -- could be heard yelling in Arabic: "This is a farewell ... you dog!" You can read the complete story here

I would say that judging by the quick reflexes exhibited by the President he has had a shoe thrown at him before most likely by his mother. Ducking a shoe is like riding a bicycle you don't forget how to do it. What is sad is that getting the shoe is like getting the finger. So I guess George W was told to get fu--ed by the Iraqi media. All this while he was on his farwell tour of Iraq.

As funny as the idea of a shoe being thrown at George "W." Bush is this man just may go to jail for the rest of his life if not worse.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

1950s pinup model Bettie Page dies in LA at 85

LOS ANGELES – Bettie Page, the 1950s secretary-turned-model whose controverisal photographs in skimpy attire or none at all helped set the stage for the 1960s sexual revolution, died Thursday. She was 85.
Page suffered a heart attack last week in Los Angeles and never regained consciousness, her agent Mark Roesler said. Before the heart attack, Page had been hospitalized for three weeks with pneumonia.

"She captured the imagination of a generation of men and women with her free spirit and unabashed sensuality," Roesler said. "She is the embodiment of beauty

Betty Page: April 22, 1923 - December 11, 2008

You will be missed

You can read the rest of the story here

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

16 year old escapes his abusive situation

A foster child from an abusive family ran away from his group home only to end up in a living hell for the past year. The police have arrested 3 people who were involved in the abuse. See news story.

The Criminal compliant states that the boy was born 9/15/1992 which makes him 16 not 17 I will trust the criminal complaint about his age. There is also a silver lining to this story in the outpouring of sympathy and gifts being offered to this child.

My question is why was this child not reported missing? Did the group home even issue a amber alert for him? I never saw anything about him missing on the news just that he was found. It really is sad that these children slip through the cracks in a system that is supposed to protect them. I just hope and pray that he will be OK and that the system does not fail him this time.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pop,Lock and Drop it

I was over on You tube and I came across this video and it just made me giggle because this little boy is killin it. I also love the booty shake. He has this shit down. He is a star in the making.
This video has been circulating around the web for about 9 months but I can not seem to find out where it came from or who this kid is and if he has any other videos out there. If anybody knows where this came from let me know. This kid might have a future in dance. Maybe some one will see this and give the kid a job.

You can go here to see the real video sorry embedding is disabled.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to all

See you all on the filp side.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out Eating.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gay for Pay or Bisexual and won't admit it

Look I have had my issues with this whole "gay for pay" thing and I have come to the conclusion that it really is not such a bad thing if the model does a convincing job of fucking and sucking and making nice with the other model.
Look the the real thing about porn is that it be hot and steamy. What I find funny is that no one ever complained when a gay guy did Playgirl Magazine.
So I guess that would be straight for pay?
Look there is a whole group of gay men who get all hot and bothered by the idea of getting a straight guy into bed to me that is not such a thrill but I say what ever floats your boat. There are plenty of gay guys in gay porn.
So if you don't like the "straight" ones don't watch them. I am of the opinion that it really does not matter. Truth be told I have seen some of the hottest fucking on film done by a couple of "straight" guys. and to be honest some of the most boring from a couple of gay guys. Look people it all really comes down to chemistry.

It really does not matter at all the sexual "orientation" of the participants but the heat factor between them. When you get the right combination you get hot. Now on the hotness factor there is a scene that Brent Corrigan did with a model by the name of Brad that he admitted that he did not like and it was one of the hottest scenes that I think he has ever filmed. Both of them are" gay" boys and now Brent has a new friend. Sean Cody had one of my favorite scenes Owen and Harley flip flop. Just pure raw sex, It was fucking hot and it stared 2 "straight" boys and a dildo. Corbin fisher has been on a roll lately with a hot scene that has Joel and Trevor shaking the bed. Trevor is straight and Joel is undeclared. Then we have Noah and Lucas which was hot and steamy and those boys truly got off on each other and guess what both are straight. Now the fact is gay porn pays more that straight porn so that in it self is incentive for a "straight" guy to tip on in and get paid.

The one thing that I find really interesting is that there is such a big deal made about a guy taking it up the butt. Look most of the guys reading this if you are "gay" have taken it up the butt. And shock of all shocks you fucking loved it. Now I want you to think about this, what is the anatomical difference between a "gay guy" and a "straight guy"? If you said nothing then you are correct.
Sex is all in your head always has been, so the only real way to cure a gay child is through a brain transplant. In other words can't be done. Just like a gay guy can play straight and stay in the closet a straight guy can play gay and bust out the closet .

In my 50 years of life with 29 of them being an out homosexual I have seen my fair share of men who were fucked up by the bullshit that society has placed on them. I have seen the hurt the anger and the confusion as well. So to say that a guy is "gay for pay" is just plain stupid. In my opinion this is one smart dude who can get that pussy and that dick and be famous all at the same time while getting paid for it.
I can just see him complaining to his girl friend about having to go too work and suck a big dick and get fucked up the ass for a couple of grand when you know good and damn well he would do that shit for free cause he fucking loves it.

The real truth is the only difference between a gay guy and a straight guy is a couple of drinks and that goes both ways. Gay for pay is bullshit hell being gay is bull shit just like being straight is bullshit I say fuck the labels and just fuck. Sex is not bad because if it was it would not feel so good. The reason that so many people have issues with sex is because they were taught.
Children naturally explore the differences in their anatomy when they are young, teenage children do the same but it is among the same sex and this is natural. To me it is just a part of growing up. But due to the fact that there are some who prey on young children they are not allowed to grow up naturally and because of this they get a skewed outlook on life.

Now I am not advocating a wild free for all 247 orgy but I am saying that we all have our limits on what we will do sexually and to label us for it I think is just plain wrong. It's really is not about us and them its about everyone. So the only real way to let someone find out who they are is to not label them. If you most label them, call them something cool like "sexual explorer" because that is what they really are doing. Plus I like the air of mystery that it has.
And to tell you the truth you know if someone wants to fuck you and you did not need a label to know that.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Doctors say marrow transplant may have cured AIDS

Breaking News

With the recent bad news in California and a few other states with the passing of anti Gay laws the medical profession seems to be shining a bright light on the future of 33 million people world wide. They think that they might have found a way to eradicate the AID's virus. Most in the medical profession are leery of proclaiming it as a cure but the results are promising. There is more here.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Keith Oberman's comment on MSNBC

I was going through my blog roll and popped over to Brent's blog, no not that Brent the other Brent the one who just got married and his husband is celebrating a birthday, Scorpios rule. I read a moving post by him and saw a video by Keith Oberman of MSNBC which must of made anyone who supported the passage of proposition H8 feel like a total hypocrite. He laid it out there and made it perfectly clear that to deny anyone there rights is wrong. Not just in the eyes of those who were wronged but on so many other levels. I have said it all along that this really not about Marriage but the right to love and to have that love respected by the law of the land.

What he said totally moved me and inspired me to write this post and I think we should thank him and let him know that we really appreciate what he did for everyone, not just us. We can not let those who hate win this fight. Their hate will consume them and we should use love to win this fight. The reason we have a new President is because of the hate that George Bush represented. It is through the hate he fostered that has us in the sad financial situation we are currently in. It is George Bush's hate that has the standing of America so low in the eyes of the rest of the world.

It was George Bush's hate speak to us as Americans that made it possible for this amendment to pass. George Bush campaigned on this issue 4 years ago and his legacy will be that he divided this country. I for one will not sit here and let him do that. This is not a religious issue any more this is a issue that is more personal than that. This is a civil rights issue and just like we got the "Jim Crow laws" overturned we shall get this one overturned as well. The United States Constitution does not allow for this type of law to be passed. This will go to the United States Supreme Court and it will be overturned for the entire country. And all citizens will have the same rights. If they have to take marriage out of the Constitution and rewrite the laws it will happen.

This little act of selfishness will cause a backlash that those who voted for the ban will have never expected. Their very own marriages stand a good chance of being outlawed in favor for a more inclusive one. This country can not tolerate anymore segregation and discrimination especially in the eyes of God. God is love and God does not divide people. People do that themselves. To think that the word of some who claim that they have been spoken to by God and claim that they were told that it was OK to hate, is in my opinion blasphemy. They are using the name of God in vain. When you go to Church do you worship your Paster or do you worship your God?

I have personally been to far to many churches where the pastor stands at his pulpit and preaches hate in the name of God. My question to all of you who supported the passage of that hate bill is what are you scared of? All we want is the same right to love as you. Is it our love that scares you? You claim that we have an agenda. You seem to have the idea that we want to convert your children to be gay. Well the truth is you are the ones who are raising gay children. You are the ones who disown your gay child because they are gay. You are the ones who want to oppose your will on us yet you seem to think that we are the bad ones. You are so wrong on so many levels. You are just plain wrong!

This is Elmysterio and I'm out

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Big wigs and skinny dresses

Now when I was a small child in the sixties the one thing that really made me happy was music. And all of my memories are attached to it. I remember watching the Ed Sullivan Show and The Hollywood Palace and Shindig! and Hullabaloo and American Bandstand every chance I got. Now my family and I would always spend a month of our summers in Texas with Memaw and Grand(Pa), (My grand parents, its a southern thing).

My Memaw had a restaurant which also offered live entertainment and it was on the "chitlin" circut. That was where all of the black performers would play as they were not often welcomed at other venues. There were allot of well known black performers who came through there like BB King, Albert King, Little Milton and Bobby Blue Bland to name a few.

It was a rockin place on Friday and Saturday night and it was the only show in town. There was a juke box that had all of the top songs of the time. My cousins and I would go hang out there during the day with Memaw while she was setting up for the night. She would give us each a dime and you could get 2 songs. She would unlock the change box on the back of the juke box so we could get our dimes back and then she would take us to the store so we could spend that dime on penny candy. We would play the junk box all day long and dance on the stage.

Now we all thought we were stars and we would sing and dance on the stage and Memaw would lie to us and say we were good. Now Martha Reeves and the Vandellas had a song called No where to run and I would always perform that and I was Martha Reeves. I had a very happy childhood, there were some bumps in the road but for the most part it was great. Now I did not know what gay was at the time but I knew I was different.

The beautiful thing is all of my family loved me and it was pretty obvious that I was gay even at that early age. They have the home movies to prove it. I was so swishy back than but I was also a scrappy little rough and tumble boy and I loved to go to the farm and feed the animals. I never wanted to be a girl I just wanted to be fabulous. I was always dancing and singing and to this day I still am, just not as swishy but ever so fabulous. And they all still love me. I have been blessed with great friends and a truly loving family.

I was over on you tube and just browsing through all of the content over there and they have a huge collection of old Television performances to look through and I found this video of Nowhere to run and I had a flashback. So I thought that I would share a memory with you all. What is funny is that Drag queens are still working that look. The sixties were ripe with over the top fashion. Those big wigs and skinny dresses still make me happy.

Martha and the Vandellas introduced by Dusty Springfield
This is Elmysterio and I’m out

Crystal Blue Persuasion

ABC news has a report about the Obama effect on the sudden spike in handgun sales.I was shocked at this news. A sudden rush to buy guns. The reason claimed was fear that there would be a new law prohibiting the ownership of them. Now maybe I am just a little bit sensitive to this for my own personal reasons but this scares me. Now a hand gun or a shotgun is one thing but we are talking about assault weapons here.
What are these people thinking?

This song was released in 1969 right after we had two high profile assassinations of two prominent people. Whose only crime was too effect great social change. Crystal blue Persuasion helped me get through that rough period after they're deaths. Being a young child of nine years old my parents had the task of explaining to me why it happened. They told me that the reason was hate and it was a sickness and that sickness is what caused it to happen. And I just hope and pray that we will never have to go through anything like that again.

The fear of change is what is driving these people to buy guns and God only knows what else is on they're agenda. The thought is so horrific that I can not even begin to imagine how bad things would be. With the current state of our country if something horrible happened America would never be the same. We have just shown to the world that we are healing from our past mistakes. We can not let the divisive agenda of some destroy everything for the rest of us. Love is the answer and we can all learn from that.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election day 2008

Yesterday was my birthday and all I wanted was a new President and for proposition 8 to fail. I spent the evening with my family and some great friends and we watched the election results. We were channel surfing between CNN and the local affiliate and we decided to go and see what the FOX news network had to say about it. We knew that Barack Obama would win but we were totally shocked at how soon it was called. And the network that called it was FOX. Well we were all stunned by what we saw. The FOX News Network had called it even before the California polls had closed.

Now from all of the reports that were flying around and the exit polls and such we knew it would be a close race but we were stunned. It is really funny because we did not know what to think. Is this real? Fox was fucking with us. IT WAS REAL, the phone then started to ring off the hook and text messages were coming in fast and furious. The United States had just made history. We had just elected our first black President. My hopes for a better future were realized. Barack Hussein Obama is the first black President and the youngest president ever elected to office. Barack the son of a black man from Kenya and a white mother from Kansas embodies the true American.

We are a melting pot and Barack is truly Representative of that. It is this that makes America beautiful. Now there was also a sadness to the evening as well. Proposition 8 was passed which cast a small shadow over the whole evening. So just to give you a little history did you know that in some states that when Barack was born it was illegal for a black man to marry a white woman? Yes in some states the new President Elects parents were not allowed to marry, this law was not repealed until 1967.

Just ten years before that my parents got married in Texas. On there trip back to California they had to sleep in their car because they were not allowed to stay in a hotel unless it was black owned. They were not allowed to go to the Casinos in Las Vegas.
Yes the world was a different place in 1957 it was just 2 short years after Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus.

This was before Lydon Johnson signed into place the Civil Rights act of 1964. It was a new world no more separate but equal. The south just had not received the message yet. The year before Doctor Martin Luther king.jr gave his great address during the March on Washington. In 1965 the voting rights act was past.

Now in 1964 we drove across country to visit my grand parents in Texas I was a small 5 year old child then and we still could not stay at just any hotel and we did sleep in the car and we ate there as well. My parents told us that we would have a picnic and we would eat our breakfast on the tailgate of the station wagon at a roadside rest area. Because we could not go to just any restaurant and eat. My parents tried to shelter me and my brothers and sisters from the hate that they grew up with but even as a small child I could see things were different in Texas. There were no white kids at my cousins school but they lived in the neighborhood. Her school was still segregated.

My point with this is that some narrow minded people have just voted to pass a law in California that discriminates. Under some blind religious ideology that marriage is just for a man and a woman. They claim that Gay people are trying to destroy the sanctity of marriage. If two people love each other they have to be a man and a woman to get married. That my friends is bullshit and it discriminates. They think that people who are the same sex will destroy the American family. Little do they realize that they just did just that by passing that law.

Marriage is and has always been a way to spend your life with someone that you love. To show that you are committed to that person. But it is also about rights. Now if you want to out law marriage for people of the same sex that is fine by me but I will be damned if you try to take away my right to be with the person I love. So to this I say fuck marriage you can have it because I have just come up with something that is better than marriage.

Civil unions: yes they will have all of the same rights and protections as a standard marriage and it is not against the law for ignorant and bigoted people to join in on the fun. So since the word Marriage is so sacred it will now be only used in religious ceremonies and the state will no longer sponsor them or recognize them as legal. When gay marriage is baned so is all state sponsored marriage. All marriages that were performed before the ban will be grandfathered in but any new marriages are only recognized by the church and not the state.

You will have to get a civil union license to receive protection under the law. You can not have it both ways you can not take away the rights of people under the name of a church and expect to have protection by the government. Marriage you can have it but we are going to get what we want and you can not stop us. We want our rights and you can not legislate that way from us not in the 21st century. These people are pissed that your lies and scare tactics did not work this time too win them the White House.
Their hate showed in there faces when McCain made his concession speech. You Booed Obama, McCain handled that remarkably well and I was proud of John McCain he was pure grace. I think on his trip through America McCain realized just how fucked up some of the people who supported him really were.

You showed a side of America that I was hoping was dead and buried but it lives in your hate and bigotry. So you can learn to live with us and we can all be happy or you can hide behind your false god who stands at the pulpit of your little fundamentalist church and go to hell with him for blasphemy. Yes using the name of God to spread hate is a sin. God is the only one who can judge a person not you. So if heaven is your goal then I say repent.

This is Elmysterio and I’m out

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The under dog

It seems that I have been trying to stick up for the underdogs my whole life and it has not helped the cause one bit. I have been accused of all manner of things and I just think that it is funny that my accusers are on a mission to make me out as some kind of monster. Well that is your prerogative and you can do and say what ever you want about me if it makes you feel better.

I no longer care to get involved in the controversies of those who lie and cheat and steal and murder. That is what we have courts and lawyers for and I am neither. In the 50 years that I have been on this planet I have come to the conclusion that you can not please some people and no matter what you say there will always be someone who will take issue with it.

So I will only be blogging about things that I deem important to me and if you don't like it well then there are millions of other blogs to read. To those who think they have won the fight good for you. To those who think I have given up, deal with it. To those who don't care, keep on keeping on. As for me I am just going to state how I feel about what ever I want to talk about.

The purpose of this blog was never to talk about a murder or a rape. It just happened to be the topic of conversation. So I will leave it to Jim to debunk all of the lies and PC can be the expert on Joe and Harlow and they can have all of the people talk about it there.

So to those who have nasty things to say about me here is your chance to get it out of your system. Have fun with it cause I am going to celebrate my birthday with people who love me and none of you will be there. Kisses.

Just in case you don't know today is election day and I would advise you to go Vote and Stop worrying about the petty bullshit that you all seem to think is so important.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out

Friday, October 31, 2008

Memories of the Castro part one

30 years ago next month on the 27th will be the thirtieth anniversary of one of the darkest days in the history of San Francisco's gay community. It was a tragic time when a strange darkness hung over the city. To me being a young man of 19 years who was coming to terms with who he was it was a true stunner.

This was my first Halloween in San Francisco as an adult. I had not been there for Halloween since I was a small child. So when my friend Lori suggested we go I said sure. The only problem was she was having car problems and I had a new car and I could not yet drive a stick shift all that well and I was not going to even attempt to drive it to the city with all of those hills.
So Lori said she could drive a stick so she drove my car and I got to go for a ride. A ride that changed my life.

It was really quite amazing we went too all of the neighborhoods, Polk Street the Haight Ashbury the Tenderloin and the last stop on our Halloween tour was the Castro. Now what is funny is I kept getting this feeling that I had been there before. I did not realize that the Safeway on Market Street was the one we used to shop at when I was a small child. We used to live in the upper Haight Ashbury off of 17Th Street. We moved when I was 5 years old to the east bay just three short years before The Summer of Love .
The city was so full of life and laughter that night only to be stripped away a few short weeks later by the senseless act of bigoted man. I remember the news reports and the announcement that Diane Fienstien made to the city and the world. I remember that she was grief stricken and unsteady on her feet.

I met Senator Dianne Fienstien the summer I was 15. That summer held allot of memories most good and some bad. What I do recall about her was that she was very nice. She spoke at a event that one of my mothers groups was holding. Who would have thought that 4 years later she would be the Mayer of San Francisco after the Mayor George Moscone and Harvey Milk were assassinated.

I remember the candlelight marches and the rallies and the trial of Dan white. I remember the riots after the verdict was read. I remember the disbelief that draped across the city. The burning police cars, the anger and the shock and the just plain sadness by so many. Harvey Milk was a legend in his own time and he is anchored in the history of San Francisco.
So much so that there have been several documentaries about him and now a feature film starring Sean Penn as Harvey Milk. This movie has a all star cast and it had its premier at the Castro Theater just the other night. There is even a bar named after Harvey Milk in the Castro. Harvey’s was formally the Elephant Walk and it was raided by the police after the white night riots. I never met Harvey Milk but I met allot of people who knew him. They were the leaders of the neighborhood when I started to hang out there. The Castro had a true sense of family and you felt safe there. You could truly be yourself.

San Francisco was really different back then when I was 5, the Castro was not the Castro district it was the Eureka Valley and Noe Valley but that all seemed to change in the sixties and the early seventies. The neighborhood changed when all of the original families started to move out and there were all of these old Victorian homes left to be subdivided into flats and rented out. Then came the "gays" to make a once almost derelict neighborhood something fabulous. The rents were cheep and the places were big and you could have several roommates to split the cost.

I was going to dance clubs Like the Trocadero Transfer and Studio West and the Endup and the I-beam because I loved to dance. These clubs just happened to be predominantly gay but it did not matter to me or my friends. And anyway all of the best places to dance were in the city back then. I was not out of the closet just yet . But I made friends at the clubs and we all would do things together. One of them was the Castro Street Fair in 1979 it was the year after Harvey Milk was assassinated and the White Night Riots and it was a surreal event. We went to a friends place who was having a party. He lived in the middle of the block above a store on Castro Street. I was a great vantage point to watch all of the goings on 3 floors below on the street.

It was amazing to see all of the out and proud gay people celebrating the day. There were speeches and music and hot men. This was the height of the "Castro Clone look" and they were out in force. It looked like a lumber jack convention. There were hot guys in short shorts which were in back then and drag queens and it was just to much to take in. We ventured out into the fray and went bar hopping and had a great time. I was still to young to drink legally but we got into the bars anyway. I would be old enough in a month.

This was the beginning of a love affair with a neighborhood and its people.

to be continued.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Bitrhday Wishes and Happy Halloween

As a few of you might know today is the birthday of the super twink of the new millennium. Yes people he is 22 years old and he appears to be coming into his own. Who would have thought that through all of the misguided ventures and false starts that he would be on the edge of great success. Congratulations Brent Corrigan for you perseverance and the ability to stay in the fight. So we light a candle to help you celebrate 22 years.

I also want to wish you all a happy Halloween because we all need to be happy right about now. I would also like to take this time to announce that I am going in a new direction with my blog. It was starting to look like a blog that was only about Joe and Harlow or porn . That was not my intention for this little place on the Internet.

It would appear that over the years that I have been writing this blog I have made more enemies than friends but that is OK. The friends that I did make I will value forever and they know who they are. It would seem that my opinions on certain subjects has caused a great deal of debate amongst my detractors. With some very interesting comments made in regards to my motives.

Now I am not going to sit here and explain my motives behind anything that I said and I did because I did them and that is enough for you all to know. If you have an issue with what I say you can voice your opinion, will I listen to it well that is a different matter all together. With all of the back stabbing and behind the scenes shit talking going on I find it funny that none of you really have a clue as to who is really manipulating the truth.

As far as the Joe and Harlow case goes I will admit that it was not too smart to get involved in it. I have to say the same thing about Sean and Grant. There is also the whole Mason Wyler thing as well. But the one thing that I will not back down from is my belief that you should get involved in something that you believe in. So to those of you who think that my motives for getting involved revolved around the fact that I was in love with Harlow or that I thought he was hot, or that I have an affinity for porn stars and the winner is "because I was a victim", you are fucking idiots. As far as to what my motives for getting involved were, I wrote about it but I guess y'all did not care to read that part.

As far a my opinion of who was involved in the murder of Bryan Kocis, I still have my beliefs as to who was involved. Some seem to think that I can not have an opinion and I should agree with the Cobrakiller rants that they are screaming about. The fact that they have said that they were not involved in this case and had no connection to any of those involved not withstanding they are on a serious crusade to clear the name of this one witness of any wrong doing. So I guess in the world of opinions there is a double standard.

As far a statements I made on other blogs and threads I said them and if I did not want them to comeback to haunt me I should not have said them. This post is not an apology to anyone and it is not and admission of anything. it is just me having my say on how I feel with regards to all that has happened over the last year and a half.

To the family of Bryan Kocis, I regret your lose and the way you allowed your grief to impact the lives of so many. While I do not agree with your actions I will say that you are entitled to your opinions. So take the money that Bryan made off the backs of young men who risked their lives and live a happy life.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out.

Happy Halloween bitches

The reasoning behind proposition 8 is flawed.

The idea that gay marriage will destroy the family structure is wrong. A man and a woman are not the only thing that makes a family. The family dynamic is based on love and trust and compassion. With more single parents raising children now and most of them are doing an excellent job I might add does not bode well for those who say that gay marriage will destroy a family.

Just like I do not believe that a man should be able to tell a woman not to have a abortion. I do not think that someone should be able to tell me who to love. The basis behind this proposition is to change the Constitution of California and to allow this group of people to legally discriminate. What is wrong with this picture.

The facts are clear why so many are opposed to gay marriage. They feel threatened by gay people and the fact that two people of the same sex can love each other disturbs them. Most people think that being gay is about sex. They also think that being gay is a choice they could not be more wrong. Why in gods name would anyone want to go against what they are taught from day one? To be different? Different is dying your hair blond when you are a brunette or getting a Mohawk hair cut or a tattoo.

Gay is not a choice or a life style. We just are, so I guess the rest of the world will just have to deal with it. The definition of a family is not as clear cut as it was once thought. If there is love and compassion that makes a family.The idea that two gay people would raise a gay child is as absurd as the notion of denying us the right to marry is.The fact is most gay children come from heterosexual families and that can not be denied.Gay people are gay because they are born that way. We are not made gay and you can not make a person gay.

Sex with a person of the same sex does not make you gay it just makes you adventurous or super horny. I really don't get the big deal about gay men wanting to have sex with straight men. What is the point? Don't get me wrong I love men, I find them sexy and fun but the idea of a straight guy is not a big turn on for me. I want a man who is as much turned on by me as I am by him so that pretty much excludes straight men because they want woman and I appreciate them for that.

I say keep the church out of the constitution and let the state deal with the laws. If you want to get married in a church that's fine but the church should not try and set public policy. The laws are written by the state and they are set in place to protect us and they should not be there to segregate us. I say equal rights for all citizens and I do mean all of US. Protect civil rights and vote no on proposition 8

This is Elmysterio and I’m out.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I was surfing the Internet the other night checking to see what was new in Gay cinema and I ran across a movie trailer for a film called "Shelter". It looked interesting so I did a little research on it and found a website with a clip from it. I did not even watch the whole clip because I did not want it to ruin the movie for me. Just watching 1 minute of that clip made me want to see the whole movie. This indie flick is made by Here TV. It was written and directed by Jonah Markowitz, who I must say did a excellent job of fleshing out the characters and getting stellar performances from the cast of highly capable actors. This is a great movie and it left me wanting more.

Zach (Trevor Wright) is torn between what he thinks is his duty and what he really needs and wants from life and the choices he has to make for his own happiness while dealing with the off and on relationship with his high school girlfriend Tori (Katie Walder) and his needy selfish sister Jeanie (Tina Holmes) who is a single mother and his nephew Cody (Jackson Wurth). Now I am not much for kid actors because they can be annoying but this kid was great. When his best friend Gabe ( Ross Thomas) who is a total surfer dude is back in town from school for the day they hang out. When Zack goes to Gabe’s parents beach house to retrieve his surf board he runs into Gabe’s older brother Shaun (Brad Rowe). Shaun is a writer and he is staying at the empty beach house until his new place in LA becomes available. Now I don’t want to give away anymore of the movie because it is just so well done.

The play between the characters is so subtle that it is hard to believe they are acting but acting they are and doing a damn fine job of it. From the urban setting of San Pedro to the beautiful beaches of Laguna and Malibu with scenes of surfing and crashing waves, great sunsets and a wonderful soundtrack this movie makes you want to be there. All I can say is that you should rent this or buy this movie because it is great. It does not play on stereotypes and it shows you that true acceptance begins with yourself and the only definition of a family is love.

So go see it and Vote no on prop 8.

Friday, October 24, 2008


J. Brian’s "Flashbacks"
I was reading the Gay porn times news blog today and there was a piece about the re-release of a J Brian movie from the seventies. This brought back a memory which I had forgot about. My almost first porn movie. Funny how you think about the decisions that could have changed your life and who was there with you at the time. It was a Sunday night in 1980 and I was at the Endup with my friend’s Tyrone and Wayne. Tyrone was one of the MC’s at the Endup’s famed Jock strap contest. On this particular night they needed judges for the contest and it meant free cocktails so my friend Wayne and I were up for the gig. You know at the time we never refused a free drink. I was 21 years old at the time and I guess what you would call a twink. Tall skinny and cute but I sure did not know it or think so at the time. We will get to that later.

Well I had one to many cocktails that evening and I guess you could say that I was over served. Well the contestants in the contest were all cute twink types and it was fun looking at all of they’re cute little butts while they danced to the loud disco music. The ones that I remember were Jamie Wingo and Ron Pearson who both latter went on to do porn movies. Yes I said movie’s, porn was on film in those days. The fact that Wayne is hung like a horse and he would have been a great porn star and I’m not hurting in the dick department either is what almost got us both started in porn. What was funny is that this guy was lurking in the toilet checking out all the boy’s as they took a piss. Wayne and I thought it was funny that he was staring at us while we took a piss. We soon found out why and had a good laugh about it. We were being auditioned and did not even know it.

During the contest there was this guy running around and handing out his business cards to all of the cute boys in the club including Wayne and I, the same guy lurking in the toilet. This guy was named J. Brian. At the time I had no clue who he was so I asked my friend Tyrone who this guy was. Tyrone said he was a porn director. Now at the time I was young and the thought of fucking on film did cross my mind but the repercussions totally out weighed the benefit. I think we all had fantasies of doing porn but my major concern was what would my parents have thought about it. Me and Wayne both giggled about it and said there was no way we would ever do porn.

So I decided against it when J.Brian offered me $500.00. Funny thing is J. Brian was determined to get me in his movie so he came back and countered my refusal with a offer of $1,000.00 to which I told my friend’s Tyrone and Wayne and they both said don’t do it. So I told J. Brian no again he countered with $1500.00. I was a little drunk and I laughed at him and said no again to which he said he would give me the $1500.00 and an all expense paid trip to Hawaii. I told Tyrone about the new offer and that I had never been to Hawaii .Tyrone took J. Brian’s business card from me and tore it up and told J. to leave me alone. Funny thing is I have still not been to Hawaii nor have I done a porn movie and I reallty do not Drink anymore.

Now unbeknownst to me J.Brian did convince a couple of the contestants to do his movie. Jamie Wingo and Ron Pearson signed up to do the movie as well as Leo ford who was Jamie’s boyfriend and another friend of mine Guy whose porn name I can not remember Guy dated Cory Monroe at the time. I did not know that they were going to do the movie and I did not find out about it until J. Brian came back to the Endup to promote his new movie Flashbacks. So I asked Ron about it and how much he got paid for it and Ron told me $500.00, I told Ron that he should have held out and told him what I was offered. Needless to say Ron was a little pissed, I jokingly told Ron that if he needed me to be I would be his agent.

Now what is really sad about this story is that so many of my friends are now all gone. So I guess that is why I tend to block out big chunks of that time period. It is kind of painful to think about the fun we had and not be able to laugh with your friends who were there with you. I lost track of Jamie Wingo, last I heard he was living in LA, Ron Pearson died of AIDs complications in 2001, I had just seen Ron 2 months prior to his death and he was the picture of health. We had dinner together with a former boy friend of mine Michael. Michael also dated Ron after we broke up. Ron saw me talking to Michael and asked me who he was. I asked him if he wanted to meet him and he said yeah so I set them up. I introduced them on Halloween at a big "Gift Center party" in 1984. They went out for several years. I have not seen Michael since Ron died and I hope he is still with us.
Leo died after getting hit by a truck on his motorcycle while I was in LA visiting Tyrone who moved there with his lover Rick. Tyrone passed away in 1994 of AID’s complications after he and Rick moved back to the Bay Area. It was a very hard time for me but I am dealing with it much better now. Tyrone lived in the same apartment complex as me and we saw each other every day and it was great having such a good friend around. He and I would play video games constantly and get stoned on the good weed that he would get to stop the nausea from the AID’s drugs. When he passed a large chunk of my life went with him. Rick just disappeared after Tyrone died. Like Michael I tried to stay in touch but they both just disappeared.

I decided to look up J Brian on the Internet and there was not much information about him other than the fact that he was murdered. The movie Flashbacks’s was the start of the careers of several porn models and was based on the Endup Jockstrap contest. Funny how you tend to forget such pivotal moments in the history of porn. I am not sure why seeing that J. Brian story brought out this memory flood but I thought that I would write it down so I could share it with you all. I guess that whole six degrees of separation thing is true. Every one is connected by at least six degrees. Jamie Wingo helped Jon King get his start in porn with the help of David Forrest.

I meet Jon King in 1985 after he and Tyrone became friends. We became fast friends and we had allot of the same friends. One thing that is funny is that I did not see the movie Flashback for several years after it came out and when I watched it, it was a total trip. Tyrone and I laughed about that night at the Endup when these boys got their start in porn. He also told me that could have been me in that bad movie. Yes I will admit it was not the greatest movie or maybe it was just a bad video copy I really can’t remember because I only saw it once and did not really pay that close attention to it.

Now it would almost be like a home movie because it was full of my friends. Maybe I will look for it and get a copy and go down memory lane. The one friend of mine during all of that time who I still see is Wayne. We had a big laugh the last time I saw him at a good friends 50th birthday party. Because we are all headed for the big 50 this year and most of our close group of friends who are still with us have already crossed that threshold or will be in the near future.

Since being there at the beginning of the porn careers of a few legends in Gay Porn I have meet several other porn stars and the one thing that they all had in common was that they were all kind of shy in groups which I just thought was funny. How could they get naked and fuck on film when they could not even walk up to a guy that the thought was cute. Ron said that it is just a way to escape who he was and to act out his fantasies. One thing that they all told me about porn was that it was work and not really all that sexy.

Most of the scenes that were shot took hours to film and what you saw on film or Video was all editing. Do this for 20 seconds do that for another 20 seconds and so on and it would all be edited together and some parts would be replayed multiple times. Every time you see a different camera angle it means a cut in the action. These cuts in a video mean that you stop and wait for the camera’s to be reset and the lighting to be changed and you could take a break until they are ready for you. Have you ever noticed that allot of the guys have this hard time busting a nut? Well it is because they have been worked like dogs. Porn is not pretty until it is edited. The real stars in the porn or even the movie industry are the editors.

Oh yeah I forget to tell you all who won the Jock Strap Contest. Ron Pearson did and I think the first prize was $100.00 which was a good chunk of change in 1980. I think in the movie it was Leo ford who won the contest I really can't remember though. I miss all my porn star buddies and just hope with all of the new bareback production that none of you will have to go through what I went through during the dark ages of the AID’s pandemic. Like Chi Chi says wrap it up. Stay safe and live a long life.

This is Elmysterio and I’m out.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

"It's Elm-Telligence!'

Virginia is for lovers is the advertisement slogan and I think it is true. The Season of fall is upon us and that means festivals and fun for all. Virginia is a lovely state and is becoming more a vacation destination and a nice place to raise a family. It is still affordable and there are some very nice neighborhoods to choose from.

There are some lovely homes in Virginia, this one in a more established neighborhood stands testament to that. It has a nice big shady front lawn and big trees surround the property. this neighborhood has close proximity to the ocean and is convenient to business and shopping. Virginia has some lovely beaches and the home values are reasonable. This home is appraised at $260,000.00.

They also have some very nice newer subdivisions with custom homes like this one which I am told has a lovely in house guest suite with a hot tub and a rather interesting history. This house is appraised at $571,000.00. It is approximately 4000 square ft and has 5 bedrooms and 3.5 baths. The property backs up to a forest and is near a small lake. This home is in close proximity to the ocean and also close to a Family golf course. It is also a couple of miles from one of the more exclusive neighborhoods in Virginia Beach, Birdneck Point.

Birdneck Point has homes that are in the higher price range. This is a more exclusive neighborhood with direct water access and all of the amenities those preferred buyers are looking for. Birdneck point is just across highway 264 and this lovely 6000 square foot home has all that you could ask for. It can be yours for $3,495,000 It has 4 Bedrooms 4.5 Baths and a host of other luxury features.

Virginia Beach is a lovely town and it has year round activities for your enjoyment. So if you are in the market for a new home check out Virginia Beach. The housing Market is quite resonable and the and there are plenty to choose from in all price ranges. So go to Virginia and see what I am talking about.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out.

A note to Jim

Jim most likely won't publish this comment on his blog so I thought I would put it here.

Jim, since you seem to think I lied about Joe and Harlow’s finances well to tell you the truth I did not pull a illegal credit on report on them because it really did not matter to me. Your good friend PC did that.

PC told me that they had bad credit and he also told me allot of other things but I did not trust PC and I still don’t. Most of you know why I don't trust him. So you can harp on that line of bullshit all you want. As far as Mason goes I am not defending his story as being factual.

I just wonder what is in this for you Jim?

Why are you so intent on bashing peoples reputations?

If anyone should be questioned it should be you. You seem to want to be the paragon of truth but that is something that you are not and you have never been. You believed PC's lies and you are taking Chad Manning's word as the gospel truth. Have you confirmed that Chad was raped? do you have police reports? Do you have witness testimony to prove that your "witness" to Mason lying is not in fact lying himself?

About the fake picture what should Mason tell you so that you will stop asking the same questions over and over again.

About any of this what can Mason do to change the attitudes of those who do not believe him?

You see Jim you have made it perfectly clear that you doubt that Mason is telling the truth and there is really no way for Mason to get you to believe him.

There is a police report but because it does not have Mason's name and address on it, it is therefore a fake or it belongs to someone else.

As far as media coverage the story is posted on GAYVN but because Mason was interviewed it is slanted and therefore since Mason can not be trusted it must therefore be a lie.

As far as anything else goes with this story it all really is based on the fact that Mason said it happened in a different city and on a different date and he used a fake picture in a attempt to protect his and his boyfriends privacy.

So since he is trying to protect his privacy I think you all think that you should go on a all out witch hunt to find out the truth and then what?

So you can sit in the temple of truth with the smug satisfaction that you have just drug someone through shit for you own satisfaction?

Yes I will admit that this is a bitchy comment and I really don't care.