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Black helicopters
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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pop goes the zipper was off the chain

The chant was don't be tardy for the party. They were right when I got there at around 10PM the place was seriously jumping and the boys were humping to the beat of course.Rob Romoni was working the red carpet and doing color commentary. DJ Chi Chi Larue was throwing down the beats and the crowd was loving it. When I got inside there were Rocco Giovanni and Josh Griffin both working it out on the dancer stage to the beats.
Chi Chi threw on some old school Michael Jackson and guess who jumped on the floor and busted his best MJ moves. None other than Wolf Hudson. Yes he can dance really really well. The king of kink might just be the king of the dance floor too and I even jumped out there too. Wolf is such a sweetheart when I introduced my self he gave me a big hug and thanked me for the kind and funny tweets I made to him.

There were so many people that I recognized that it felt surreal. All of the hottest guys in the gay porn industry were there. Lex Sabre, Adam Killian, Francois Sagat, Eddie Diaz, Ryan Raz, Austin Wilde, David Taylor, Jeremey Bilding, RJ Danvers, Paul Wagner, Scott Tanner and TJ Hawke and plenty more who I saw but did not get a chance to talk too.

The models were all stunning and Sister Roma is a total sweetheart. I meet so many models and director Steven Scarborough from hot house and Jack Shamama and Paul Bookstaber from the sword and Mr Pam is a gas. I also saw Tim Valente too. I met several models who I have tweeted with and they could not have been nicer. I also got to meet two of the coolest guys on twitter PornoBobbie and Jimyvr. They are to much fun to hang out with. All in all it was a great night of boy watching and chatting with some fun people.
I also want to give Jason Seacrest props for his invaluable assistance with this post. I posted all of the Pictures that I took so enjoy. I must also thank the Sisters of Perpetual indulgence for all of the great work that they do for the LBGT community. They were there during the darkest hours and the brightest as well. Thank you Sisters

This is my favorite picture with Jeremy bilding and Jimyvr. Jimyvr was babysitting a slightly overserved Jeremy and I took this picture and Jimmy is the one who looks drunk but in fact it was Jeremy who minutes ealier had his head between his legs. Go figure that Jeremy could be loaded and he looks like this. Don't you just hate him for being so gorgeous


I am so jealous of Rob Romoni that he got to hump Austin Wilde that I could just spit, well I actually I did spit. I apologized for that to the guy standing next to me. I kind of spit on him and he got off on it. Who knew that some guys like getting spit on

I want to thank Raging Stallion Man of the year Austin Wilde for this picture of Ryan Raz making a deposit at BofA. I wonder how many guys are jealous of that ATM right now. By the way DNA experts are swabbing it right now to find out who left that sticky mess.

I had a good laugh with Tim Valenti about the I beam club he used to manage and his home decorating that I helped with by helping with the lighting for it. I had a real nice conversation with R.J. Danvers who is such a sweetheart that he just makes you want to take him home with you.
David Taylor is like oh my god hot and a total sweet heart for posing for a second picture after I screwed up the first one. I also want to thank all of the fabulous looking models for being so nice to allow me to chat and take their pictures. I am no photographer by any stretch of the imagination and the fact that all of these pictures came out so good is a true testament to all of the subjects unnatural beauty. Chi Chi's picture is courtesy of Marques Daniel's photos
I also must congratulate David Taylor and Austin Wilde on being voted Raging Stallion's men of the year. Both of them are known for making other things rage besides Stallions if you get my drift.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out


  1. this looks like it was a great party

  2. You had a great time