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Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Whole Truth.

As some of you may have read on a few other blogs that I have told a lie. I should not have done so and was warned that it might affect my credibility. I thought at the time that it was a good idea and I was going to go ahead with it but I decided not to. Well I helped to spread the story of the backup copies of the Cobra Video 2257 records instead. Why did I do this you ask? Well I wanted to see who would start spreading lies about Cobra Video, and low and behold it did happen. Funny thing is it is just an email that was sent to people who were on the Cobra mailing list. There has been no press release or mention of it in any Industry sites at all, only on the blogs. Eurocreme has made no mention of the impending purchase yet and they are said to be the buyers. Why would Eurocreme buy a company that they already have an exclusive distribution deal with? Does not make any sense to me at all. I have been told by several reliable sources that the Cobra Video 2257 records no longer exist. And the police have said it as well. I have also heard that certain parties are lying to the former models to get them to resubmit their 2257 data. They are telling the models that it is required. Just so you know that is a lie. The records are gone and the models are not responsible for replacing them.

I have also been accused by a certain blogger that I do not care about Harlow and Joe’s defense. That is a blatant lie and you know it. I have been working on this blog since day one trying to get at the truth. Yet the truth is very elusive and this case is much bigger than any of us are aware of. I really can not go into much of the horrific detail of it. But suffice to say it is big mess for all involved.
I have also been accused of changing my mind on several occasions. Funny thing is I still believe the same thing that I believed from the start. That the truth is out there and there are way to many people out they’re trying to hide it and protect their own butts from harm. That is understandable but the sad part is that Bryan’s intimidation tactics have continued long after his death due to certain bloggers. Lets face it the boys have no power over anyone, but they and their flying monkies are trying desperately to block the truth from coming out. They have a single-track mind and they do not want the truth, they want lies and innuendo but not the truth. They deny all that is negative about Bryan Kocis and they expect you to believe it.

Harlow and Joe were in contact with me before they were arrested and the never gave me any indication that they would or could do something like this. I was shocked at their arrest and I thought the affidavit had some damning evidence in it but it just seems a little to perfect for me. The motive the police have used is suspect and reads like a post that I made in February on Jason’s blog. I have been in contact Harlow and as a matter of fact I spoke with him today and he wanted me to post certain information. So I will do that for him. Please take this seriously; as there are people’s lives at stake here and they need all the help that they can get. The State of Virginia disqualified their attorney from representing them; Barry Talor did not remove himself from the case as some have posted. Then the State of Virginia seized all their assets under the guise that they were money laundering yet they paid taxes on their earnings. Funny that, would not Virginia be complicate in that case as well since they profited for ill gotten gain? The state of Virginia is dragging their feet on this issue as well and now their creditors are repossessing all of their property because they are in default on their payments due to being arrested. So as I see it the cards are pretty much staked against them. Harlow is in effect posting on his blog with the help of a friend, PC and Jason it really is him. Harlow has spoken to Jason Curious and Jason you should apologize for the threat you made to Harlow on his blog, that threat has seriously hurt his donations. PC there is someone posting on Harlow’s blog claiming to be you. I think we have that part cleared up. We know who it is and that is being dealt with. Harlow’s defense fund is for real as well. The funds are going to pay for his attorney, which he so desperately needs at this time. Harlow told me that he did not do this and I believe him. There is information that I can not reveal at this time as to why I believe him, as it would seriously jeopardize his case. And there is information that I don't want to know as well as it could get me too involved and I feel that I could do more good with out the authorities breathing down my neck. Harlow also wanted me to tell you that he was born in Miami Florida in Jackson Memorial Hospital, which is something that most of you would not know about him. As to the conversation that Damon Kreuzer claims to have had with him that is a lie. Harlow did not speak him before they were arrested; it was Joe all along.
Harlow and Joe have had very limited contact with each other while in jail. They are kept separate from each other and only see each other when they have court dates and are kept separate even then. They have not been alone together since the 15th of May 2007. As to BB's claim that I am not trying to help Joe and Harlow that is an out and out lie, BB you have never gone in for facts, you just spout your lies and hope people believe them. I am not a member of the "Sean Camp" as you claim I am a member of the "Truth Camp". you should join it, it is much nicer here. As far as Damon is concerned he is posting on Harlow’s blog as various people and I will not mention the names here, but believe me we know which ones they are. As far as updates to the Boybatter site they are coming soon and they will be hot so check them out. They are working with other sites to get new content up and want their members to know that they are still here.
The site is still up and running for all to see. Can’t say that about BCO can you? So as I see it Harlow really needs our help on this. Please help him get a fair trial and a good attorney. They are trying to retain Bill Russo as his trial attorney but he desperately needs money to do so. If all my readers donated a couple of dollars it would be a great help. So if you can see it in your heart to help him out please do so any small amount will do. There are links on his blog for this and it has also been confirmed that this really is Harlow and the defense fund is for real. As to Harlow he is fine for now but the news media is putting stuff out there that is making it hard for him right now. The pictures they are using of him if you get my drift or not the smartest thing for the news media to post esspecialy when you can watch the news in jail. So far there have been no incidents but you never know. He is in good sprits considering his currant situation . Harlow says "As far as Brent Corrigan is concerned he is only out to protect his own butt and does not care about who gets hurt in the process". I can only pray that Harlow will be ok and that he gets a fair trial.

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