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Monday, July 2, 2007

The Wizard of Oz Reloaded

You would think that with as much information that we have all seen pertaining to this subject that all the mad speculation would stop. Guess not, there has to be some scandal to keep everyone interested. I guess when the real story comes out, and it will you all will just be stunned into silence. Bryan is dead and there is more to his murder than any of you can imagine. Brent/Sean and many of the other Cobra models are lucky young men to still be alive because they were mixed up in some serious shit with Cobra Video. There are so many lies being told about who did what to who that you can not really get to the truth. There are so many emotional queens who are all yelling about whatever at the top of their lungs about this story that it is hard to see what is real.
As for Lee Bergeron one day a house is going to fall on you. always happens to bad witches and the munckins shall rejoice, a house fell on the wicked witch of the east and now the wicked witch from the west is next. This is not a death threat by any means it is just a euphemism to say that your day in the spotlight will come.
As for all the anon's or the flying monkeys you know who you are and we do too. Welcome back Jim I see you popped your head up like a ground hog and we will have another 3 months of hell on the blogs. Well I have said my piece about Brent and now about Damon Kruezer or who ever he claims to be this week. Damon you are not a credible source in this whole saga and you are pissed that no one is taking you seriously. So in your angst you attack other bloggers and try to spread lies about them, you have tried to align your self with people only to be shot down for you lies and ignorance. You lied to Joe and Harlow about the donations you collected and when it came time to deliver you fake a serious illness to get out of it yet. But the whole time you were supposedly in the hospital on life support your alter egos were posting away on the blogs. you really must think the world is full of idiots like you if you expect us to believe your lies. Get real Damon and just go away and leave well enough alone. Go make up some more lies about Falcon Studios and Matthew Rush. We all know the truth about you and your lies. You can't put a spin on published fact. I have the court papers about you mothers eviction and the reason why she was evicted. So you can lie to your readers all you want but if they want the truth they can just email me and I will give it to them. So to Damon I say fuck off. You can use your so called "San Francisco connections" to find me if you want but guess what dear there is nothing to find. And your threats do not scare me.


  1. and another fine post from you Mr elms

  2. Elm, why so vague with statements such as these:

    "Brent/Sean and many of the other Cobra models are lucky young men to still be alive because they were mixed up in some serious shit with Cobra Video."


    "Bryan is dead and there is more to his murder than any of you can imagine."

    I've been this route with you before. You present some rather serious statements which could mean a lot of things for a lot of people yet you never offer any indication of what makes you say this or what you mean. On other occasions when you've done this, after I've asked a few times, you've indicated you're either sworn to secrecy or are unable to reveal more at this time for whatever reason. Either way is understandable but we've both been around long enough to know that these vague allegations could well be misinterpreted by any number of readers to mean things vastly different than what you are alluding to. And that's how the rumors start. I think we've had about enough of those running around. You say so yourself in your blog post when you refer to the lies being thrown about all over the place.

    I guess I just wish you'd indicate more when you present statements such as this. Either say you can't reveal more for whatever reason or tell us exactly what you're referring to because try as we may, none of us are mind readers.


  3. Well MJ you see the reporters are sniffing & they smell red meat! And people are talking, alot of people. (behind the scenes) Why do you think Robert is so quiet cause he knows that when the time comes guess who gets called in for questioning about his dear sainted "Boss-MAN".

    If Kocis's “partners” don't shut him up First!

    MJ the whole Sordid, bloated mess that was Cobra Video is about to "burst open" All the Kocis family can hope is they foist this diseased pig on Eurocreme before the story breaks! Cobra sure as hell won't be worth a "Pig in the Poke" afterwards!

  4. MJ, you have not been reading my words. Let me try again. Bryan Kocis was a boy raping perverted pedophile who like to drug, suck, rape and film himself doing that with underage boys.
    CAD, BB, and the scum we all consider sewer trash, DK are very happy to defend his sickness. CAD and BB may have financial reasons but the fact remains. Just because a boy raping pervert has friends and supporters (mostly wisely anonymous) does not make him any less of a boy raping pervert.
    I was frankly shocked that Elm put this out. I guess it is OK because the general knowledge is already on the major editors desks and the specific knowledge is scattered well enough it will come out in time.
    Time for some to find the tall grass. Being stupid as they are like DK, I expect they will just keep being stupid.

  5. Howard -

    Thanks for replying. I've heard of no reporters "sniffing" around, save for PC mentioning a reporter asking him for an interview today. Perhaps that's what you're referring to? Well, it will be interesting to see what these reporters have to say.

    Albert -

    To the contrary, I have been reading your words, every one of them. One in particular from the other day that stands out in my mind is when you referred to me as a "troll" and my questions "troll like." How could I forget that?

    At any rate, yes, I've heard you mention that before and perhaps that's exactly what Elm is referring to but unless we're reading Elm's mind I don't see how any of us can know for certain what he's referring to. Which is why my question is directed to him.

    Thanks for replying though.

  6. Mj, I am reffering to the boy raping pron producer called Bryan Kocis. He drugged boys and he raped boys. There are two that we know of but there have to be others. As far as me starting rumors that is not the case here. I really can't go into more detail but the truth will come out and all who read it will be shocked by it. As to thew alegation of the models being lucky to be alive you have toi understand that Bryan was a desperate man and he did not want the truth known about his boy molesting tendencies.

  7. here ios a post that was forwarded to mm form another blog, it appears to be the work of non other than Damon luezer. You people are so deluded I will bust this whole sorry story as wide As Elmysterios BUTT and Julies little cunt! Ha Ha HA and their little BB too
    Get the facts dear and bust this case wide open, I dare you to come up with a factual post on you lame ass webpage.

  8. Thanks for replying, Elm. As always, I respect the fact that you can't go into more detail at this time and I appreciate you expanding on your previous statements, at least somewhat.

    That said, I take issue with a couple of your statements.

    1. "...but the truth will come out and all who read it will be shocked by it."

    Elm, do you know for how long and by how many people this has been said? That's a rhetorical question because you know exactly how long and by how many people. You've been here just as long as I have. Here we are, nearly six months after Bryan's death and I've seen nothing to indicate there is any more to Bryan and Cobra than we already know, than what is already public knowledge so please don't tell me I'll be "shocked" when the truth comes out.

    Bryan's dead and yet from what I gather by yours and other statements, people are "scared" to tell the truth. Scared of what, a dead man? Oh, please!

    I don't know where you're getting your "information" or who your sources are, but I hope for all of you who are doing so, each and every piece of the "truth" can be verified with documentation or other such proof and that no one is simply taking another at their word.

    2. "There are two that we know of but there have to be others. As far as me starting rumors that is not the case here."

    Actually, Elm, you did exactly that here by saying "there have to be others," which sounds like you believe there to be but have no proof of such a statement. As such, it is a rumor which some of your readers may take as fact and go off and incorporate into their own comments. That's how the rumors start and how they spread and how misinformation and half truths become known as "fact." I thought you knew this, Elm.

    Please understand, Elm, I am not trying to say I don't believe you or feel that what you have to say isn't valid or true. I'm saying that we've heard it all before, for months and months and months that we'll be blindsided, shocked, amazed, blown away by the truth of Bryan and Cobra, and yet, there's been nothing but vague, easily misinterpreted statements with no supporting proof presented.

  9. MJ said...

    Howard -

    Thanks for replying. I've heard of no reporters "sniffing" around, save for PC mentioning a reporter asking him for an interview today. Perhaps that's what you're referring to? Well, it will be interesting to see what these reporters have to say.,
    Mj we who have been talked to KNOW the reporters names and what questions have been asked. We are not trying to be obtuse here we have been asked to keep specfics out until publication. but I simply feel the need to point out RW & BB are very worried and have begun attacking various magazines they suspect are preparing an article on Bryan Kocis. MJ I want you to know,Bryan will be exposed. Ask anyone in this business about Cobra and they will tell you Cobra was not a "normal" Gay Porn Studio & Bryan Kocis was most certainly not "just a Porn Producer" your statement that there's been nothing but vague, easily misinterpreted statements with no supporting proof presented.MJ that can also apply to the 6 month long vindictive,Vile character assassination perpetrated by Robert Wagner his BB,Cad & Bret. All in the absence of a shred of evidence. MJ surely you see what is happening here Sean and Grant must be silenced so that Robert can sleep at night knowing Bryans secrets died with him. Unfortunately for RW That is not going to happen Bryan in fact left a trail of evidence if only you know where to look.

  10. Harlow (or someone on his behalf) has begun posting again on his blog.

    The site had this to say today:

    "Lets get something very clear i am not and will not be doing a book with Damon Kruezer. As for his rantings about a book , that is not gonna happen in this life time. As for the letters he claims that have so much personal information that is far fetched, Damon you need to slow your jets down and stop trying to make a buck off of other peoples misery."


  11. And his MySpace-Blog has to say this:

    "I am quite suprised with the amount of friends that i have that the donations are so few, to date we have had donated 312.00 it is very suprising to me that so many people would be my friend when i had money and now they have all run for the hills, if you needed the help i would help you so can you find it in your heart to help me out a little here."

  12. Also just posted on his Harlow's blog... guess Damon has some explaining to do:

    "I am responding to Damons newest blog, we are not trying to seperate the cases in the public eye , the damn cases were seperate to start with,as for read betwwen the lines and connect the dots, well it is pretty obvious that we are both charged with with seperate crimes, not as one. We have seperate attorneys in Virginia Beach, My attorney is from TAVSS FLETCHER LAW FIRM AND HE IS SCOTT FLAX AND JOES ATTORNEY IS JAMES BRICE. SO if we are one and working together why do we each have to pay for our own attorneys. Why are we being represented by seperate attorneys , dah because we are seperate defendants.As for Damons inquiry well it is public knowledge that Joe waived extradiction in a hearing about 30 minutes after my hearing. So why does Damon not check public records? So can we all be real and just stop posting things that arent true on blogs, no matter whose blog it is."

  13. Kent,
    Seems someting has you spooked. Would you like to tell everyone about Nathaniel Ragsdale? Well I shall. One other time he was "spooked" meaning someone he slandered or libeled had had enough he made up a fictious character named Nathaniel Ragsdale and told the world he had sold the website to him and he was retiring and no longer responsible for what the site said. Then for weeks we heard from Nathaniel and his associates until Kent thought the heat was off, and back he came with his tired old crap.
    Someone has him afraid. It could be any one of many he has lied about, assinated their character, or interfered in their lives with his lies but the net effect is the same. He is in fear of something, or someone, and one can only hope that this time they silence his lies by putting him in jail where he belongs. Last year it was made clear to him that his days of slander were over. Now everywhere he goes and tries to lie about himself or others "THE TRUTH SQUAD" is there with the court doucments, the Dectectie Lucheesee auido tape and a list of porn insiders and their contact numbers to attrest to the vile nature of this creep. Imagine a list of over 50 real porn insiders all willing to tell their story on one side and Kent on the other all by himself trying to say all these people are lying. It ia pathetic as are all aspects of this sub-human creature. Look at what he is trying to do now. He is trying to use the misery of Harlow and Joe to advance himself. He has lied too and abused people who are in trouble for his and only his purposes. Imagine trying to insert yourself into a situation and predicting that someone would be out on bail and making that lie up. How do you suppose that effects the people who care about them. Of course a person that would be the cause of his own mother being evisted has no shame, or no moral compass, but that is just so low. Maybe when you get to Walpole Kent, you can install Vista Ultimate Beta on the computers there. When you made your mother sleep on the couch did you allow her a pillow and a blanket?

  14. Who the hell is doing those posts on Harlow's blog? I'm confused.

  15. This was just posted tonight at the Blog of my partner, DeWayne in SD. The second comment and conclusion is from me. DeWayne is out trying to find some good Angus burgers for tomorrows Fourth of July celebration.

    er said...
    Just got this email from CCBill:

    Thank you for your subscription to
    Your subscription xxxxxxxxxxxxxx will expire at the end of today.

    If you wish to re-subscribe to this website, you may do so by clicking on the website's link offered below.

    For further details regarding this subscription and direct access to our online billing support services, available 24-hours a day, 365-days a year, please click here.

    Thank you for choosing CCBill as the eMerchant for your subscription!

    Customer Support
    Billing services provided by CCBILL, LLC
    (888) 596-9279

    I won't re-subscribe to this website!

    As for your request to complain, I will consider it but feel it is not necessary.
    The truths told on your blog and other sources will insure the end of the "majority" partner of LSG Media, LLC's plans.

    I sent you an email regarding a speculation I had and also a small "gift" for Brent which you might pass along.

    I will, from now on, refer to the quintessential devil of this fiasco as the "majority partner or owner" because I can no longer bring myself to write or even speak his name.

    Thank you for your blog and THANK YOU for helping Brent!


    7/03/2007 08:27:00 PM

    Albert said...
    Control of the blog seems to have been taken over. Some previously approved comments are now deleted and on the last post, comments are closed. Looks like the party is over at
    It was such an honor and priviledge to have been a part of it. Many great people stopped by there. Many will follow. New people will find the next incarnation but this was special. To Brent and everyone that helped make that blog the phenomenom it was, thank you.
    Love from Texas, Albert
    7/03/2007 09:11:00 PM

    In the end, I would suggest that you evaluate the future of, without Brent Corrigan on it’s own merits. I am pretty sure Ernie above, reflects the majority view.

  16. It is a really sad thing that has happened over at BCO. I wonder what Lee's excuse is for th demise of another failed business venture? Seems to me that if you want to kill a business you need a Lee involved. I wonder if he ever worked for Cobra video? well to BCO I bid a fond farewell and lets hope the future looks a little brighter for the Super Twink of the New Millenium. So go and Celebrate Independence day and start this party oif with a BANG! Brent you have my best wishes on your new adventure.

  17. Harlow is posting on his blog with the help of a friend. yes it really is Harlow. Not Joe as before. And they are fine and just waiting to go to PA. Lets just hope all stays fine. if they want me to I will post on my blog for them as well. I want the truth to be heard.

  18. I need to say this here and now. I inquired about a certwin physique and asshole. It produced itself to more than my satisfaction. So I don't care as much who killed who or whatever else may be true or alleged among you people. All that is important is that I keep my word and that is to never, ever disparage Elm again. I honor that promise and I'm a completely open target to him. He can hit me even more now without any retaliation, whenever and however he pleases. Do you bitches understand faithfulness to promises? I didn't think so. We wouldn't be here now if people were faithful to promises, now would we be? That was a very sinister remark. Do you shitheads understand the meaning and telltale signs of "conspiracy"? That's right, "vet them" and turn them into state witnesses when we all know they are as guilty as sin. This murder would not have occurred but for the so-called toxic twink (and his cobrakiller aged deteriorating ewwwww bf--I can't believe they see each other--PUKE!).

    Why is Murray and all of the other passionate DK-haters involved in this case? No need to be. They don't give a shit about anyone involved in this case--ANYONE--except to spew their hatred of DK. As Damon announced tonight on his website he's moving on to other stories. So you lying bitches, julie, sethj and the rest of you, have better find another target on which to vent your frustration with your erectile dysfunctions and your filthy assholes. Notice I did not mention a certain name in these regards. It's not just my promise. I would never, ever suspect him anymore (ELM) of the things I suspect of the haters. That includes you Matthew Rush, being one of the prime haters.