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Monday, August 13, 2007

Spin the lies and perpetuate the hate.

The HIV testing of the models in Bare back porn is not a guarantee that the models are negative. The test only checks for antibodies. HIV tests are not conclusive and have never been. They can only tell you that you have no antibodies at the time of the test or that you do. If you are tested several times and have not participated in any risky behavior between the tests then you can consider the results accurate.
The quick test will only show that at the time of the test that you have no antibodies or that you do.

HIV is on the rise in the gay community and it is really a sad thing to say but it is true. I have been around since the beginning of the pandemic and I can say from experience that it is not something that I want to go through again. Watching so many of my friends get sick and die was not anything that I would wish on anyone. After reading the article by out magazine Barring the truth
I thought that I would do annother post on the subject.

What I find truly troubling is that the porn producers are using these young models for they’re own financial gain. There are no protections in place for these models that participate in these practices. I will not claim that all producers of Bareback porn do not take precautions but you see these models are not in a vacuum.
They have lives out side of porn and whatever sexual practices they participate in when not on camera have a direct bearing on the results of those instant HIV tests. We are talking about sexually active individuals here.
You can bad mouth a model for doing bareback porn and that is your prerogative but you also have to take into consideration that they are working for producers. The producers would not be doing this if there were no demand for the product. The demand by consumers of the product is what is driving this practice in the porn industry. And so we have the vicious circle of who is at fault? So to single out a single model or a producer is not going to help the situation. What the real issue is why would someone want to watch two young men potentially risk their health and possibly they’re lives for your sexual gratification.

There is plenty of bareback porn out there from before we knew the risks involved. Just go do an Internet search and I’m sure you can find it. But here is the deal do a check on the models who were in those videos and you will be surprised to see that 75% of them are dead and they died before they turned 40 years old. Now that is sad but it is true.
I have personally known quite a few of the models and I miss them. They were fun and full of life and they are gone because we did not know any better. We do know better now but that still has not stopped the producers from producing this product. Maybe the warnings are not strong enough or the risks are not stressed enough. Another sad fact is that many of the modles who are participating in this type of filming are positive as well. Maybe there needs to be legislation enacted. No one can perform Bareback on film or video until they are 25 years old. That would slow down the producers of this product a bit.
The producers seem to be taking advantage of these young and na├»ve men. Most of use did not have a clue at eighteen and many people still don’t.
Intelligence does not equate experience and it is not exclusive of the other. The fact that you are not that experienced in life has nothing to do with the fact that someone is intelligent.

We look to our elders for guidance and if that person is only in this for himself or herself then you can be easily mislead.

This is Elmysterio and I’m out.