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Black helicopters
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

new blog

hey everyone I have a new blog and its on so go over to and check it out

Monday, March 29, 2010

Endowment, A new once a month club.

So I got invited to a hot party last night by none other than Michael Brandon. It is called Endowment and its a monthly party and it was full of major hotness. The DJ was non other than Dominic Pacifico. he spun the hottest hits and the club loved it. The go go boys were all hot. There was Lance Navarro, Ryan Patrick, Tober Brandt, and a hottie from Idaho Named Martin.

Oh yeah there was also my buddy Ricky Sinz. Also there was holy presence of one of our favorite sisters of perpetual indulgence Sister Maejoy B Withu. The venue was non other than Harry Dentons Star Light Room high atop the Sir Francis Drake hotel with a fabulous city view.

Now I have been looking forward to this evening for quite some time and I took my buddy @Heatizon with me. The evening started with us popping over to the city and finding a parking space right in front, parking karma strikes again. Then we were ushered into the elevator by a big ole strapping blond security guard. He was hot and I knew that the night was gonna be fun. so we get our booth and we get our cocktails and Michael pops over to say hello. Then he and Ricky sit down and chat with us for a while.

I had a nice chat with Ryan Patrick while we watched Lance Narvarro shake his money maker. he is a hot piece of work too I might add. Ryan Patrick showed us some hot pictures from a Raging Stallion shoot he just did. I also got to chat with a hottie named Martin, he is a real guy from Idaho and he makes me think I need to go back for another visit. Tober Brandt was looking all hot and dangerous too. Then it was time for Ricky Sinz to take the stage and boy did he put on a hot show. All the dancers did a great job of keeping to party hopping.

Ricky was all bump and grind and then he and Michael Brandon got all hot and nasty together. All I can say was that they were blazing hot together and the crowd loved them. Everything about this party was hot even the bartenders. I can't wait for the next one to see what hot nasty action Micheal can dig up. you can keep track of all of Michael's antics on his web page. I'm sure you won't want to miss the next event. I took allot of pictures and video for your enjoyment too. so enjoy. PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THE SLIDE SHOW,


There were some unmentionable things going on in the dark corners of the club. You know faces in places that you would not want the public to know about, allot of hot butts and hard dicks and well I'm sure you get the picture. Oh and yes I behaved myself I only grabbed a few buts and one cock. Yeah that's me being good LOL.

The end and this is Elmysterio and I'm out.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Michael Brandon hosts a benefit for the Hatian red cross

Sunday the 28Th of February in Walnut Creek at Club 1220 Michael Brandon held a benefit for the Haitian relief and all proceeds went to the Red Cross to help with those who need help after the devastating earthquake that left hundreds of thousands homeless and many dead. It was a worthy cause and fun was had by all who attended the event there were porn stars all over the place and the place was rocking. there was food and the place was packed.

There was jock strap twister and pin the cock on the monster and cock ring toss and musical chairs lap dances and a near disaster as couple dell off their stool during musical chairs. no one was hurt and the party went on. they even auctioned of some of the models and all told they raised over $2000.00 at last count.

I have always had a soft spot for Club 1220 as it was the bar that I came out in 30 years ago when it was called the Hub. Funny enough it was also in February of 1980 that I came to grips with the fact that I was queer. So as Michael was still celebrating his birthday I was celebrating 30 years of being out and proud so it was a fun night for all.

haiti_relief click the link on the left to see a slid show from the event.

Sorry about the picture quality but I just got the camera and I'm still learning all the bells and whistles. But here's a link to see more pictures of the event. Sorry about the date stamp I think I should read the book on this camera, it might help next time. Funny the date is also wrong too.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out

Thursday, December 31, 2009

have a groovy new year

I know that 2009 was not the best year for some of us but I predict that 2010 will be much better and it will be much groovier too so lets bust a move to the funk get on with it.

Happy New Year all.
this is elmysterio and I'm out

Monday, November 23, 2009

"Butt wars" the hottest ass on the internet

While searching the Internet for some stuff of interest I ran across this image and I must say it inspired me. Yes it is a fine specimen of man ass and it made me think. Hmmm there must be other fine examples of the male ass on the Internet and more stunning pictures too.

The ass above belongs too Robert Sepulveda jr. all I can say is damn baby.

You know I chat on a regular basis with some hot men on twitter who have remarkable gluts. There is Jeff from Str8cam
Just looking at the round ass you can understand why his picture is here. And becuase I love me some str8cam he gets another picture posted here. I am quite sure I will get no complaints about this either. All hot round and inviting.

And Canada's very own @jeremeyfeist who is just smart sexy funny and sensitive and a world class zombie hunter with a fine young round ass. And further more he likes to share pictures of that fine ass too which we can appreciate.

Here is another fine example of the hot sexy ass of Jeremy Feist. He likes to post pictures of it and we all enjoy the pictures too.

There is Derek Diamond who has a ass that is so hot that they have named a day after it. national Derek Diamond ass appreciation day.

There is Jesse Santana who has a ass that almost defies description in its round splendor that it can be covered and it is still hot.

Oh and the ever so sexy Wolf Hudson who has tapped that hot ass of Jesse Santana and also returned the favor in a uber sexy Cockyboys video.Yes Wolf has a kinky streak and a hot ass to go with it. He makes us all think nasty thoughts.

Then we have Joe at Sean Cody who proves that a hot man is ageless with his hot 30 something year-old ass that can only inspire hope to all of those who have not reached that threshold. His ass is way hot

And just to let you all know that a hot butt is ageless here is one that is in its fourties. Yes bitches it is my old but still hot ass at 48 years of age. And at 51 it still can drive men crazy Don't be jealous.

There is @BrentCorrigan and I like this picture because it shows what hard work and good genes can do for a already famous ass. yes children there is hope for us all when you can grow a pair like Brent did, I mean butt cheeks bitches

@Brent Everett who has hot round butt too. This is classic star bootie at is finest. firm tight round and oh so sexy. don't hate appreciate.

When it comes to hot ass there are several shapes and sizes that comprise star bootie. There is the ever classic bubble, the jet bootie, cause it just looks like the boy is fast. The heart shaped bootie that is attached to a tiny waist and some big legs, yummy. The shelf bootie that makes you wonder what is holding all that up.

and then there is Rafeal Alencar who has a ass that defies description it just makes you look at it and go Damn. He has the classic junky trunk ass. In the world of porn a hot ass is just as important as a big cock. In my opinion a man should look just as good walking to a bed as he does walking away from it.

Kurt wild certainly does accomplish that with his pretty face and his hot little muscle bootie.

Oh and I can not forget to post a hot picture of my future ex-husband the sexy Austin Wilde. No bootie pictorial would be complete with out that hot ass of the year.

So this little blog post is going to be very interactive you tell me about hot asses and I will post them here so we can all have a fun place to check them out and make comments. And hopefully we can even get some of the owners of these hot booties to tell us how they keep those fine asses in the shape there in. Sounds fun to me so lets get this butt party started.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out but you can comment and tell me who to look for and who has your favorite ass and I will post them here. Just send me a link to the picture or email and It will be posted. Just make sure that there is nothing penetrating it. This is infact a family blog ;-)

And the hot butt pic's are rolling in here we have Skekoa from twitter and a fine ass it is. it gets a Damn damn damn on the bootie hotness scale

Here is another lovely ass to look at it belongs to the super cute Aiden Ash and I might add that it is just a perfect example of what a hot butt should look like. Can you say round? I sure will. you can read about Aiden on his blog too Jayden Grey is putting some tension on those undies and it looks rather hot.

He also has a very respectable ass too although he does not think so. Do I hear any complaints? Yeah I did not think so. So he gets to be one of the hottest asses on the internet too.

Tell Jayden that he has a hot ass on twitter.

Here is a picture of Angel Benton and his hot ass. He is now a member of the hot ass club. Check out his beltless jeans that reveal his round globes. Who knew that he was hiding that ass all this time.

I wonder if his ass is covered with Pixie dust. Does anybody know the answer to that?
Brandon Wilde see's the beach for the first time in Florida for Christmas 2009 and he is sporting some hello kittie undies how cute is that?

He is the newest model from DV8casting . He is a cutie as far as I am concerned and it looks like he will be making a big splash in the gay porn industry. You can follow this sexy boy on twitter too.

Now this bubble butt belongs to Michael Brandon and he is known by all as monster because of his other attirbutes but he is also packing some serious junk in his trunk too and this picture proves just that check out his globes. I bet you wanna circumnavigate that ass now don't you.

Damn baby where you been hiding that? Oh and if you wnat more of this check out is website

This is Elmysterio and I'm out

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pop goes the zipper was off the chain

The chant was don't be tardy for the party. They were right when I got there at around 10PM the place was seriously jumping and the boys were humping to the beat of course.Rob Romoni was working the red carpet and doing color commentary. DJ Chi Chi Larue was throwing down the beats and the crowd was loving it. When I got inside there were Rocco Giovanni and Josh Griffin both working it out on the dancer stage to the beats.
Chi Chi threw on some old school Michael Jackson and guess who jumped on the floor and busted his best MJ moves. None other than Wolf Hudson. Yes he can dance really really well. The king of kink might just be the king of the dance floor too and I even jumped out there too. Wolf is such a sweetheart when I introduced my self he gave me a big hug and thanked me for the kind and funny tweets I made to him.

There were so many people that I recognized that it felt surreal. All of the hottest guys in the gay porn industry were there. Lex Sabre, Adam Killian, Francois Sagat, Eddie Diaz, Ryan Raz, Austin Wilde, David Taylor, Jeremey Bilding, RJ Danvers, Paul Wagner, Scott Tanner and TJ Hawke and plenty more who I saw but did not get a chance to talk too.

The models were all stunning and Sister Roma is a total sweetheart. I meet so many models and director Steven Scarborough from hot house and Jack Shamama and Paul Bookstaber from the sword and Mr Pam is a gas. I also saw Tim Valente too. I met several models who I have tweeted with and they could not have been nicer. I also got to meet two of the coolest guys on twitter PornoBobbie and Jimyvr. They are to much fun to hang out with. All in all it was a great night of boy watching and chatting with some fun people.
I also want to give Jason Seacrest props for his invaluable assistance with this post. I posted all of the Pictures that I took so enjoy. I must also thank the Sisters of Perpetual indulgence for all of the great work that they do for the LBGT community. They were there during the darkest hours and the brightest as well. Thank you Sisters

This is my favorite picture with Jeremy bilding and Jimyvr. Jimyvr was babysitting a slightly overserved Jeremy and I took this picture and Jimmy is the one who looks drunk but in fact it was Jeremy who minutes ealier had his head between his legs. Go figure that Jeremy could be loaded and he looks like this. Don't you just hate him for being so gorgeous


I am so jealous of Rob Romoni that he got to hump Austin Wilde that I could just spit, well I actually I did spit. I apologized for that to the guy standing next to me. I kind of spit on him and he got off on it. Who knew that some guys like getting spit on

I want to thank Raging Stallion Man of the year Austin Wilde for this picture of Ryan Raz making a deposit at BofA. I wonder how many guys are jealous of that ATM right now. By the way DNA experts are swabbing it right now to find out who left that sticky mess.

I had a good laugh with Tim Valenti about the I beam club he used to manage and his home decorating that I helped with by helping with the lighting for it. I had a real nice conversation with R.J. Danvers who is such a sweetheart that he just makes you want to take him home with you.
David Taylor is like oh my god hot and a total sweet heart for posing for a second picture after I screwed up the first one. I also want to thank all of the fabulous looking models for being so nice to allow me to chat and take their pictures. I am no photographer by any stretch of the imagination and the fact that all of these pictures came out so good is a true testament to all of the subjects unnatural beauty. Chi Chi's picture is courtesy of Marques Daniel's photos
I also must congratulate David Taylor and Austin Wilde on being voted Raging Stallion's men of the year. Both of them are known for making other things rage besides Stallions if you get my drift.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out