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Saturday, June 2, 2007

The king and the Prince or Gay, Sex, Lies and video discs

I have been following the saga of the Brent Corrigan/Bryan Kocis fight for quite sometime and it just got uglier by the day until it finally culminated in murder. The cast of characters is quite interesting to say the least. This is a story full of intrigue and scandal. It features porn stars and porn directors and male escorts and porn studios and sex and kiddy porn and lies that you would not believe, what more could you ask for. It seems it all started with a simple lie about ones age and progressed to murder.

When our anti-hero Prince Brent of Cobra told the King/director/producer that he lied about his age there was a meltdown in communication on their part.
The under age Brent had a knight in shinning armor come to his rescue and then there was a war of words in the small gay land called Juicygoo. Because of this war Juicygoo soon became a battleground of insults and accusations and innuendo against and by the warring camps. They consisted of the Sean Camp which was lead by their fearless leader the Cobra Killer and his alter ego Casey Cain and the Cobra Camp with the knight Bio Boi who was Vanquished only to return as Truth be told who was a self proclaimed defender of King Cobra. This fight was about the use of the name and web persona of Brent Corrigan the former Prince of Cobra. Who was forged from the depths of a hidden hell called Cobra Video. Brent defected from Cobra Video to start his own Principality called LSG Media but was stopped at every turn by his former mentor the one and only King Cobra.

At every turn their efforts were squashed. This in turn caused serious anger problems with the Cobrakiller and he made spurious threats about the destruction of the land of Cobra. Cobra was a well-liked land because of the young and nubile subjects that lived there. These subjects were ruled under the firm hand of the King and were forbidden to speak unless agreed to by the King. But some had a different opinion of the King and this was in large part due to the constant attacks by the Cobrakiller who shouted from the highest mountain in the land of Juicygoo all the nasty things he could about the King of Cobra. This angered the King and he went to the authorities of Justice and had them file a writ of civility against the land of Sean Camp. Meanwhile in the land of Boybatter there was a Knight called Stud wonder that with his King MJT wanted to align with the Sean Camp and merge their forces to bring down King Cobra and reap the vast rewards of such a collaboration.
They had several secret meetings via the electronic super highway and decided to meet in the fabled land of Las Vegas where they had a round table conference in Castle Le Cirque.
This secret meeting was held and there was an agreement made as per the Decree from the land of Boybatter to their loyal subjects. This decree stated that they would be working together with the Prince of Sean Camp and all would be well and prosperous. Well back to the Authorities of Justice, they helped the King of Cobra file an injunction against Sean Camp to stop all revenues for their Principality. This writ caused Sean Camp serious financial hardship and brought them to the settlement round table humbled and defeated. King Cobra was pleased that he had the land of Sean Camp in his grasp but there was a much more sinister plot brewing as they struggled to come to a treaty. You see Sean Camp had lied to the subjects of Boybatter and was using them as leverage to get the King of Cobra to be more lenient with them in the treaty. The treaty was delayed on several occasions by Cobra Killer who was not pleased with the idea of submitting to the King of Cobra. Cobrakiller had been on a mission to destroy the land of Cobra and all it stood for from the very beginning and wanted nothing to do with the King. Cobra killer is rumored to have set a plan into motion that would have Boybatter do his bidding to destroy the land of Cobra Video and the land of Seam Camp would be free and clear to resume taking in revenue from there subjects. Meanwhile Cobrakiller would send a contract to the land of Boybatter to seal the deal but all the whole time it was a trap to get the rulers of the land of Boybatter to confess on secret video surveillance to there crimes of destroying the land of Cobra.
The Cobrakiller would run to the authorities of Justice and tell his tale of whoa and get them to imprison the rulers of Boybatter for attacking the land of Cobra. Little did the Cobrakiller know there was a traitor in there midst? The traitorous Knight, Merlin of Bergeron who while appearing to be on the side of Sean Camp was secretly working with the land of Cobra. And was being put in a position of ultimate rule. Once the Kingdom of Boybatter was removed from worry after their attack on the Land of Cobra, Merlin of Bergeron would take over Sean Camp. Merlin would become the supreme leader-leaving Prince Brent and his Knight Cobrakiller trapped yet again under the thumb of an imperious leader who cares not for their well being. And now our fallen fighters are in another struggle for their lives as the information superhighway is filled with various tales of their lies and deceptions. We all must stay tuned for the conclusion to this saga, as it is better than TV.

The story hour is now over and this is Elmysterio and I'm out

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Damon Kruezer: The real story and why he does not want you to know it.

Update:6/4/07 Damon tells more lies. Here is a correction on a Damon Lie. Harlow and Joe are in jail and are not in the regular section they are part of a segregated population. As with anyone in jail it is not a easy thing to deal with. Damon is not in contact with Joe and Harlow and he is lying about it. Update:
Damon's lies confirmed. He did not know Bryan Kocis at all and he could not even tell who he was in a picture.
Hey Damon Can you find Bryan?

Hey Damon I guess since you and Bryan were such good friends than how did you confuse his picture with Grant Roy when they really look nothing alike. I guess my blog is now public domain because that is where you stole the picture from. You are a idiot this picture is Bryan Kocis----------------------------->>>
Damon is not editing any Blacks Beach footage unless the police gave it to him which I found truly doubtful. As for as Joe and Harlow allowing him to edit anything he is lying about that as well. They did their own editing.

Damon can't even edit his own web page how could he edit a video.

Damon hears the voices and tells more lies

Damon wishes Brent Corrigan was losing his twink looks and suicidal because Damon is a jealous troll sitting under a bridge waiting for some crumbs and no one likes him.

DK's PREDICTIONS and updates: with a stunning revelation There is good reason to believe that key evidence was deliberately planted in an elaborate sting operation with all-too-obvious "fall guys" lured into a trap devised by others. Bryan Kocis was deliberately drugged and restrained to make him a victim who could offer no resistance, most likely by who I believe was the 3rd person in the house the night of the murder. I predict that the TOD and how it was putatively established using questionable criteria will be a key issue at trial /
do tell Damon were you there and you witnessed this or are you making this up? more blatant lies and we believe Damon because he always tells the truth. NOT

DAMON KRUEZER...a nightmare to all. but always just beyond the veil of shadows lurking on the Internet, often targeted and always compromised...the voice of the nutty people.

update: 6/3/07 Damon missed his meds and he is hearing voices again. Lets hope his mommy give him his pill. Predicting the future again how interesting do you know when you are going to jail?
Letters to Joe and Harlow in jail. Did not happen they can not recieve corrospondence. I know because I asked the Jail. Damon who is sennding you letters?
Hey Damon you Idiot Sean and Grant were out of town this weekend. which one of you spys saw then in a Texas grocery store?
News update: Damon Kruezer is a liar more updates to follow.

Kruezer at night's alexa rating slips. Only 0.000001% of the Internet viewers are looking at his web-site. A Very small percentage of the Internet viewing population. He is now using desperate measures to raise his saging ratings and he has raised the bar on lying and deception. What is next Damon public hangings?

6/2/07 I decided to use his name in this post so if you do a Internet search for him he will come up and you can see what a brilliant liar he really is.

Damon's page has such great style I thought I would copy it. do you kruezer fans approve?

If it's purple it's a link. click it for fun.

I really like all the pretty colors don't you.

Did Harlow send you the infamous beach video footage? I think not, some may say that Harlow is crazy but not that crazy. Also Demon when did you do the interview with Harlow. you keep changing the date. I have confirmation from Joe that it was on the 15th of May. but you say it was on several different days, which is it?.

Funny how this was posted on Friday and Demon came up with it on Saturday. Demon the police are reading my blog as well as the news media. Are they reading yours Mr, Luezer? The only industry that you are a insider in is plagiarist union. Your lies and slander are soon coming to an end.

This is the email that he received from from Bryan foretelling the future. It's funny how this email explains all his lies away.

Well Miss Cleo Bryan was not for obvious reasons.

But he does confirm Demons lies all about Windows Vista and and confirms all of the other lies Demon has told.

Funny that Mr luezer found this April 2006 email conveniently to support his blatant lies.

Demon has new fake documents he is posting to back up his claims.
what is so funny is that the Boybatter email address is . Here is the problem with the items that Demon is claiming are real. The address does not exist. Click on Harlow's name and see what happens when you send a email to that address. Ever here of email bounce back?
Harlow and Joe used different addresses. That evidence is in the affidavit.

Do we want to trust this liar? your choice.

Here is a link to proof of the new custodian of records for Cobra Video. and here is a link to the location.
Damon you will be pleased to know that Elmysterio has been in contact with a certain gay publication that is way out. And has spoken to a certain writer whose initials are MG about a certain cyberstalker and will talk more in detail in the upcoming article.
Breaking news: Elmysterio has spoken to a certain new reporter about a certain Cyberstalker.hey P in VA keep it on the down low we don't want Damon to know.

Demon Luezer is a prevaricator and he wants you to think other wise. I have ignored him for the most part but now he has just gone to far. There are peoples lives at stake here and he is telling lies to anyone who will listen. The man has a serious problem and I just want to make sure that he is not seen as a credible source of information by the authorities. He has been telling his untruths for several years and he has delusions of grandeur. He thinks he is a journalist but in fact he is just an Internet hack who feeds on cheap gossip that he steals from other web-sites and claims the info is his own research. He has lied on several occasions and I am just the latest victim of his vengeful venom. He has tried to assume the identity of college professor Kent Barklay more than once. He has an issue with me because I will not sit idly by and let him spread his lies. He is now telling lies about a dead man who can not defend himself. I find it fascinating that he claims that he was showing Bryan Kocis how to use the new “Windows Vista” operating system. But the fact is that “Windows Vista” was not released until January 30th 2007 which is after Bryan Kocis was killed on the 24th of January 2007. He also has made claims that he was in the will of Bryan Kocis, which is another out and out lie. I have a copy of said will and he is not mentioned in it. Could he be directly involved in the murder? Your guess is as good as mine being that he is constantly trying to divert attention from the facts of the case.
His latest claim to fame is that he interviewed Harlow Caudra and this is also suspect as I had a conversation with Joe and Harlow and they asked me who he was. I have the email from May 3rd 2007 to prove it. He also lied to them and said that he worked for MTV and was doing a piece on Bryan Kocis.
They did not call Damon, he called them on the 15th of May. He has been posting on my blog under several aliases and I have the posts to prove it. He has been trying to get several other bloggers and me to link to his site but we all refused to. It is because of this that he posted his social security number on my blog to put me in direct violation of Google Policy. He wanted to get my blog deleted because I was higher in the Alexa ratings than he was. Just so you know the lower the number the better. I responded with re-posting his social security number and attaching his IP address to let him know that I knew it was him who posted it. So he went to a fellow blogger to relay his displeasure with that post. Here is his comment.

BB said...
I just got an email from Damon Kruezer, most of it I will share:

snip... "I am very angry about El Mysterio and Julien's attempt to intimidate and harass me by allowing posting of what they claim is my personal, private information on each of their blogs.
This a clear violation of Terms of Service...and it's also a dirty, underhanded tactic I won't tolerate.
I have researched El Mysterio and discovered who he really is.
If my so-called private information is not immediately removed, or if slander is allowed such as calling me "psychotic" which is hate speech, there will be consequences.
Interesting how people who hide their own identity and accuse me of things without even bothering to contact me directly allow such dirty pool on their own Blogs, isn't it?
I'm angry now and this is going to stop. When people create blogs they are by definition open to public comment without censorship based on personal bias. If they want their own little "club" then they need to get their own website and create a mailing list for readers who opt in, just as I have.
I will appreciate your making my feelings known to the appropriate people. You may quote me or forward this email if you wish. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.


** Damon Kruezer **"
May 28, 2007 9:01 PM

Demon Luezer is not the most balanced person on the planet and he is spreading his insanity all across the Internet and his lies are going to make it impossible for Joe and Harlow to get a fair trail. He has spoken to the press and now he thinks he is a credible source of information. I find it quite telling that what he has accused me of doing is what he has done all along by publishing the private information of people who he takes it upon himself to publicly crucify. He is a petty jealous vindictive man with no apparent life out side of his fantasy world. He claims to be in West Hollywood but in all actuality he is in Massachusetts and he is most likely still living with his elderly mother. His lies and false statements actually got his mother evicted from her home. It is really sad that I had to make this post but he left me no option but to tell the truth in an attempt to dispel all his vicious lies and rumors. Here is a sample of some of the comments that he left on my blog.

Yves Mignon has left a new comment on your post "You have questions? Well I have some answers.":

I'm reading this blog with interest as to the possible involvement of Grant Roy/Sean Lockhart in the Kocis murder. But all of the anti-DK comments are a turn-off, especially the hate-filled rants of Kevin Clarke who admittedly has never spoken to or met DK. DK made the evening news on account of his Harlow interview immediately before the arrest. That's a fact. Watch the news report. Listen to DK speak. You may call him crazy. You may call him a liar. He's been called every name in the book by jealous rivals and their sycophants. But he is the one who interviewed Harlow, who had communicated with all of the players in this drama and who continues to provide new information on this case. It seems more than coincidence that the arrest was made right after DK's interview with Harlow.

Posted by Yves Mignon to Rants From a Mysterious Place at May 27, 2007 6:01 PM Top of Form 1

Dark Lord of P*rn has left a new comment on your post "Murder In Pornland or How I got involved in this m...":

My oh my, gay men busily trying to trash each other on a Blog that didn't exist until recently. But Damon K has been around for years and now obviously has a network of friends, allies and sources. Those who resort to personal attacks instead of dealing with the issues are especially very jealous and envious of him. Oh well, he's got a bunch of reporters and editors on his side now, and as far as my partner and I can see, Harlow really liked him and wanted him to visit, and Damon K has the interview tape parts of which I'm sure he'll use for fun and profit at the right time...while you jealous queens sit and spin and wish you were him. That had to be said cuz U know its true! By the way we hear the TV episode based on the script he sold will be aired in September, right around the time the Cuadra trial should begin, resulting in more interviews and offers for him. He's on a roll!

Posted by Dark Lord of P*rn to Rants From a Mysterious Place at May 27, 2007 11:57 PM

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Murder In Pornland or How I got involved in this m...":

NOTICE TO AUtHOROTIES Demon Luezer = Kent. W. Barclay SS # - 018-42-xxxx

Posted by Anonymous to Rants From a Mysterious Place at May 27, 2007 9:50 PM

Rolling Eyes Bitchily has left a new comment on your post "Murder In Pornland or How I got involved in this m...":

As for as Demon Luezer he is a hack and a liar and he will not be happy until he gets sued or gets someone killed. I don’t allow his name on my blog because it would just get him more traffic. So I am now deleting all his posts.

QUESTIONS: What, exactly, are his lies that you can prove? Have you ever bothered to email him or call him directly? I just don't understand how you can have such an attitude without proving your case or even getting in touch with him. In any case I doubt if what you think matters since DK is now a major player in this drama whether you like it or not.

Posted by Rolling Eyes Bitchily to Rants From a Mysterious Place at May 27, 2007 9:31 PM

Here he is posing as Matthew Rush yet he accuses me of posting as other people. That is really sad if you ask me but then again consider who is leaving these Comments on my blog.

Matt R has left a new comment on your post "You have questions? Well I have some answers.":

Hi Guys Mathew Rush here you all should not be jumpin all over Damon he just tells it like it is. Elm he is just doing the same job you are! Damon is a seeker of Truth! He has good contacts in the biz cause people talk to him then lie about it because Mr.Lawrence,Kevin Clarke and others can't stand him. This is all petty jealousy & envy, for the damn fine reportin Damon has done.

Posted by Matt R to Rants From a Mysterious Place at May 27, 2007 6:26 PM

prof has left a new comment on your post "Murder In Pornland or How I got involved in this m...":

Although it's true that the individual version of Windows Vista went on sale on 1/30/07, this does not necessarily invalidate Demon Luezer's claim to have assisted Bryan Kocis in using Vista. As I understand it, the corporate version had been released somewhat earler, and a beta version had been in use for many months before the retail release.

I'm not saying that Luezer has much credibility, but it's best to use rock-solid arguments against him, and this thing about the release date of Windows Vista is not of that character.

Posted by prof to Rants From a Mysterious Place at May 29, 2007 3:20 PM

I recieved an email from the professor and he states that he is not Damon Kruzer and is not involved with him.

As you can see he is not a well person and he needs serious help. I hope that the media does not take his lies seriously as they can cause serious damage to their journalistic credibility. He is a prevaricator of the highest magnitude and he must be stopped.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Murder In Pornland or How I got involved in this mess

This is from an email one of my posters sent me and he wanted to ask me some more questions. He posts under the name Voch and I thought the questions would give some of my readers a little more insight as to where I’m coming from with this blog. He is also the reader who posed the questions for my last post. So if you have questions just ask me and I will answer them as best that I can.

Thought I'd write a non-Cobra/non-Sean entry, but the questions I have for you sort of revolve around this mess.
But before I get into that, tell me about yourself –
Where in the US are you?

I currently live in California in the Bay area near San Francisco. And just for every ones information I have never been involved in the porn industry other than being friends with people who were. There have been offers but I chose not to do it because of family and cause I was a little skerd.

How old are you? If you don't want to answer that one, no worries.

At the present time I am 48 years old, but I look Fabulous. I still have the body of someone in there 20’s and all my friends hate me for it cause I can eat anything I want and I never gain weight. I guess I’m just a lucky bitch, at least that’s what my friends say.

What got you into blogging?

Well a friend had a blog and I liked it and I also read Brent’s blog and Jason Curious and Jared Christopher’s blog Completely Naked. They inspired me so when this whole murder case broke I started posting on several blogs but I could not correct my mistakes so I signed up with Google Blogger so I could correct errors and typos. The next thing I knew I had a blog. Kind of a funny way to start one but that is how it happened.

How did you get involved in the whole Cobra/Sean affair?

I started reading Sean’s Blog because of a post that Jared Christopher did. I was doing some research on the Justin Berry story, which I had just seen on Oprah and put in a search for under age porn stars. And came up with Brent Corrigan who at the time I had never heard of let alone Cobra video. Twink porn has never really been my thing. So I continued to search on Brent Corrigan and came up with Jared Christopher’s Completely Naked page. From his page there was one of the links to Brent Corrigan online and the LA Pride parade and the Sassy Prom. So I read his post and I thought Brent /Sean looked like Justin Berry and then I found Sean’s blog and did more research and found out about Bryan and so on and so fourth.

What piqued your interest enough to start blogging about it?

There were so many inaccuracies in the posts and the comments that I thought needed clearing up and that everyone was bashing Sean. And it was just getting out of hand so I started "Rants From A Mysterious Place". Hence the name "Elmysterio". I could remain anonymous and say what I wanted with out it coming back to bite me in the ass. Well it kinda worked. People are still biting me in the ass but I can hide from them.

A friend of mine named Aloe (who posts on JUB and ATKOL every so often), told me about your blog (and I'm glad he did). Cad and I have been in contact for many months (we started exchanging PMs on the JG board) and he also told me about your blog, so that is how I got to your site.

Cad was posting on Juicy goo as well as just us boys and I read his posts on both sites and I have made posts on "Just us boys as well". I read the Juicygoo forum and the Cobra killer blog as well as other blogs that had connections with the story and I found it interesting but I never thought it would come to this. "A Murder in Pornland" was just a bit surreal for me. I never thought my little opinion piece would come to this. The funny thing is I just did a yahoo search on the name Elmysterio and it is all over the place, which is just a bit scary. There are allot Elmysterio's out there and they are not all me. I never thought that this would happen, you know I did several posts and no one responded. So I thought no one was reading my blog then I got a response and I thought cool a least someone is reading it. Then it just kind of blew up and I just totally taken off guard by it. Now it is just kind of cool to know that I have readers out there and we can debate the issues. It really lets you know just how small the world has gotten in the last few years.

It's nice to see that someone who doesn't have an agenda – (I wouldn't put you in either Sean or Bryan's camp) - has the ability to blog about what they feel is going on (most of what you write I agree with), and allows those who have a different opinion or POV to post what they think or feel.

My agenda Is and was to always get to the truth. It may appear that I jumped from one side to the other during all of this but my belief was that there was so much talk about Sean’s real age that I felt that it was just a diversionary tactic. So I chose that and was determined to get it resolved. I also wanted to get to the bottom on the Joe and Harlow connection as well.
I also wanted to put out there the questions that needed to be answered. There were just so many lies being told and I wanted to debunk as many as possible so we could have a clear view as to what was really going on in all of this mess. Some posters and I on Jason’s blog started a time line of events that lead up to this and it has been updated on several occasions as new info comes out. (Thanks MJ for your help on the timeline and everybody else who was involved). The time line answers allot of the commonly asked questions that people have about what took place. The who, what, where and how they were involved. As for my contact with all of the players in this case with the exception of Bryan (he was dead when I started my blog) they all came to me with the exception of Grant I emailed him. There was just so much intrigue in this case. 3 different Companies all surrounding this one model. I just wanted to know what the big deal was.

Unfortunately, this attracts people like Grant Roy and Demon Luezer/Bent Karclay, but you can't prevent these people from blogging. Such is the life of a blogger, I guess.

My opinion of Grant Roy is that he is an angry man full of hate. And anger and hate makes you do stupid things. As for as Demon Luezer he is a hack and a liar and he will not be happy until he gets sued or gets someone killed. I don’t allow his name on my blog because it would just get him more traffic. So I am now deleting all his posts.

I am impressed that you are so knowledgeable in regards to the whole situation, and that you and Julien have done some hardcore investigative reporting, particularly in regards to Sean's real birthdate.

Well I have a bunch of very good sources who have told me things that they thought needed to be known and some of them had agendas but I could see where most of them were headed. Some things I posted and others I did not. I took allot of heat for some things I said and some just interpreted what I said wrongly. But I tried to stay on course as best that I could. As for Julien I respect him very much and we have not always agreed on the issues but he is very good at what he does.

Anyway, just a long email to say thanks for all your blogging and to keep fighting the good fight. Hopefully one day the truth about what really happened to Bryan will be accepted by everyone, so that he can finally rest in peace.

Voch you have been a great help with new info that needed to be put out there and allot of my readers appreciate it. I have on occasion been frustrated to the point of just shutting down my blog but people like you have made me keep on pushing to get to the truth. Thank you for your support and this has helped me realize why I am doing this. And to my readers I know this seems like a self serving piece but I thought that some of you might have an interest as to why I got involved in all of this.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out