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Black helicopters
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I was surfing the Internet the other night checking to see what was new in Gay cinema and I ran across a movie trailer for a film called "Shelter". It looked interesting so I did a little research on it and found a website with a clip from it. I did not even watch the whole clip because I did not want it to ruin the movie for me. Just watching 1 minute of that clip made me want to see the whole movie. This indie flick is made by Here TV. It was written and directed by Jonah Markowitz, who I must say did a excellent job of fleshing out the characters and getting stellar performances from the cast of highly capable actors. This is a great movie and it left me wanting more.

Zach (Trevor Wright) is torn between what he thinks is his duty and what he really needs and wants from life and the choices he has to make for his own happiness while dealing with the off and on relationship with his high school girlfriend Tori (Katie Walder) and his needy selfish sister Jeanie (Tina Holmes) who is a single mother and his nephew Cody (Jackson Wurth). Now I am not much for kid actors because they can be annoying but this kid was great. When his best friend Gabe ( Ross Thomas) who is a total surfer dude is back in town from school for the day they hang out. When Zack goes to Gabe’s parents beach house to retrieve his surf board he runs into Gabe’s older brother Shaun (Brad Rowe). Shaun is a writer and he is staying at the empty beach house until his new place in LA becomes available. Now I don’t want to give away anymore of the movie because it is just so well done.

The play between the characters is so subtle that it is hard to believe they are acting but acting they are and doing a damn fine job of it. From the urban setting of San Pedro to the beautiful beaches of Laguna and Malibu with scenes of surfing and crashing waves, great sunsets and a wonderful soundtrack this movie makes you want to be there. All I can say is that you should rent this or buy this movie because it is great. It does not play on stereotypes and it shows you that true acceptance begins with yourself and the only definition of a family is love.

So go see it and Vote no on prop 8.

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  1. One of my favorite movies since Latter Days was released!

    Trevor Wright and Brad Rowe are amazing in this unusual story of the budding relationship between two gay surfers, Highly Recommended!