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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

An Arrest Has Been Made

With a plot lifted directly the posts of Jason Curious’s blog the police have made an arrest. Harlow Raymond Cuadra, 25, and Joseph Manuel Kerekes, 33, were arrested on criminal homicide charges and taken into custody in Virginia Beach.
This news Item is in the Times Tribune. I guess the police really did read the blogs. At the present time no other details have been released on the charges. Well I think those affidavits are finally going to be unsealed.
What I don’t understand is why the police waited so long if they had enough evidence to arrest them? I still believe that the evidence is circumstantial at best and it will probably not hold up in a court of law. We will just have to wait and see. . Also on a side note Harlow has given an interview with of all people Damon Kruezer. I wonder what that is all about? Here is a link to a story in the Times Leader. Stay tuned for more breaking news. For the latest updates and links go to Julien's Gay Rant Page
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    That is absolutely amazing!!! I never thought they dould have had anything to do with it if they were so openly running around and chatting and planning things! Unbelievable!! I want more details!!

    - Martin

  2. Just a reprint of my post at Jason's. Will be back with more to say at some point. As I say in my comment, at the moment, I'm speechless...

    Well, if they turn out to be guilty, then I admit I was very wrong. For a long time now, I have said I did not believe Harlow to be involved with Bryan's murder. I truly didn't. I just didn't see the motive for them? What did they hope to accomplish? They were already successful in their own right so getting involved with Cobra doesn't seem like something they would be trying to do.

    Remember what Sean said to Jody back on February 13, 2007? He said to Jody that "Harlow and Joe fucked it all up." At the time, we had no idea what he was referring to but now that an arrest has been made, could he have been referring to the settlement and things getting back to normal for Sean? If Harlow and Joe did murder Bryan, then yes, they certainly fucked things up for Sean. No question. Problem is, if Sean knew or even suspected those two of being involved with murder, why would he agree to film with them, let alone meet them in person again as he did just a few short weeks ago?

    This all brings me back to the Las Vegas dinner back in January, just a few days before Bryan's murder. Just what was discussed at that dinner between Harlow, Grant, Joe and Sean? Oh, to have been a fly on that wall that evening. What could we have heard?

    I always had a feeling that their were two killers in that house with Bryan that evening. I don't know why I thought that. Just the lack of defensive wounds and the ferocity of the murder led me to believe that. I think one kept Bryan's attention focused while the other did the killing.

    I'm speechless at the moment, glad someone has been apprehended but still anxious to learn more details in tomorrow's papers.

  3. one site is saying that a rental car had the exact mileage on their vehicle from va to pa. also a camera may have been found in the house of harlow. i hope they have enough facts to convict whoever did it..

  4. An arrest doesn't prove anything. Much of the time it's just political.

    Not having followed Jason's blogs, what would be Harlow's motive and opportunity?

  5. Elm, of course everyone is innocent until proven guilty. The evidence as I understand it includes:-

    (1)Bryan's video camera being retrieved from their home.(Physical evidence)

    (2)Them hiring a vehicle during the period of the murder with a mileage that corresponds with that between Bryan's home and their own. (Why does someone that boast about all their cars even hire a car ?)

    (3)They stayed in a Lucerne county hotel room on the night of the murder ( I though Harlow was suppposed to be with a client for 3 hours in Va.?)

    The motive........well lets not go there.

    This seems more than just an opportunistic arrest.

  6. Elm said:-

    "I still believe that the evidence is circumstantial at best and it will probably not hold up in a court of law."

    Sorry Elm, I too thought the arrest opportunistic but the above 3 items of evidence alone seem pretty damning.

  7. Very interesting, Cad. Thanks for the info.

  8. Two Virginia Beach men charged with homicide
    The two men from Virginia Beach facing charges in connection to the stabbing death of Bryan Kocis described the murder while visiting Sean Lockhart and Grant Roy at a nude beach in California three weeks ago, according to arrest papers.

    Harlow Cuadra, 25, and Joseph Manuel Kerekes, 33, visitedLockhart and Grant Roy at Black's Beach in San Diego on April 28, where Cuadra told Lockhart about the murder.
    Lockhart was a model for Kocis who owned Cobra Video, a company that produced and sold gay pornographic movies.

    Kocis was found dead inside his Dallas Township home on Jan. 24.
    Investigators said Kocis was stabbed 28 times to the front of his body, and that his throat was slashed before his home was set on fire.

    According to the criminal complaints:
    Cuadra and Kerekes traveled to San Diego at the end of April and met Lockhart and Roy.
    At the nude beach, Cuadra told Lockhart that "(Cuadra) was present when (Kocis) was murdered."

    A day earlier on April 27, Cuadra told Lockhart, "don't worry, he went quick," the criminal complaints say.

    Investigators used an electronic intercept to record the conversations, according to the criminal complaints.

    State police at Wyoming linked Cuadra to Kocis through several e-mail accounts that were set up prior to Kocis' murder. Investigators said that Cuadra leased a vehicle in Virginia Beach that he drove to Luzerne County on Jan. 23.

    While in the area, Cuadra and Kerekes stayed at the Fox Ridge Inn in Plains Township leaving on Jan. 24.

    Investigators also claimed that Cuadra and Kerekes were regulars at a gym in Virginia Beach and didn't swipe their entrance cards on Jan. 23 and Jan. 24, the criminal complaints says.

    Cuadra and Kerekes are each charged with criminal homicide, criminal conspiracy to commit criminal homicide, liability for the conduct of another, robbery, burglary, theft, tampering with physical evidence, abuse of corpse, criminal conspiracy to commit burglary, and two counts of arson.

    The two men are being held in Virginia Beach are may appear before a Virginia judge at 8 a.m. Wednesday.

  9. If this is true, Sean could be arrested for obstruction. The party is just beginning.

  10. Sorry guys, my email is just buzzing and I am getting so much info. I don't know how much is true but I am posting it as it happens, without taking sides or saying it is true.

  11. We know Harlow and Joe have top attorneys who, I'm sure, will be very involved in the proceedings to come. Expect the drama to continue for the foreseeable future.

    If they are guilty, it shows the arrogance of Harlow. Being so "out there" in the spotlight was not a bright idea, if he was involved with the killing. What was he thinking? Or perhaps he was of the thinking, maybe it's easier to hide in plain sight. For a time, I suppose it was. Blogging details about issues he shouldn't be talking about. Getting together and then talking about and posting pictures of he and Sean. Using the name "Drake" in a recent film. Then again, maybe he was smart in doing so. A number of us, myself included never thought he'd do or say some of the things he was saying and doing if he was, in fact ,involved with the murder. Guess he had us fooled.

    This reminds me; Where's Jim? He was one of, if not the first, to be so sure that Harlow was the murderer. Looks like he was right all along.

  12. One light aside. How do you wear a wire tap on a nudist beach :)

  13. Hmm, now I have to wonder, after reading this latest news article posted by Cad: Did Harlow and Joe not think they were being followed and having their every move monitored by the police? I mean, they know the raid that took place on their home and one would have to be pretty stupid, or arrogant, or both, to admit to murder like that out in the open. Wow!

  14. If anyone wishes to go back to my very first post I said that eventually the murderer would boast about it.

    I also noted later that Harlow clearly had some psychological weakness in the manner in which he continually boasted.

    It sounds like his ego got the better of him.

  15. Cad, could the police have been listening out of sight by long distance receiver or something to pick up on what was said on the beach, as opposed to someone wearing a wire?

  16. mj, I have no idea how the evidence was obtained. My own first thought was interception of wireless telephone conversations.

    Having read the comments and their own site can't you just hear them boasting. "No we didn't just stab him once, we stabbed him 28 times"

  17. Sean still wrote about Harlow and Joe fucking everything up when this story broke. If Sean and Grant were told about the murder by Harlow a few weeks ago, why did Sean write that about Harlow and Joe back earlier in the year?

  18. Elm, may I suggest that it would be prudent for you to remove your poll about Sean & Harlow filming together unless you are suggesting a prison fantasy. LOL

  19. could sean have been wearing a transmitter?

  20. Yes, Cad, all those at boybatter have a large boasting problem. This time, it may well have resulted in their arrest.

    Can't help but wonder what the guy who just filmed with Harlow last week is thinking now, knowing he may have filmed with a murderer. It just gives me the chills thinking about it.

  21. "could sean have been wearing a transmitter?"

    have you seen these ugly sun glasses he was wearing all the time in lak of any sun at the beach?

  22. nowadays they can be hidden anywhere..a friend was busted by one in a bic lighter!

  23. Anon @ 5:09 asks, Could Sean have been wearing a transmitter?" Possible but not on his person, as Sean and Harlow were naked on the beach. Now, I suppose it's possible Grant could have been wearing one if he stayed clothed or it could have been in Sean and Grant's belongings brought to the beach or it could have been a long range receiver of some sort the police were operating. There's a lot of mountain like formations high above the beach, so perhaps the police were up their out of sight but no so far away that they couldn't have picked up on their conversation. All just speculation at this point though.

  24. I wonder if we'll ever hear from Mark again, assuming there really is a Mark from Boybatter.

  25. If they were under surveilance by local law enforcement, it's extremely easy to pick up two people talking with a parabolic mic from the cliffs surrounding the beach.

  26. With the benefit of a few moments to reflect on all this craziness this is my first considered thought on what has happened:-

    The police had only circumstancial evidence against Harlow(and Joe). They also had evidence that implicated Sean & Grant as accessories - even as quite unwitting ones.

    Sean & Grant were offered a deal to obtain evidence from Harlow in return for no action against themselves.

    Accordingly, they met up on the beach on the pretence of having a shoot and in fact obtaining the evidence.

    Compare and contrast the happy faces on Harlow's blog with the restrained ones on Sean's.

    I have absolutely no evidence for this proposition. Do not flame me - please.

  27. That's what I was wondering, Nick. I thought it may be easy to do but I had no real idea. I wonder if the news articles tomorrow will shed any light on how this admission of guilt was obtained.

  28. Interesting theory, Cad. As of now, it seems to hold up and I find myself thinking you could well be right.

  29. Cad said...

    One light aside. How do you wear a wire tap on a nudist beach :)

    May 15, 2007 4:52 PM

    There were cameras, camera bags, backpacks, etc; It would be pretty easy to conceal a listening device provided by the authorities, I would presume?

    Oh, and a recording device doesn't have to be connected live to the police at the time of recording. It could act as a simple recorder able to retrieve and replay the conversations once the device is returned!

    Oh, and I can assure you, there was NO deal! Only cooperation in an effort to end the fiasco!

    Keep fueling the flame CAD! It's all only publicity now!

    Thanks a million!

  30. Reading about Bryan going quick makes my blood run cold. How could anyone be so nonchalant about something so awful. If Harlow and Joe are proven to be guilty, I hope they fry.

  31. 5:26 - nice to see you Grant. Glad to see you've come out of that dark hole of yours and joined the real world, albeit to show you're still an asshole.

  32. CONCLUSION: Pennsylvania Police acted to arrest Harlow Cuadra because they suspected that the Virginia Court would unseal the first search warrant affidavit that was filed to search Harlow's house. NOW, there is a second search warrant and a second search warrant affidavit to make up for any deficiencies in the first search.

    The Top Luzerne County Judge Michael Conahan announced he is retiring at the end of the year probably as a result of the scandal over why Bryan Kocis wasn't a registered sex offender.

    Elections were held in Luzerne County today in which ( a ) The Current DA is expected to be elected Judge; and ( b) The Current First Assistant DA is expected to be elected DA. The DA's office claimed that the 15 year old boy Kocis has sex with lied about his age and that Kocis had a "valid mistake of age defense". THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA DOES NOT ALLOW MISTAKE OF AGE DEFENSES IN CHILD MOLESTATION CASES.

    Sean Lockhart is terrified of Luzerne County, Byran Kocis tried to TRICK Lockhart into entering Luzerne County. Exactly what kind of witness would Sean Lochart make for The State when he is terrified of The State?

    There are easily more than 40,000 trained killers in Virginia Beach/Norfolk Virginia.

    With access to advice from Two expensive experience criminal lawyers, Harlow Cuadra still held onto a camera belonging to Bryan Kocis?

  33. My feeling exactly, Anon. I keep wonder what else they might have done over the years that nobody knows about.

  34. Anon, you seem to have a lot of knowledge about this. What do you think Harlow's motive was?

  35. Anon, also known as Bold faced Anon, says, "Keep fueling the flame CAD! It's all only publicity now! "

    Which part of a man being murdered and the subsequent murder investigation would you call publicity, Anon? And publicity for whom?


  36. as we have this break in story, i will stop my rants. time to be more serious now.

    i do not understand why harlow and joe would take it upon themselves to murder bryan. sean and grant in my mind are key to the murder. am i off track thinking this?

    elm, you owe me an apology. the others who said i was the murderer knew the truth all along i suspect and were doing their best to shift blame to a stranger.

  37. This evening's 64 million dollar question is what was Harlow and Joe's motive for killing Bryan? Did they enter Bryan's home with the intent to kill or did something happen while there that made them decide to kill?

    Any theories?

  38. bb, you're not off track. While this is good news, there are still more questions than answers - what motive did Harlow have for killing Bryan? And why did Sean mention both Harlow's and Joe's name (no one knew Joe was really Trent/Mark) when this story first broke? What exactly did these two "fuck up" back in late January/early February when Sean posted this comment, only to have Jody Wheeler remove it?

  39. The real juice of the story here is all the information Brent and Grant discovered as a result of these meetings at the urging of the authorities! How Bryan and Lee were working in unison behind the scenes from the beginning of the negotiations all the way to Settlement and signing.

    The types of seedy and shady activities that would and could undermine the very legitimacy of the Settlement!

    It will all be public record once the affidavits are unsealed revealing all email and electronic conversations, in addition to any concealed/recorded wire conversations!

  40. here is a post that I posted on Jasons blog in February.
    elmysterio said...
    Could Bret be Harlow?

    I just read the post by Jody and found all the information quite interesting. Now this is all purely speculative. Maybe Harlow did meet Bryan in Las Vegas. It seems that Harlow was looking to purchase some other video companies. Maybe he was interested in Cobra Video, LLC. He and Bryan agree on terms and plan to meet when Bryan returns from Las Vegas. Harlow sends out this e-mail on the 16th of January about great things to come to his subscribers on his web-site. He states that he and Brent will be working together on some new and exciting projects. Bryan decides that he does not want to go through with the deal to sell Cobra. He went to see Bryan to discuss and possibly renegotiate a new purchase plan. I stated in a earlier post that he could have gone to see Bryan with his partner and tried to do a “shakedown” and things got out of hand etc… Now after looking at the picture of his Honda. The one with the white Dodge pickup in the background. That could be the vehicle that was seen leaving Bryan’s house. I also stated Earlier that it is only a six and a half-hour drive too Virginia from Pennsylvania. So Harlow could have been home by 2:30 am. Now this Mark guy and his client are his alibi for the time that Bryan was killed. Can this be proven? This would explain why Brent decided to settle with Cobra Video and Bryan. He would be working with Harlow not Bryan. I don’t know how well Cobra’s business was doing as of late. It is stated that Bryan was having problems with his distributors and if you look at the Cobra site a lot of the titles are no longer available. The fact that Brent still has not proven his age only makes matters more interesting. It also keeps some of the most lucrative Cobra merchandise of the market. Now this could have been an elaborate scheme set up over a couple of years. This would explain why Bryan was killed in such a brutal fashion. Harlow was angry that he would not sale Cobra to him. Now they had to get Bryan out of the way of their plan for “PORN DOMINATION”. It was not planned to kill Bryan it was just a random event that was very spur of the moment. Harlow walks up behind Bryan and is rubbing his shoulders and sweet-talking him and Bryan says the one thing to set him off. Then in a panic he stabs him 28 more times to make it look like a crime of passion and sets the house on fire and flees the scene. It could happen. Or it could just be some random crazy who did this. There are so many unanswered questions out there and it just gets more and more twisted as the days go by. Maybe I should be a scriptwriter because this would make a good movie.

    7:41 PM

    Well looks like my post predicted the future. Scary huh

  41. Next question is will Sean mention this on his blog? Would seem odd for him to make another post and not say a word. And will he, in his blog post, mention meeting Harlow in January 2007, a few days before Bryan's murder and again in April 2007, a few days before Harlow's arrest?

    I doubt it.

  42. i really want to pour my heart out, but i wont, at least not yet. i do not know why bryan's murder affected me the way it did, i never knew him, i have never met sean and grant either. i know none of the players. all i witnessed was what went on online. it horrified me - this was before the murder.

    i hope bryans family gets some kind of closure when this is over. i hope those who did this get what they deserve.

    where are all the sean/grant/harlow supporters today?

  43. 5:38, are you saying Bryan and Lee were working together to ruin Sean and Grant, for lack of a better word? If this is the case, why would Sean still be "working" with Lee and not suing his ass?

    Doesn't make sense. Then again, everything Sean and Grant have said hasn't made any sense.

  44. btw, having a defendant already in jail is an old prosecutor's trick because ( a ) in theory the person is unable to work and afford private legal counsel; ( b ) the potential jury pool sees that the guy is already in jail and assumes that the guy must be quilty of something.

    The organization using DNA to free wrongly convicted people is now up to 200 people who were convicted of crimes they never committed.

    TRADITIONALLY, it has been very hard if not impossible for $40,000 a year government lawyers to convict people who can afford top tier defense attorneys and private investigators.

    I'm sure Luzerne County can convict anyone of anything so, Look for Harlow's lawyer to move to get the trial held outside of Luzerne County.

  45. More than scary, Elm, it's downright eerie.

  46. You made a ton of assumptions in that post of yours Elm. Let's see if any turn out to be true.

  47. May 15, 2007 5:38 PM

    i asked those very questions on the blogs in early march and was immediately accused of being the murderer.

  48. BB, Nobody owes you nothing!

    It is my assumption you are either Aaron or Damon Kruezer? If that being the case then you are just as much as scum of the earth as Bryan, Lee, Harlow and Joe!

  49. 5:45... you're coming across as psychotic. I have no doubt you're really Grant Roy... no one in their right minds would post the things you have without mentioning Sean and Grant. They can do nothing wrong and everyone else is scum.

    I'll include you in the latter.

  50. Anonymous said...

    5:38, are you saying Bryan and Lee were working together to ruin Sean and Grant, for lack of a better word? If this is the case, why would Sean still be "working" with Lee and not suing his ass?

    Doesn't make sense. Then again, everything Sean and Grant have said hasn't made any sense.

    May 15, 2007 5:41 PM


  51. "TUNED" only has one N.

  52. i think sean and grant will be arrested if they have not been already.

    to think a week or so ago sean was filming with harlow. maybe sean did not know, but i feel certain grant knew harlow/joe did it. thewn i go back to the "fucked it up" comment from sean.

    care to elaborate more jody?

  53. May 15, 2007 5:45 PM

    whats the matter grant? the heat getting to be too much for you?

  54. bb said...

    i think sean and grant will be arrested if they have not been already.

    to think a week or so ago sean was filming with harlow. maybe sean did not know, but i feel certain grant knew harlow/joe did it. thewn i go back to the "fucked it up" comment from sean.

    care to elaborate more jody?

    May 15, 2007 5:49 PM

    They have not been arrested and will not be! So are you going to apologize to them for all the false statements you have made and continue to make?

  55. Didn't Sean post something about getting over things and getting back to the business at hand, when it came to settling things with Bryan?

    Why would Bryan have fucked it up? He lost a tremendous amount of money (not to mention his reputation and eventually his life) when the underage story came out. It would have only helped him to get Brent Corrigan back under the Cobra umbrella.

    As for Sean, he couldn't make it on his own, and he couldn't even make it with a major porn studio. The agreement would have allowed him to perform under the BC name (bareback or covered) and finally get his career back on track.

    So unless Bryan truly hated Sean for what he did (I think Bryan was in love with Sean, for what it's worth), it makes no sense for him to have been working behind the scenes with Lee to screw Sean and Grant one last time. Yes, Cobra would have taken over LSG (or whatever the term would have been) and yes, Sean would finally have a salary to his name (all coming from the MOU, in case anyone has forgotten... that means you Grant!).

    Did Grant hate Bryan? Yes, it's been well-documented. Did he hate Bryan enough to want to see him dead? We'll see...

  56. BTW May 15, 2007 5:45 PM assume what you want. it will not change any of the facts.

    you failed miserably placing the blame onto anyone else. you are clearly depained er deranged - as are those that bought into sean's woe is me crap. as far as i am concerned your just as bad - if not worse than the names you mention.

  57. False statements Grant? What false statements? Harlow knows both you and Sean. You both met him and Joe in Vegas a few days before Bryan's murder. Harlow and Joe have now been arrested for said murder.

    Even a dumb ox like you can connect the dots.

  58. I'm surprised Aaron's name keeps getting mentioned by Sean's camp. Austin and Bryan were quite close too - should we accuse Austin of being scum too?

  59. Elm, with all due respect given that you have accused everyone over the past months of being Bryan's murder it is hardly surprising that you should have a post on hand to show that were right all along.

    The consensus amongst you and the LSG camp was that Bryan was murdered by :-

    (1)A rent boy (which he did not use)

    (2)Aaron Phelps (who got on great with Bryan)

    (3)A pissed off Cobra Boy with AIDS (That was never identified)

    (4)The 15 y/o boy ( who could have sought financial redress in the courts)

    Rather than the most obvious culprits. Follow the money.

  60. May 15, 2007 5:53 PM


  61. "Harlow and Joe fucked everything up" - Sean Lockhart

    'nuff said.

  62. Bold faced Anon - Grow up! This isn't a game and we don't want to "stay tuned," at least not to anything you may have to say. We're passed the viciousness that you participated in and spread on this blog. We've moved on from that. If Elm wants to allow you to post your negative, borderline harassing comments towards us and the deceased until the end of time, that's his choice, but I'm through listening to you. As I said, grow up or go post on Sean's blog, where you came from. Now is not the time for your attacks. Any remaining respect anyone had on this blog for you is quickly disappearing. Please remember, Anon, what you say here and elsewhere on the internet reflects on Sean and his blog.

  63. naturally elm is back trakcing now. elm was used as a puppet, that is very clear to those with open eyes. i do not hold it against him. no point really.

    the truth is finally coming out, that is the important thing right now.

    cad you are correct elm accused everyone at some point of being the murderer. jim was consistent with his thought, i was consistent, you the voice of reason through all of this have always been consistent.

    cad i will email you one day soon if that is ok.

  64. Are most of Sean's supporters (minus Grant) so deluded about getting into Sean's pants that they will defend him till the end of time?

  65. I am a Sean supporter, to an extent, in that I've been a fan of his and supporter of BCO since day 1. However, I do not, have not and will not defend Sean where issues have been raised, questions asked and discrepancies uncovered which he's chosen not to address or acknowledge upon being asked.

  66. Patric said...

    "Are most of Sean's supporters (minus Grant) so deluded about getting into Sean's pants that they will defend him till the end of time?"

    so far, none have made any comments under their usual names. i suspect they are sitting back right now to see what happens next.

  67. Sean had sex with a murderer. He really needs to wake up - unless he is involved.

  68. bb said...
    naturally elm is back trakcing now. elm was used as a puppet, that is very clear to those with open eyes. i do not hold it against him. no point really.

    the truth is finally coming out, that is the important thing right now.

    cad you are correct elm accused everyone at some point of being the murderer. jim was consistent with his thought, i was consistent, you the voice of reason through all of this have always been consistent.

    cad i will email you one day soon if that is ok.
    May 15, 2007 6:04 PM

    Bb why do you assume that I am back tracking? What am I back tracking about BB? I posted a blog comment that I posted on Jason’s site showing where the police most likely got the scenario for this whole mess. I didn’t believe that Harlow and Joe had anything to do with it then and I don’t now. BB you just don’t get it you take what you want from anything that is written and make it say what you want it to say.

  69. Elm, you don't believe Harlow and Joe had anything to do with Bryan's murder? Um, okay. Can I venture a guess and say you feel the same way about Sean and Grant? So why were Harlow and Joe arrested for criminal homicide? The police got it wrong???

  70. ok can someone please clear something up for me? who's the guy that was arrested with Harlow? was it his "boyfriend" the military guy thats he escorts with, or is it mark@boisrus/ sorry for being so out of the loop

  71. OMFG.

    I can't say anything more right now, as I have a meeting now (GAH!) but a FULL JIM GLOATFEST will be served up, hot and juicy, in a few hours...

    OMG I'm having heart palpetations from the gloat surge buiding within me...ARGH!!!!! Ack! gurgle!...

  72. Jim, what took you so long??? I expected you here hours ago!

  73. jim baby, go for it, you deserve it :)

  74. Elm, one very simple question that we have evidence for on-line.

    Harlow posed an on-line question on 29 January 2007 about how to use his new camera. (See Julien's blog for the link)

    The very same model of camera that police discovered in his house as having belonged to Bryan.

    Do you you consider that:-

    (1) coincidental
    (2) irrelevant
    (3) planted evidence

    There are only 3 options.

  75. looks like this blog is getting way more posts than jason's

  76. Hey Jim! I was asking about you just a hour or so ago. I knew you'd be by soon with this news and all. Looking forward to your next comment!

  77. elm, after the arrest and founjd evidence (bryan's camera) you still think harlow and joe had nothing to do with bryan's murder. who do you think did it? come on, say it now.

    you can keep up this who is bb shit, it has nothing to do with the murder of bryan, no matter how much you wish it did.

  78. Jim, just looked back up. We had the same response FUCK FUCK FUCK.

  79. i have to admit it too:

    jim you were right from the beginning :-)

  80. isn't jim right because he's grant and he had inside info about this all along perhaps?

  81. Anon @ 6:22pm says, "ok can someone please clear something up for me? who's the guy that was arrested with Harlow? was it his "boyfriend" the military guy thats he escorts with, or is it mark@boisrus/ sorry for being so out of the loop"

    Joe is "Trent" from boybatter and boisrus and he's Harlow's boyfriend and he's who was arrested today along with Harlow. As for Mark, his identity is more of a mystery...

  82. mj, isn't Trent/Mark/Joe the same person?

  83. Anon @ 6:35pm says, "isn't jim right because he's grant and he had inside info about this all along perhaps?"

    For a time, in the beginning, Jim was accused of being Grant even though I'm certain that Jim is not Grant. Grant is posting here on Elm's blog though, however, he's doing so as an Anon.

  84. Oh for the love of Cthulhu, many of you guys are just off your bloody rockers.

    All of the details of this tragic affair are forthcoming. You'll just have to wait.

    This isn't an episode CSI:Pennsylvania, after all.

  85. Patric says, "mj, isn't Trent/Mark/Joe the same person?"
    That is a possibility. I honestly do not know if they are one in the same.

  86. It is over for Sean and Grant. At some point they and their cohorts accused everyone of being the murderer. But never did they accuse Harlow. Hmmmmm.

  87. 6:42, they (or should I say Sean) accused Harlow and Joe of fucking things up. Maybe this is what he meant?

  88. Jody said...

    "Oh for the love of Cthulhu, many of you guys are just off your bloody rockers.

    All of the details of this tragic affair are forthcoming. You'll just have to wait.

    This isn't an episode CSI:Pennsylvania, after all."

    if you say so.

  89. Of course another joyous piece of Schadenfreude ( sorry it is the one word the German's get absolutely right ) is that Harlow spent so much time boasting about the number and power of his cars.

    Given that, how will he explain the need to hire one on the very same night to do the very same distance as travel to Bryan's home.

    Oh, I just wish I had my US bar license.

    DeWayne accuses me of having too much faith in justice. The truth is that day-to-day I see more stupidity than injustice.

  90. "This isn't an episode CSI:Pennsylvania, after all"

    hahaha, thanks

  91. Jody says, "Oh for the love of Cthulhu, many of you guys are just off your bloody rockers."

    In regards to what, exactly?

    "All of the details of this tragic affair are forthcoming. You'll just have to wait."

    We're waiting, Jody, we're waiting.

    "This isn't an episode CSI:Pennsylvania, after all."

    Exactly right. This isn't a TV show, no, this is real life.

  92. "Oh, I just wish I had my US bar license"

    really? me to.. not sure why, u just seem like a good guy cad, but tell us, what would u do ?

  93. Jody, Grant... they all seem to have some insider knowledge the rest of us are lacking. Could it be the police truly did work with Sean and Grant to catch Harlow?

    Actually, the more I think about it, the more unbelievable that sounds. First, why would they share this with anyone, including Jody? Second, what would motivate Sean and Grant to help the police find the murderer of a man they both despised with every ounce of their being? And third, why would the police choose to work with a couple whose wanted nothing more than to see Bryan dead?

  94. can somebody enlighten me please:

    what is a us bar license?

  95. May 15, 2007 6:44 PM

    Sean took back that comment the day after it was made. The excuse was made via Jody. I forget the excuse he gave. Sean and Grant have accused several people, Caleb, Aaron, the 15 year old Bryan had sex with and many others of being the killer.

    If Sean and Grant thought or even knew that Harlow was the murderer, why did he make porn with Harlow two weeks ago? By all accounts, a good time was had by all concerned.

    I suspect Harlow and Joe will cut a deal to avoid the death penalty.

    This is just the beginning.

  96. bb, correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think Sean himself has ever blogged about Harlow. Did Sean blog about their April meeting?

  97. Sorry ab. A bar license is the qualification/certification necessary to plead before a US court.

    As a UK lawyer I have no right of address in a US court.

    I would relish the opportunity to prosecute this case as a US district attorney.

  98. Elm, why so quiet? We rely upon you to lead your blog.

  99. patric Sean did not mention Harlow by name, he did make reference to him though in the past, nothing about their most recent meeting which they were filmed having sex. Apparently the footage was really (source DK's site - re interview with Harlow). Sean has used his cohorts to make comments on these blogs about his dealings with Harlow.

  100. Apparently the footage was really BAD.

    (source DK's site - re interview with Harlow).

  101. Who stole Bryan's camera and planted it in Harlow's home?

  102. bb, no offense but Damon Kruezer is not the most reliable of sources.

  103. Sean has never mentioned Harlow by name on his blog or anywhere that I've read. As BB said, Sean has made indirect reference to Harlow in the past, about their discussions taking place in the summer of '06, which Harlow also talked about in his first blog post on his own site last month.

  104. Anonymous said...
    Who stole Bryan's camera and planted it in Harlow's home?

    That would be Harlow himself.

  105. mike in TN said...

    judge judy says.. If something doesn't make sense it usually means it's not true. while i'm in no way suggesting i dont believe harlow is guilty, it simply does not make any sense. why would someone who is young, handsome, has money in the bank, the car(s), the house(s), the job with benfits, the fans...ect. go jeprodize all of that and commit this heinous murder? again it simply dosn't make much sense

  106. If we could go wider. It has been said that Harlow killed Bryan in a turf wars dispute regarding porn studios.

    Harlow has already boasted of his millions and cars acquired from what seemed like a low level operation.

    Was Cobra a threat to his revenues or expansions plans ?

    Or, what was his real motive ?

  107. Just stopping by to say hi to my friends and aquaintances....HI

  108. patric , none taken, I know DK is a nutter. However nobody has denied his claim that he did speak with Harlow. Lets face it, Harlow has been enjoying any and all publicity. I think he probably did speak with DK. time will tell.

  109. Hi Albert, kind regards from germany!

  110. Bryn, may I thank your culture for "Schadenfreude".

    It just loses something in translation.

  111. it will be interesting to find out if Sean and Grant knew they were being recorded with Harlow. I tend to think not. Was the Sean and Harlow filmed porn made before or after these conversations?

    Hey Elm, still think Harlow had nothing to do with the murder? why are you being so quiet?

  112. I still think Grant hired a hitman - Harlow

  113. This comment has been removed by the author.

  114. Hi Albert. Good to hear from you. Hope all is well and I'll see you around the blog.


  115. Jody said:-

    "All of the details of this tragic affair are forthcoming. You'll just have to wait."

    That implies that Sean does/did know who killed Bryan. Surely 28 stabbings is not going to be presented as self-defence?

  116. CAD, you really are a card, you know that right?

  117. i still wonder,

    what exactly did harlow and joe gain from the murder? the camera?

    did they expect the popularity from their initial connection to the murder and believed they won´t get caught at the end.

    died they expect brent is now free to work with them. there are many more porn stars out there as to have to kill to get brent.

    without all the evidences i wouldnt believe it.

    schadenfreude is the wrong word for all this. i would use it, if someone is kicked in his ass when he deserved it. this story is just sad, very sad. 3 destroyed lives for nothing.

  118. Harlow killing Bryan doesn't make any sense. It just doesn't. Now that doesn't mean he didn't do it. Just that it doesn't make sense.

  119. Bryan did not call Sean the Toxic Twink for nothing.

    Sometime back I dismissed Harlow as a murderer on the basis that he had already achieved so much that he had nothing to gain by being associated with the failing LSG.

    Then having read the boastful posts it became clear, as I said, that this was a person with a definite psychological weakness.

    The point about schadenfreude was that most people could explain the hiring of a certain vehicle. For Harlow, with all those posts over the car engine, near cars and talking about cars the hiring of a boring old SUV takes more explanation.

    I agree with Jody that more will become known, although I have yet to be convinced that Sean will receive a Nobel Prize.

  120. Two Beach men charged with murder of Pa. porn producer
    By JON FRANK, The Virginian-Pilot
    © May 16, 2007 | Last updated 11:13 PM May. 15

    VIRGINIA BEACH - A Virginia Beach male escort and his partner were arrested Tuesday in connection with the slaying of a gay porn film producer who was stabbed to death earlier this year in Pennsylvania.

    Harlow Raymond Cuadra, 25, and Joseph Manuel Kerekes, 33, both of 1028 Stratem Court, were arrested by Beach police about 10 a.m. on Virginia Beach Boulevard as they drove in their black BMW, according to Barry Taylor, a Beach attorney who represents Cuadra.

    The two men, who operate Norfolk Gay Escorts and Norfolk Companions Inc., as well as at least two Web sites, have been suspects in the case since Beach police executed a search warrant at their home in February.

    On Tuesday, they were taken to Virginia Beach police headquarters while investigators with the Pennsylvania State Police considered a host of charges against them relating to the slaying of Bryan C. Kocis of Dallas, Pa., on Jan. 24.

    Someone killed Kocis, a producer of gay films and owner of Cobra Video, by cutting his throat. He was then stabbed 28 times and burned. His body was discovered by firefighters who were called to a structural fire.

    Pennsylvania authorities on Tuesday unveiled a 54-page document that spells out the charges and evidence against the two men. Besides criminal homicide, Cuadra and Kerekes may be charged with robbery, burglary, arson, theft, tampering with evidence and conspiracy, Taylor said.

    After the arrest Tuesday, Beach police executed another search warrant at the Stratem Court residence.

    Latest Videos

    The DOT: Teachers stage fake gun attack on students.. Pop star in VAB

    Center stage at the Chris Richardson Chesapeake celebration

    Raw Video: Reporter, Scientologist Face Off

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    Police are investigating whether to charge the men with violating Virginia's Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, conspiracy to launder money, and conspiracy to receive money from the earnings of male or female prostitutes, according to the search warrant.

    Taylor said Tuesday afternoon that the detailed document and affidavit will take some time to digest.

    "We are trying to sort through it and see how strong the evidence really is," Taylor said.

    Kerekes is being represented by a Pennsylvania attorney, Taylor said.

    The Pennsylvania document details a complicated case against the two men, tied together by a maze of e-mails.

    Most of the e-mails are between the victim and a person named "Danny Moilin. "

    In an affidavit, Pennsylvania authorities claim that Moilin is an alias of Cuadra's that was used to set up the victim.

    The affidavit claims that the motive for the crime was money.

    Cuadra and Kerekes, the affidavit says, believed Kocis to be their main rival in the lucrative gay pornography business, and they wanted Kocis out of the way so they could form a relationship with Kocis' main pornography star, Sean Lockhart, who is known in the gay film industry as Brent Corrigan.

    The affidavit says that extensive electronic communication took place between Moilin and Kocis just prior to Kocis' death. The communication was filtered through multiple addresses in an attempt to disguise its origination point.

    It also says that a vehicle matching the description of the vehicle seen leaving the scene was rented by Cuadra in Virginia in the days leading up to the killing.

    The affidavit says that Cuadra and Kerekes bought a knife at a Beach gun shop prior to the slaying

  121. Oh My God. What an article.
    I now believe that Harlow and Joe killed Bryan. But I still believe that Brent and Grant really wanted them to do it.

  122. Wow, some damning evidence right there...

    Cad, did you ever hear Bryan mention the name "Danny Moilin?" Just wondering how long (hours, days, weeks, months) Harlow may have used this alias to converse with Bryan before his murder.

  123. This arrest isn't the least bit surprising. As soon as the photo of Sean and Harlow in SD appeared, I assumed it was an attempt to entice Harlow into confessing, probably with Sean's cooperation.

    I didn't think Harlow would be stupid enough to open his mouth, but there you go.

  124. cant believe i have to work all day and cant read any of this until tonight

  125. For motive, I'm not buying Harlow and Joe killed Bryan out of potential competition. That doesn't make any sense. As for them wanting Bryan out of the way so they could work freely with Sean. Yes, I can believe that.

    My problem though is, if the murder was premeditated, and if prior to Harlow's meeting with Sean, Harlow didn't know all that much about Bryan other than he owned and ran Cobra, what exactly made him decide murder was the only option? Again, we're back to the dinner in Vegas between Joe, Harlow, Grant and Sean. Something must have been said by someone that convinced Harlow that murdering Bryan was the only way he'd be able to work with Sean.

    j-bee, looks like you and Jim are on the same page. He's been saying Harlow's guilty since nearly day 1.

  126. even if they could not get sean for filming, there are a lot of other pornstars who would eagerly work for boybatter.

  127. elm come out come out where ever you are.

  128. Well I have been quiet so far because I have been reading the news reports and all of your posts and the motive just does not make any sense. The police seem to be under the impression that Sean was still under contract with Cobra Video. The fact that they assume there was a turf war is taken straight from the Velvet Mafia plot. I just don’t get why Joe and Harlow would commit this crime. It just does not make sense, if Sean could do the Velvet Mafia with Falcon then why could he not work with Boybatter? There are crucial details missing here and there is still allot of speculation involved in this case. All I can say is this whole case is twisted and sick.

  129. MJ said...

    "For motive, I'm not buying Harlow and Joe killed Bryan out of potential competition. That doesn't make any sense. As for them wanting Bryan out of the way so they could work freely with Sean. Yes, I can believe that."

    I agree with you.

    The meeting in Vegas, the visit to San Diego, all roads lead back to Sean and Grant. They had the conversation two weeks ago on the nude beach. Yet since then they have been using their puppets to accuse others and divert (failed miserably btw) attention from the truth - something Sean and Grant are experts at doing.

    As a side note, maybe we will find out the truth once and for all about Sean's age.

  130. elm the most obvious thing to me right now based on what we know is that Harlow was indeed a hitman.

    in that scenario it makes perfect sense.

    what is sick ind twisted is the way you acted during this, accusing me a total stranger of being the murderer.

    i do not know where you were getting your information, nor do i care. you were played to the hilt by whoever it was. hope you realize that.

  131. if sean were to work with boybatter, cobra would have got a share of any money made as would lee/lsg. grant would not stand for this IMO. these are whores who do what they do for money, money they do not want to share.

  132. elm where are the rest of your cohorts?

  133. BB I'm going choose to ignore you. So enjoy yourself.

  134. elm after all your false accusations and lies, it does not surprise me one bit you'd ignore those who were right all along.

    what were you saying about crow pie in another thread?

    you made a complete fool of yourself. nothing can take that away.

    even after the arrest you still say Harlow did not do it LOL.

    but hey, you did not run and hide like the rest of your cohorts... thats something i guess... not much... but something.

  135. I'm baaaaack! : )

    Hoo, where to begin...

    Oh gawd, for once, I'm speechless (much to delight of many here no doubt, lol!).

    OK...ahem...give me a few moments here to gather my thoughts, read more carefully all the recent posts, check out the latest news articles, etc etc.

    Hoo boy... : )

  136. welcome back Jim :)

    are you in anyway connected to any of the players in this drama?

  137. Jim, talk to BB. He is feeling ignored.

  138. For everyone still having trouble with the motive, please consider that Harlow and Joe were NOT raking in piles of money from their little website. For the past couple of months, they've always come across to me as completely full of crap.

    Considering how fascinated a lot of posters here seem to be about the porn business, there isn't much insight about how money gets made in it and what you need in order to make it.

  139. Just a quick thought well actually 2. 1. There is not enough information here to make any judgment on anything, so I would think all should keep their powder dry before making any conclusions. 2. I never met Brent Corrigan or Bryan Kocis but it does not take a rocket scientist to see that a 17 y.o. is no match for a power and money wielding Porn Producer. I think banging on Brent is misguided. Give the guy a break whatever the outcome of all of this he gave more to all of you than you ever gave to him, and does not deserve the scorn I have seen here. People never stop and look at what the cost of porn is on the performer, you all just act like you own him. Fact is no one ever owns a model; they are human and did not give up that right to strangers who think they know them.

  140. bb,

    No, do not know the parties, and as a matter of fact...

    One of the decisions I'm weighing now is whether to reveal my identity.

    The main reason I've been careful to be anon so far is that I did not want to end up getting stabbed 29 times by someone who 1) I knew to be capable of such a deed; and 2) had a very good reason in recent months to want to track me down, look me up, and stab me 29 times.

    There are still a host of lesser reasons, ie, modesty (LOL!) but now that the reason for my safety concerns has been taken off the streets, I am toying with the notion of going non-anon, yes.

    I will probably wait until after the bail hearing at least, to make this call...heh!

    So, bb, "stay tunned!" : D

  141. wouldn't it be funny if everyone who donated to that first "brentaid" were somehow contributing to the fund that was used to pay harlow to whack bryan???

  142. jim, do not do it. god only knows what you'd open yourself up to. i think i know who you are, i have thought so for a while now.

    despite our cordial rants to one another, you have always remained somewhat pleasant and polite.

    do not reveal your identity, this is nowhere close to being over.

  143. Jim,

    That's a curious post. If you didn't know anyone involved, I can't see why anyone would want to track you down. Unless you were responsible for some other evidence related to the case.

    I guess we'll find out, if you decide to share it.

  144. allburp - fuck off :)

  145. This is all still unfolding and will continue to, I'm sure, for a while. But a few things strike me...

    It's amazing to me that Joe/Harlow stayed in a hotel in Pennsylvania, and even more amazing if they were in possession of a camera that could be traced to Bryan.

    It will be interesting to see if they stick to a not guilty plea, or try to implicate Sean/Grant as complicit (wither they actually are or not). They can't have it both ways - but then again, they will soon be faced with serious decisions individually rather than together.

    I've assumed for a while that the police had a circumstantial case against them but were trying to collect more evidence. Perhaps the first Sean-Harlow meeting (San Fran was it?) was the initial attempt that didn't work out.

  146. J-Bee Jim said from the very beginning on these blogs that he was sure Harlow committed the murder. If Harlow was pissed enough he could well have decided to track down Jim and have him taken care of to shut him up.

    Do not forget who the players are. Whores and murderers with no scruple's. In fact they have gone to great lengths to lay blame on total strangers posting in these blogs.

  147. jbee the first meeting took place in Vegas shortly before Bryan was murdered. the second meeting took place in San Diego two weeks ago. Harlow was in SanFran, Sean was not.

    if they had any other meetings, they have not yet been reported.

  148. bb,

    Yes your probably right. Wouldn't be prudent.


    BINGO! Your prior post was spot on: All this talk about Harlow and Joe having all this money was smoke and mirrors. From day one I never bought it.

    Harlow may have owned some cars and a house...but did he have EQUITY? In other words, real wealth?

    Assets - debts = real wealth.

    I suspect Harlow and Joe were in debt up to their eyeballs.

    Which is how they came up with this cockamame murder scheme of theirs. I think the police got the motice exactly right...a gay porn "turf war."

    But then, you'll say "How could Harlow and Joe be so stupid to concoct such an idiotic scheme?"

    To which, I reply: THEY ARE THAT STUPID! PERIOD.

    I mean, take "Drake Menendez" for example. A stunt of breathtaking stupidity! Even if they were innocent, such poor taste could only backfire in the long run, loosing them more customers and industry respect than it would have ever gained in the short run.

    It was from Drake Menendez and on I realized that the folks over at Boybatter...Harlow, Joe and Mark...were NOT the sharpest tools in the shed.

    But how stupid are they really? The exact degree on their overall was not clear even to me until today. The whole "he died quick" chat on the beach...OMG...ach...I cannot think of a superlative to put in front of "stupid" to describe this.... OMFG!

    And so you see j-bee, that covers your other I did not have contribute any evidence or anything like that...just accurate analysis...still, you have to be careful when dealing with violent, stupid people, like Harlow and his entourage.

  149. BB,

    It seems far-fetched that someone completely unconnected to the investigation would be in danger for posting anonymously on a blog, especially when most people seemed to reject the idea of Harlow being invoved - although admittedly, some of those people might have been posting from Virginia. Then again, I guess you never know.

    I knew about the Vegas meeting of course, and the more recent one. For some reason I thought there might have been one in between, but I guess I'm mistaken.

  150. elmysterio said...

    "no dear I want your job"

    to mark/joe.

  151. J-Bee you are not really mistaken. there was a rumor that they had met in SanFran. that rumor was flatly denied by the sean camp, one of the rare times i believed them.

  152. Jim,

    Yeah, we're on the same page - more than one of them I think. Some of their boasts were absolutely prepostrous, including much of Harlow's comments on Jason Curious a few weeks ago.

    For a while I thought they'd been much more careful and there was a chance that the police would end up with an entirely circumstantial case that couldn't be prosecuted. But a hotel stay in the murder vicinity? Possession of the victim's stolen property? And finally, of course, talking about it in San Diego.

    Assuming all that is true, of course. Presumed innocent, etc.

  153. I have so many random, unorganized thoughts right now, all competing to be typed out post for them all would be too long. So I'll put them in seperate posts.

    First thought out the door: Damon Kreutzer.

    Oh my gawd.

    OK we all here already know DK is a buffoon. But still...

    Has any blogger in history EVER managed to embarrass himself to this extent in a single day? THE VERY DAY he does an interview canonizing Harlow...Harlow get arrested, and a mountain of incriminating murder evidence against him unfolds...


    I mean, it's everything here, the timing of the arrest, right after lofty heaps of praise on such a SWELL guy Harlow is, plus the sheer NAUSEATING degree of the praise...all BLOWN UP in Damon Kretzer's face, in a single day!

    Hee hee haw haw haw haw HAAW!

    Yes Damon, lets compare Harlow and Brent, shall we? Harlow: in jail. Brent: not in jail.


    Oh, but don't worry, Damon...I'm not laughing AT you...I'm laughing WITH most everyone else AT you! Heeheehee... : D

  154. Jim,

    On your 'recommendation' I just read that Kruezer thing. Yeah, it's quite... remarkable.

  155. Thought two: What did Brent know, and WHEN did he know it?

    That's the $64 question now.

    I think we'll find out for sure in tomorrow's papers, with their full stories, but if I had to say now... appears to me Grant and Sean were in on the police sting operation all along.

    bb of course will not like this : ) but that's my sense of it at this point.

    The news stories (to this point) are silent on the key question of whther Sean and Grant were aware Harlow was being evesdropped on at the beach. Based upon what we do know, however...the nervous look on Brent's face in the photos, the fact that bold faced anon and Jody are NOT concealing their giddiness at this time...means this is all good news for them.

    "Stay tunned!" Actions speak louder than words, and right now they are acting like they just won the lottery. Hate to break this ya bb, but you gotta admit...

    So, it looks like Brent may come out of this all smelling like a rose!

    Also, I just checked the Union Tribune, apparantly the major newspaper in San mention of any arrests in the Kocis case occuring in that fair city. No mention of it at all in fact. Unlike the Pennsy and Norfolk papers, which are running major stories.

    We'll find this all out for sure tomorrow though I'm sure. But thats how its all looking to me right now.

  156. Jim; only $64.00 ?? wow, you're cheap LOL jk

  157. I would guess that Brent/Sean were cooperating to get evidence from early on, but then again they were - and quite possibly are still - in a difficult spot.

    Someone you met with in Vegas is the chief suspect in the murder of your enemy days later. Obviously the police are going to think you might have solicited the crime, or at least encouraged it somehow. If you want to prove otherwise, refusing to cooperate probably isn't wise.

    Of course, should Harlow or Joe decide to talk, their account of what was said or suggested or agreed in Vegas might be very different from what Sean/Grant have claimed to police.

    It's going to be interesting for a while yet.

    Are we going to get a look at the complete document detailing the evidence?

  158. Random thought 3: bb, is right about one thing, IT's NOT OVER!

    Not by a long shot. Harlow and Joe have one card left to play, and I have no doubt they'll play it...

    They'll try to say Grant and/or Brent contracted the hit, in exchange for a plea bargain.

    WHETHER THIS IS TRUE OR NOT, Harlow will say this.

    Now, if I'm right and Sean and Grant have been aiding the police all along, Harlow's ploy will fail UNLESS two conditions are met: 1) the accusation is true; and 2) Harlow has HARD evidence prooving it.

    By hard evidence I mean an actual email or voice recording of Grant plotting murder with Harlow. Harlow's tale of such a conspiracy alone won't cut the mustard.

    Doesn't mean Harlow won't rry, after all, he faces the death penalty. But in order to get a plea by fingering Grant/Sean, he'll need more than words out of his mouth.

    We'll see if Harlow has got the goods on Grant/Sean. I suspect he does not...but we'll see. Like bb sez, this ain't over! Not quite, anyways.

  159. Jim,

    I think you're right, but it's a tough choice for Harlow and Joe whether to play that card. First, their lawyers need to take a hard look at the evidence and assess the likelihood of a conviction. After all, you can't claim not guilty while also claiming you were put up to it by Grant/Sean. You need to choose one or the other.

    It also depends what else is on the recordings from San Diego.

    Finally, as of tonight it's probably no longer Harlow+Joe, but rather Harlow and Joe facing these decisions separately.

  160. Thought 4

    Question: Will "Bagdad Bob" be arrested and charged with anything?

    Mark of Boybatter could conceivably be charged as an accessory after the fact, if he peddled that false "Harlow was with a client" alibi to the police, as well as to the media and us here.

    In additon, I notice Virginia is getting involved in the action, charging Harlow with a variety of conspiracy and prostitution charges.

    What, you say? Prostitution is illegal in Virginia? Noooo! Say it aint so!

    Reading Mark/Bagdad Bob here on a daily basis, it was easy to come away with the impression that ordering a Hooker in Norfolk was as legal as ordering a pizza.

    Will Mark get swept up in the prostiution charges, along with the other Batter Boys? Stay tuna-ed!

  161. again we are all back to speculation. jim you could right, i will not discount what you say coz you called harlow from the start.

    the meeting in vegas is bothersome. maybe sean and grant are the ones who cut a deal. again, the vegas thing.

    we have had the sean cohorts and grant on these blogs accusing everyone of being the murderer. if they were working with the police, i do not think they would do this... unless it was for the benefit of harlow to give him a false sense of security. regardless, all these players are evil monsters.

    one thing is for sure, this was done because of sean... whether it is his fault or not is another matter. we will find out. this will drag on for most of the summer i expect.

  162. Jim,

    FYI, Jason Seachrest posted earlier tonight that Mark=Joe. No big surprise there. You didn't really think BoyBatter has staff, did you?

  163. the silence from the sean cohorts is deafening. they are probably waiting to see what info is released before they attempt to start more shit - they can hardly claim any of us are the murderers now, not that whats in front of their face wont stop them. even elm said after the arrests of harlow and joe that he thinks they did not do it. LOL.

    another thing for sure is they were played like puppets big time.

  164. The fact of the matter is you all don't know the truth. And you probably never will. There is so much deception involved that the deceivers don't even know the truth anymore. All I will say is wait and see what happens next. And we will see who put who up to what.

  165. j-bee,

    Oooooh that is interesting!

    And yes Jason would be in an ideal position to know that, having had direct contact with them.

    Hmmmm. OK thought #4 is probably moot.

    It's a tad odd though, to have maintained that deception...I wonder why they did so?

  166. from JS site, he brings up a few good points:

    Jason Sechrest said...

    And since we have established that Brent was in contact with Harlow long before all of this happened, why was I the first person to call the police with his contact info? They told me that received no other leads, no phone numbers and were totally grateful.

    Why didn't Brent call them before me? Confused on that too.

    So many questions. I'm just glad the police are getting to the bottom of it.

    11:38 PM

  167. BB,

    The Vegas meeting is critical now. Even if Grant/Sean didn't suggest anything remotely like murder, somehow Joe/Harlow got the idea. What's more, they appear to have thought that Grant/Sean would go into business with killers afterwards. What might have given them that idea?

    Maybe it was a conversation, or even a comment, after too much champagne, that some people took more seriously than others.

    Who was at that dinner? Just the four, or was there anyone else? Do we know?

  168. my take on those comments, JS thinks sean is somehow involved. this is js back tracking again. first he thought sean was involved, then said he knows for sure he is not, now this. hmmm.

  169. we know for a fact grant had mentioned hiring a hitman before this dinner. when that info came out the sean cohorts at first denied it, then they changed their minds and claimed is was said as a joke.

  170. Jim: It's a tad odd though, to have maintained that deception...I wonder why they did so?

    You mean to have invented Mark? Simple - to make their little operation seem like a bigger company, with staff.

  171. i am pretty sure it was just the four of them. harlow bragged at the $3000 cost of dinner for four.

  172. To who ever it may concern I have maintained a relative silence on this subject today because you all are doing enough speculating for me. I choose to wait and see what evidence the police have regarding the arrest. I am not going to possibility jeopardize Harlow and Joe’s future or the evidence of this case with a statement. What I will say is that I have reported on this to the best of my knowledge and any false statements I have retracted. So you can believe what you want from my silence but I am not going to comment on the arrest until I have further details.

  173. I think Sean/Grant had reason to crap themselves when Bryan was killed and Harlow's photo turned up - regardless of what they said or didn't in Vegas, whether meant seriously or not. This accounts for their getting criminal attorneys immediately. I would have too, even if I were completely innocent.

  174. the dinner in vegas, the sean comments "harlow fuck it all up" "harlow is on the run", yet he did not contact the police. JS contacted the police. hmmmm.

    we already know jim is right. i am not prepared to discount sean and grant yet. once i knew they were not in PA on day of murder, i went with the hitman, it was the only thing that made sense. no way did i ever imagine it was harlow at that time.

  175. elm stop your lies, you accused me of being the murderer and never retracted that. it is too late for credibility, you lost it a while ago when you were being used as a sock puppet.

  176. elm BTW speculating is all you have done from day one of this blog. it is clear in all your posts.

    not once did you wait for any facts when you were throwing out various accusations.

  177. Anon: The Drake photo made a conventional hitman implausible. If Grant had arranged a hit, why implicate someone who'd be tied back to him, even if only by association?

    Elm: I'm eager to see what evidence is in the indictment too. We've only gotten some of it, or hints of it, from the initial news reports.

  178. elm i do not wish to be harsh, you fucked up, you made mistakes, face up to it, lets all move on with the TRUTH now it is becoming available.

  179. mmm mark = joe - that makes sence looking back at the mark posts ... and looking at brent and harlow on the beach - one has to think why brent looked to sad and lost - and the "brent has to deal with stuff" comments at harlow ... it does appear to fall into place that on the beach brent found out the truth ...

  180. jbee, they are clearly very stupid people. i am sure none of them expected the 'drake' image to be made public. we still do not know who alerted the police as to that image. i imagine bryan sent it to someone saying this is the model coming over tonight.

  181. rob, i forgot about that comment. wow.

    "brent has to deal with stuff" comments at harlow

  182. Rob, I'd guess Sean knew the truth the moment he learned that Bryan was dead. Maybe not with 100% certainty, but I doubt the beach conversation was a revelation.

    Also, the news reports say Harlow made another incriminating statement the day previously.

  183. BB,

    Yes, the Drake image screwed up the entire plot. Than again, maybe it wouldn't have mattered. The police seem to have tracked down a lot of e-mail correspondence in the days before the murder. Quite possibly they'd have found the image anyway.

  184. BB you are a fucking idiot. You have accused everyone who does not agree with you a murder or a member of the “Sean Camp” I did just as you did called you what you called me so get your head out of your as. You have ranted on this blog and any other blog who did not delete delusional your comments cobra killer this and cobra killer that. Don’t you dare come here and start some shit with me you little backtracking ass hole. You have put you foot in your mouth more than anyone else on this blog. And I for one am tired of your stupid ramblings. So go away, far away. As far who accused whom of murder you have done your fair share bitch.

  185. The Times Leader has an updated story with more detail:

    Investigators learned that Cuadra and Kerekes met Lockhart at a gay film convention in Las Vegas in mid-January. While having dinner at a restaurant at the Bellagio Hotel, Cuadra discussed filming pornographic movies with Lockhart but Lockhart was reluctant because he was under contract with Kocis.

    Cuadra then asked questions such as, “What if Bryan left the country and what if he went to Canada.” Kerekes then said, “Harlow knows someone who would do anything for him,” according to the criminal complaints.

    It also says Harlow rented the car in VA under his own name, and they checked into the hotel in PA using Joe's ID. Also:

    A few days after having dinner with Lockhart and Roy, Cuadra purchased a background history for Kocis through USA People for $39.95 on Jan. 20, the criminal complaints say.




  187. Oops, forgot this tidbit:

    Roy, who was at the dinner, told investigators Cuadra was talking about killing Kocis.

  188. Thought 5

    Grant vs. Lee - The (LSG) Civil War.

    Clever title, eh? : )

    bold faced anon (LOL! I love calling him that!) made some interesting cryptic comments about Lee today. No doubt in furtherence of their, um, civil war.

    We've got their accusation about Lee being in cahoots with Byran during the suit (a claim that does not seem implausible, given what we know of Lee Begeron's character)...but is BFA now hinting some sort of direct involvement by Lee in the murder?

    I guess we'll have to "stay tooned" for a further elaboration on this.

  189. Mmm, this new Times Leader story is rather irksome.

    It does not QUITE say Grant and Sean were cooperating and/or aware of the police evesdropping in San Diego. There is an implication of such (Grant asking the set up question: "Did he suffer?") but it does not explicitely spell this ou, leaving some small room for doubt.

    Looks like you can be agnostic on this question for a little while longer, bb!

  190. hey elms .... yes funny how quick they bag ya and your theories ... i'm sure much will be revealed ... and i only hope it is proved as truth ... the associations and the conversations as reported in the 54 page ducement -
    so will we ever see that document ???

  191. Taylor said Tuesday afternoon that the detailed document and affidavit will take some time to digest.

    "We are trying to sort through it and see how strong the evidence really is," Taylor said.

    how strong..... gee would hope they were sure they had the right man/men

  192. elm such an attack, oh my. just what upset you? besides you being wrong and kissing the ass of a murderer.

  193. Despite all the news evidence, I still can't see a good MOTIVE for HC and co. killing Bryan - it doesn't make sense (for a camera and possible porn company when they are only starting out in their own company and it has only grown since this story come about).

    A few things lead to this conclusion:-

    * Who would send a picture of themselves to someone they are going to kill?
    * Who would kill someone then take a camera and then ask for help how to use it under their own name?

    No one, that's who - even someone stupid could cover their tracks better than this in a heart beat. Harlow and Mark/what's his name don't strike me as at all stupid - NOt at all.
    Same can be said for Brent and Grant - they very Intelligent - you can see this from his blog.

    So why were they arrested - I think so to flush out the real killer/through a curve ball and see what happens - see if the real killer moves/does something to reveal themselves further.

    Yes I concede that the reported evidence looks horrible but we need to ask ourselve why we are being given this much information, when the police have not released much to date.

    No Harlow/mark did not murder Bryan - No way, No Reasonable MOTIVE.

    Not signing my name, cos' ya all are going to yell at me:( or is the type at me (doesn't have the same ring to is:) That's my theory for what it's worth.

  194. "Roy, who was at the dinner, told investigators Cuadra was talking about killing Kocis."

    always someone else's fault eh. hopefully harlow will tell what the cobrakiller said during that conversation.

  195. BB you silly bitch. You kissed his ass as well on his blog. so shut the fuck up. I read the posts you delerious bitch.

  196. this report has even more details

  197. yes would appear that Grant Roy - did some ... fast dobbing in

  198. its still freaky - and feel many posters and bloggers are in shock