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Friday, February 27, 2009

At last the trial: Day four

Well today I was blog hopping and reading the newspapers and I found some information on the case and I thought that I would share my impressions of it all.
An alternate juror in the Harlow Cuadra capital murder trial in Luzerne County was excused due to illness. Judge Peter Paul Olszewski Jr. identified the juror as alternate #3, a male who is a diabetic.Olszewski said the alternate juror's wife contacted the court last night to say her husband was ill. Olszewski said he spoke on the telephone with the alternate juror this morning, and was told the alternate juror became ill overnight. Due to the developments, Olszewski met with prosecutors and Cuadra's lawyers before trial proceedings, and it was agreed to excuse the juror and continue the trial with three alternate jurors.

Testimony continued Friday in the murder trial of Harlow Cuadra of Virginia. He is accused of killing Bryan Kocis in the Back Mountain in 2007.

Trooper Michael Boone, with the state police is a member of the forensic services unit, Friday morning. He testified that Kocis' home was severely damaged by a fire, and he found five loaded handguns inside the home.

An employee of ATT&T testified about phone records before the morning break.

Jurors saw crime scene photos and heard from several witnesses, including the man prosecutors said Cuadra and his partner, Joseph Kerekes, killed for.

Quickysrt who is at the trial added some commentary about the trial . he answered questions of the commenters on PC's blog

quickysrt said....
jim said... Quicky, how is the jury holding up, and reacting?I'm a bit worried the prosecution may be overdoing it a bit, and possibly boring the jury with excess trivial evidence.A burned door and TV hauled in, for example. Did that stuff actually have an impact on the jury?----

I guess the burnt items were to be discussed, but they just never got around to it with so many pictures shown. I'm sure today will be those items mentioned.The jury seems to be doing fine, a lot of people in court are coughing and one on the jury has a really rough sounding cough.Harlow glanced at many of the pictues and then looked away at his note pad, not looking very long at any of the pictures. He is taking notes through out and talking with his council during other testimony.


Friday Sean Lockhart took the stand, he is a key witness for the prosecution. Lockhart is a gay pornography businessman and an actor. Lockhart told the court he and his partner agreed to work with police by wearing a hidden microphone. He told jurors he was under contract with Kocis and Cobra Video.

Sean Lockhart testified he had several "internet interactions" with Harlow Cuadra beginning in December 2006. Lockhart said Cuadra and he talked several times over MySpace, email and the phone. Cuadra was "eager" to work with Lockhart and offered to "pay you 10 K" for acting in his video. Lockhart, testified that Cuadra's partner, Joseph Kerekes, recorded the video on Black's Beach, a nude beach, on April 28, 2007. Lockhart said Cuadra and Kerekes were "opening up" about the murder. This made Lockhart upset, he testified, and he fell behind.
"Cuadra dropped back, he touched my arm and he said, 'don't worry, it was quick, he went quick,'" Lockhart testified while nearly sobbing.

Now I will interupt this tesimony and add my two cents. Sean Lockhart testified that he was under contract with Cobra Video, that was something that I would have thought the defense would have asked more questions about. During the the civil suit Sean and Grant said that the contract was unenforcable. Yet there is still the claim about him being under contract. What I also find intersting is that there was no mention about the validity of the Cobra Video contract that Sean spoke of.

He also spoke of his working underage for Cobra Video. But from what I gather he was not asked about how he obtained the fake ID he used. or how he was introduced to Bryan Kocis. There seems to have been no mention of Chris Henriquez during the trial. There has been much speculation on how he aquired that ID. But the subject was not brought up. There is also the statement of Bryan Kocis from the civil suit about the Id but that was not brought up either.

Lockhart further testified that he was "17" years old when he did "two shoots that were spread onto four DVDs," adding that his first film was for Cobra Video, operated by Bryan Kocis, 44. Lockhart, who is now 22, said he owns his own adult production company based in San Diego, Calif.

Judge PPO removed the jury and this took place:

WILKES-BARRE - Luzerne County Judge Peter Paul Olszewski Jr. excused the jury to inquire if Sean Lockhart wanted a lawyer after Lockhart made "potentially incriminating" statements that he worked in adult films as a minor.
Lockhart was answering questions from Assistant District Attorney Michael Melnick about his background in adult films when Olszewski stopped the proceeding and excused the jury from the courtroom.
Olszewski cautioned Lockhart that he may have "incriminated himself criminally" by admitting under oath he provided a false identification and was performing in adult films while a minor.
Olszewski gave Lockhart several options, to include speaking with a lawyer or declining to speak with a laywer and continue to testify.
Lockhart declined to speak or have a lawyer, and Olszewski returned the jury to resume the trial.

Roy carried a recording device hidden in a key chain during the meeting, Lockhart said.
Cuadra's attorneys said Lockhart had a difficult relationship with Kocis and they said there is no recorded evidence that Cuadra admitted to knowing about the Kocis murder. But Cuadra’s statement doesn’t appear on the tape.“It’s not on the tape?” defense attorney Paul Walker asked during cross-examination.“Harlow pulled me back for discretion,” Lockhart said.

Walker questioned Lockhart on specifics of his communication with Cuadra, pointing to several instances when Kerekes was the one sending messages on Cuadra’s MySpace account.“It was Roy who first contacted Cuadra (about a film), correct?”“Yes,” Lockhart said.

A few days after Kocis died, Kerekes called Lockhart, he said, and then handed the phone to Cuadra who told him to go to WNEP-TV’s Web site, where the top story was the fire at Kocis’ Midland Drive home.“(Cuadra said) ‘I guess my guy went a little overboard,’” Lockhart said.

Walker, during cross-examination, had Lockhart reiterate his statement that Cuadra had said “his guy” went “overboard,” and not him.

Before Lockhart finished testifying, Luzerne County Judge Peter Paul Olszewski Jr. held a sidebar with Lockhart to discuss his legal rights.

Lockhart admitted during testimony that he forged documents in order to act for Kocis when he was 17. Lockhart turned down legal counsel, saying he was aware of his right to not incriminate himself.

And now for some color comentary from Quikysrt:

quickysrt said....
Friday, February 27, 2009 6:45:00 AM
ok, well it was quite a moment in the week, a week which wrapped up with star witness Sean taking the stand.He arrived wearing a cherry red sweater, dark gray dress slacks, and crisp white collared shirt, he looked stunning. The pants were perfect fitting and his posture screamed confidence. It became apparent he was going to answer the questions his way, and even request that some questions be restated. Several times, he stopped to consider the wording of a question and asked if it could be repeated. He actually took control of the pace of his entire testimony. While he looked all of 17 years old, he showed some skill at handling this kind of stress no 17 y/o would have.The under age videos would be delved into in detail, what time frame his summers in PA, when he met Grant, and exactly what kind of relationship they had. Everything about Bryan's ideas for Sean's future with him, and the settlement which was going to be good for him financially and well as professionally both outside of Cobra, and with his own production company.And of course the Vegas dinner and all email, myspace, AIM, and cell phone correspondence with Harlow were gone over.I noticed that almost every seat has been taken while Sean is on the stand. Like word got out that this is the feature attraction or something. On cross exam. Sean's posture changed, he was just slightly more slumped in seat with arms bracing him up rather than his back being perfectly straight.But he still refused to let defense attorney put words into his mouth without adding his own reasoning to the record. Like 'you seem to be good at pretending to be into it" (after black's beach video was played in full) Sean answered that he knows when he "has" to do something, he does it, and he had to do this.btw, the video from the nude beach was surreal, to be seeing this full frontal nude video in court, it was 7 min. long but felt like 45 min. Harlow did not look at the screen at all during it, nor did his Mother. Normally you hear coughs in court, or bits of whispering now and again. During the play of this video is was deadly quiet, not one sound in the room at all.The point early on when asked about lying about his age for porn, he was stopped by the judge who asked him to consider a lawyer, consider not answering some questions without an attorney present, and offered him an attorney to be arranged.There was a break while jury left the room to discuss this with Sean. Sean decided that it had been five years with no criminal complaint against him, and that he should not worry now about the past, and just carry on. Jury returned and carry on he indeed did.It was pure balls, and I felt it gave his testimony even more edge. It also kept up the impression that Sean was running the show concerning his testimony. This court was not going to keep him from telling this story his own way.It was damaging for the defense, and on cross examination the only thing they managed to prove is that Joe made some of the myspace add friend requests to Sean's page.There were a few gasps, and laughs, like when the video title "Young Bucks In Heat" was mentioned. A few of us laughed and looked at each other.Unreal day, and unreal end to the week.
Friday, February 27, 2009 5:38:00 PM

Quicky also answered a nagging question that some still have.

quickysrt said.....
Well, I can say BB is NOT RW. After his testimony he sat in the court room and listened to the other witnesses of the day take the stand.During a break we talked and exchanged who we are. I asked so you are not BB? NO. Think Sean and Grant had anything to do with it? He just shook his head no. It was a ridicules question I wanted to ask once and be done with it.Robert was approachable and mild mannered. But he asked who I was, and so I didn't have to approach him.I spoke with Byran Kocis' family the first day I attended, it was his father who came up to me and asked who I was. He has since always waved hello when we pass when coming or going. When pictures of the house on fire were shown, BK's mother turned her head down, and his father kept looking but had to wipe away tears.I noticed each time pictures were shown of burnt out house and Bryan's body, the Kocis family were told to pleased leave. So the house on fire might have been the worst they have had to see in court. And it was hard for them.It was good that they left the room, as the pictures got more graphic, and eventually, after picture #80 got to autopsy photos showing stab wounds after body was cleaned. Defense objected to something, not sure what. But day of court was ended after endless series of pictures.The pictures were bad enough, but during lunch break, items of evidence were rolled in, including Bryan's front door and the front panel of big screen TV. They parked these items at first directly in front of the Kocis'. I felt awful about it sensing their reaction to these huge blackened items. They were later moved further away from where they had been.It seemed like hours of pictures shown. And their was after hours of other stuff like credit card statements, etc. It was a long day.
Friday, February 27, 2009 12:41:00 AM

Quicky also addressed questions as well.

quickysrt said.....
Geoff Harvard said... Quicky, you are going wobbly. What about the issue of Robert pimping Sean's body to an apparent Cobra client on or about July 4, 2004, when Sean was 17----

Both sides forgot to bring it up. Perhaps they are waiting until Sean takes the stand to get the matter aired in court? No... I doubt it.Interesting that Robert was the only high profile witness that sat down in court and listened to other's testimony after he left the stand.

Rob said...
Quicky--Thanks for the in the court commentary.Sean was composed.Sean was confident in answering questions.The instigators of the correspondence to Sean and Grant were Harlow and Joe.My, my those shakey finances of Harlow and Joe's raises its head again. Joe hit on Sean because of the high Alexa ratings. Makes sense.As for the BB's prediction of Sean arrested, dust in the wind----

Exactly, Sean said on the stand that Harlow's rush for a production so quickly seemed "desperate". There was no cross exam on this point.And thanks Noah, a few kind bloggers made it possible for me to be the unofficial official something or another. We'll see how much more detail we can get.

Quicky srt reports this on Jim's blog

quickysrt said...
Sean was briliant on the stand! The bright red sweater as well as the whole look was a sharp clean presence. His response to each question showed a guy who is smart, and has indeed been around the block once or twice. I think the jury was impressed, I was, as was the person I sat with and left with. We both thought Sean earned many points on the truth scale.Sean called Harlow's productions poor, but thought he was a good performer in the videos he sent to them in San Diego. He thought of Harlow as a "good find."
But that he needed to work out and firm up a bit if and when they might film together, so that "they both looked their best" in any filming they might do.He said after the Vegas dinner that he and Grant had no idea the both of them were "skewed" until the murder of Bryan was confirmed. This was after the fire was in the news. The body was not id'd until later.
February 27, 2009 10:57 PM

quickysrt said...
jim said... Very interesting. What was the jury/courtroom reaction when he got tearful over the "he went quick" comment? I have to imagine that was a moment

That was an emotional moment at trial for sure, but I thought that it was a description of the Crab Catcher event (when Harlow said it), and not one in the court.It was a damning moment for sure, nobody missed it.
February 28, 2009 4:30 AM

quickysrt said...
I had another talk with RW today during a break as he has been in court most of the day watching, and talking with BK's parents, another blog follower, and myself.I asked him what is the bad blood between yourself and S&G? He said that there are bloggers who have made statements against them that are attributed to him. I said so it is not you nor a friend or boyfriend or yours? He said no, as a matter of fact the DA asked that he not blog at all because it could harm the case.I then asked if he had seen Grant, and said hello, it is not me, shake his hand and walk away?He said as a matter of fact today I was walking by saw him, and it was an awkward moment, so I decided just to shake Grant's hand and say hello. He said it did not feel like Grant was completely accepting of this as a good kind gesture, but it was better than walking by with the awkwardness that was there.I said good, then you have done your end of it, and moved on, and good for you. Everybody needs to do that.I added that there must be nut cases out there saying things and attempting to ride the fame of someone else. There is no other reason.I really don't think RW has been saying shit about S&G all this time. It is "unmentionable" types out there basking in disputes and enjoying the rifts. We know there is one who has a Lite Bright page, and another who has been allowed to post around here. So why the fuck can there not be another (or one of the same) who wishes to make Grant and Sean miserable? It does make perfect sense. And this case has brought out of the woodwork some real works of art.I think I am correct, I did the leg work here.
February 28, 2009 4:46 AM

quickysrt said...
BB is not RW Grant. Just another nut case out there who wants the minimal amount of name recognition some other people have.It's the wanna-bes, and never-was that wish to leach off of others. The porn world is full of them, you should know by now.Let this one go the way of Kentie Loser. Forget it.
February 28, 2009 4:59 AM

So I guess we finally get the truth about the Wagner-BB connection. There is none BB is just what everyone has always thought, A kruezer wannabe. I guess we will have to wait until Monday to see anymore real action in this murder trail. I hope we get more info now that PC and Quicky are both on the seen. Quicky should get a job as a reporter since he gets to the bottom of what we all want to know.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

At last the trial: part 3

Ten witnesses have been called to testify today, Cuadra's third day of his capital murder trial. Several witnesses who testified today reside on Midland Drive. They collectively told the jury that they saw a light colored sport utility vehicle driving on Midland Drive or parked in Kocis' driveway, and afterwards saw Kocis' home on fire.

Donna Yachim, who resides on Midland Drive, testified she was looking out her front window waiting for her husband to come home from work from 6:30 to 6:45 p.m. on Jan. 24, 2007. Yachim said she saw a vehicle slowly driving past her home.

"It was very abnormally slow, it looked like somebody looking for a property," Yachim said.
Yachim said just after 8:30 p.m. that night, her daughter said Kocis' home was on fire. Yachim called 911 and her husband ran to a neighbor's house to alert them to get out.

I am guessing about these witnesses since they did not mention the other names in the newspaper.

Amy Zamerowski testified during the preliminary hearing that on the evening of January 24, 2007, she was going to pick up her friend Amy Withers at 64 Midland Drive, Dallas, Bryan’s next door neighbor. She testified that she turned onto Midland Drive at around 8:26 p.m. She pulled into the Withers’ driveway, and there was a light colored SUV backing out of the driveway next door. Amy also testified that after the vehicle left she entered the Withers residence. About ten minutes later, there was a knock on the door warning them to get out of the house because the house next door was on fire.

James Gilbert testified during the preliminary hearing that he was a neighbor of Bryan Kocis. He said he was walking his dog on Midland Drive past the Kocis home, sometime around 7:35 to 7:50 p.m. on January 24, 2007. He testified that he noticed a silver SUV in Kocis’ driveway up towards the garage. He strange because vehicles did not normally park in the driveway of the Kocis home; they usually parked in a spot in front of the house.. Gilbert recalled seeing flames coming from the Kocis residence at approximately 8:15-8:30 p.m. that evening.

During the preliminary hearing Ms. Zamerowski was shown photos of a silver Nissan XTerra. She testified that she was previously shown these photos and informed the State Police that the Nissan XTerra could have been the vehicle she had seen backing out of the Kocis driveway on the evening in question.

Gilbert was also shown a photo of a silver Nissan XTerra. he witness positively identified the photo as the make and type of vehicle that he had seen on the evening of Wednesday, January 24, 2007 in the Kocis driveway

A representative from Discover Financial testified Harlow Cuadra used his Discover card to pay for a Silver Nissan Xterra SUV from a Virginia Beach, Va. rental dealer the day before Bryan Kocis was killed.

Robert Wagner, a former employee of Kocis testified Kocis was thrilled with his gay pornography business in January 2007. Wagner said he visited Kocis the weekend before his January 2007 death, to help with various aspects of the business. Wagner acted and shot video for Kocis who had just settled a year-long legal issue with one of his actors. Kocis was excited that he had a potential new model coming in to audition. Robert Wagner testified that Bryan Kocis didn't allow anyone inside his home unless he was expecting someone. Wagner, who described himself as Kocis' best friend, said Kocis was "reclusive" and never answered his door.

Wagner said Kocis asked him about Moilin as a new model for Cobra Video, a production company of gay pornographic films. After reviewing photos of Moilin, which appear to be Cuadra, Wagner told Kocis he didn’t think the prospective model would work out."I didn't think he would be good, he was muscular and older," Wagner said about Moilin. Kocis disagreed and planned to meet with Moilin on Jan. 24, 2007, the day he died. "(Kocis) was very excited, he thought (the model) was very cute," Wagner said. The two men talked numerous times about the prospective model, who called himself Danny Moilin of King of Prussia, but who prosecutors say was really Cuadra

Wagner further testified that he was with Kocis in Las Vegas, Nev., for the adult video news award ceremony in mid-January 2007 and met with Cobra Video actor Sean Lockhart and Lockhart's business agent, Grant Roy. At the Las Vegas meeting, Wagner said Kocis was about to do "cartwheels" because Kocis settled a federal civil lawsuit he filed against Lockhart and Roy. It was also at the adult video news ceremony, investigators alleged, that Cuadra and his partner, Joseph Kerekes, met Lockhart and Roy to discuss making films together.
Kocis had been in a legal disagreement with Sean Lockhart, stage name Brent Corrigan, and his partner Grant Roy. But the men had reached an agreement about filming rights in early January 2007 in Las Vegas and later San Diego, Wagner said. Everyone was happy with the new arrangement, he said. "The weight of the world had been lifted off (their) shoulders," Wagner said.

Quickysrt reported from the court room and gave us this bit of info.
Robert said on the stand that Bryan was interested in the possibility of sex with this Danny model (even if he was not right for the Cobra line of video).I found Robert Wagner to be very forthcoming on the stand. When asked, he brought up some of his organization duties, and tasks performed besides modeling, and seemed to be not holding back.The under age issue of Brent was also handled directly and swiftly without so much as a blink. Boths sides asked about it, and prosecution made sure to get the last word with Robert on the matter. False ID, product pulled and destroyed, end of subject.This issue will likely not be returned to at this trial.I got the impression Robert was a real friend of Bryan's, not just an employee. I mean this in a good way.

Andre Pappas, a Drug Enforcement Agency officer in San Diego. He testified to a recording device he helped investigators use to record a conversation between Cuadra, Kerekes, Roy and Lockhart at a nude beach in the San Diego area. The device was hidden inside a keyless car entry keychain.

Cuadra admitted to the crimes, prosecutors say, in the taped conversation, which hasn’t been played for the jury yet.

Funny I recall Wagner was booted to the curb in Vegas and there was a point that the settlement went downhill in Vegas as per Cad's email from Bryan. Things were not settled until San Diego and they were strained at best. Then you have Bryan and Lee conspiring to undermine the whole thing with their separate deal. Wagner's view of what was is with regards to the settlement is distinctly clouded as far as I am concerned. There are far too many other versions of what actually happened. Zane aka Jamison Harper's long testimony of what was going on is in direct opposition to what Wagner says and it is also backed up with what Cad says that Bryan told him. Jamison is the model that Bryan was parading around San Diego after he sent Wagner packing because he looked like Sean.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

At last the trial: part two

Cuadra's jury trial before Luzerne County Judge Peter Paul Olszewski Jr. began Tuesday. Prosecutors called four witnesses this morning in the capital case against Cuadra, 27, who could face the death penalty if found guilty of first-degree homicide in Kocis’ 2007 death. Prosecutors allege Cuadra killed Kocis, a rival producer of gay pornography, to further his own gay pornography business. Assistant district attorneys Michael Melnick, Shannon Crake and Allyson Kacmanski are trying to convince the jury that Danny Moilin is Cuadra.

Prosecutors continue to build their case against Harlow Cuadra, alleging the 27-year old fabricated two applications under another name, and purchased personal information on rival pornographic movie producer Bryan Kocis. Todays witness included Justin Hensley, Alex Puente, Jennifer Marie Ortega, Deborah Crane, Attorney Sean Ernesto Macias, Karen Vuaxon, Virginia Beach Police Officer, Gavin Pinchback, Chris Hurd

Two other witness testified this morning, a Virginia Beach Police Officer who testified about seeing the rental car at Cuadra's place, and Karen Vuaxon, who works for AOL and testified about records pertaining to Kocis' site.

Jennifer Marie Ortega, a representative from USA People Search based in Sacramento, Calif., testified that someone using a Discover credit card registered to Cuadra purchased personal information on Kocis on Jan. 20, 2007. The information, Ortega said, contained Kocis' address, telephone number and neighbors information and other facts about the Dallas Township man, the witness testified this morning. Jennifer Ortega, said Cuadra purchased the "comprehensive background report on Kocis four days before Kocis was killed,

The murder victim Bryan Kocis owned Cobra Video.

Alex Puente, of Miami, Fla., who was the Web master of Cobra Video’s online site, testified Tuesday that days before his death Kocis received two e-mails to the Cobra site from a man named Danny Moilin, who wanted to audition as an actor for Kocis. Alexander Puente also testified that Cobra Video - Kocis' production company - received two model applications from Danny Moilin on Jan. 22, 2007. Puente said the application was completed from the same computer, in which, Assistant District Attorney Michael Melnick alleged was Cuadra's computer. Danny Moilin was the name that Harlow used to see Bryan. He sent the application to Cobra under that name and the Cobra Webmaster confirmed this. The five photos attached with the e-mail were shown to jurors and looked similar to Cuadra.

Upon questioning by Cuadra's lawyers, Joseph D'Andrea and Paul Walker, Puente said he wouldn't know who actually submitted the applications.

Sean Macias was the sixth witness to testify for prosecutors on day two of Cuadra's capital murder trial before Luzerne County Judge Peter Paul Olszewski. Attorney Sean Ernesto Macias, of Los Angeles, Calif. took the stand today and said that he was on the phone with the victim when the "model" arrived. He testified that he was speaking with Kocis on Jan. 24, 2007, when Kocis put the phone down and answered his door."He seemed to be in a good mood," Macias said from the witness stand. "My conversation was brief with him; he said he was expecting a guest that day, a model or something."He went to answer the door, it sounded like he put the phone down and said Hello, the name started with a D," Macias said.

According to the Times Leader, Bryan Kocis was on the telephone speaking with his attorney when investigators suspect Harlow Cuadra arrived at his Dallas Township home. Macias represented Kocis in a federal civil suit filed against Cobra Video contract model, Sean Lockhart, and Lockhart's business agent, Grant Roy, a director of pornographic films. Macias said the suit, which alleged Lockhart violated the copyrighted name of Brent Corrigan, was settled sometime in January 2007.

Justin Hensley said he started working for Cuadra in April 2005 because he was very poor. When he worked for them Hensley said "Cuadra and Kerekes earned $225 per hour and up to $10,000 a week in their escort business in Virginia Beach". Hensley said "clients to the escort business was a U.S. Senator, government contractors working for the U.S. Military and physicians". He testified that while he was working as a male escort for Cuadra and Kerekes they wouldn’t let him leave their home for long.

Justin Hensley said he resided with Cuadra and Kerekes because they wanted him to be available at all times for potential clients. Hensley who is now engaged to a female said he left the home of Cuadra and Kerekes because they "wanted me to stay there and work all the time and not have a social life. I was only "allowed" to leave on the weekends and if I went out to get a sandwich, I had to come right back." "I could only leave for a short lunch.

Hensley said he was aware that Cuadra met Lockhart, known in the industry as Brent Corrigan, at an adult video news award ceremony in Las Vegas, Nev., in mid-January. Hensley said Cuadra and Kerekes wanted to make more money so they expanded into pornographic films. Hensley also testified that he knew they wanted to film movies with Sean Lockhart, an actor in gay pornographic films. "They would definately profit a lot of money," Hensely said if Cuadra and Lockhart produced films. "The only statements that I heard Cuadra say was Cobra Video is a main rival," Hensley said. Hensley’s testimony detailed Cuadra’s role in his companies, as an actor and producer of pornography as well as a prostitute, but he also presented Kerekes, 35, as aggressive and the more dominant of the two men.

During cross-examination from defense attorney Joseph D’Andrea, Hensley said Kerekes fired a gun inside the house where he lived with Cuadra. "I’m pretty sure he wanted to shoot Harlow," Hensley said, because of a fight between them. Hensley, who lived with the two men at their pornography and prostituting hub, moved out because of the incident and has enlisted in the military, serving two tours in Iraq.

Deborah Crane, an employee at Superior Pawn Shops in Virginia Beach, testified Cuadra and Kerekes purchased a handgun and a knife from the shop on Jan. 23, 2007. Melnick showed to the jury a surveillance video from the pawn shop illustrating Cuadra and Kerekes purchasing the items. "I can’t tell what (Kerekes) pulled from his pocket from this angle," pawn shop manager Deborah Crain said during cross-examination. "(Cuadra’s) credit card was used … he signed it."

So far from what I am seeing is that the defense is placing all of the blame on Joe Kerekes. But from the testimony of two witnesses I can see that the same thing is starting be proven. I had an issue with Joe where I saw how he can get angry. So I can understand Justin and Harlow's fear of Joe. I do have a question about Macias's testimony though. from the affidavit it show's that Macias had three different phone calls to Bryan. I listed a list of times below with what the prosecution has said was going on. based on the times listed there seems to be some inconsistancies.

All times below are EST and taken from the affidavit of probable cause.

2:23 PM Bryan sends a email to sean( email about meeting Danny with out pictures

4:02 PM Harlow logs into his email account

4:45 PM harlow sends email

5:03 PM Harlow sends email to mitchell

5:31 PM Danny Moilin logs on

5:35 PM Sean Macias talks to Bryan: the first call.

6:00 PM Sean Macias talks to Bryan: the second call: Macias advised that on the night of 1/24/2007 he was on the phone with the victim regarding the pending lawsuit as well as several items of issue regarding the members of LSG Media. Macias decribed the the Demaeanor of the victim at the time as "upbeat" and "in a good mood". the victim advised Macias that a "new Model" was coming over(to the victims residence). Macias added that at some point, the victim asked Macias to "hold on", as the model who had a name which began with a "D" arrived. Macias could not hear the entire name of the model. Subsequent to the model's arrival the victim's phone call with Macias concluded. Phone records obtained subsequent to this investigation illustrate that the victim did engage in telephone conversation(s) with Macias between the hours of approx 1735 and 1800 hrs' and at approx 1950 hrs EST on 1/24/2007

6:11 PM dmbottompa logs on

6:27 PM stareyes emails sales @*******.net

6:29 PM stareyes emails sales @*******.net

6:30 PM Aaron / Robert Wagner talks to Bryan. Did this call interupt Bryans call with Macias? Is this call the reason that Bryan asked Macias to hold on?

6:45 PM Harlow sends email Bryan: If Harlow was at Bryan's house why would he email Bryan?

6:51 PM Harlow logs into his email account

7:50 PM Sean Macias talks to Bryan the third call: this is the last time that we know that Bryan was alive, who called who: I would guess if Macias was talking to Bryan that I is assumed that he was still alive.

8:20 PM silver or white suv seen leaving the residence of the victim: Amy saw the car leave the Kocis residence but there was no sign of a fire.

8:34 PM fire department called and arrive in a few minutes. Amy also testifies that the fire department knocked on the door of the house and informed them that the house next door was on fire.

8:36 PM Email sent to wade @ hotmail .com

8:51 PM Harlow logs into his email account

9:13 PM Email sent from stareyes to sales@………net.

9:33 PM Harlow logs on as Danny Bottom email account

9:42 PM Harlow sends email to txbo…

11:09 PM Harlow logs into his email account

At last the trial: part one

With the court house testimony under way it seems that the prosecution is going for blood. They are showing that this was a planned out methodical venture designed to get rid of Bryan Kocis who the defendent(s) deemed as direct competition to their gay porn business. The defense strategy is to place all of the blame on everyone but Harlow which I guess is what they should do. With Joe in prison for life and Harlow free to blame it all on him.

The prosecution has presented several witnesses who are truly making it appear that Harlow is not the sweet and innocent school boy his apperance suggests. As far the testimony of the coronor and the police officers they are stating facts that they have ascertained from the collection of evidence that was present at the crime scene. Most of which was destroyed by the fire from thier direct testimony.

Anderew Shunk testified that Joe and Harlow wanted to get Brent Corrigan to model for them because it would net them a big payday. He also testified that Harlow told him that Bryan Kocis was competition for their gay porn business. He also testified to the star power of Brent Corrigan, the prosecution refers to Brent Corrigan as the “Tom Cruise of gay porn” . Melnick also alluded to what was said at the Las Vegas dinner, He said that Joe and Harlow offered to kill Bryan for Sean and Grant.
The defense does not appear to have any strategy with regards to their cross-examinations on any of these witnesses so far though. I don’t really see any angle to the defense’s argument as of yet but this trial is just getting started. I guess we will just have to wait and see where they are going with this.

Now if you look at Andrew’s testimony it would appear that Brent Corrigan was the prize. Bryan stood in Joe and Harlow’s way of attaining of that prize. Hence the prosecutions premise that Bryan was in direct competition to them. There was also testimony offered to the subject matter discussed at the Las Vegas dinner that as far as we know there are two different versions of. The prosecution did not attend said dinner but they are using this as grounds for this murder. Now I don’t know about you but if you are going to kill someone do you tell someone who can testify against you about your plans?

There is also the testimony about how much Joe and Harlow were going to pay Brent Corrigan to do a couple of scenes. Andrew also testifies to the projected earning of the video scenes.

Now I have read the MOU and I don’t know all of the terms of the settlement but I do know that Brent was required to pay Bryan 20% for any work he did under the name Brent Corrigan. Now I really don’t know what Brent’s scene rate is but I would guess it is around $3000.00 per scene. So my question is why didn’t Brent take the $50,0000 and pay Bryan his share and be done with it.

That is the big question here, Bryan would be alive and Brent would be flush and Joe and Harlow would be happy. There is also the other question that I think needs to be answered why did Brent and Grant settle with Bryan. Bryan did not have a leg to stand on in the civil suit. It is a fact that Brent was under age when he worked on those first scenes for Cobra video. That is evident by the fact that they are no longer publicly available and by the fact that Brent’s age is no longer an issue. The settlement really makes no sense when you think about it. Brent walked away from Cobra Video in 2005 and he worked for Falcon studios as Fox Ryder. Bryan had no say in that endeavor.

Bryan did take out a trademark on the name Brent Corrigan but it was only in the state of Pennsylvania. The federal trademark had not been approved and to this day it still has not been approved. As far as the contract with Cobra Video goes it had no power to compel Brent to perform sex acts on film. No porn contract can compel a model to perform a sex act on film. The contract that Cobra had was useless in that aspect. So for the prosecution to claim that Brent Corrigan was under contract to Cobra video is a stupid mistake.

cyber-ciminal press realese

To all
Gay Online Social Networks and their members.

From Matt Conaster and the GorgeousBoys Online Entertainment Network.

An individual claiming to represent himself as a gay news journalist or gay
talent agent in the adult entertainment industry has been circulating within the
gay online communities of the internet. This individual represents himself using
an alias name, known as Damon Kruezer and may offer you a link to a website.
Said website will represent spoofed information about industry insider
information and industry gossip to cause you to believe you are dealing with a
reputable person.

The nature of this scheme works very simple, here is how it usually works: You
will receive online communication via email or instant messenger from this
individual. He will make proposals of introducing you to a new and rewarding
career in the adult film industry. He will debrief you for vital information
such as age, date of birth, names of members of your family and other personal

It would appear you would be making an application for employment
by answering his questions about such information. He will ask you to email him
personal images of yourself. After you provide him this information he will
publish what appears to be an interview with you on his website. After
developing a rapport with you online and claiming to you he has provided you
with necessary publicity he will then ask for money. Of course after you send
money to him nothing will ever develop toward landing you employment in a film
or other areas of the industry.

Many victims of these schemes sometimes don't have money to pay the "publicity
fee" or later begin to question the creditability of the offerings. Once you
fail to make payment or question the creditability of him he will then extort
you by explaining to you that he will contact your family and friends, employer
and or associations and share with them the personal information you may have
shared with him to include photographs you may have submitted to him. Often
victims give in and pay him to avoid having this information shared.

Blackmail/Extortion is the serious felony crime of threatening to reveal damaging or embarrassing information in order to coerce money or other goods or
forms of cooperation out of a victim. For blackmail to be effective, the blackmailer must, in most cases, have physical proof of the information he
threatens to reveal, such as photographs or emails.

The victim of blackmail is typically threatened with exposure of his private
life, the consequences of which can range from embarrassing to socially
devastating to legally damning. At its most serious, blackmail may rest on the
exposure of a serious crime, which would do infinitely more damage to the victim
than complying with the blackmailer. Even secret information that is not of a
criminal nature, however, can make the victim of blackmail feel that he has no
recourse against the crime.

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is a partnership between the Federal
Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C).
IC3's mission is to serve as a vehicle to receive, develop, and refer criminal
complaints regarding the rapidly expanding arena of cyber crime. The IC3 gives
the victims of cyber crime a convenient and easy-to-use reporting mechanism that
alerts authorities of suspected criminal or civil violations. For law
enforcement and regulatory agencies at the federal, state, and local level, IC3
provides a central referral mechanism for complaints involving Internet related

If you feel you have been a victim of Damon Kruezer or other like matter you
may file a complaint with the FBI and IC3 online at:

This is a public service announcement from GorgeousBoys Online Entertainment
Network and we have sent this public message to all 147,323 users of our
network. If this material doesn't affect you but you have knowledge of someone
else who may be the victim of such crime please feel free to forward this



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The Last Straw With Kruezer (Just One Hot Minute)

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Liar-Fraud-Imposter (The Bud Foxx Archive)

Former Damon Fan

Lies and the Truths Behind Them...

Kent Barclay on Trial

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Reading in between the lines of madness

You know if you read between the lines in any of one of Damon Kruezers comments you will see the truth. Damon never wants us to see what he is really thinking because it would show the world what a complete and utter asshole that he really is. But I have used my exclusive translator software that I got from Detective Chernobyl. It has translated Damon last manifesto on Just One hot Minute and deciphered the truth. It is actually quite disturbing to see what Damon really means in his blog comments. So I say to all of you read the true meaning of what Damon is trying to tell us.

Damon Kruezer on Sun, 22nd Feb 2009 4:53 pm
Tell it like it is? As the FIRST industry reporter to accurately report the AEBN/RSS shotgun marriage and the FIRST industry figure to call for a BOYCOTT of the GAYVN’s, my fans have been clamoring for me to once again post here.

The truth: I begged to be allowed to post here. My fans are at best sock puppets that live in that sick brain of mine.

Kentie Consistent with some excellent communications with the responsible party, I have chosen to do just that. So let’s clarify some important things regarding MJ Taylor, a man I deeply admire, like and respect, and a great performer I was the first to interview.

The truth: I promised Mark to be good and not lie on this blog but I can not control myself. I will now try my best to kiss MJ Taylor’s ass so he will answer my emails.

Kentie: It seems MJ feels he’s between a rock and a hard place and is trying to maintain neutrality in a battle that actually has nothing to do with him. He’s right about that and I agree with him - other people’s dramas are not his.

The truth: This really sucks that MJ Taylor came here and handed me my walking papers. I really should not have tried to push my agenda on this one. What really sucks is that I have no ammunition against MJ and I can not blackmail him to get my way.

Kenite: But since certain people have INSISTED on making false claims to him - as alluded to by MJ himself - I’m not going to stand still and allow misrepresentations to be passed off as facts.

The truth: How can I take what MJ said about me and make it seem like he was forced to say this. I know, I will say that he was forced by the truth squad. Yeah that’s it the truth squad made him do It.

Kentie: Truth is, as Howard Andrew can attest, MJ Taylor did indeed get his first interview with me, as well as his second. They are in the Kruezer archives, with numerous photos sent me by MJ to be used at my discretion. In this regard I worked hand in glove with Kyle Majors of Cockyboys, with whom my site is an affiliate.

The truth: Howard at Fabscout won’t return my emails anymore, MJ Taylor won’t return my emails anymore. I know I will claim that I have pictures and interviews in my archives. Yeah that’s it the “fans” will believe that. I hope my Cockyboys link works on my site. Damn how do I get that shit too work. I need it to work so I can prove that I am getting paid from them. Where is my Cockboys link?

Kentie: It’s beyond dispute that as a result, MJ Taylor and Cockyboys benefited from the publicity and favorable exposure on my site, and in fact sought it out.

The truth: I wonder if anyone believes that I have helped the career of MJ, Do they believe that my support of Cockboys has made people join the site? Do they believe that anybody reads my website? Do they believe the emails that my “fans” send me?

Kentie: Whether MJ was offered the spot here due to the continuous favorable press on my site - often for WEEKS when no one else mentioned or pictured him - I leave to private conjecture.

The truth: I did do posts on MJ because I wanted people to believe that I knew him. And now because of all of my lies MJ has a place here on Just One Hot Minute. So this is all because of me, it has nothing to do with MJ’s hotness factor. So I will just let the world believe that it was all because of me that MJ is famous. Yeah they will believe that.

Kentie: Concerning false claims, never have I or anyone working with me claimed that MJ Taylor was repped or managed by me. We have always been clear that he was a Cockyboys exclusive this past year, that his contract ended amicably, and that he was and is repped by Fabscout.

The truth: I wonder if there is any record left since I deleted my website in January saying that I discovered MJ and that he was my client. I hope Dewayne In SD or that evil Yves Mignon don’t call me out on that lie. As far as MJ’s contract with Cockyboys I really have no clue about that and I don’t know who Howard represents because he won’t talk to me either. God it sucks to be me

Kentie: So what exactly is the problem? That MJ shouldn’t have interviewed with me and sent me photos? Well he did, and he got priceless publicity and a favorable image from it. Word from Lauderdale is that both parties there were mightily pleased with the way it worked out.

The truth: God I hope they don’t ask me about any of this. I hope Howard and MJ don’t read this. I wish I had really gone to Florida. My publicity is really priceless and it is only favorable to me. Just like my article in DNA magazine about me and Zeb Atlas that those fuckers rewrote. They did not realize that people only wanted to read about me. MJ Taylor was just another way for me to talk about me. It really is all about me. God I think I am great don’t you?

Kentie: Not to mention my own pleasure in receiving those nice monthly affiliate checks, often based on photos or write-ups about MJ linking to Cockyboys.

The truth: Damn I hope they don’t go to my website and look for that Cockboys link. I am so broke that I had to tell this elaborate lie about going to the Cybersockests. I got so busted for that I hope they don’t bust me for this lie.

Kentie:So is anyone saying I “shouldn’t” have the right to do that, or that Cockyboys shouldn’t have my site as an affiliate? If any of you are saying that, how is that any of your business? If you try to interfere in my PRIVATE business based on PERSONAL dislike focused on false allegations that have never been validated, what does that say?

The truth: Now I know that I not interviewed anyone that I have claimed to interview and I know that Cockyboys won’t return my emails. I have no business dealings in the porn industry because I don’t matter but I will persist in this lie. I hope that I can drive it home that I do matter and those who don’t like me will have no argument because I will deny any wrong doing. I have never been arrested because I can hide really good. My bathroom makes me invisible and you can not find me when I am in there. If I only stay in my bathroom It will never be proven that I did bad stuff.

Kentie: This entire syndrome of DK detractors trying to literally dictate, pressure or intimidate others to do their bidding - based entirely on hearsay and conjecture - is just so against everything we gays supposedly stand for, it’s beyond contempt.

The truth: I declare that there are only a few DK detractors against me. Everyone else likes me and I am fabulous. These anti gay people are trying to discredit me because I am gay. I will get the Lambda legal defense team to take up my fight because all of these haters are perpetrating a hate crime against me because I am gay. Even though the people who are hating on me are gay as well. There is nothing for them to base their arguments on because I delete all of the evidence when things get to hot. I will be deleting my webpage in the next couple of weeks because they are all on to my lies. I wonder if they will understand my previous comment or do I have to do another one of those "end of the world speeches" again.

Kentie: Be advised MJ, this is how the haters work: Deluging you with tons of emails making false claims and insinuating some kind of “damage” if we’re known to be friends, trying to make the DK name “toxic” using the Big Lie technique.

The truth: MJ this is a threat too you to be nice to me or I will tell your parents that you do porn and I will get you fired from your job because I have that power. And the world bows down to me when I threaten them because I am the Patriarch of Homoerotica. You better believe me MJ or I will say your real name on my website. Just look at how many other models have not come out against me publicly. It is because they are scared of me. At least I hope they are

Kentie: But I have great faith in MJ and in our friendship, especially since at no point in the past 18 months have MJ and I ever had a dispute, a misunderstanding, or any problems of any kind.

The truth: God I hope MJ believes that I have some good dirt on him. Wait I don’t have any dirt on MJ and he told the truth about me. Shit I can not threaten him cause I don’t have anything. Oh my god I have to be nice to him or he might post all the stalking emails that I sent him. Oh no, I must regain my composure and act like I still have the upper hand in all of this. Now what should I write to make it look convincing. I know I will write this

Kentie: We’ve just been good friends and professionals in the industry who like and respect each other and support each other - even when the going gets tough.

The truth: I hope this little white flag works and MJ gets off the warpath. Yeah I think the readers will believe that me and MJ are friends. Everybody likes me; yeah the whole world likes me. I am the Guilty Pleasure and Cybersocket says so

Kentie: And I certainly appreciated MJ’s personal invitation to his birthday party earlier this month.
Howard Andrew is a great manager and a good man, and I’m proud to count him among my friends in the biz.
MJ Taylor is a fantastic performer and a fascinating, smart, sexy and honorable man, whom KRUEZER AT NIGHT will always support no matter how stormy the seas we’re sailing may become

The truth: I better kiss some serious ass right about now before they come out with proof that I am an asshole and a liar. Damn why did I tell that lie about MJ’s birthday party? That will surely get me busted, no one talks to Howard though and he won’t tell anyone the truth about me. At least I hope so

Kentie: Experience has shown that MJ is fiercely indepedent as Kam Scott is, and does not take kindly to other people with an axe to grind telling him what he “should” feel, think or do in regard to a person, and a website, that has been nothing but 110% supportive of him…especially when he did not ask their opinion of such matters in the first place.

The truth: I will throw one more threat out there to make sure that these models don’t say anything nasty about me. I hope they do not believe all that has been said about me. I have been only nice to these models and I have only said nice things about them so that they would be my friends and give me some credibility in this industry that I am trying to claim that I matter in.

Kentie: Enough said. My liking and respect for MJ Taylor is without terms or conditions. Always did, always will.

The truth: Did anybody actually believe any of this bullshit that I just spouted out? Did MJ and Kam heed my threats? Will JUST ONE HOT MINUTE allow this batch of bullshit to grace their WebPages? God I hope they do because this is some of my best writing and I think I have gotten my point across that I am great and the models fear me and they will not say anything bad about me

I’ll leave it at that.