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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Messiness part II ver 2.0

People lets focus here Brent has said that he has made mistakes. He has also stated that he owns 30% of a company and he has no say in the day to day operation of it. Lee Bergeron is the majority shareholder in this company. He should take just as much responsibility in this whole mess as Sean and Grant.
We know Sean broke a contract and stated that he was under aged when he filmed his first scenes for Cobra Video. If Sean would have produced his birth certificate Bryan with his previous history would have most likely lost everything or even gone to jail.
The age issue now is really a moot point. If he were 21 then the original scenes he filmed for Cobra would be back on the market. I think it is real easy to figure that one out. Here is a cashed link to Cobra to trust Lee. They know this now. They were to busy trying to take care of the other legal issues facing them. And get their membership site open to bring in some revenue. It is now open for business but there have been no up dates to the site other than Brent's blog and no new content added. This is one of the major points of contention between the partners. The other one is that they have not been paid for their work. It is rumored that Lee is shopping the material that was filmed and trying to get a DVD and distribution deal and not share the profits with his “partners”. Sean and Grant have tried to begin discussions with Lee but he is ignoring their requests. As for the webmaster Jeremy he is the only one at the company who is apparently getting paid. He is paid by Lee and reports directly to him as well. As far as Sean and Jeremy not communicating it is because Sean feels that Jeremy does not have the skills required to make the site fit his vision. and looking at the site I would agree. So I hope this answers the web-site questions.

Now to touch on the question of why Sean and Grant continue on with LSG Media. If they leave they get nothing for their work. That would be a big win for Lee. He could sale the video of Sean and not have to pay them. Grant and Sean’s only recourse would be to sue LSG Media a company that really has no assets other than Brent Corrigan. Lee could sale the videos that have been filmed so far and pay the Cobra Estate and pocket the rest. I am of the opinion that this is exactly what Lee wants. He wants Sean and Grant to walk away from LSG. After he makes his money he will dissolve LSG Media and move on to his next scam. He has done it before and the sad thing is that it is legal because Sean and Grant trusted him.

How does Harlow fit in the picture? All he wanted to do was work with Brent Corrigan to help bring a higher profile to his new company. Boybatter is just really starting out and to have one of the most notorious twink porn-stars in one of their videos would be a great boost for their site. So Sean recommends him to Bryan. Just a nice gesture to help him out. Harlow also uses Sean to get back in good with Falcon Studios. The only problem is that Bryan gets murdered and Harlow’s picture is on Bryan’s hard-drive. It was most likely one of the last pictures downloaded by Bryan. Sean spoke to Bryan the morning that he was killed and they could have talked about Harlow then.
As far as a time line of who spoke to or had contact with Bryan the day he was killed we know Sean spoke to him that morning and Lee spoke to him that afternoon and Cad had a instant message conversation with him that day as well. All these times have been listed Sean around 9:00am PST. Lee at 3:00 PST and Cad at 5:00 est. so if you take in to account time differences Lee spoke to Bryan at 6:00 est. he was the last person to talk to Bryan. He is also the one who said that Bryan was expecting a model. I do not know where the name Drake came from but I am assuming that is just a police trick. There never was an e-mail with Drakes picture attached. Cad said it himself that Bryan was very discrete with new models. So I highly doubt he would e-mail a picture out to someone.

Now we will get back to Harlow. Harlow says he was with a client on the night in question yet the police have not questioned him or tried to establish if his alibi is credible. They got a search warrant and searched his home and they still have not even spoken with Harlow or Joe. This fact is very troubling to me as well as Harlow having no apparent motive to want Bryan dead. They have their own company, which is doing well and they have money so I doubt they are “hit-men” as some have stated but I could be wrong, but not likely. So that just does not fit. Bryan probably did have a model coming over and I bet it was some drugged out ex Cobra boys who wanted some money. I still have questions about the missing Maesrati. It has not been mentioned again in this case. You find that car and you find the killer. I can see the news headline now “Tweaked Out Twink Kills Gay Porn Producer”. Just another sad example of the affects of “Tina” on the gay community.

As far as the settlement goes during the negotiations there was a gag order in place on both parties and all documentation was to be sealed. The fact that we know so much about it is due to the fact that LSG Media’s attorney was trying to get released from the case for their lack of payment to his law firm. The general public was not intended to see those legal documents. The final agreement is sealed to protect the parties involved in the civil matter. Mainly Bryan who stood to loose the most if the information in those documents became public knowledge. The fact that it was stipulated in those documents that Sean was to make a public statement that Bryan did no know he was under-aged is quite telling.

The police have questioned all involved with the exception of Harlow. Because the police do not have any solid evidence connecting Harlow to the crime, just a picture and a assumption that he was the model mentioned. So that is where I stand on this case if you have any questions or anything to add please feel free to do so.
This is Elmysterio and Im out.

Friday, March 23, 2007

In search of a hottie

This is a new thing on my blog, a hot man search, I know we are all in search of a hottie, so search for this one. He's so hot its like looking at he sun.
Well I was checking out the Just Us Boys web-site and someone was asking who this guy was. My reply was that he was my husband, I wish, the guy is hot. He is so hot that I had to write about him and post his pic on my blog. So if anybody knows who this hottie is drop me a line. So that I can burn my eyeballs out staring at his hotness. Thank you in advance.
This is Elmysterio and I on a hunt.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A conversation between Brent and Jeremy. I do not think Jeremy is to pleased

Elmysterio is not pleased with the latest situation at LSG Media. What is the deal Brent. I post your blog for you because you say that the powers that be won’t let you post what you want to say. As I have stated before I don’t believe in censorship. But I will not be played. I also said that I would remain skeptical of all that you say. And it has been proven here again that you only tell your own brand of truth. The pity party is over you need to put up or shutup. You have fans who love and adore you but you play them against your partners and your webmaster. Who you said would not work with you and Grant but it appears that was a lie as well. The fact is that you do have a webmaster and you have not been in contact with Jeremy since November. Maybe that’s why the powers that be would not let you hire a new one. What is your game little man? You are losing face at a rapid pace and no matter what kind of spin control you try to put on this it won’t work this time. You are hanging on by a thread and it is unraveling as we speak.

A conversation between Brent and Jeremy. I do not think Jeremy is to pleased.

Brent Says:
March 20th, 2007 at 6:03 pm
Brent says: Hey Everyone!
I figured I’d drop by and just say hello for a minute . . . maybe answer some of your comments.
The hair is new from about a little more than 2 weeks now. When I first got it cut, it was disappointedly too short. It’s growing out nicely though and I don’t have any intentions of keeping it short. I’m glad some of you like it! But don’t stress, it’s just something to mix up the look a little. I don’t see this as a permanent fixture. So if you don’t like it as much, you don’t have a whole lot to worry about.

March 21st, 2007 at 4:52 pm
Jeremy Says:
Jeremey says: I felt the need to post a response to Brent being “creatively crippled”,

Brent says:I’m really glad to know some of you can see the importance in this simple little blog post. The fact that there are so few words here doesn’t mean there isn’t a big message here. I’m pleased to see some of you are picking up on that. I’m proud to know I have friends, fans, and viewers who understand the importance of my involvement here, and my happiness in doing so.

Jeremey says: so here it is Brent has not given me any new banners to put up and will not allow me put any up without his creative opinion, which I have not been given.

Brent says: You see, it’s a very simple concept. When I’m happy, I work well. I’m creative. The ideas flow. The interest catches on more strongly. I’m a more captivating person. When I’m not happy, when I’m upset, or when I’m stressed and unsure, all those great qualities are lost behind such feelings.

Jeremey says: He also NEVER calls or emails me about things he wants to have done. NEVER.

Brent says: Some of you are right! “Quit playing the victim, Brent!” I’m trying everything to stay on, stay focused, and show that I’m committed here. But, at some point, if I don’t get some commitment from others, I can’t see a reason to continue involvement here. If I’m a victim at all in this scenario, it’s simply that I trusted in business when I should have contracted in business.

Jeremey says:
I check my email as those of you that have been emailing me know. I also answer my phone and have taken several calls/texts from Grant.

Brent says: I’m excited because, as I’ve wanted to before, I’m ready to begin dispersing my eggs into other baskets. I’m picking up some promo work here in San Diego, I might involve myself with some pride events, and I’m looking at filming another short film with Jody Wheeler.

Jeremey says:
The last time I had any communication with Brent was back in November when I had to leave San Diego.

Brent says:I just really want to let all of you know I’m proud to have you here on the blog.

Jeremey says: That’s also why the only changes that have been done to the web site have been the actual blog posts.

Brent says:I know you are all here for your own reasons and I hope I’m managing to feed your Brent Corrigan appetite, no matter what sort of Brent Corrigan diet you might have. If your Brent Corrigan diet mostly consists of my adult work, then once again I apologize for not being able to deliver the things I want and should deliver. I know it’s been a long wait but I’m hoping it hasn’t been too excruciating.

Jeremey says:
We do have video updates coming within the next couple of days.

Brent says:The Member’s Only Site is up and open for business! Yes, you currently can subscribe. My one fear at this moment is that it’s not up to my standard and I’m concerned about how much I will be allowed to be involved in the refinement of new material. These things are out of my control at the moment. What I can guarantee you is that if and when I get a little more slack, you will not be disappointed. Until then, I’m afraid I can’t take too much credit with what comes along in the very near future.

Jeremey says:And as far as me emailing him when I’m ready… that’s not my responsibility. And after this post, I wont.

Brent says:But! What’s already there on the Member’s Only site is just the foundation of a vision Grant and I are both diligently worked and are working toward. If we get a chance, we’ll take it further. Admittedly, we’re very amateur. We’re learning a lot as we go, as I mentioned before. But all the substance is there, and we both feel like, should we be allowed to continue as we were, we have a very fun, real product to bring to all of you and we don’t aim to disappoint! Ok, enough of the shameless website promotion.

Jeremey says: If he wants something changed, he has ALL of my contact information.

Brent says:I’m cooking up a new ASK BRENT article. I’ve got some fun ideas for posts but because I’m feeling a little creatively crippled, my execution on these is slow coming. So, please, do me a favor and help me cure my creatively crippled position and e-mail my webmaster.
I want to continue doing polls, I want to add galleries and new banners, I want to add an online store. I would like to change the header photo on the top of the blog. I can’t do these things myself because I don’t have access to the back end of the website. The webmaster “Jeremy” has to do it. He’ll probably take note of these possible changes if you all point out to him that the place is getting a little stagnant. I can’t seem to make that message clear to anyone who can make changes . . . Make these requests to Jeremy and have him e-mail me when he’s ready. Again, you can e-mail him here

Jeremy says:
You guys can keep emailing me and I will continue replying to all of them, but I will basically tell you the same thing as is written here because it is the TRUTH.

This is Elmysterio again asking the question why are you doing this Brent. It is obvious that you don't want to do it anymore. If you are over the website shut her down and move on but don't try to cause it to implode. Haven't you caused enough problems already. Just move on most of your fans will understand.

I'm out.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


How do we describe all the happenings in the world today? Just looking at what’s going on with the Kocis case and the infighting at LSG Media makes me wonder? It appears the only ones profiting from this whole thing is our friend “the person of interest” and his company. How can that be you ask? Well let’s see, before Bryan Kocis was murdered had you heard of Boybatter much less Harlow Cuadra? No I think not. And if you had you were keeping it to yourself. These are some savvy opportunistic businessmen we are talking about here. They took what could seriously be considered something negative and turned it into a money making venture. The name Drake was nation wide news and so was the name Harlow Cuadra. And about the name Harlow can you believe that. I mean get real he looks the way he does and he was born with that name. It’s just so fitting. Ok so back to the subject, what does Boybatter do, they have Harlow the infamous person of interest meet the elusive Drake in a porn film made the weekend of the GAYvn’s in San Francsico. And they give Drake a last name, can you believe this it’s Mannendez.
I have to admit it’s all clever but it still rates high on my tacky scale. The web master at Boybatter is reading all the blogs that talk about our friend Harlow and he is posting site updates for the readers. I find that so considerate of him to keep us informed of all that is Harlow; thanks Mark. I must admit Harlow is attractive in a devious kind of way. He’s a cross between dangerous and sweet. A scary combination if you ask me it just spells trouble. Yes, he has all the right equipment to be your favorite sexual fantasy
And I bet that some of you are fantasizing about him right now. Which is what BoyBatter is banking on. I for one have visited the sight but only for information purposes. I have not actually seen any of their video material, just the incessant samples that they throw at you as bait. But I am all for people making a buck, but I can not condone doing it in a hurtful way. But as I said before Harlow is a dangerous beauty and he can suck you into his world of sexual intrigue. So to all those who have made the trip to Boybatter I will understand the fact that he made you weak.
Well I got a reply to this post from Mark@Boybatter who says that he does exist. So I am going to correct this post to reflect that. Mark I hope that you can understand my skepticism. There has been some questionable things happening with you guys as of late. Now I will make it Harlow Joe/Trent or JT and Mark. It does make sense that they would have an agent per say and would not answer the phone themselves. So you stay behind the curtain and help the boys get that cash.And now I just want to give a shout out to Mark ,Harlow and Joe/Trent from now on referred to as JT. Good luck guys.

This Elmysterio and im out