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Black helicopters
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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


How do we describe all the happenings in the world today? Just looking at what’s going on with the Kocis case and the infighting at LSG Media makes me wonder? It appears the only ones profiting from this whole thing is our friend “the person of interest” and his company. How can that be you ask? Well let’s see, before Bryan Kocis was murdered had you heard of Boybatter much less Harlow Cuadra? No I think not. And if you had you were keeping it to yourself. These are some savvy opportunistic businessmen we are talking about here. They took what could seriously be considered something negative and turned it into a money making venture. The name Drake was nation wide news and so was the name Harlow Cuadra. And about the name Harlow can you believe that. I mean get real he looks the way he does and he was born with that name. It’s just so fitting. Ok so back to the subject, what does Boybatter do, they have Harlow the infamous person of interest meet the elusive Drake in a porn film made the weekend of the GAYvn’s in San Francsico. And they give Drake a last name, can you believe this it’s Mannendez.
I have to admit it’s all clever but it still rates high on my tacky scale. The web master at Boybatter is reading all the blogs that talk about our friend Harlow and he is posting site updates for the readers. I find that so considerate of him to keep us informed of all that is Harlow; thanks Mark. I must admit Harlow is attractive in a devious kind of way. He’s a cross between dangerous and sweet. A scary combination if you ask me it just spells trouble. Yes, he has all the right equipment to be your favorite sexual fantasy
And I bet that some of you are fantasizing about him right now. Which is what BoyBatter is banking on. I for one have visited the sight but only for information purposes. I have not actually seen any of their video material, just the incessant samples that they throw at you as bait. But I am all for people making a buck, but I can not condone doing it in a hurtful way. But as I said before Harlow is a dangerous beauty and he can suck you into his world of sexual intrigue. So to all those who have made the trip to Boybatter I will understand the fact that he made you weak.
Well I got a reply to this post from Mark@Boybatter who says that he does exist. So I am going to correct this post to reflect that. Mark I hope that you can understand my skepticism. There has been some questionable things happening with you guys as of late. Now I will make it Harlow Joe/Trent or JT and Mark. It does make sense that they would have an agent per say and would not answer the phone themselves. So you stay behind the curtain and help the boys get that cash.And now I just want to give a shout out to Mark ,Harlow and Joe/Trent from now on referred to as JT. Good luck guys.

This Elmysterio and im out


  1. bout time that hot asss marine trent gets a shout out...hooraaa

  2. i think if the judge opens the GREAT SEALED affidavits tomorrow we will all know a great many angles on a GREAT many things LOL

  3. Hey elmysterio, just wanted to say THANKS hummm I think for those words in your blog, but I would have to say one thing, Mark does NOT equal Trent, hes hot and all but I do exsist as my own entity and persona, as the billing admin computer specialist etc and i do most of the escort hiring at boisrus. Joe/Trent hired me 3 years ago when the biz started taking off and has been very kind to me. Joe & Harlow are genuine and honorable studs and if you ever met them would agree.

  4. So Mark really does exist I need proof show me your picture I want one with you Harlow and joe together you can e-mail me or you can put it up on your site or blog. oh yeah you can keep you clothes on Harlow and Joe im not so sure.

  5. Hello Guys! Mark here from I did not attend this am in court but i did get breifed by barry taylor (harlows attorney) and he was very pleased and upbeat on all matters. he said the court room was a rarely used classroom sized type over fill room where the judge had only 1 item on his docket , that being Harlow! A state trooper and PA detectives and Prosecutor were present along with Norfolks local media.
    the affidavit was not opened says the judge due to its length and specific nature of the deceased (details of the manner of killing I assume) He said the affidavit, normally 2 small paragraphs was pages and pages long.
    Barry was upbeat because NO, I repeat NO warrants for any arrest for Harlow or Joe were LIVE or PRESENT and that the trooper met Barry Taylor after and said Harlow & Joe were only "persons of interest" and that hasnt changed. And we can only assume because life goes on with Harlow filming and starring in new XXX features that Police really arent concerned with further questioning or even interviewing him. baffling I know. Barry Taylor will now begin petitioning the circuit court of appeals to have the ruling by the judge over turned (costly but well within Harlows financial grasp) Barry himself says out of pocket for Harlow may be 200,000 bucks to have his personal GREAT name restored.
    on a side not, is now at 1800 active members, an all time high and from inside info from our billing co is within the top 6 currently live for active subscriptions and I am proud to announce will be operational for DVD distribution shortly as the SWAT team raid all but destoyed the "Bravo Two" 10,000 buck printer for DVD covers.
    O well...we thank you for your obvious financial & interest support!