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Black helicopters
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Friday, March 6, 2009

The evidence that matters is inconclusive.

With the cameras that can not be confirmed and the lack of DNA evidence it really is no wonder that the prosecution is going all out to make it look like Harlow is a hardened criminal. The Beach tapes and the Crab catcher tapes were their big hope of getting Harlow but the truth is Joe and Harlow knew they were being recorded. What is really interesting is the motive for all of this. Joe and Harlow killed Bryan to work with Sean and Cobra Video was their main competition in the gay porn business. Now the settlement did not preclude Sean from working with anyone but Cobra models. The only one named specifically was Brent Everett.

The settlement did have a stipulation that Sean would pay Cobra Video 20% of his fee for the use of the name "Brent Corrigan". Now the fact that Sean and Grant are claiming that they could not work with Joe and Harlow while they were in Las Vegas is strange because at the time there was no signed settlement. The settlement was not signed until the 18Th of January 2007. There were still issues with the settlement while they were in Las Vegas and they did not get ironed out until they were back in San Diego.

Also of note during the civil suit Sean and Grant said that the contract with Cobra could not be enforced. The contract in question that Sean breached would have expired in 2006 anyway. The civil suit was really about the name Brent Corrigan and nothing else. Bryan could not get that contract enforced because Sean could have fulfilled that contract by just showing up and that is all he had to do. You can not enforce a contract for sex, that would be prostitution and that is illegal. Also the production of pornographic material is illegal in the state of Pennsylvania.

Yet the prosecution is trying to use it as means for a conviction. They turned their back on the illegal activities of the victim until he was killed. All of a sudden he was a "business man" and he was killed so that someone could get his "prized actor". Give me a break, this is such a sack of shit. It stinks just like all of the other illegal activity that that court house is famous for. The truth of the matter is that Luzerne County should have removed themselves from prosecuting this case.

They do not have a definite time of death for the victim and every time it is reported it is a different time frame. As far as I am concerned the time frame is between 7:50pm and 8:20 pm on January 24Th. Based on the last time someone spoke to the victim and the time that Amy saw the car leave the scene. That gives the killers 30 minutes to kill Bryan and clean up and loot the house and flee the scene with the items that they are accused of taking. Did the police check the drain traps for blood trace? The killer would have been covered in blood based on the way that the victim was killed. Did they check to see how much blood the victim had lost during the autopsy? Did they check stomach contents of the victim, he supposedly got some food that day.

The police did not find any DNA evidence in the victims house or in the SUV that was rented by Harlow. They can not prove that the video cameras were in fact those of the victim. To tell you the truth they can not really prove that Joe and Harlow were actually at the victims house. That has always been the case. There is a witness sighting of the SUV from earlier that evening but it could that have been the Recon mission. As the email stated that Harlow was not scheduled to arrive until 7:15 pm. So unless Harlow was early then Macias is mistaken about 6:30 being the time that the "model" arrived.

Bryan was not expecting him until 45 minutes later. Perhaps it was just Bryan taking another phone call. Macias did talk to Bryan at 7:50 pm so Bryan was still alive at that time. There are just to many unanswered questions. No real proof that Joe and Harlow were at Bryan's house Just a vehicle that looked like the one Harlow rented. I wonder how many silver Nissan Exterra's there are out there? Did anyone actually see Harlow or Joe at the crime scene?
Is the knife found at the scene the one that Joe and Harlow purchased in Virginia Beach?

Why slash his throat they has a gun they could have shot him. It is January, its cold no one would have any windows open and most houses would have had double pained windows. No one would have heard the gun shot if you used a pillow to muffle it. Why would two crazed killers call Sean and Grant and tell them that they just killed someone. They must have known that Sean and Grant would be blamed for it. Non of this makes any sense to me, it never has.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Case Of The Big Ass

Well this is funny Harlow is concerned about the size of his ass. It seems that a letter leaked to the press about Harlow and his fears about his image has made the rounds of the blogs today. With the Sword and Jim’s Silence of the chinchilla’s blog reporting on it. What is funny is that BB is alluding that I was the one who leaked this letter to the press. Now that is a total sack of shit if I ever heard one.

<Do these jeans make me look fat, do these panties make my ass look big>

First of all I never heard of that letter secondly it was sent to Renee Martin whom BB claims sent it to Damon Kruezer and me. Now I don’t know about any of you but Damon would have posted that letter in a hot minute if he received it. I on the other hand never received such a letter. So I guess BB was wrong, imagine that BB being wrong about something. Then PC decides to chime in about me being a party to such a scheme. PC who is all cozy with Renee and BB is accusing me of this?

I think PC is just pissed off because I won’t take his shit and call it like I see it. I made a comment on my blog yesterday and it seemed to set off a firestorm of controversy. I find it funny that I was always assumed to be in Harlow’s corner in all of this but that was far from the truth. I wanted the truth to come out and that is really all that I wanted from the very start. So this latest bit of "news" is really funny to me.

The idea that it could cause a mistrial is as big a joke as is the actual trial. It is full of lies and fabrications and too many people trying to cover their asses from the truth especially Harlow and his huge ass. Sean and Grant have lied from the beginning about their involvement in this murder. And Joe and Harlow were stupid to get involved in other people’s drama. I know a little bit about that subject as I was all involved in this drama and I am no longer falling for anybody’s bullshit.

my ass looks huge in this picture

Is it Just me are does Harlow's big ass make him look guilty?