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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Velvet Mafia Reloaded

News flash

Harlow Cuadra and Joeseph Kerekes are going to fight extradition to Luzerne County Pennsylvania. They both plead not guilty to all charges against them. And the Federal Government seized all their assets. They were arraigned at 9:30 am in Virginia Beach Circut Court. They are being held with out bound. They go to court again on June 14th 2007 in Virginia Beach VA.
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The world of gay porn is a place full of secrets, lies, scandals and murder. This case has it all in spades. With a cast of characters as bizarre as they come. Why would Joe and Harlow get involved in such a messy scandal? What did they have to gain? The fact that they were not precluded from working with Sean Lockhart aka Brent Corrigan makes no sense for them to do this. There was no stipulation in the settlement agreement between LSG Media and Cobra Video that said Sean Lockhart could not work with any other studios. As we all know he did the Velvet Mafia with Falcon Studios under the name Fox Ryder. The only restriction was he could not work with Brent Everett or other cobra models unless it was with Cobra Video. The fact that Joe and Harlow would murder Bryan Kocis is quite troubling to me. There had to be some kind of incentive to make them do this..
The whole police angle about a porn studio turf war is just not going to cut it and the whole contract issue, well it never stopped Sean Lockhart before. Now I have read the news and the evidence is to say the least damning. But I just don’t see them doing this for the reasons stated by the authorities. There simply has to be more to it than that. Not to slight Sean Lockhart aka Brent Corrigan but to me he ain’t worth killing someone over. Mind you he may still have some box office draw but he is always surrounded by scandal. It seems that everything he gets involved with turns to shit. Now mind you I’m not trying to be bitchy but I am just stating what I have observed. As you all know I have worked diligently to get the truth about the age matter between he and Cobra Video. I have also been accused of playing favorites when it came to my blog posts on various subjects involving all of the principals involved. But to tell you the truth I never saw this coming. I was just as shocked as the rest of you. What would posses two attractive successful porn entrepreneurs to get involved in such a salacious scandal. That my friends is the million-dollar question. From what has been reported it would appear that this all started in Vegas.
So I guess what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas after all. At an expensive dinner at Le Cirque a plan was hatched to do away with Bryan Kocis or so the authorities say. We have a potentially damning e-mail sent out to the subscribers of Boybatter heralding the fact that they will be working with Brent Corrigan. During this time LSG media (Corrigan camp) are in secret negotiations with Cobra Video because of a prior contract issue and the use of a name as well as cyber squattingAll the while seeming to lead Boybatter on that they will work with them while simultaneously using this fact as a bargaining tool with their negotiations with Cobra. The settlement is finally signed on January 20th 2007 and is alluded to in a cryptic blog post on Brent’s blog.
Four days later Bryan is found murdered in his home after a suspicious fire. But the Corrigan Camp denies they are going to be working with Boybatter after the murder and they quickly lawyer up. We move forward 3 months almost to the day and we have Joe and Harlow visiting San Diego. And we have rumors about a possible video shoot and some pictures to prove it. It was during this visit that the police acquired the most damning evidence so far or so they say. What I do not understand is if Sean and Grant were informed of this heinous plot to dispose of Bryan Kocis why did they not warn him about it. It is obvious that they must have been in contact with the authorities but when did this occur. Was it before the murder or after that is the $64,000.00? If the police were aware of this plot why is Bryan Dead? We have the time period form January 11th thru January 24th to warn Bryan of his impending doom. If the police had taken this threat seriously we would not be writing about this now. So that’s my take on the whole messy situation, what’ yours comments are welcome.
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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

An Arrest Has Been Made

With a plot lifted directly the posts of Jason Curious’s blog the police have made an arrest. Harlow Raymond Cuadra, 25, and Joseph Manuel Kerekes, 33, were arrested on criminal homicide charges and taken into custody in Virginia Beach.
This news Item is in the Times Tribune. I guess the police really did read the blogs. At the present time no other details have been released on the charges. Well I think those affidavits are finally going to be unsealed.
What I don’t understand is why the police waited so long if they had enough evidence to arrest them? I still believe that the evidence is circumstantial at best and it will probably not hold up in a court of law. We will just have to wait and see. . Also on a side note Harlow has given an interview with of all people Damon Kruezer. I wonder what that is all about? Here is a link to a story in the Times Leader. Stay tuned for more breaking news. For the latest updates and links go to Julien's Gay Rant Page
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Monday, May 14, 2007

Don't ask Don't Tell, Get Real

What is the navy thinking, why are they backtracking on the "don’t ask don’t tell" policy when they fought so hard too stop gays from joining the military? Then they boot a guy out take away his signing bonus and then reinstate him and send him off to the middle-east. Kinda makes you wonder who is running things in this country. I read this story on and thought it was kind of humorious and sad all at the same time.

An openly gay U.S. sailor who was discharged in 2005 after coming out to his command was subsequently recalled to duty in 2006 and has been serving actively in Kuwait with the Naval Customs Battalion Bravo, according to Sunday's Stars and Stripes. Petty Officer Jason Knight, a Hebrew linguist in Navy intelligence, said he spent four years in the Navy, has buried fallen service members as part of the Ceremonial Guard, and has received awards for exemplary service. "However, because I was gay, the Navy discharged me and recouped my $13,000 sign-on bonus," he wrote in a letter to the newspaper. "Nine months later, the Navy recalled me to active duty. Did I accept despite everything that happened? Of course I did, and I would do it again. Because I love the Navy and I love my country." Knight decided to make his sexual orientation known in 2005 while he was in the process of annulling his marriage to his wife. Since that time, he has been open about his sexuality with his commanders and colleagues, many of whom have spoken out in support of him. "He's better than the average sailor at his job," Bill Driver, the leading petty officer of Knight's 15-person customs crew in Kuwait, told Stars and Stripes. "It's not at all a strange situation. As open as he is now, it was under wraps for quite a while. It wasn't an issue at work." Steve Ralls, director of communications for the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, said the situation flies in the face of the justification for the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy. "The Navy has reenlisted an openly gay sailor, which completely undermines the assertion that anyone in the military thinks that gay and lesbian military troops compromise unit cohesion or morale," Ralls said. "Jason has been very out to everyone he serves with, everyone has been very supportive, and it shows that despite an official ban, commanders and other service members are welcoming gays and lesbians and it's not causing any problems in their unit." Knight is scheduled to finish his tour of duty at the end of June, and Ralls said he is considering trying to find a way to continue his military career. Ralls said the Navy has declined to comment on this case. (The Advocate)

Well what do you think about this? I find it quite interesting that when it comes to war the military really does not care about whether you are gay or straight. They just really just want warm bodies. I personally think that they should lift the ban on being gay in the military and legalize gay marriage as well. let’s be real here, all the limitations that his countries government is putting on the most creative part of it’s population is just tiring to say the least. We make your homes beautiful and design your cloths and to tell you the truth we are just fabulous. And bitches we can fight too.
Don't ask Don't Tell, Get Real

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