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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Brent Corrigan super twink of the new millenium

I have been reading Brent Corrigan Online on a regular basis for at least a year. I found out about it from Jared’s Completely Naked blog. I had never heard of Brent Corrigan before that. But reading his blog was entertaining and informative. I also had never heard of Cobra video before I read his blog. It was a combination of Brent, Jared and Jason curious who inspired me to start my own blog. I’ve really only been doing this for a little over a month and I’m loving it. I can rant about anything that I want and people can comment which is fun. I also like to post on other blogs as wellSo when I read Brent’s blog and saw what he was going through over at BCO I felt compelled to post his deleted blog post here.(Thanks Kyle Karter for the copy)
And now it looks like Brent Corrigan online might be a losing prospect for our friend Brent. The powers that be at BCO have put the brakes on his blogging privileges again. It appears from the deleted post that Brent has not been paid for 20 scenes he shot for his “own” web-site. I have not always agreed with some of the things he has done but he does deserve the right to say what he wants to say without censorship. The fact is the web site is named after his screen persona not Lee Bergeron. If the web site was called Lee Bergeron online I could understand that Brent would have to get approval to post. But the web site is not called that now is it. I noticed that something was wrong around September of 2006 when his post were starting to get few and far between and the style had changed. They were loosing their fun edge and getting more fragmented. Things just got worse and then Bryan was murdered. Then after there was no response for several days the shit really hit the fan. There were all kinds of personal attacks and personal information started to show up about the settlement, the civil case and the murder case. There were all kinds of accusations being thrown about. Things just really got ugly. I know because I was there in the middle of the feeding frenzy. I wrote some harsh things for which I apologized. I also tried to moderate things when I saw the “lynch mob” mentality of some of the posters on the tread. It looked then that Brent was ready to give up but apparently the boy is scrappy

He stared to blog again slowly but regularly which I thought was a good thing. But I guess some people felt different about it. I just have a bit of advice for Brent. You should leave now get a good attorney and sue Lee for back pay and pay your attorneys don’t look back. Do whatever you have to do but get away now. Brent Corrigan online is nothing without you and you should remember that. Let Lee have BCO and see how well it does without you. I bet it will be another Whistler Ski Week all over again. Something else he ran into the ground. This is just another case of you being used by someone to make “them” some cash. Maybe the time was not right for your business idea. There is still too much negative energy surrounding you right now. You have to make restitution on all the wrong that has occurred before you can move forward because bad karma is a bitch. Learn from your mistakes and learn accept failure then you can succeed in what you want to do. It’s hard when you have a dream to have it shattered. But the dreams do not die they just get reborn.
You’re only 20 years old now and this is the time in your life to have fun and make new and lasting friends. If you want to stay in this industry you should work for other studios and make some cash go to film school and get a part-time job and save your money and do this yourself. Cobra does not own you they own a name and that name is not you. LSG Media lost their rights when you did not get paid for you services. One thing you could say about Bryan was that he paid you for your work even the work you never completed. Sometimes we don’t know how good things are until they are gone. You have to admit that if you had just finished that contract you would be in a whole different place right know. And the whole condom issue was a no brainier all you had to do was refuse to film scenes unless they were used. You had the power you were the star and Bryan knew that. But that’s a closed chapter now it’s no use looking back now. Now is the time to move forward. So what ever you decide to do now remember that this is your life and you should do what you want to do. Your comments are welcome here.

here's a message to Lee.

This is Elmysterio and I’ll be checking up on you

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Latest News in Porn

Well it looks like the whole world of porn is amiss. One of my favorite round butt porn stars has decided to quit the biz. Benjamin Bradley has gone on to be an under-ware model for Ginch Gooch with his other half the equally stunning Ethan Reynolds. I wish them both the best of luck in all their endeavors.

Brent Corrigan super twink of the new millenium is being shut out of his own blog by the powers that be. Another tragic turn for him and his dreams. It looks like the major stockholder in LSG Media has different plans for the company. Let’s hope things get resolved soon for all parties involved.

It appears that the boys at Boybatter Joseph Kerekes and Harlow Cuadra have attracted the attention of the Virginia Police.
With news of the 5:53 a.m.
February 10th search of their VA Beach home. The police forced open the door and shot tear gas in the home burning the carpet. And literally tore through the place removing cameras, breaking into a safe, taking guns and ammo, ripping out the alarm system, taking a log book and DNA samples. Well I guess his alibi might not be as solid as thought or maybe they are after Joe who knows? Harlow and Joe were not there at the time; then again it was a Saturday morning.

Matt Sanchez formally Rod Majors porn star and former gay escort is still on his Right Wing Denial of His Past Life Tour. It appears he is still celebrating his “straightness”. I hope the Marines still believe him. Good luck with that Matt, we’re all routing for you. When all is said and done it’s his life to live as he sees fit. I’m just sorry that the gay community that you exploited is so disgusting to you now. We will just have to try harder to make you like us.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Brent Corrigan the Missing Blog Post

Taking responsibility for your actions

I for one believe that if you are to survive in this world you must be true to your self and tell the truth to others. This is why I feel that it is imperative that we tell the truth or at least be truthful to those who have helped us when we needed help. So this is why I feel that once you have been called on your prevarication’s you should come clean. While I was reading posts on Jason’s News Desk regarding Brent Corrigan and LSG Media request for donations for there legal fund I noticed that things were going from bad to worse for Brent. He has been accused from being a liar too a murderer. It looks like the boy can’t get a break. All his business has been put out on the Internet and he has said nothing in his own defense. He has made a few posts on his web site Brent Corrigan online but nothing too quiet the rumors. Now I can understand that he should not talk about the murder investigation but that is just a small part of this controversy. What is raising the biggest stink regarding Brent and his partners is the fact that on 4 different occasions he has asked his fans for money to help with his legal problems. Now just to be clear I have no problem with people asking for help. My father always told me “that a closed mouth won’t get feed” so I am of the firm belief that if you need help you should ask for it. Here is where the problem lies in this situation; their attorneys were not paid and the attorney’s request for payment was apparently ignored. Now to be perfectly clear I do not know if Brent and LSG MEDIA raised much money from these events. The problem is that the people who donated money are now up in arms about the fact that the attorneys have not been paid anything beside the initial retainer. Now I have been following this story for over a year and I remember reading about Brentaid and how it was a success. This was based on 2 web events that were held. Then we move forward to October of 2006 and Brent has a post on his blog titled “I tried my best” where he has an impassioned plea to his fans for more donations to help them pay their bills and to get their attorneys back on the case. It appears that more people donated for the cause again. I was going to donate myself but I have a new business and things are really tight so I opted out. But that really is beside the point. People did donate and it is just good manners to tell them where the money went. Now there were people on the blog thread who were threatening to report LSG Media to the IRS. I personally felt that was a little extreme and stated that on the thread. I hope they were not reported they don’t need that problem as well. But Brent needs to tell his fans something in regards to this situation. It is just good sense to do so. With his credibility all ready in question he should make this gesture of good faith to his fans. I can not tell him what to do but I can say what I would do in this situation and I would come clean. You may loose some fans but you will regain your credibility with the ones who stay by your side. This is not only good business sense but good commonsense as well. So let’s hope he does the right thing.

This was a letter attached to one of my post on Brent's blog that he never posted because I said I would not post this on my blog if he answered some of the questions that his "fans" wanted answered. Well he did answer them and then the the post was removed . He was probably forced to do so by the powers that be.I really can't be sure so I thought I would repost the text only for him because his hands may be tied and he can't do it so here you go.

Brent Corrigan put's the LAY in DeLAY
After a few days of slur, I bet y’all are ready for a little substance. I use that word substance loosely of course. Alright, I guess I’ll give it my best shot. At the very least, you’ll get a semi interesting rant out of it
So, what the hell has Brent Corrigan been up to?
And what the hell is the deal with that damn Member’s Only Site?
Do you really wanna know? I mean do you really want to be further versed in the misfortune and sorted issues of an ill-fated porn star/porn producer hopeful?
I suppose you should read on if you do. If not, just sit back and enjoy a nice little chuckle over the new photos I posted with this entry. Yes, I got a little bold with these Basically, because of delays I’ve been slowly finding other ways to spend my time. Delays! Ha! I’ve spent more time typing that word than the word COCK and this is a porno driven blog! For a long time I didn’t get out much. I spent most of my 19th year working hard to develop things here at the company. Even with the legal proceedings and being a new company, it seems like it has taken forever. Then again, I’m very new to business and I’ve been trying hard not to get burned while I continue to maintain some sort of stake in all this. How am I doing?! Not so good I think . . .Despite that, I’ve been getting out more and spending more time making new friends and flexing my social muscle. I was somewhat reclusive before but recently I’ve been developing a nice little social circle around me. Things seem to be working out nicely and I’m enjoying myself without letting anything or anyone get the best of me.
I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but I also started painting a little. Unfortunately, I’m also starting to develop this pathetic pattern of trying things briefly and then just losing interest. I wonder if I’ve always been this fickle. So I painted one project and I haven’t touched the brush since. It’s been about a month or more. Before when I painted, I didn’t even finish my work. That was back when things started to get really hairy with the recently settled legal dispute. I thought painting would be a nice stress outlet because it required creative exertion. I have always felt some sort of release of expression when working with a creative outlet. So, by being fickle I mean . . . I started painting twice, but lost interest easily. I’ve tried to meditate on a regular basis but can’t seem to bring myself to do it anymore. I started ASK BRENT because I was being asked advice by a general audience and I had always admired advice columnists . . . it’s been forever since I’ve touched that. The list could go on. However, I’m afraid if I go any further I’ll lose my train of thought just as I have managed to do at least a few times already in this blog post
One thing that appears to be really working out nicely is Donkey Punch! Oh! I know you guys are so tired of hearing me talk about it. I’m really beginning to enjoy myself there. It gives me a chance to work with people I like, plus it’s not a very REGULAR commitment. It’s great exercise and I get to perform and be around people who want to be around me, and it’s proving to be quite a creatively stimulating environment. Wow, who would have thought one might get so much out of performing one night a month at a night club?! The pictures above in my ruffled shirt are from my good friend Paco’s birthday party. Those are from around the time that I took the “normal Brent” photos. That was before I went even further with the haircut . . . The pictures of Rocket and me on stage are from Saturday night’s Donkey Punch. The theme was the Ide’s of March. After Dylan reformats this video file I will post a link to it. The video is a fast-forward, replayed version of erecting the set and stage for The Ides of March. I’m going to hold on to some of these Donkey Punch pictures for the next one a month away. Unless there is some scheduling conflict I am unaware of at this time, the next Donkey Punch will be April 14, 2007. The second Saturday of every month. I’ll try my best to keep you guys posted on any details with that. If you haven’t noticed already, not only have I become fickle but even a little random and unreliable. I hope y’all like the new photos. After cutting my hair this short I was very quickly reminded why I stopped wearing it like this to begin with. I know I look pretty young already as it is, but with my hair short . . . well I’ll let you all fill in that blank.

Do you think I’ll sell more looking younger? I thought I heard somewhere some asshole grumbling about me looking old. Haha, don’t worry that’s not why I cut my hair.

In other important news . . . (a hint of sarcasm in that one ) . . .
I haven’t yet addressed the situation with the Member’s Only site. I’ve been very reluctant about promoting the website for a few reasons. One of the main reasons is because of all of you: the viewers.
I’ve been a little bit worried that things aren’t quite ready for a wide audience. At the time when we originally lost billing capabilities, we were only available for purchase for 2.5 days. Those were two-point five very successful days, nonetheless. But! When we originally launched back in October, we did so somewhat haphazardly. If any of you remember at all (or if any of you pay THAT close attention to the blog) then you might remember we launched delayed and later than planned (big surprise there girls and boys!). We went live on a small scale so if there were kinks we could work them out before we went live on the grand scale. Not to mention, at the time we were still refining content to post to the website. We also still had more shooting to do. Plus, shortly after our ‘failed launch’ we went head long into settlement negotiations with the Cobra Video about that lawsuit. Hence, why around November few, if any, posts I wrote included anything about Cobra Video AT ALL. Of course, during negotiations I was held from publicly discussing the progress or even mere idea of the settlement. This of course, aided to the surprise that yes indeed, we had settled the lawsuit.
So, to summarize the point I was trying to make:
the website isn’t as shiny as it needs to be. I mean ‘needs to be’ in the context that it NEEDS TO BE THIS WAY for Grant and I to feel confident. Confident? Yes, confident that what we’re bringing all of you is something we’re comfortable asking you to pay for.
Unfortunately, it has become painfully clear that Grant’s and my idea of shiny is not consistent with that of our business partner (the majority stockholder of our company).
To paint a clearer picture, I have blogged here on the website in a decently faithful manner.
Not as regularly as some of you might have hoped. But, after 16 months of blogging ( November 2005 was my first month blogging!) I’m still here.
I have filmed in or around 20+ action scenes for this company I own a small percentage of.
I have lent my name, my face, my personality and just about everything I HAVE for continued promotional appeal to the general adult public (from a worldwide market no doubt).

The list does go on. But what I would like all of you to know, what I would like all of you to stand testament to, is that I have not, at this time, been issued one meager payment for any of my work here.
This baring of course, the generous donations all of you so very thoughtfully sent my way after the ‘failed’ initial launch.
One more reason, please note, for why it is so important that what I bring to all of you in my work is of the greatest quality. My loyal fans and followers opened their pocket books (when my business partner would not) so that I could continue to remain blogging here, so that I might remain working so diligently on everything.
For months I worked faithfully with the understanding and agreement that (and majority stock holder) would pay me retroactively starting from about the 3rd month into work.
It was understood that I would also, of course, be paid retroactively for all the scenes I filmed for this company.
To this date, my business partner (and majority stock holder) refuses to, in e-mail or written form (or even verbally!) acknowledge that I have not been paid.
The real matter here isn’t about payment at all! It’s that the majority stockholder will not agreeably come together with Grant and I to formally and legally draw up a corporate Operating Agreement.
At this time, there is no definition of individual duties or decision making principles within the company. We have an LOI (Letter of Intent) that specifically protects the majority stockholder but it does not protect Grant or my interest and hard work and effort.
Further documents were not obtained because at the time of signing the LOI, Grant and I were working half our time on the lawsuit with Cobra Video and the remainder shooting content so we could begin doing business. At THAT time, Grant and I were more concerned with our legal standing with Cobra Video than our own company. I will not go further into reasons for those feelings because I feel I’ve been quite detailed enough.

One last point I would like to make on the LOI and the Operating Agreement. After settling with Cobra, Grant and I immediately turned our attention to the creation of the corporate documents. Immediately our business partner refused to begin drawing up these documents, as per earlier documents require of him.
So, again to summarize:
1) The website is not up to our standards. (“our” being Grant and I, the visionaries of this website and what we are trying to do here)
2) Grant and I do not want to continue to work as indentured servants for a company (or a man rather) who refuses to give us the same sort of assurances we gave It (him)
3) At this time, the majority stockholder will not hire a webmaster with who will work side by side with Grant and me.
4) So far, there have been no guarantees that future monetary gains from this website will be fed back into production for new content to add later, or even to pay us for that matter.

So, if you’ve signed up for the Member’s Only site, and noticed there hasn’t been anything new added, you may understand now at this time. Furthermore, Grant and I don’t have the attention of a knowledgeable webmaster who can execute our ideas and needs. We have plenty local candidates but Grant’s recent removal (by majority stockholder) as President of the company has left us powerless to make decisions based on hiring, etc;

If there is at least ONE thing I’ve learned from my lawsuit and settlement with Cobra Video about civil law and business, it’s that in the long run, it’s best to come together and determine jointly the best way to resolve the issues at hand. I’m not quite sure all parties involved want or know independently what is best for this company and what we want to accomplish. Hell! I think part of the major problem is that all parties involved all have their own separate agenda and motives. Me: I want bring a fun, realistic, creative edge to the erotic world and I want to do it well. Grant wants to show other porn studios out there that adult work can be produced without crushing models and damaging them. The majority stockholder. . . we feel hasn’t always been up front about his motives. However, I think it’s pretty clear that he really just wants to make his money. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, if your one pursuit in business is to make money, success doesn’t necessarily come with it. It’s my feeling that success is more apt to come to a company that sets out to produce something of quality: something of a “cutting edge” in design and content that no one else can offer or IS offering!
My question is simply that: At which point did the majority stockholder get the idea that Grant and I together could not successfully develop this website and vision without dictation? Last time I checked, despite all the legal roadblocks and setbacks we have encountered along the way, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE HAVE ACCOMPLISHED!
Look. I don’t need advice. I just wanted all of you to understand. An explanation. Because I sure as hell know you’re not getting it anywhere else. Grant and I want to move forward and do things as planned. Very sadly, things have occurred that makes that very difficult to do. I’m hopeful that we all can diplomatically agree that certain things need to occur in our company that will legally define parameters. Without those, I can see a much ‘delayed’ future for this website.

After reading this post by Brent I got a better idea of what might be going on over at LSG Media. I am still a skeptic but I thought I would give him his say on things since he might not be able to do it on his own blog. I am just trying to be fair.
You can leave a comment here for Brent I'm sure he'll see them.
This is Elmysterio and I'm out.

Lies and Fabrication, Trickery and Deceit.

For those of you late to the game here’s a quick recap of this sordid tale. Brent Corrigan super twink of the new millenium was under contract with Cobra Studios. He stared in 2 of the biggest grossing porn movies of all time. He made Cobra Video very popular and the owner rich and he also had a brief affair with the owner of the studio, Bryan Kocis. Brent left the studio breaking his contract and stating that he was underage when he filmed his movies for Cobra. He went to San Diego, California and hooked up with Grant Roy and they became lovers. Brent and grant started their own company called Brent Corrigan online with a majority partner Lee Bergeron. Their company is called LSG Media. Bryan got pissed and told Brent that “traitors will be dealt with” and filled for a trademark on the name Brent Corrigan. He then tried to get Brent to go to court in Pennsylvania and produce his real birth certificate. Brent did not go to court on the advice of his counsel, this in turn made Bryan even angrier and he filed a million-dollar federal suit against Brent, Grant, Lee and LSG Media for cyber-squatting, trademark infringement and breach of contract. So we have a year of back and forth name calling and Bryan starts his own web-site with derogatory images of Brent and free content. It was quite entertaining to say the least. But all good things must come to an end. Both parties settled in secret negotiations and all the documents were signed and the deal was set to go through. On January 24 six days after everyone signed the legal papers Bryan Kocis was murdered in his home by an unknown assailant. His throat was slashed and he was stabbed 28 time and his house was set on fire. The police confiscated his personal computer and whatever other evidence was left and filed 6-search warrant’s 3 sealed and 3 public. They found an email that Bryan had sent to an associate stating that he was to meet a new model on the night he was killed. The police released a small blurred photo of the model and referred to him as a person of interest with the possible last name of “Drake”. The gay porn blog world was a buzz with this “hotguy” as a possible suspect and he was identified in a matter of hours. The person of interest turns out to be one Harlow Cuadra: gay male escort/porn-star and escort agency president. Harlow states in a news interview that he is the person in the picture but that he has never met the murder victim Bryan Kocis. This is debatable, as they were both in Las Vegas when he, Brent, Grant, And Joe went to dinner at Le Cirque.
This was during the AVN seminars and Bryan attended them. Harlow also stated that he did meet Brent Corrigan and discussed a business deal that never came to be. Meanwhile Boybatter sends out a newsletter to their subscribers 5 days before Bryan is murdered saying that big things are coming and they will be working with super twink porn-star Brent Corrigan. Brent who says that they spoke before he went to New York to film a movie short and they made him an offer that he thought was to good to be true on Jody Wheeler’s blog. This post was removed later the same day that it was posted at Brent’s request. In this same post Brent said, “Harlow and Joe really fucked it up” and he also said that “they were on the run”. Many Harlow sightings and his appearance at the GAYVN’s in San Francisco contradicted the second statement. Rumors flew about a secret film being shot at the W hotel in San Francisco with Harlow and Brent. Things were still all a twitter on Jason’s web-site then they kind of died down a bit then this week all hell breaks loose. I made a post called “All Quiet On The Kocis Case” and got a reply from Jim with a link to a news story about a new film from Harlow and company called “Harlow meets Drake”. I was shocked that Boybatter would do something so insensitive since the case was still being investigated. But in light of recent developments in the case I can see their anger at the whole situation. Well I think this pretty much brings us current with who’s who and who did what to whom. So on to the present.

Well it appears things are real shaky over at LSG Media our friend Brent Corrigan put up a new post today only to remove it hours later. "Brent Corrigan put's the LAY in DeLAY". It seems he spoke about things he was not supposed too. I am going to remain skeptical about any thing Brent says but I did send him a letter attached to a post on his blog asking him to answer the questions his fans wanted answers too. He never posted my comment. It appears I was not the only one who did this. Apparently Brent got the message and responded only to remove the post. My question is why did he removed it, was he forced too? I knew that something was up at LSG Media but I did not know it was as bad as Brent wants us to believe. I guess Grant Roy has been impeached as President. It appears that Lee Bergeron’s business acumen is busy at work here. It looks like every business he touches turns to shit. LSG Media has no new content and as Brent put it “the website isn’t as shiny as it needs to be”. He did briefly touch on the question of the donations the fans had made too him and he thanked them and the fact that he has not been paid for any of the work he has done for LSG Media. This whole affair is getting really sticky and not in a good way. Meanwhile over at the Boybatter camp it appears that the Virginia police did search Harlow and companies personal crib while they were away. And removed several items and basically made a big mess of the place. Well I guess the police did contact Harlow they just were not from “up north” in Pennsylvania. Harlow and Joe or is it Mark, have lawyered up with Attorneys Barry Taylor and Graydon Brewer and are trying to get the details about the search warrant unsealed to find out what was the evidence behind the warrant. Harlow is under no Circumstances allowed to talk to the police says his attorney Barry Taylor. Harlow and company are pumping out product and it now appears that they have a vendetta against the Pennsylvania State Police. Hence their production of
“Harlow and Drake” which is a blatant slap in the face of the murder case and the Kocis family. The "Harlow and Drake" video makes more sense now after reading the Times Leader article. And now they have shot a follow up piece to it and are soon to be shooting a big production in Hawaii. I said in an earlier post “I hope Harlow has all his ducks in a row”; I guess he did. This story gets more convoluted everyday. How is all this going to affect Cobra Video with all this mess surrounding their prize star? It really looks like Brent Corrigan just can’t get a break. He is an indentured servant at Cobra Video and LSG Media. Their former fans and non-fans alike are punishing Brent and Grant. They have been called all sorts of names and have had their personal information spread all over the Internet. I really don’t know how they are surviving; I would crawl into bed in a darkened room and never leave. Looks like Brent’s only real joy now is his new found friends and Donkey Punch. Harlow appears to be putting on a brave face too. He is starring in several Boybatter Productions and he is soon to be in Hawaii fucking for cash. Mark or Joe is this one in the same person? Well whatever is just post happy over at Jason’s News Desk. BoyBatter has 700 new members and it appears to be going higher every day as per Joe/Mark. So what’s next in this saga of lies, fabrication, trickery and deceit. Who knows this is Elmysterio and I’m out.