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Thursday, July 26, 2007

More Tales from the toothless liar

July,27,2007 update
The Daliy Bullshit By
Demon luezer


1) Did you say you had sent money to Harlow's defense fund?

DK: I said that I WOULD send it on receipt of what legally are called "proof of bona fides", i.e. legitimate documentation including appropriate confirmation from the 2 parties directly involved in court. Unfortunately no suchconfirmation was ever received, therefore I have retained the funds in my New York City bank in an escrow account. I did NOT say that I HAD sent it. Two VERY different things!

Damon that is a boldfaced and blatant lie. Why would several people tell me that you said you would send the money and you yourself even posted it on your Technicolortrash page.
Damon never raised $5000.00 for Harlow that was just one of his ploys to get some exclusive information from Harlow. He tells them that he would send the money but he never did. He calls Harlow’s mom bewildered and that is just out right mean! But then you treat your own mother like shit so why would we expect you to talk any better of Harlow’s mom. Damon you had a chance to have a direct link to Harlow and Joe and you lied about being an MTV reporter to get them to talk to you and then you told every lie imaginable about what was said. You claimed you raised money for their defense fund and then you tried to extort information from them before you would give it to them. The money you claimed you raised was never sent. You told Harlow’s sister you wired it and you told Renee that you sent it over night mail. Then you tried to extort information from her before you would give a non-existent tracking number. You tried to get them to give you the rights to their personal story so that you could parlay that into a nonexistent book deal. You did all of this on the promise that you would send a nonexistent donation to their legal fund. Why Damon would you then call them liars and Haters when they de-linked your Technicolor Trash Page from their blog answer that question for us please.

2) How did you get hold of the Blacks Beach footage, assuming you have it? Is it safe where you have it?
DK: I have viewed the footage based on recovered data from a very trusted source. A small portion of it contains some very interesting "background" material. I have encrypted it using Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate "Bitlocker" and encrypted the entire volume of the RAID subsystem upon which it resides and put that in my safe deposit box in my NYC bank.
In fact all confidential info on all of my systems are similarly encrypted. So yes, I think it's very safe and will be made available to the defense team on request.

There is only one thing to say to that and it is bullshit. Damon how can you sit there and type this total crap and expect anyone to believe it? Even Troy Halston told me that it was bullshit in a private email I received from him. Yves Mignon says he’s jumping ship because you have truly lost it. You are loosing your band of crazy pen pals faster than you can write this crap. Oh yeah Marc said in a phone call with me yesterday that you and your mother are really fat and that he never ever had sex with you because you smell really bad and you make him vomit. It looks like team Damon is falling apart because the boys are bolting faster than ‘Damon can lie.
Oh and Damon I do believe that the "Beach tapes" are audio only so the video part is news to most of us. But you seem to have all the cutting news; yeah right. Damon another lie exposed.

We appreciate all the new readers stopping by, tracking back on some of the embeds and URLs, and searching on the keywords from the content here and our postings elsewhere. It seems EVERYONE who is ANYONE in the industry and in fandom is talking about DAMON KRUEZER for better or worse, but I want you all to know that the person who is most relieved by HARLOW CUADRA's actions yesterday is my mother, and the person most determined to rebuild 100% trust with Harlow Cuadra is yours truly. You showed me what you're really all about Harlow and you have my respect...and renewed support. Let's talk again this week, and let's keep our mothers out of this, as Renee so correctly agreed to do before suspending your blog site. Especially after what I just found out about a new Federal ruling concerning (un)freezing assets to pay for legal defense, and what I now know about the actual contents of your Blacks Beach footage with BRENT CORRIGAN with some "easter egg" surprises apparently in a few frames that should GREATLY help you at trial.

The above statement is based entirely on bullshit especially created for your reading pleasure by the prolific liar Damon Kruezer.

July 26, 2007, The latest lies from Damon kruezer
Damon is at it again with a blog post full of lies and misrepresentations. Now would you expect anything less for the Premire Internet Stalker? No I would think not. So lets break down his latest batch of lies shall we. this should be fun.

To answer dozens of calls and emails: No, "Renee" (who is running and writing most of is NOT I repeat NOT Harlow's mother, whose name is Gladys, a delightful but bewildered lady. Renee aka "Ree" is a high powered, well connected real estate person with a loud, hoarse smoker's voice and rapid-fire speaking style who ostensibly used to work for former Rep. Edward Schrock of Virginia Beach who reportedly had more than a passing interest in several of Harlow's military "companions" before he quit in a gay scandal

Damon you and your sad lies have to stop. So you got a dozen emails, really that is so cool but Spam doesn’t count asshole. Renee is writing Harlow’s blog but she is writing what he asks her to write. You see Damon dear some people have friends who will do things for them and not expect anything in return. Strange concept to you I’m sure. As for as who Renee is, she is not Harlow’s mother and Gladys is but the one thing you failed to mentions is they will no longer talk to you because you lied to them. As far as the representative you mention none of us has ever heard of him until you brought him up. The fact that you try to tie all of this together to make it make sense is very good but it is still a lie. You take some facts and try to make them all fit as one story when none of them had anything to do with the other. Good one Damon but the truth squad is watching you and we know what’s up.

reminiscent of the massive storm clouds building up now that are about to rock certain people's houses to the foundations. There is MUCH of the Virginia Beach story left untold, I can tell you that much. And yes, Renee is currently fulminating against the blogger known as "PC" for apparently blowing a real estate deal that was going to pay most if not all of Harlow Cuadra's legal costs. This is ironic since PC is actually one of the most credible and sincere bloggers involved in this.
Fulminating? Surely you jest you are the one who is doing that. If anyone is worried about
A foundation it should be you Damon. You see you have lied repeatedly to so many people for so long that you don’t even know the truth any more. You would know about Virginia Beach because why? Surely you don’t expect us to believe you were there do you. What did you do jump a freight train? Damon you asshole PC knows it was you who was posting as him on Harlow’s blog. Damon we all know your every move because you’re an idiot and you are so obvious.
Finally, it is true I had extensive prior contact with Ms. Renee (last name will not be revealed here) but broke it off when she proved unable to satisfy my concerns regarding due diligence and fiduciary trust matters.
What’s wrong Damon she would not submit to you feeble extortion terms? Damon we all know that you do everything you do with the idea that it will make you rich but it all ways backfires. You know why because you are attached to it that is why. The truth squad is watching your every move and we won’t let you get ahead in this life since you have tried to destroy so many others.
These are the words of Damon Kruezer.
- Harlow Cuadra and his people are furious that El Mysterio's blog is now much more about me than about Harlow and Joe.

Acutually Damon my dragging you through the mud has made them quite happy.

Of course I am very grateful to El Mysterio, who is acting as my publicist and making so many more people aware of me and this site as "down low" advertisers call and email to get product placement.

Damon my telling the truth about you has made my hits go way up and my Alexa rating is showing just that. Funny thing is yours is not. So you can thank me but I say what for. My blog is still higher in the rankings than your Technicolor Trash Page. Pity that Luezer.

Nothing sells like the notoriety and sympathy engendered by those doing what the very perceptive blogger "Yves Mignon" accurately calls "Attacking someone's 84yo mother to get at the person whom he has stalked and hated and defamed and made up lies against for many years.
Especially when you create it yourself. You use a box of full of your own self created characters who come on your blog and any blog that does not delete your demented comments and praise yourself and start battles with your self. How cute is that? Yves Mignon is Damon and we all know that.
How many years have you spread your lies about him, you rancid stalker?" He's talking about you Rob! Thanks Elm, you're a prince...and I'm not even paying you for all that you're doing for me!
Damon you are so welcome because my posts on you have raised my blog hits over 50% from around 1000 hits to about 1650 plus which means you did me the favor. You see when you mention my name on your blog the Yahoo and Google search sites come a calling. See your site can not be found under the name Damon. Sad but true, so your claim is not true at all I have not helped your site get hits but you have helped mine. So in reality Damon you are still the luezer here because my site hits are going up and that is actually cool. you can se more of his lies here and here and here

And now that my day is complete I will just say this is Elmysterio and I'm out to get Damon Kruezer. Ha Ha ROTFLMAO.