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Black helicopters
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Monday, December 3, 2007

Gladiator Movie or Porn Movie?

The movie "300" was hot men in capes and very little else. Well all I can say is if you have not seen it you should. I’m not really into war movies but this one made up for all the fight scenes with the visually stunning wardrobe or the lack thereof. It had great action sequences and epic battles but it was hard to follow the story because of all of the eye candy that filled the screen. The acting was good from what I gathered but as I said earlier it was very hard to follow with the wind machines and flowing capes and nearly naked men with their hair blowing in every frame of this film.
The one thing that impressed me the most was that the average age of the cast was 35 years old. If you have any negative body issues I would recommend you pass this one up but if you like hot men in battle then this is a flick you will enjoy. The actors were on a grueling work out regimen for at least 6 weeks before filming started and during the 2-month shoot and it shows they're dedication to their work ethic when you see this film. If you converted all of the six-packs on those guys in this movie to beer all of the college boys in this country would be drunk. This movie reeks of a Titan porn video maybe they should do one and call it "369" or something like that.

Cause this movie had it all, big ol healthy mens all hot and sweaty from battle half naked and hot and sexy in their capes and with their big swords and hair all blowing in the wind and their heaving chests and long well muscled legs and firm round butts all squoze up in their hot tight little leather briefs. Opps another run on sentence.

The cast is an interesting mix of fairly well known actors and not so well known actors and they are all visually appealing. There is quite a bit of CGI in this movie. Most of the film was filmed on blue or Green screen and the sets were all pretty much put in on post-production but the men were real and they worked really hard to look good for us in this move and that is the most important part. It does follow the original story very well and the movie has a good flow.

The battle scenes were stunning and it was just a fun and good time had by all that watched this film. I would definitely watch it again just to pay a little more attention to the story.

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