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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Why are there so many personal attacks against Brent Corrigan

What is the problem here why does everyone want to attack Brent Corrigan? What has he ever done to any of you?
There is just so much speculation going around about him that it has made me want to correct some of the misinformation that is being thrown about. So class lets begin. Your first lesson is the reason Brent left Cobra Video. I have read the depositions and he is very forthright about his reasons for leaving Bryan and Cobra Video.
And they have to do with sexual harassment and threats of personal harm as well as mental terror. It has been implied that Bryan was not aware of Brent’s under age status. This is false, Bryan was aware of this fact early on and it has been said the he conspired to perpetrate that lie. What was originally sent to Bryan was a fax copy of an altered Drivers License and birth certificate. This would not have been sufficient for the 2257 files that Bryan was supposed to maintain for his models. So Bryan needed to get ID for Brent which he did and that was the documentation that he had in his 2257 files. Just so you doubters of Brent’s true age know his birth certificate was never supposed to be made public and he is under no responsibility to do so. As a matter of fact that is the last thing Bryan wanted was for that ID to be made public. To me this was just a sad mess that Brent got involved in and he tried to get out of. Yes he did run from Bryan and “break a contract”. But here is another fact for you all. A porn contract is actually non binding. Because you can not legally sign a contract for sexual services. This was only for modeling. Also sex with someone underage and it does not matter if it is consensual or not is against the law. The same goes for filming sexual acts of minors. I do believe you or I would have done the same thing if we were Brent and in the same situation. Bryan was abusive and controlling and he not only wanted Brent to be a porn model for Cobra Video he also wanted Brent to be his sexual plaything as well. I believe it might have been different if he just wanted him to make porn videos but Bryan wanted to have sex with him as well and that is considered sexual harassment. Which I might add is also against the law. Bryan told his models who performed in his bareback videos that he was using a “fool proof” HIV test which was a lie. He subjected these young men to serious harm and or even death. The world of porn can be an ugly business and all involved have to make sacrifices. But there are sacrifices that we are not willing to make. When it came to Brent’s choices he was condemned for them. It is really a sad state of affairs that came about because of all this. What you have to realize is that Brent tried to put this to an end and reveal his id to the FEDs and put Bryan behind bars.
But the justice department did nothing about it. Many of you have been questioning why Bryan was not arrested and why? Well did it ever occur to you that Justice Department might not have cared? All Brent ever wanted was for Bryan to leave him alone and let him live his life. If you ever read anything that he wrote that was always the underlying message. The problem was that Bryan wanted Brent and considered Brent his personal property Bryan got a trademark on the stage name Brent Corrigan. He plastered degrading pictures on a web-site about Brent. He made harassing phone calls and he even stalked Brent. I’m sure you have heard about the incident at Mickys when Brent was appearing there at Cocktails with the Stars and Bryan sent some goons to take a picture with Brent and the latest Brent Corrigan DVD box cover. And you all know that Bryan denied that he had anything to do with it. Well that’s not the truth. Bryan was there on that night and here is the picture to prove it.
You all really don’t get it do you? Bryan Kocis was a not a very nice person and he would do anything in his power to ruin Brent Corrigan. And it looks like he might be succeeding to do just that in death. I seriously doubt that Brent, Grant, Harlow or Joe had anything to do with the murder of Bryan Kocis. The fact that Bryan treated Brent the way did when he wanted him as his “Cobra Prince” is disturbing at best. You have got to realize that he must have treated other people much worse. Do you really think Brent was the first person Bryan did this to? Allot of you continually refer to the term Cobra killer. This term Cobrakiller referred to Cobra Studios. It was in reference to destroying the studio and putting it out of business and putting Bryan behind bars for the crimes he committed. You do realize that if Bryan had to register as a sex offender he would not be allowed to run a porn studio. It had nothing to do with wanting to have Bryan Kocis killed. By all accounts Bryan should have been required to register as a sex offender but the courts of Luzerne County somehow did not require him to do so. Bryan continued to operate his porn studio from the basement of his house in a residential neighborhood. You really need to do some research on Bryan Kocis before you condemn Brent.
LSG Media were the ones who initiated the settlement agreement and Grant Roy was instrumental in that process. Bryan was content to ruin them and he was not thrilled initially about the settlement. He wanted Brent and he thought if LSG Media was no more that Brent would come running back to him. Bryan was delusional at best if he thought that would ever happen. To Bryan, Brent was a cash cow and he wanted to control him and use him to make more money but he could not do that with Brent in another state. Bryan lied in Pennsylvania to the courts to get Brent back to Luzerne County. He tried all types of deceitful tactics to get Brent back. Why do you think Brent would not go back? Would you go back and be subjected to Bryan’s threats and abuse? That was not going to happen because Brent would drop that name before that happened. And he was prepared to do just that. Bryan was sent a mockup of the new web-site and this made him more amicable to the settlement. I can understand the fact that some of you don’t like Brent Corrigan and we don’t really need to here it a trillion times. But we really need to stop the character assignations now. You need to understand that this has been a hard period in his life. Does it really make you feel good to berate him constantly? I know it appears that I am being unsympathetic towards Bryan but the truth can be ugly.

Every murder case is like a puzzle. Everybody has his or her own solution. Aside from the actual facts which are questionable at best what really did happen in Dallas Township, PA on the 24th of January 2007. Do we really have a clue?
Here is what we have heard or read about this case. January 24th 2007 @ around 8:30pm EST a fire was reported @ 60 Midland Dr. Dallas Township PA. The fire department arrived 10 minutes after the fire was reported and extinguished it 10 minutes later. A body of a burned man was found on a sofa in the back of the living room. An autopsy was performed and it was determined that he did not die in the fire but that his throat was slashed and he had been stabbed 28 additional times and there were no apparent defensive wounds. He was later identified through dental records as Bryan Charles Kocis the homeowner. The police get 6 search warrants 3 are sealed and the other 3 are mysteriously leaked to the press. The ones leaked are the ones for the internet and phone records. The police release a picture of a young man and say that he might be a model who was to meet with the victim on the night he was killed. The police believe that this model goes by the name of “Drake”. And they believe he might be from the Allentown, PA area. This information comes from a business associate of the victim. There were 4 people on record who were in contact with the victim on the day he was murdered. And there was no mention of a model to any of them from what I have heard. for more information on the events before and after the murder click here. The fact that Harlow got mixed up in this mess is at best speculative by the police. If Harlow who is a porn model was going to work for Cobra Video you would think that he would have done a little research on the studio. He met Brent Corrigan and he would have with out a doubt asked him questions about Bryan and Cobra. As to why he would want to work for Cobra is beyond me. What really troubles me is the picture that the police have of Harlow. Which they say was used by “Drake” to set up an appointment.
This is a low-resolution picture and it really is not that clear. There is a model application on most porn web-sites that clearly states what is required to be a model for that particular site. Cobra Video has one. The police do not have any hard evidence against Harlow or anyone else for that matter or they would have made an arrested by now. The police have released limited information on the actual facts of this murder and are hiding what information they have in sealed affidavits under the guise that it is sensitive information. You must also be made aware that the police will release misleading information in many instances when they don’t have hard facts. So as it stands we are at square one and there has been no news on this case for over a month now. With all the speculation and name calling aside we really need to focus on the facts. And one of them is that there are no new ones to speak of.

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hottie's of the week

I was at the "Nude beach"this weekend and saw these two "Super Stud Twink Wonders of the New Millennium". Who would of thought.

Well I have a opinion poll up to the right and you can vote for this project. So if you want to see the hottest video in history vote and if you don't want to see history made vote as well.

Apathy is not an option. So let the polling begin. This should be fun.

Harlow and Brent are all hot and bothered and waiting for your responce.

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