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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Murder In Pornland or How I got involved in this mess

This is from an email one of my posters sent me and he wanted to ask me some more questions. He posts under the name Voch and I thought the questions would give some of my readers a little more insight as to where I’m coming from with this blog. He is also the reader who posed the questions for my last post. So if you have questions just ask me and I will answer them as best that I can.

Thought I'd write a non-Cobra/non-Sean entry, but the questions I have for you sort of revolve around this mess.
But before I get into that, tell me about yourself –
Where in the US are you?

I currently live in California in the Bay area near San Francisco. And just for every ones information I have never been involved in the porn industry other than being friends with people who were. There have been offers but I chose not to do it because of family and cause I was a little skerd.

How old are you? If you don't want to answer that one, no worries.

At the present time I am 48 years old, but I look Fabulous. I still have the body of someone in there 20’s and all my friends hate me for it cause I can eat anything I want and I never gain weight. I guess I’m just a lucky bitch, at least that’s what my friends say.

What got you into blogging?

Well a friend had a blog and I liked it and I also read Brent’s blog and Jason Curious and Jared Christopher’s blog Completely Naked. They inspired me so when this whole murder case broke I started posting on several blogs but I could not correct my mistakes so I signed up with Google Blogger so I could correct errors and typos. The next thing I knew I had a blog. Kind of a funny way to start one but that is how it happened.

How did you get involved in the whole Cobra/Sean affair?

I started reading Sean’s Blog because of a post that Jared Christopher did. I was doing some research on the Justin Berry story, which I had just seen on Oprah and put in a search for under age porn stars. And came up with Brent Corrigan who at the time I had never heard of let alone Cobra video. Twink porn has never really been my thing. So I continued to search on Brent Corrigan and came up with Jared Christopher’s Completely Naked page. From his page there was one of the links to Brent Corrigan online and the LA Pride parade and the Sassy Prom. So I read his post and I thought Brent /Sean looked like Justin Berry and then I found Sean’s blog and did more research and found out about Bryan and so on and so fourth.

What piqued your interest enough to start blogging about it?

There were so many inaccuracies in the posts and the comments that I thought needed clearing up and that everyone was bashing Sean. And it was just getting out of hand so I started "Rants From A Mysterious Place". Hence the name "Elmysterio". I could remain anonymous and say what I wanted with out it coming back to bite me in the ass. Well it kinda worked. People are still biting me in the ass but I can hide from them.

A friend of mine named Aloe (who posts on JUB and ATKOL every so often), told me about your blog (and I'm glad he did). Cad and I have been in contact for many months (we started exchanging PMs on the JG board) and he also told me about your blog, so that is how I got to your site.

Cad was posting on Juicy goo as well as just us boys and I read his posts on both sites and I have made posts on "Just us boys as well". I read the Juicygoo forum and the Cobra killer blog as well as other blogs that had connections with the story and I found it interesting but I never thought it would come to this. "A Murder in Pornland" was just a bit surreal for me. I never thought my little opinion piece would come to this. The funny thing is I just did a yahoo search on the name Elmysterio and it is all over the place, which is just a bit scary. There are allot Elmysterio's out there and they are not all me. I never thought that this would happen, you know I did several posts and no one responded. So I thought no one was reading my blog then I got a response and I thought cool a least someone is reading it. Then it just kind of blew up and I just totally taken off guard by it. Now it is just kind of cool to know that I have readers out there and we can debate the issues. It really lets you know just how small the world has gotten in the last few years.

It's nice to see that someone who doesn't have an agenda – (I wouldn't put you in either Sean or Bryan's camp) - has the ability to blog about what they feel is going on (most of what you write I agree with), and allows those who have a different opinion or POV to post what they think or feel.

My agenda Is and was to always get to the truth. It may appear that I jumped from one side to the other during all of this but my belief was that there was so much talk about Sean’s real age that I felt that it was just a diversionary tactic. So I chose that and was determined to get it resolved. I also wanted to get to the bottom on the Joe and Harlow connection as well.
I also wanted to put out there the questions that needed to be answered. There were just so many lies being told and I wanted to debunk as many as possible so we could have a clear view as to what was really going on in all of this mess. Some posters and I on Jason’s blog started a time line of events that lead up to this and it has been updated on several occasions as new info comes out. (Thanks MJ for your help on the timeline and everybody else who was involved). The time line answers allot of the commonly asked questions that people have about what took place. The who, what, where and how they were involved. As for my contact with all of the players in this case with the exception of Bryan (he was dead when I started my blog) they all came to me with the exception of Grant I emailed him. There was just so much intrigue in this case. 3 different Companies all surrounding this one model. I just wanted to know what the big deal was.

Unfortunately, this attracts people like Grant Roy and Demon Luezer/Bent Karclay, but you can't prevent these people from blogging. Such is the life of a blogger, I guess.

My opinion of Grant Roy is that he is an angry man full of hate. And anger and hate makes you do stupid things. As for as Demon Luezer he is a hack and a liar and he will not be happy until he gets sued or gets someone killed. I don’t allow his name on my blog because it would just get him more traffic. So I am now deleting all his posts.

I am impressed that you are so knowledgeable in regards to the whole situation, and that you and Julien have done some hardcore investigative reporting, particularly in regards to Sean's real birthdate.

Well I have a bunch of very good sources who have told me things that they thought needed to be known and some of them had agendas but I could see where most of them were headed. Some things I posted and others I did not. I took allot of heat for some things I said and some just interpreted what I said wrongly. But I tried to stay on course as best that I could. As for Julien I respect him very much and we have not always agreed on the issues but he is very good at what he does.

Anyway, just a long email to say thanks for all your blogging and to keep fighting the good fight. Hopefully one day the truth about what really happened to Bryan will be accepted by everyone, so that he can finally rest in peace.

Voch you have been a great help with new info that needed to be put out there and allot of my readers appreciate it. I have on occasion been frustrated to the point of just shutting down my blog but people like you have made me keep on pushing to get to the truth. Thank you for your support and this has helped me realize why I am doing this. And to my readers I know this seems like a self serving piece but I thought that some of you might have an interest as to why I got involved in all of this.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out


  1. Rolling Eyes BitchilyMay 27, 2007 at 9:31 PM

    As for as Demon Luezer he is a hack and a liar and he will not be happy until he gets sued or gets someone killed. I don’t allow his name on my blog because it would just get him more traffic. So I am now deleting all his posts.

    QUESTIONS: What, exactly, are his lies that you can prove? Have you ever bothered to email him or call him directly? I just don't understand how you can have such an attitude without proving your case or even getting in touch with him. In any case I doubt if what you think matters since DK is now a major player in this drama whether you like it or not.

  2. to Rolling Eyes Bitchily said...

    Well where do I start? Where do you and your mother live? I hope its not that address at mailbox etceteras in California. How about when you and your mother got evicted from here apartment because you were living there and you were not supposed to be and when the authorities Came you hid in the bathroom and told them to go away. Or how about your great interview with Matthew Rush which was all lies and he can not even bear to breath the same air as you. oh yeah and the interview you did with Bernt corrigan and then told lie after lie about him and then went on to degrade him worse than Bryan ever did. Oh yeah about you being in the will of Bryan Kocis and he was going to leave you cobra Video. Blatant lie I have seen the will and guess what Demon Luezer you aint in it. Should I go on or is this enough. Oh yeah, Harlow did not call you, that is another one of your lies. You called him and said you worked for MTV to get him to do that interview and you will not get me to use your mnamr or link to your stupid site so go away you pitiful troll. You are just a sick attention seeking maggot on the face of this earth and the sooner you get squashed the better.

  3. Well Demon Luezer It would appear that I am not the only person who dislikes you. you should really learn that you are not liked and that you should just go away. this is what happens when you stir up shit, you end up smelling of it.

  4. wow interesting and entralling post mr elms
    u rock

  5. Demon Luezer,I did not want to get into a piss fight with you but I just drank a gallon of water. So you want to keep comming back or will you just go away like a nice troll.

  6. Elm, this loser in the dark should not be given any bandwidth. I of course do not speak for people who I clearly object with but I do not believe even by fellow commentators on the opposing side really want to be associated with him. They should of course tell me I am wrong on this, if that is the case.
    I post news on a private, members only site which is strictly moderated. I ceased using WVEC as a source when this idiot became a referennce. When Amy Bradley makes a public apology for her lies I may reconsider. Until then that station has a credibility gap. I have no problem dissing professional news organizations with a credibility gap every chance I get. WVEC cannot be taken at their word. They have lied. I suspect they will continue to lie.

  7. Dark Lord of P*rnMay 27, 2007 at 11:57 PM

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  8. TV Script YOU wrote oh please on what? A Roll of Charmin with your Lipstick? Honey you need a new fantasy life. Why don't you imagine you are the worlds first 55 yo Twink Superstar and you are going to star in a new Video with Brent Everett titled "The Story Of Demon O" Spread em wide dearie!

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Dark lord of scornMay 28, 2007 at 12:08 AM

    I"m a 55 year old Luezer and I have no life. I live with my mom amd I hide in the bathroom.I am a demon to all who know me.

  11. Eyes Rolling on the Floor and out the Door!May 28, 2007 at 12:10 AM

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  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. To all my readers it has become apparent that due the the lunatic ramblings of one Demon Luezer it has now become necessary to be a registered member with a blogger account to post. I did not want to do this but he has forced my hand. he is going to make me pull out the big guns. know I really must do the scathing expose on who this luezer really is.

  14. oh yeah Demon I do believe that this is harassment and your Ip adress has been reported to the authorities.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. elm, omg why did you allow dk's ss# to be posted? why did you post it yourself?

    after all your rants about getting to the truth and not entering into piss contests - here you are, found yourself in the middle of one.

    i know of a familiar situation. same thing happened to me with the cobrakiller.

    my story does not seem so whacked now does it elms?

    the ss# really needs to be deleted.

  17. BB I did not post his social security number an anonymous poster did I just reposted it. I also had to delete several of his posts because he will not go away and leave me alone. I also had to make my blog for google members only because of him. Now I did not want to result to this but he would not let up.he has been harrassing me all day. if you dont believe me just check out Julien's blog.

  18. A word about WVEC: there's a difference between the way professional journos view the information that bloggers post and the way most blog readers see such info. In short,it goes this way: any dork with a computer can have a blog.

    So why talk to DK at all?

    There is a time-honored custom for professional journos oftentimes used when covering a big story for which they have little actual data to pass along-- the MOS story, or 'Man of the Street.' It's a simple idea and we're all seen these stories. They're the ones with gap-toothed neighbors and strangers saying (about some murderer, say) 'Wow, ya know he always did kinda keep to himself.'

    I can assure you that outlets like WVEC do not see DK as providing anything more authoritative than those MOS soundbites. That he happened to have spoken to some of the people involved was enough to get him on the air for a few seconds; anyone with that distinction would have been similarly featured.

    Do the reporters at WVEC see DK as 'some guy with a blog?' I quite certain that they do not.

  19. Correction: "Do the reporters at WVEC see DK as anything MORE than 'some guy with a blog?' I quite certain that they do not."

    Sorry about that.

  20. well big day for ya elms

    don't let em get ya down matey ... stick to ya guns
    and keep the basturds honest

  21. An insightful post, Elm. I enjoyed reading how you became familiar with all the individuals involved in this. And you're very welcome for my help with the timeline. I believed when I was conducting research for it, the same as I do today; That this case required a timeline to dispel rumors and contradictions of when such and such took place, who said what when, etc. It's been a valuable resource these past few months.

    Some days, I wonder if you hadn't started your blog, where would we be today? Jason would have posted news updates now and then, as he's done, but the blog posts would probably be few and far between. The police would have surely done their thing, just the same, but all us posters who have followed this case in earnest, we probably wouldn't have come as far as we have, in finding out details together through yours and Julien's blog.

    Together, we've come a long way and that's the key word; Together. We've all brought different thoughts, experiences with the parties involved in this case and points of view to the discussion and I think it's been extremely helpful in getting to where we are today.

    I'm sure there's more to this case that we don't even know about yet and as long as you're covering this story, I'll be here for the duration.

    I've been accused of being a "Brent-basher" more times than I can count, when in fact, I'm anything but. As I've established, I'm a longtime fan of Sean's but that does not mean I'll defend him without question till the end of time. Not when discrepancies arise in statements he has made and actions he has stated he has taken just don't jive with the facts as we know them. I, like you and the majority of the posters here, have always only been looking for the truth, and sometimes, as we've seen in recent months, the truth hurts.

    Thank you, Elm, for all the research you've done and for continuing to provide this blog for us to discuss this terribly sad for all involved, yet fascinating, case.


  22. Thank you Elm, for everything! As always, keep fighting the good fight!

  23. I also agree with mj - this is a very sad yet extremely fascinating story. It has captured my attention for almost two years, and I do hope, in the end, that the person or people responsible for Bryan's death face justice.

  24. It's gone a bit quiet here without the anonymous posters. Oh well, maybe some will get a Google account and return. For all practical purposes that's nearly as anonymous.

  25. Hopefully j-bee, people are outside enjoying Memorial Day. :)

    At least some people - us Canucks and Brits are all working.

  26. Well Voch, there also isn't really much to discuss at the moment, and might not be for a while.

  27. elm i posted an email i got from DK on my blog. it is for you.

  28. BB I did not see a message on your blog. As far as Demon Luezer is concerned he is not someone that I would align my self with if you want the truth. He did speak with Joe. That is the truth. Harlow does not really talk to anyone. As far as Demon goes they asked me who he was maybe 2 weeks before. I told them to stay away from him. I explained his reputation to them as they had never heard of him before. He also lied to them and told them that he worked for MTV. Demon misrepresented himself as usual. he has been posting on my blog as anonymous poster spouting of about how great Demon luezer is.Just go and look at Julien's blog and see his delusional posts. I have his post saved as well but I will not post them because thay are full of lies. BB you say you want the truth but the fact is that if you believe Demon Luezer you will never get it. I have tried to ignore him but he is going to ruin thei case for the police and he will most likely make it impossible for Joe and Harlow to mount a defense with his lies. Demon has an agenda and it only concerns himself. he cares for no one and all he wants is some ficticious book or movie deal that he says is always right around the corner. just do a little research on him and you will see what I mean.

  29. Demon Luezer I believe you posted your social security number on my blog as a way to make me in violation of google rules. Your lame attempt to dicredit me has not worked it only makes you look stupid. It is because of you that I had to make it so all my posters hnow have to have a google account to post comments.and I'm sure all my posters appreciate that.

  30. hey elms
    one does not need to know any background on the DK fella - looking at his site ... he keeps promissing to have this and that and this ... and then makes some rant and comments and then removes them ... i'd have to agree that there is sure something amiss with this bloke ... so yes with you all the way elms
    yeee haaaa

  31. Rob, Demon Luezer is not a person that I would ever believe. He has told lie after lie. He never spoke to Harlow. He actually spoke to MJT or Joe. He seems to be under the impression that Julien and I are jealous of him and that is why we won’t link to his Blog. But the fact is that he is far from a credible source and he has used lies and many an alias to spread his propaganda. I did link to his blog in my post “An Arrest Has Been Made”. So his claim is not factual. I chose to ignore him but he persisted in his lame attacks and now it has come to this. He posted his social security number on my blog in an attempt to discredit me. That is why I put his IP address with it and that is what really pissed him off because his plan backfired.

  32. J-Bee said...
    "MJT"? Who's MJT?

    Mark / Joe / Trent

  33. they seek me here, they seek me there, these strangers seek me everywhere hehehe.

    if what you say is true, i think it would have been best to ignored.

  34. Damon Kruezer just announced that he will post audio excerpts from his conversation with Harlow Cuadra on May 14th. Yes, he said Harlow not MJT/Joe. If he's got Harlow on tape then your claim that he never spoke to him is wrong. STRIKE ONE. In the conversation Harlow reportedly acknowledges that he called Damon and that Damon is known to him as an indie writer, not someone with MTV. STRIKE TWO, you are wrong again. Also DK is very concerned about your allowing someone to post private information about anyone, complete with misspellings. I have no idea what IP address you are talking about as far as claiming it was him who posted his own SSN but he is very clear about the fact he did not do so and that you are outright lying or making the IP address you claim fit the predetermined conclusion you appear to want. STRIKE THREE.

    As far as him using "lies and aliases to spread his propaganda" as you say, I wonder if you could explain the difference between what he does and your and Julien's use of aliases and obvious incorrect information such as noted above to spread your propaganda? I mean, POT CALL KETTLE BLACK. I also do not see how if he or anyone posting comments that disagree with you/criticizes you or Julien constitutes a "lame attack" as you call it. It's simply a legitimate difference of opinion. So I think you need to cool off and show some respect and consideration to Damon K that he has earned by being on the scene years before anyone heard of you. You admit you never have talked or emailed directly with him, so that alone seems very biased of you from the get-go. Maybe you should give it a try, I hear he's very pleasant to speak to. Thank you for your time.

  35. Mark oops I mean Demon. You are not very smart. I have your IP address and I know this is you. Oh and by the way I bet Bryan really wished you showed him how to use windows vista. The only problem with that lie is windows vista was not introduced until 1/30/2007. I believe Bryan was not using computer at the time. Here’s a link to the windows site.
    I can’t wait to here Harlow speak. You see I have spoken to him and Joe and I can tell their voices apart. I also have the email where they said the never heard of you and the email where they said you called them. Your lies are getting so twisted that you can’t even keep up with them. Oh just checked out your Alexa rating and I’m kicking your butt. Maybe that’s why you so pissed. Oh yeah I also checked technorati which is a clearing house for blogs and they have never heard of you yet BB has had a blog for 2 weeks and he already has a rating. Bet that pisses you off as well. As far Bryan Kocis goes he thjought you were an idiot. He just used you to talk trash about Brent Corrigan. And the will that you were taken out of the another lie. Now I could go on and on with all of this but I’m quite tiered of you so just go away.

  36. elm what is Alexa rating and technorati?

  37. BB the alexa rating is how that rate websites and technorati is a blog clearing house. you have a rating there which is a good thing. on Alexa the lower the number the higher your rating. Demon is made because mine is higher than his.

  38. As Damon reads this site, I just wanted to point out to him that, while his recent explanation of the Windows security methods that supposedly protected Cobra's master tapes from fire makes for nice reading, it's customary to cite the website and author you lifted whole paragraphs of detailed explanations from when doing so.

    As a published author, I'm sure you can understand that Jamie Morris, the writer whose words you used rather liberally, is bound to be pissed off to find paragraphs of his text used by you without attribution.

  39. Here is the email that I am referring to from Joe and Harlow about Demon Luezer. You tell me if they knew who he was. Some magazine yeah right. he lied to them just like he lies to everyone else.

    Date: Thu, 3 May 2007 07:14:48 -0700 (PDT)
    Subject:Re: is it possible??
    && &&&&&
    #message { overflow:auto; visibility:hidden }
    no do not talk to him Damon Kruzer he is a idiot. stay the fuck away from him. He will get you killed.

    harlow cuadra wrote:

    also myspace just updated ...O some magazine named damon kruzer wants to do magazine on harlow now too

    I called them on the phone and told them not to do that interview but I guess they did not listen. Damon Had Lied to them about some MTV story on Bryan Kocis as well.

  40. Jody did you not notice that windows vista was not released until January 30th 2007. very strang that Demon Luezer could show Bryan how to use it after Bryan had died.

  41. well if you are going to lie about something you should at least check you facts

  42. In one instance on his myspace Damon yesterday told so many lies that it is impossible to count. Starting with his age. He is 57. He does not teach college in Cambridge. However the person with the same name that does, is being informed that Damon is engaged in idenity theft again. He taught a dead man windows Vista and plagerized someone elses work to try and enhance the idenity theft and his fake occupation. (A report has been sent to Symantic about the plagerism and myspace regarding the idenity theft.} Plagerism, idenity theft,deliberate falsehoods, and trying to use a dead man again in the most ghoulish of ways. Beyond having no shame, and lying at a so rapid a rate that it is difficult to keep pace, he is in using a dead man for personal gain as slimey as a human being gets.

  43. Damon nice try sadly for you your myspace rant was documented and forwarded to the concerned parties. After all you were in GOOGLE.
    Google Blogs Alert for: Bryan Kocis

    How I helped the late video producer safeguard his intellectual ...
    BRYAN KOCIS: Computer Forensics and Encryption in Windows Vista Ultimate My consultation with BRYAN KOCIS included the following, methodologies which I use myself, as well as teaching them at the coll...
    Damon - MySpace Blog -
    One would think a college professor would know that once in cyberspace always in cyberspace. Oh wait the college part was a lie too. Tell us oh wise one did you use a calling card to talk with Bryan in the afterlife?

  44. Jody did you not notice that windows vista was not released until January 30th 2007...

    El, I only barely keep up with Windows annoucements. I use a Mac. Far more civilized experience.


  45. El, I only barely keep up with Windows annoucements. I use a Mac. Far more civilized experience.

    I also hear Mac is superior at video processing. Not that I am suggesting anything. Just waiting patiently. Genius must not be rushed. :)

    Of course if there is somthing you want to 'Tell Me," I am all ears.

  46. at the end all discussions go to: i m a mac and you are a pc guy or vice versa^^

  47. RIVETING!!! ABSOLUTELY RIVETING!! Elm because of this post I've just lost an entire afternoon. I had heard whispers and rumors of Justin Berry here in London the past year but just small bits and pieces of the story of a 13 year old who made hundreds of thousands doing cam shows and is now claiming to be a victim of paedophiles. I did some rummaging around and a lot has come up in the last few months. I believe four men are in jail, one for some 150 years and a couple others on other child related as well as Justin Berry offenses. But this was just a fascinating read, leading up to the Debbie Nathan article just posted this month about the money that exchanged hands between the NY Times and Justin, and his fleeing wasn't to escape the paedos but the pending arrest he suspected was coming for some of the crimes he'd committed himself. What do you think about a post dedicated to that story? Or Julien, if your reading, perhaps? We need something to occupy us until the Cobrakillers (yes, I've adopted it now too) are up in front of a judge.

    - Martin

  48. london, I have been working on this and a few other bloggers as well. but I have not had a chance to post anything just yet. but soon I will but there are other pressing issues right now.

  49. Although it's true that the individual version of Windows Vista went on sale on 1/30/07, this does not necessarily invalidate Damon Kruezer's claim to have assisted Bryan Kocis in using Vista. As I understand it, the corporate version had been released somewhat earler, and a beta version had been in use for many months before the retail release.

    I'm not saying that Kruezer has much credibility, but it's best to use rock-solid arguments against him, and this thing about the release date of Windows Vista is not of that character.

  50. Well prof that is interesting news but it still does not validate Demon Luezers claim. because He never even met Bryan Kocis.and bryan was not a volume user seeing that he only had 3 cumputers and they were not new enough to be even compatible. so that blows your argument out of the water. sorry about that but it won't fly. Demon is a liar and you know it.

  51. Prof,

    Which doesn't negate the fact that DK plagarized much of his post from another author. That pretty much ruins whatever credability he had or could have in the future.

  52. Damon did not say Vista Beta. He said Vista Ultimate. He then went on to say that this was something he taught at a college in Cambridge. That is a lie. He does not teach at any college. If he did he could prove that, but of course the only proof he offers is his word. He then plagiarized Symantic website for the technical data he presented as his. This is the same Damon who said last week that the authorities were Data mining the credit card information from Joe and Harlow's websites. The problem with that was he just a term that did not apply. Data mining is not needed when you already have the data. He said "Certainly in my normal practice and in Bryan's case, the contents of all critical hard drives running Vista Ultimate, with BitLocker enabled, has done much to safeguard the contents of the Cobra and Kruezer master disks and critical data." now as has been stated here before many times the master TAPES were held by an attorney in a different location. He claims to have secured the master disks for Bryan by using Vista Ultimate, excuse me but even if that were true, the computers were stolen. What he said yesterday was a lie from start to finish which is why it came down so quickly. What he is doing now is both criminal and immoral. He is trying to plant false information in a murder investigation. He is attempting to steal a legitimate College Professors identity and that is also a crime. (PS KENT, KENT IS PISSED YOU ARE TRYING IT AGAIN}. And thirdly and lastly he is taking advantage of the fact that Bryan is dead because he thinks that since Bryan is dead he can say anything he wants and get away with it. It is vintage Damon for sure but the stakes here are higher than anything he has lied about before. Tell your mother that they will be knocking on the door again soon, but this time it will be with handcuffs.

  53. prof said...

    Although it's true that the individual version of Windows Vista went on sale on 1/30/07, this does not necessarily invalidate Damon Kruezer's claim to have assisted Bryan Kocis in using Vista. As I understand it, the corporate version had been released somewhat earler, and a beta version had been in use for many months before the retail release.

    Prof, Bryan may have been many things but he was a businessman FIRST. No one in their RIGHT mind installs a RC(Beta) ver of Vista for a test drive on critical pc’s that you use for your most important video files. I have Vista and still use my XPSP2 box for all video editing and encoding.

    Beside you would not “need” Vista for the “bit locker” drive encryption. I have had Drive & partition encryption for at least 5 years. A little app known as DriveCrypt by securestar and a free app TrueCrypt. Beside Prof you should know that Micrsoft touting Vista’s security is just a replay of the hype over XP’s security features (LOL) If you want security you don’t use MS period!

    Prof a big security guru like you should know about the NSA backdoor in every MS OS & Office product. Why do you think France,China,Sweden and a growing list of nation’s will not allow ANY Microsoft software on their critical Defense & Intel PC’s. I am sure Bryan would not have wanted to keep his “sensitive porno” on an XP or Vista PC esp one the FBI could access any time they damn well please!

  54. Looks like Demon Luezer has been foiled again by his own lies. the truth is prof. demon Luezer is I know this is you. and you are also the marc that posted earlier. you see every time you come on my blog your posts are flaged by my IP checker and I am sending all of your post to the authorities. they will take care of you once and for all. so it looks like your little web site will be comming down soon. pity it was always good for a laugh. but you mut be dealt with.

  55. London

    I link to the JustinBerry alternative perspective sites on my blog. I believe that what happened with his case was complete and utter bullshit, to say the least.

  56. What ever happened with the three sealed warrants in PA? Are they now public? I don't recall seeing anything about them lately.

  57. J-Bee,

    Other than the original criminal complaint that was filed on 5/15... I haven't seen anything come public since. I'm guessing that PA won't publicly unseal the warrants until H/J are extradited on the original complaint.

    Guess we'll find out on June 14.

  58. Already posted this on Julien's blog, but figured it wouldn't hurt to post it here too. These are the PA Court's docket information:

    Hope the links work:

    Harlow Cuadra:;0,docket;CR-0000204-07,district;11-3-09&ST=5/30/2007%204:47:43%20PM

    Joe Kerekes:;0,docket;CR-0000205-07,district;11-3-09&ST=5/30/2007%204:52:43%20PM

  59. pc, please put the url on 2 lines instead of one. copy/paste does not pick up the full url.


  60. "pc, please put the url on 2 lines instead of one. copy/paste does not pick up the full url."

    It works for me... I'll leave it to Elm to correct it if there's an issue.

  61. Let's try this:

    Harlow Cuadra:

    Joe Kerekes:

  62. Elm, I've sent the links to you via email... hopefully you can get them to work for the folks on your blog. :)

  63. I'm sure DK/L will be boasting he found this first. :(

  64. PC: great help, many thanks. i used these for my blog and gave you credit for finding these.

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  66. well because the are evidence in a criminal case so know the police have the back up copies I guess.