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Friday, February 27, 2009

At last the trial: Day four

Well today I was blog hopping and reading the newspapers and I found some information on the case and I thought that I would share my impressions of it all.
An alternate juror in the Harlow Cuadra capital murder trial in Luzerne County was excused due to illness. Judge Peter Paul Olszewski Jr. identified the juror as alternate #3, a male who is a diabetic.Olszewski said the alternate juror's wife contacted the court last night to say her husband was ill. Olszewski said he spoke on the telephone with the alternate juror this morning, and was told the alternate juror became ill overnight. Due to the developments, Olszewski met with prosecutors and Cuadra's lawyers before trial proceedings, and it was agreed to excuse the juror and continue the trial with three alternate jurors.

Testimony continued Friday in the murder trial of Harlow Cuadra of Virginia. He is accused of killing Bryan Kocis in the Back Mountain in 2007.

Trooper Michael Boone, with the state police is a member of the forensic services unit, Friday morning. He testified that Kocis' home was severely damaged by a fire, and he found five loaded handguns inside the home.

An employee of ATT&T testified about phone records before the morning break.

Jurors saw crime scene photos and heard from several witnesses, including the man prosecutors said Cuadra and his partner, Joseph Kerekes, killed for.

Quickysrt who is at the trial added some commentary about the trial . he answered questions of the commenters on PC's blog

quickysrt said....
jim said... Quicky, how is the jury holding up, and reacting?I'm a bit worried the prosecution may be overdoing it a bit, and possibly boring the jury with excess trivial evidence.A burned door and TV hauled in, for example. Did that stuff actually have an impact on the jury?----

I guess the burnt items were to be discussed, but they just never got around to it with so many pictures shown. I'm sure today will be those items mentioned.The jury seems to be doing fine, a lot of people in court are coughing and one on the jury has a really rough sounding cough.Harlow glanced at many of the pictues and then looked away at his note pad, not looking very long at any of the pictures. He is taking notes through out and talking with his council during other testimony.


Friday Sean Lockhart took the stand, he is a key witness for the prosecution. Lockhart is a gay pornography businessman and an actor. Lockhart told the court he and his partner agreed to work with police by wearing a hidden microphone. He told jurors he was under contract with Kocis and Cobra Video.

Sean Lockhart testified he had several "internet interactions" with Harlow Cuadra beginning in December 2006. Lockhart said Cuadra and he talked several times over MySpace, email and the phone. Cuadra was "eager" to work with Lockhart and offered to "pay you 10 K" for acting in his video. Lockhart, testified that Cuadra's partner, Joseph Kerekes, recorded the video on Black's Beach, a nude beach, on April 28, 2007. Lockhart said Cuadra and Kerekes were "opening up" about the murder. This made Lockhart upset, he testified, and he fell behind.
"Cuadra dropped back, he touched my arm and he said, 'don't worry, it was quick, he went quick,'" Lockhart testified while nearly sobbing.

Now I will interupt this tesimony and add my two cents. Sean Lockhart testified that he was under contract with Cobra Video, that was something that I would have thought the defense would have asked more questions about. During the the civil suit Sean and Grant said that the contract was unenforcable. Yet there is still the claim about him being under contract. What I also find intersting is that there was no mention about the validity of the Cobra Video contract that Sean spoke of.

He also spoke of his working underage for Cobra Video. But from what I gather he was not asked about how he obtained the fake ID he used. or how he was introduced to Bryan Kocis. There seems to have been no mention of Chris Henriquez during the trial. There has been much speculation on how he aquired that ID. But the subject was not brought up. There is also the statement of Bryan Kocis from the civil suit about the Id but that was not brought up either.

Lockhart further testified that he was "17" years old when he did "two shoots that were spread onto four DVDs," adding that his first film was for Cobra Video, operated by Bryan Kocis, 44. Lockhart, who is now 22, said he owns his own adult production company based in San Diego, Calif.

Judge PPO removed the jury and this took place:

WILKES-BARRE - Luzerne County Judge Peter Paul Olszewski Jr. excused the jury to inquire if Sean Lockhart wanted a lawyer after Lockhart made "potentially incriminating" statements that he worked in adult films as a minor.
Lockhart was answering questions from Assistant District Attorney Michael Melnick about his background in adult films when Olszewski stopped the proceeding and excused the jury from the courtroom.
Olszewski cautioned Lockhart that he may have "incriminated himself criminally" by admitting under oath he provided a false identification and was performing in adult films while a minor.
Olszewski gave Lockhart several options, to include speaking with a lawyer or declining to speak with a laywer and continue to testify.
Lockhart declined to speak or have a lawyer, and Olszewski returned the jury to resume the trial.

Roy carried a recording device hidden in a key chain during the meeting, Lockhart said.
Cuadra's attorneys said Lockhart had a difficult relationship with Kocis and they said there is no recorded evidence that Cuadra admitted to knowing about the Kocis murder. But Cuadra’s statement doesn’t appear on the tape.“It’s not on the tape?” defense attorney Paul Walker asked during cross-examination.“Harlow pulled me back for discretion,” Lockhart said.

Walker questioned Lockhart on specifics of his communication with Cuadra, pointing to several instances when Kerekes was the one sending messages on Cuadra’s MySpace account.“It was Roy who first contacted Cuadra (about a film), correct?”“Yes,” Lockhart said.

A few days after Kocis died, Kerekes called Lockhart, he said, and then handed the phone to Cuadra who told him to go to WNEP-TV’s Web site, where the top story was the fire at Kocis’ Midland Drive home.“(Cuadra said) ‘I guess my guy went a little overboard,’” Lockhart said.

Walker, during cross-examination, had Lockhart reiterate his statement that Cuadra had said “his guy” went “overboard,” and not him.

Before Lockhart finished testifying, Luzerne County Judge Peter Paul Olszewski Jr. held a sidebar with Lockhart to discuss his legal rights.

Lockhart admitted during testimony that he forged documents in order to act for Kocis when he was 17. Lockhart turned down legal counsel, saying he was aware of his right to not incriminate himself.

And now for some color comentary from Quikysrt:

quickysrt said....
Friday, February 27, 2009 6:45:00 AM
ok, well it was quite a moment in the week, a week which wrapped up with star witness Sean taking the stand.He arrived wearing a cherry red sweater, dark gray dress slacks, and crisp white collared shirt, he looked stunning. The pants were perfect fitting and his posture screamed confidence. It became apparent he was going to answer the questions his way, and even request that some questions be restated. Several times, he stopped to consider the wording of a question and asked if it could be repeated. He actually took control of the pace of his entire testimony. While he looked all of 17 years old, he showed some skill at handling this kind of stress no 17 y/o would have.The under age videos would be delved into in detail, what time frame his summers in PA, when he met Grant, and exactly what kind of relationship they had. Everything about Bryan's ideas for Sean's future with him, and the settlement which was going to be good for him financially and well as professionally both outside of Cobra, and with his own production company.And of course the Vegas dinner and all email, myspace, AIM, and cell phone correspondence with Harlow were gone over.I noticed that almost every seat has been taken while Sean is on the stand. Like word got out that this is the feature attraction or something. On cross exam. Sean's posture changed, he was just slightly more slumped in seat with arms bracing him up rather than his back being perfectly straight.But he still refused to let defense attorney put words into his mouth without adding his own reasoning to the record. Like 'you seem to be good at pretending to be into it" (after black's beach video was played in full) Sean answered that he knows when he "has" to do something, he does it, and he had to do this.btw, the video from the nude beach was surreal, to be seeing this full frontal nude video in court, it was 7 min. long but felt like 45 min. Harlow did not look at the screen at all during it, nor did his Mother. Normally you hear coughs in court, or bits of whispering now and again. During the play of this video is was deadly quiet, not one sound in the room at all.The point early on when asked about lying about his age for porn, he was stopped by the judge who asked him to consider a lawyer, consider not answering some questions without an attorney present, and offered him an attorney to be arranged.There was a break while jury left the room to discuss this with Sean. Sean decided that it had been five years with no criminal complaint against him, and that he should not worry now about the past, and just carry on. Jury returned and carry on he indeed did.It was pure balls, and I felt it gave his testimony even more edge. It also kept up the impression that Sean was running the show concerning his testimony. This court was not going to keep him from telling this story his own way.It was damaging for the defense, and on cross examination the only thing they managed to prove is that Joe made some of the myspace add friend requests to Sean's page.There were a few gasps, and laughs, like when the video title "Young Bucks In Heat" was mentioned. A few of us laughed and looked at each other.Unreal day, and unreal end to the week.
Friday, February 27, 2009 5:38:00 PM

Quicky also answered a nagging question that some still have.

quickysrt said.....
Well, I can say BB is NOT RW. After his testimony he sat in the court room and listened to the other witnesses of the day take the stand.During a break we talked and exchanged who we are. I asked so you are not BB? NO. Think Sean and Grant had anything to do with it? He just shook his head no. It was a ridicules question I wanted to ask once and be done with it.Robert was approachable and mild mannered. But he asked who I was, and so I didn't have to approach him.I spoke with Byran Kocis' family the first day I attended, it was his father who came up to me and asked who I was. He has since always waved hello when we pass when coming or going. When pictures of the house on fire were shown, BK's mother turned her head down, and his father kept looking but had to wipe away tears.I noticed each time pictures were shown of burnt out house and Bryan's body, the Kocis family were told to pleased leave. So the house on fire might have been the worst they have had to see in court. And it was hard for them.It was good that they left the room, as the pictures got more graphic, and eventually, after picture #80 got to autopsy photos showing stab wounds after body was cleaned. Defense objected to something, not sure what. But day of court was ended after endless series of pictures.The pictures were bad enough, but during lunch break, items of evidence were rolled in, including Bryan's front door and the front panel of big screen TV. They parked these items at first directly in front of the Kocis'. I felt awful about it sensing their reaction to these huge blackened items. They were later moved further away from where they had been.It seemed like hours of pictures shown. And their was after hours of other stuff like credit card statements, etc. It was a long day.
Friday, February 27, 2009 12:41:00 AM

Quicky also addressed questions as well.

quickysrt said.....
Geoff Harvard said... Quicky, you are going wobbly. What about the issue of Robert pimping Sean's body to an apparent Cobra client on or about July 4, 2004, when Sean was 17----

Both sides forgot to bring it up. Perhaps they are waiting until Sean takes the stand to get the matter aired in court? No... I doubt it.Interesting that Robert was the only high profile witness that sat down in court and listened to other's testimony after he left the stand.

Rob said...
Quicky--Thanks for the in the court commentary.Sean was composed.Sean was confident in answering questions.The instigators of the correspondence to Sean and Grant were Harlow and Joe.My, my those shakey finances of Harlow and Joe's raises its head again. Joe hit on Sean because of the high Alexa ratings. Makes sense.As for the BB's prediction of Sean arrested, dust in the wind----

Exactly, Sean said on the stand that Harlow's rush for a production so quickly seemed "desperate". There was no cross exam on this point.And thanks Noah, a few kind bloggers made it possible for me to be the unofficial official something or another. We'll see how much more detail we can get.

Quicky srt reports this on Jim's blog

quickysrt said...
Sean was briliant on the stand! The bright red sweater as well as the whole look was a sharp clean presence. His response to each question showed a guy who is smart, and has indeed been around the block once or twice. I think the jury was impressed, I was, as was the person I sat with and left with. We both thought Sean earned many points on the truth scale.Sean called Harlow's productions poor, but thought he was a good performer in the videos he sent to them in San Diego. He thought of Harlow as a "good find."
But that he needed to work out and firm up a bit if and when they might film together, so that "they both looked their best" in any filming they might do.He said after the Vegas dinner that he and Grant had no idea the both of them were "skewed" until the murder of Bryan was confirmed. This was after the fire was in the news. The body was not id'd until later.
February 27, 2009 10:57 PM

quickysrt said...
jim said... Very interesting. What was the jury/courtroom reaction when he got tearful over the "he went quick" comment? I have to imagine that was a moment

That was an emotional moment at trial for sure, but I thought that it was a description of the Crab Catcher event (when Harlow said it), and not one in the court.It was a damning moment for sure, nobody missed it.
February 28, 2009 4:30 AM

quickysrt said...
I had another talk with RW today during a break as he has been in court most of the day watching, and talking with BK's parents, another blog follower, and myself.I asked him what is the bad blood between yourself and S&G? He said that there are bloggers who have made statements against them that are attributed to him. I said so it is not you nor a friend or boyfriend or yours? He said no, as a matter of fact the DA asked that he not blog at all because it could harm the case.I then asked if he had seen Grant, and said hello, it is not me, shake his hand and walk away?He said as a matter of fact today I was walking by saw him, and it was an awkward moment, so I decided just to shake Grant's hand and say hello. He said it did not feel like Grant was completely accepting of this as a good kind gesture, but it was better than walking by with the awkwardness that was there.I said good, then you have done your end of it, and moved on, and good for you. Everybody needs to do that.I added that there must be nut cases out there saying things and attempting to ride the fame of someone else. There is no other reason.I really don't think RW has been saying shit about S&G all this time. It is "unmentionable" types out there basking in disputes and enjoying the rifts. We know there is one who has a Lite Bright page, and another who has been allowed to post around here. So why the fuck can there not be another (or one of the same) who wishes to make Grant and Sean miserable? It does make perfect sense. And this case has brought out of the woodwork some real works of art.I think I am correct, I did the leg work here.
February 28, 2009 4:46 AM

quickysrt said...
BB is not RW Grant. Just another nut case out there who wants the minimal amount of name recognition some other people have.It's the wanna-bes, and never-was that wish to leach off of others. The porn world is full of them, you should know by now.Let this one go the way of Kentie Loser. Forget it.
February 28, 2009 4:59 AM

So I guess we finally get the truth about the Wagner-BB connection. There is none BB is just what everyone has always thought, A kruezer wannabe. I guess we will have to wait until Monday to see anymore real action in this murder trail. I hope we get more info now that PC and Quicky are both on the seen. Quicky should get a job as a reporter since he gets to the bottom of what we all want to know.


  1. Yeah Wagner is not about to admit to a 3rd party, a stranger, that he blogs using the BB persona. That BB chimed in elsewhere that he was blogging was rather stupid because that was most likely Ben, the BF. But then, the BB persona is a rubber band, stretched to present different bits of one-sided information and very much controlled by Robert Wagner.

    As for peevish PC being upset with Geoff or me or some other blogger on account of Renee Martin who, as presented by him on his blog in her original curtain opener sometime back, she has only herself to blame for her inflammatory, inconsistent statements.

    I am glad Quicky went to Pennsylvania to get the lay of the land and provide his first person accounts and comments. More than view on this murder trial is a breath of fresh air.

  2. Quicky talked in private with Robert Wagner, the supposed Professor Moriarty of the anti-Brent underworld.

    Quicky asked him if Sean and Grant were responsible for the death of Bryan. He said no.

    That's it. Argument settled. Game over.

    Am I missing something here? Why are we still having this debate?

  3. Rob, give it up. Admit you were wrong and move on. Otherwise, people might begin to wonder just who is writing under the "Rob" persona.

  4. This is mind-boggling to me. Apparently even after RW's goodwill gesture, Grant still believes BB is RW, per his latest comment to him on Jim's:

    "P.S. I'd like to know though. Did you lie in your interview or on the stand? I'd like to think you're smart enough not to commit perjury. Which is why you finally chose to tell the truth under oath!"

    I'm sorry, I have absolutely nothing against Grant, but this is madness.

  5. From PC's blog, yet another eyewitness account:

    ken said...

    I can say with 100% confidence that BB is not Robert Wagner.

    Robert was in the courtroom all afternoon, did not leave for more than a minute or two. There is no public internet access in the building. He was not carrying anything that would conceal a laptop.

    BB's post's this afternoon (eg. 2:22pm) is sufficient proof for me.

    I spoke with Robert after Sean's testimony, he thought Sean did very well, spoke the truth, and helped establish fact for the prosecution.

    Not something you'd hear from BB. :)

    Hope whoever makes that never-ending, baseless accusation shuts up already!
    Friday, February 27, 2009 11:55:00 PM

  6. Rob said on DeWayneinSD:

    "Quicky has provided some of the richest insights from his vantage point in the courtroom. I do disagree with his brief "interview" of Robert Wagner. Wagner may not be the BB persona in the strict sense, but he is certainly affiliated with it. BB is the mouthpiece of Robert Wagner. The prediction of dire consequences from that quarter just got blasted into oblivion."

    Rob, what do you base your knowledge of Robert Wagner's views on, aside from the fact that you have been equating BB's views with his for all this time? As far as I know, Robert Wagner has never voiced his views, except for these eyewitness reports from Quicky and Ken. Please show me where Wagner HIMSELF has ever spoken out about this case.

  7. BB=DK. It's the same old coot in Greensboro who does all those alters.

    "The eye altering, alters all." --William Blake

  8. Let's see Geoff, if my memory serves me correctly, you've pegged BB at various times as RW, a "female," POSSIBLY Sean (jokingly I think), and now Will Herring. One thing I'll say for Rob, at least he's consistently mistaken.

  9. Does this mean BB does not exist?

  10. Thank you will, I think I understand now.

  11. My problem Jim and PC is that you both allowed BB to post and continue to do so in the first place.

    He never offered one constructive argument and ALL his predictions have been exposed as lies.

    Sean just flew home to San Diego which itself lays waste to everything that bb has vomited for two years. Sean was obviously not involved in killing Bryan Kocis which BB claimed from day one.

    As for Robert they are joined at the hip mentally and possibly electronically.

    I turned over ip's in the summer of 2007 which conclusively proved BB was blogging from Roberts NYC home.

    The IP's were timestamped with 2 bb comments on my blog.

    In Nov 2007 BB published on his blog a "red herring story" that Harlow had accepted a plea story planted by the DA to identify leaks about the case. BB fell for it betraying the pillow talk he was getting from Robert Wagner.

    The result of this Robert was told to refrain from blogging even as he denied he had been or knew who bb was.

    Just two examples I have a multi gig archive of every utterance by BB on Jason Curious,Elm, PC's,Jims as well as my own.

    I was at Juicy goo in 2005 there is simply no rational explanation for bb except his personal connection to Robert Wagner.

    Come on people you can not be so blind this case has all been about couples from the beginning!

    Joe and Harlow (online they used multiple persona's and alias)

    Robert Wagner and Ben Leibig his bf do you really think bb has no personal stake in this?

    Can anyone be so naive?

    Has a comfortable middle class existence blinded you to reality?

    Robert Wagner Lied and of that I completely and 100% sure.

    He and his BF are malignant creatures.
    and Robert Wagner is a Sociopath and unindicted co conspirator in Bryan Kocis illegal enterprises.

    Which gos to the heart and marrow of why bb exists in the first place to protect his precious Robert form criminal prosecution and to destroy the prime witness against Robert

    Sean Lockhart

    This is not new folks..

    this has been the MO since 2005.

    Destroy Sean Lockhart protect Bryan Kocis and Robert Wagner.

    Both men told Sean in numerous emails in 2005 exactly what they planned to do.

    Robert continues the playing the game.

    So do we.

    With the conclusion of trial against Harlow Cuadra.

    The gloves come off!

    The Witness's no longer have to play nice.

  12. BB says his name is Dan and he just recently moved to Boston. More lies I guess.

  13. Doesn't DK live near Boston in his legend?

  14. why yes Geoff, DK doees live in Boston but DK is not BB. DK is a idiot though so they so have somrthing in common.

  15. Will and Jim--

    This trial is not over. Grant Roy will be testifying Monday. I don't need either one of you two deciding for me whether Robert Wagner is honest or not. The more important issue is that Robert Wagner has issues of his own that were brought into existence while he was the "personal assistant, cameraman, gopher, and model" of Bryan Kocis.

    I concur with Dewayne when he says that RW was joined at the hip with Biohazard Boi; Bio Boi; BB4Truth; BB. Interestingly enough, RW uses both the Bio Boi and BB4Truth monikers.

    Next, Grant Roy posted "Lies, Lies, Lies . . ." on one of the blogs in reference to Robert Wagner's testimony. I do believe more is to follow on that score. I do believe Robert Wagner is sophisticated enough to tell a complete stranger like Quicky a convenient cover story after all Wagner was in the courthouse and not about to cause a scene.

    Jim was quite incorrect about the fliers and what agencies investigated them until Grant set him straight.

    And I do recall you two deemed Robert Wagner "irrelevant." That he was called to the witness stand by the State show just how relevant he was in the State's estimation.

    Bottom Line: The door is quite open on BB boys.

  16. So as not to be misinterpreted, BB is nothing more than a reflection of Robert Wagner. He can call himself whatever he likes.

  17. Ole Rip and post has a problem when it comes to BB attacking other bloggers.

    BB can impugn and castigate character, but when others impeach BB's motives and behavior and words, well Rip and post gets territorial. He censors remarks. Until the recent backlash from other bloggers, Grant had a difficult time of it posting on a blog.

    Rip and post is not neutral. He is coming across as pro-Kocis. Fact is Sean was consistent in his testimony on the stand in Harlow Cuadra's murder trial. The consistency is readily apparent in his online interviews, a few of his blog posts, and blog comments.

    Sam fools no one. The remarks are similar to those made by Renee Martin who was caught cooking up alibis for Joe and Harlow.

    What does that leave us with? The BB persona who believes that because Robert Wagner was live in the courthouse while BB was blogging proves that he couldn't possibly be BB or the party behind him. How utterly simplistic. Robert Wagner clearly has control of the BB persona. That persona takes a militant pro-RW/pro-Kocis family stand.

    BB seems to forget that he stated RW was not in London, England and lo on Rip and post's very blog, from the Times Leader, Wagner arrives in Pennsylvania via London to testify. Then, there's "blood on their hands," BB's constant raving. That statement circles the drain after Sean's testimony. And that other gem of his which applies to his recent special pleading of noninvolvement: "Smoke, mirrors, and bullshit." Yep. That is what RW and his minions deal in, lots of crapolla.

    And the biggest stake in the series of attacks instigated by BB is Grant's statement regarding Wagner: "Lies, Lies, Lies . . . ," which suggests more is to follow. Nothing changes about Wagner except that he has chosen to not being nearly as shrill.

  18. Sigh. I repeat Rob, and this question actually goes for DeWayne as well;

    Where has Robert Wagner EVER spoken out about this case UNDER HIS OWN NAME, on the record? The only place I know of that that happened is this week in Wilkes-Barre, to both Quickysrt and Ken. If you can provide me with a link that will back up your claims about him and his views, PLEASE DO. Otherwise I consider this to be on the same level as the baseless accusations made by BB. Sorry, but that's my position.

    It may be that I am uneducated about this, so I am asking you quite sincerely, not out of hostility or malice. If you refuse to respond Rob, I will take that as a tacit admission that there IS NO such posting or written statement or interview with RW that corroborates your assertions about him.

  19. "Next, Grant Roy posted 'Lies, Lies, Lies . . .' on one of the blogs in reference to Robert Wagner's testimony."

    Rob, will you please get your facts straight? Grant Roy said RW TOLD THE TRUTH on the stand, as quoted by me above:

    "P.S. I'd like to know though. Did you lie in your interview or on the stand? I'd like to think you're smart enough not to commit perjury. Which is why you finally chose to tell the truth under oath!"

    "Lies, lies, lies" was made in reference to a posting on the blogs, by BB if I recall correctly, though it may have been in reference to somebody else. It was not made in reference to RW's testimony.

  20. Sounds to me like the generals (Brent, RW) are tired and want to stop fighting (see Brent last blog post, for example).

    But the foot soldiers want to keep fighting regardless. And forever.

  21. "DeWayne In San Diego said...
    My problem Jim and PC is that you both allowed BB to post and continue to do so in the first place.

    He never offered one constructive argument and ALL his predictions have been exposed as lies."

    If lies got exposed as a result of having him post, wasn't that, in the end, from your perspective, a good thing?

  22. elmysterio said...
    why yes Geoff, DK doees live in Boston but DK is not BB. DK is a idiot though so they so have somrthing in common.

    FEBRUARY 28, 2009 8:32 PM

    You laugh now, Elm, but I am documented to be almost always right, now 98.7% of the time according to my opinion auditing service.

  23. First let me say I am just now checking back here.
    Jim,Will I am not upset with you.

    Jim first no I really see no positives from BB at all anymore than most of us do with DK but at least DK is funny. BB is as funny as cancer.

    Will to answer your question about Robert Wagner (and Jims to some extent)...

    I will be very forthcoming and so will Sean and Grant the day AFTER Harlows trial ends.

    Until then we still must not provide anything that directly impugns a state witness,,never mind that bb has been doing exactly that for two years!

    Will if you want more info right now you have my email.

  24. Sigh. I repeat Rob, and this question actually goes for DeWayne

    Take a pill for your distress Will.

    BB put on an act.

  25. I will respond in my own good time. You have read these blogs as much as myself from 2007 forward. You want to cover for Wagner be my guest. I am with Dewayne on this.

    Jim opined on a material fact the other day regarding the fliers and then drew back in the horns after Grant Roy set him straight.

    I couldn't careless what Wagner told a complete stranger in a courthouse corridor.

    Here's two in the meantime, Wagner uses Bio Boi and BB4Truth as personal addys. Coincidence or stupidity? Then, we have the IP associated with BB originating from Robert Wagner's home that Dewayne reported above. You need to reconcile those Willy. Wagner has practice, lots of it, playing people.

  26. Thank you for responding Rob. The issue I was asking about was simply how we can know what RW thinks about this whole matter, since he has never blogged about it under his own name or spoken publicly about it. I did contact DeWayne by e-mail, and he may shed some more light for me on all of this. But as I said to him, people reading these blogs do not have access to confidential information, we are only going on what information is available to us.

    Whatever gives you the idea that I am "covering" for RW -- or have any stake in this matter whatsoever aside from wanting to know the truth -- is beyond me.

  27. I apologize for the venom. You come across as reasonable to me.

  28. "It sounds to me like the Generals are tired"

    If they are let them say so-
    that they want this to stop-
    bb would love it!
    gives him the out he is looking for-
    just slinking away without any out is not the same-
    I personally hope dewayne and Grant see this all the way through to full exposure of this sub human creature who proudly hides and calls himself "bb"
    Sean should just never think about it- let it go.
    He is young and has alot going on, best to forget what he can-
    But if dewayne and Grant have the extra time -
    that's a different story.

    bb, a coward if there ever was one in real life -
    any friends? not a one!
    alone and very miserable.

    btw, has everyone noticed how great Sean looks, and he handled himself incredibly in court-

    Eat Your Heart Out BB

  29. BB does have one "friend" and that would be DK. Other than that I think they both should be banished to a desert island forever. With no Internet or phone. There they can share their venom and hatred amongst themselves.

    As far as BB being Robert Wagner I don't think they are the same person. Is there a connection? That I would say there is. BB defends Wagner and the vile victim in all of this Bryan Kocis.

    BB defends Bryan becuase he was accused of Being Bryan and that is his whole reason for being on the blogs all these years. He must let the world know that Grant "Cobrakiller" Roy called BB Bryan Kocis on a blog forum 3 or 4 years ago.

    As far as BB's defense of Robert Wagner goes, I find it funny that he is always wrong. Wagner does now live in London and so does his boyfriend Ben who is a club DJ.

    Opps BB you were wrong about thast one.

    BB you have never got anything write in this case from the very beginning. All your predictions have been wrong. All your claims have been wrong. All of your attacks have done nothing but make you look petty and stupid.

    In my opinion BB is no more that a obseesed Robert Wagner Fan who is most likely stalking Wagner and trying to enmulate his life. When Wagner moved to London BB moved. I think that BB is an obsessed Fan of Wagners.

    BB is trying to live his life out as he thinks Wagner does. This person hates them self. Hence all of the negativity about escorts, bare backing, sex with men, sex with older men, sex period, this person is hiding behind the bb personea is actually a deranged psychotic person who has issues with their own sexual idientity and must push that hate on to others.

    This is one way that they ar much the same as DK.BB what is really sad is the only one that actually values anything you say is DK and he is such a good person to have on your side.
    As far as all of this Robert \BB debate goes they are two different people.

    BB just like Damon Kruezer is a internet maggot, feeding on the disgarded trash of otheres.

  30. Elm,
    That made the most sense of anything that I have ever read regarding bb-mess.

  31. this is from the Times leader

    A picture of the four men sitting at a table was shown to the jury on Friday. During dinner, Kerekes told Roy he understood his anxiety, telling Roy that he couldn’t talk because he was worried Roy was wearing a wire.

    This is something that I always new about the beach tapes but no one believed me. Joe and Harlow knew they were being recorded.

  32. Yeah but Elm that comment took place at the Crab Catcher, not the nude beach.

    I think that's why Harlow opened up on the beach...they thought no clothes, no wire.

  33. Elm, if you think that H & J thought they were being recorded at Black's Beach, why in the world would Harlow have incriminated himself? To test the recording equipment? To 'punk" the police who were listening in? They had NO CLUE they were being recorded at the beach.

  34. Well Jim you can beleive that if you want too but the truth is I spoke to them on the morning they went to the beach and I told them that there could be someone with a parabolic microphone hiding in a boat or on a cliff recording the conversation.

    They thought that they could be recorded on the beach as well. The police know this as well. I always wondered why I was never called in as a witness and that is why. I was told that I was going to be called because of my phone contact with them but I was never called.

    Now I know why I was not called, I could ruin the validity of the beach tapes.

  35. Now I know why I was not called, I could ruin the validity of the beach tapes.

    Elm, in that case you would be called as a witness for the defense. Have you been called?

  36. No not yet but who knows I might be. I really don't want to goe to that frozen waste land though.

  37. Let us know when it's happening. The defense knows what you can do for them, don't they?

  38. Elm, that was me, not Jim, who made the observation about the BBT's. You still haven't answered my question though: If they thought they were being taped at the beach, as you say you warned them they might be, WHY WOULD THEY INCRIMINATE THEMSELVES?

  39. Can I ask you something else Elm, and please don't take this the wrong way:

    If you were interested in seeing justice done in this case, why would you caution them about being taped? If you thought they had nothing to hide, why not let them talk freely and openly? I hate to say it, but it borders -- just BORDERS, doesn't cross the line -- on obstruction of justice.

  40. Yeah, Bingo Will.

    Suspecting the wire does not make incriminatory statements any less incriminatory. But it does show the statement-makers to be incredible fools.

    And that's why you're not being called by the defense either. Which of course is good for you, from your perspective.

  41. it is all in this post.

  42. Just a clear, succinct answer to both my questions would be apreciated, Elm. All due respect, but I don't feel like reading an old post on the subject, and I don't think either of my questions -- why would they incriminate themselves if they thought they were being recorded, and why would you warn them about wiretaps if they had nothing to hide -- requires more than a few sentences each for an answer.

  43. Elm, I still don't see why you had sympathy for Joe and Harlow such that you tried to wave them off from the May San Diego meeting. They were bloody killers, for Christ's sake. The police knew this as soon as the morning of Jan. 25, when they ran the tag on the Xterra in the driveway at Stratem Ct. and made the connection with the arson/murder. Joe and Harlow were killers. What were you doing palling around with them?

  44. well I am working on a comment to clear allot of this up. it will make allot of people unhappy but I guess I just have to say it

  45. "brynawel said...
    Now I know why I was not called, I could ruin the validity of the beach tapes.

    Elm, in that case you would be called as a witness for the defense. Have you been called?

    Of course he hasn't.

    While Elm may still dream that he's something about this trial... the reality is that he isn't.

  46. Fuck you PC. You are a arrogant know nothing asshole who is fucking scared to go to PA because of your shady past.

  47. Lets just take a step back and look at this from a different perspective. Now mind you this is just a theory based in fact. It is speculative at best.

    At the time of their visit to San Diego I thought that neither Joe nor Harlow had been to Bryan's house. Harlow said that he had an alibi. It did not at the time and it still does not make any sense for them to have killed Bryan just to work with Sean.

    The settlement did not preclude anyone except Cobra models and specifically Brent Everett from working with Sean. So it made no sense for Joe and Harlow to kill Bryan, he was not competition to their business. Bryan was competition to Sean and Grant’s business. The settlement was a smoke screen. To make it appear that Sean and Grant had no motive to kill Bryan. The payment for this murder was for Sean to film some scenes for Boybatter. Jim you were right in your suspicion about them receiving payment in San Diego.

    It was not until after the arrested that I figured out that they were all in this together. There were just several pieces missing and when Sean took the witness stand in court he put another piece of the puzzle in place. The affidavit mentioned several things but come to find out they were all lying. It just did not make sense to me and it still does not. Grant put the final piece in place. His claim that Joe and Harlow were going to kill him and Sean sealed it.

    Joe and Harlow knew they were being recorded and they could not incriminate Sean and Grant because they would incriminate themselves at the same time. Joe and Harlow were under the impression that the case was on the backburner. The prosecution new they were all involved and they said that Sean and Grant and Robert Wagner were all in the clear that is why Joe took the deal. Harlow was not going to let Sean and Grant get away with this while he set in prison for life so he went to trial to tell the truth.
    Joe most likely killed Bryan and he fell on his sword for Harlow. Sean and Grant wanted Bryan dead. When they got what they wanted they turned on both Joe and Harlow to save their own butts.

    The key is the phone call the day after Bryan was killed. There has always been an issue with why the police were not notified sooner. There have been many excuses made but non-ring true. Why would anyone who just killed someone calls someone else and say look its done unless the other party called was in on it? The emails from Joe saying that he was going to tell the truth. “That you wanted us to do this”. Someone had to tell them about the house and where things were and that would be Sean. He had just don so previously for the FBI.

    They were all in on this together even Wagner. He had to vett Harlow for Bryan. The missing Rolex watch was to be the proof for Sean and grant that Bryan was dead. That is why that watch was taken. This case is bullshit and it always has been. Not one of those bitches is innocent in this murder. This is my theory, but I am crazy and no one believes a damn thing I say anyway. You know all of the black helicopters and all. They should all fucking fry for this.

  48. I was not going to say anything about this until after the trial was over but I just could not deal with the crap anymore. Now it is done and I can move on.

  49. brynawel said...
    Let us know when it's happening. The defense knows what you can do for them, don't they?

    March 2, 2009 2:31 PM

    If I go they will all fry and I don't think they want that. They need sean for another case that is pending.

  50. Setting aside a whole raft of other..."questions", you think Harlow will take the stand, as per this element of your theory?:

    "Harlow was not going to let Sean and Grant get away with this while he set in prison for life so he went to trial to tell the truth."

  51. I'll say the same thing to you that I have said to Renee and BB: Get a good lawyer. That's libel.

  52. Lets just take a step back and look at this from a different perspective. Now mind you this is just a theory based in fact. It is speculative at best.

    I don't need a lawyer. I don't think anyone wants to really push this issue.

  53. As Jim has said though, it is progress: You at least admit that Harlow and Joe killed Bryan. Not some kabal of judges.

  54. I was placed in the position of being in the Harlow camp but I was never in any camp. I was blogging about this from the perspective that I wanted the truth. I am not beholden to anyone involved in this murder case.

    That is just the impression that you all have given me. I will not defenend anyone who is lying and I will not lie to save someones butt when I know that they are guilty.

    That is just the way I am and if that bothers any of you well that is just to bad.

  55. I have never believed that some judges killed Bryan I said that is was a possiblity that they dould have had something to do with it.

    But the truth of the matter is the ones who did kill bryan are the ones who are testifying and the one on trial and the one in Jail.

    They all had a valid reason to kill Bryan. And as they testify about it it becomes more clear.

  56. All of the "facts" in this case run counter to your "theory," including the tapes that are being played for the jury. You can call it a theory all you want, but when you say something that can be proven to be untrue, it's not a cover. I'm just saying be careful. Grant has made reference to lawsuits that will follow this trial.

  57. "But the truth of the matter is the ones who did kill bryan are the ones who are testifying and the one on trial and the one in Jail."

    There you go Elm, you stated that as fact, not theory.

  58. will g said...
    I'll say the same thing to you that I have said to Renee and BB: Get a good lawyer. That's libel.

    March 2, 2009 5:00 PM

    BB is an idiot and Renee is a fool just as I was for ever listening to her. But one thing about Renee is she knows the truth about those fools who all thought they could get away with killing Bryan.

    Her testimony will be damning for all involved if they let her tell the truth. but I doubt that will happen the prosecution has already laid out the plan and they have given the others a free pass.

  59. "BB is an idiot..."

    Yet you are now saying he was right all along.

  60. Will I really don't need to get into an argument with you about this. I am done with all of this. I do not care about this case anymore. I don't have any need to defend any of these people.

    I am not and have never been beholden to any of them. I have alwatys stated my opinion on this case and my statement that you find so troubling is my opinion.

    In my opinion it is all a pack of lies being told by all involved. (is that better Will)

  61. BB can and will always be an idiot. as fatr as him being right you said that I did not.

  62. I'm just looking out for you Elm!

    My opionion: Your "opinion" is based on a feeling of betrayal by Harlow and Joe and a wish to lash out at everyone involved. I really think that with time you will see how that has skewed your perspective.

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. Well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see if Harlow takes the stand, to "tell his story." And if so, what he says (or does not say).

    That alone will proove (or disproove) Elm's new theory quite nicely.

  65. Elm, continue you're fantasy.

  66. will g said...
    I'm just looking out for you Elm!

    My opionion: Your "opinion" is based on a feeling of betrayal by Harlow and Joe and a wish to lash out at everyone involved. I really think that with time you will see how that has skewed your perspective.

    March 2, 2009 5:30 PM

    Um wrong! my opinion is based on what I have read about the case and what I know about the case from the people who are involved in this case. I do not feel betrayed by anyone.

    Even when the lies were coming in at a rapid pace I still filtered through them to get at the truth. I am not mad at anybody as a matter of fact I feel quite at peace in all of this.

    I am not going to lie to save anyones butt and that feels good to say that. They are all guilty in this murder and that is my opinion and I am sticking with it. Just look at the facts of this case and you will see what I mean.

    Jim, as far as Harlow taking the stand. I hope he does and I hope he spills all the truth all over that court room. The lies have gone on far to long. Maybe I can give you a helicopter ride to the top of your mountain of truth.

  67. PC why don't you just stay over in your little cut and past land that you call a blog and stay the fuck off my blog if you don't like what I have to say.

    What part of of this did you not get? Fuck you PC. You are a arrogant know nothing asshole who is fucking scared to go to PA because of your shady past.

  68. "Um wrong! my opinion is based on what I have read about the case and what I know about the case from the people who are involved in this case. I do not feel betrayed by anyone."

    This should be interesting... perhapa the men at night are watching.

  69. Glad you're bile is on your blog instead of mine.

  70. Oh is PC mad at me again? I am so sorry that I hurt your feelings. NOT! Now go and whine to somebody who gives a fuck!

    Oh I am sure there are still a couple of IM's you can post or maybe my address and name. Oh thats right you are such a little bitch that you already did that.

    Just remember I have not done it yet but I can so don't fuck with me.

  71. Oh by the way PC you don't write a blog thjetimes leader and citizens voice write your blog for you.

    Cut and Paste cut and paste cut and paste

  72. You're funny... when you can reach the level I have... let me know... Hi Elm!

  73. Right now... you sound as crazy as DK.

  74. cut and paste

    Hi PC

    does that piss you off when I say that?

    cut and paste

  75. Perhaps Rob will show you the way... lol

  76. Gee that really hurt PC, waht shall I ever do?
    you called me

  77. Elm, show me one thing about this trial that you originally found... didn't think so.

  78. oops I think I hurt little peters felings

  79. are you done or would you like me to delete your temper tantrum?

  80. You're kidding?

    Elm, you're opinion and blog wouldn't hurt a flea, let alone my opinion... good luck though!

  81. Look PC if you are so relevant than noting that I say can hurt you now can it? so why the tirade. what is the deal with ther fit of rage on my blog. these are your own wordsPC said...
    You're kidding?

    Elm, you're opinion and blog wouldn't hurt a flea, let alone my opinion... good luck though!

    So nothing that I say should really matter right? Or does it? Now go play on your blog with your fans and don't worry about me. Cause I don't matter right?

    I am sure the evening edition of the Timesleader is availible now so can go cut and paste for your blog.

  82. Elm... I'm sure if you stopped copying from my blog... you'd have nothing to report.

  83. ... your reports mean what?

  84. You're a lunatic... just like the majority has thought.

  85. Elm, you don't exactly sound like you "feel quite at peace in all of this" right now. Just sayin'...

  86. Jim I am at piece with the murder case. PC is another story. He is just another self important jerk who thinks he has all the answers.

    Apparantly I touched a nerve today and he is apparantly pissed. So my work is done with regards to PC.

  87. Good luck with your endeavors.

  88. Sorry to hear that you've been laid-off Cedric.

  89. Elm,

    Will you allow me to be so presumptious as to give you some constructive advice at this point? And I TRULY mean well, when I suggest this. So, PLEASE think about this advice, before you say yea or nea. Calm down, think about it for a couple hours, and then reply.

    My advice to you at this point is this: it seems to me, that rather than coming up with new speculative theories at this point, a better way to now advance the "truth" would be to tell AND SHOW all you know.

    Yes, SHOW. I am sure you saved emails from everyone you've dealt with in this case. Grant, Harlow, Renee, etc. They all talked to you by email. SHOW US IT ALL.

    I think doing this will not only be interesting for us (I for one would be fascinated!), but very cathartic for you.

    Like I said, please think about this advice. Don't answer now! Wait, think, consider. I personally think it is good, constructive advice, and I'd like you to seriously consider it, under a calm state of mind.

    Thanks much,

  90. PC I have not worked for that company since July. I guess you were going to tell them some more lies about me? Pity that I no longer work there.

    So what is your next mission call my mother and tell her I gay?

    Well you missed that one by about 30 years. face it there is nothing that you can do to hurt me. I'm sorry about that. I guess because I am an open book you can not get to me.

    Your little scare tactic may work with others but it won't work with me. So I guess you still don't understand what Fuck you means.

  91. Elm,

    Actually, it is a pity that you're un-employed.

  92. Jim I am seriously thinking about it

  93. No, I am not unemployed, you just don't know where I work. or what I am doing.

  94. I continue to wish you the best,

  95. when you can reach the level I have

    What level?

  96. That is a good question, I was wondering what level he meant as well.

  97. well I noticed on Jim's blog that BB has accused me of leaking the letter to the press so I left this comment in responce.

    Wow I am the star of this blog today thanks to BB. Wow I am being accused of leaking a letter that I did not even know existed.

    I guess PC was wrong when he said that I did not matter in all of this because I am getting blamed for this bullshit.

    It appears that I must be relevant if I am getting blamed for things that I did not do.

    Here is the deal BB blames me so that he can help Renee save face. Next PC will do a post about how I got the letter from Renee.

    Then all will be fine in blog land. I guess the fact that I don't give a fuck about this case anymore is a big issue for some.

    The fact that I believe that all the little porn bitches were involved in the murder of Bryan Kocis is causing some a little gas.

    So now they have to blame me for trying to cause a mistrial? From what I have seen of the letter in the papers I don't think it will cause a mistrial.

    The one thing it does prove is that Harlow was not all in love with Sean as some are want to believe.

    BB until you get your facts straight which will be a cold day in hell my advise to you is to not let PC and Renee make you look like a bigger idiot than you already are.

  98. "The one thing it does prove is that Harlow was not all in love with Sean as some are want to believe."

    And how's that, Elm? I don't recall Sean being mentioned.

    BTW, Harlow being "in love" or infatuated with Sean is from his own mouth, in those raw witness statements.

  99. Well, I've always said Harlow was in love with Sean's earning potential, but (perhaps) nothing more.

    I concede there *may* have been some unconsummated fascination Harlow and/or Joe to Brent I suppose, but I never really relied on that notion for anything.

    Renee and BB were big on the concept of an "online relationship" there for a while, but that one seems to have fizzled based on the facts.

  100. Oh no Jim, as far as BB goes I believe he said they were actually carrying on a torrid affair OFF-line, behind both Grant's and Joe's backs, though I never did understand the logistics -- I guess they were flying back and forth across the country without their boyfriends noticing.

  101. The reason that I know that Sean and Harlow were not all in love and shit is becuse I was Privy to some of the three way calls between Joe and Harlow. The comment that Harlow made in the letter about Joe's rough edges is also a big clue.

    Then there is Harlow's statment about sean being all stuck on himself oh and the one where Harlow calls sean a little shit there was really no love lost between those two. this was all about filming a video nothing more.

    I keep forgetting that not all of you had the privledge of hearing Joe and Harlow get all mushy. Renee knows the truth yet she was trying to make it appear that Sean and Harlow were having some steamy online affair.

    We all know how truthful she can be now don't we.

  102. Elm, I was only questioning you saying that the letter proved something about it -- it didn't even mention Sean, so it proves nothing. Unless you saw a passage that none of us did.

  103. it was the thing that harlow mentioned about Joe and his image. I know the back story but I guess most of you really don't know about Joe and harlow. becuase you never spoke to them.

    sorry for the confusion

  104. V.J. said...
    "btw, has everyone noticed how great Sean looks, and he handled himself incredibly in court-

    Eat Your Heart Out BB"

    Yes, Sean looked great! The red sweater looked way better in person than any of the pictures you saw. The wood walls of the court and the lighting made Sean's look vibrant and powerful. Rich red, and the dark gray pants against the room was perfect. The pants were not baggy, but not up the crack of his ass either. And in front not revealing. So I thought they were not too tight.

    Also, when he entered the court, he was brought to the front of the rows, not right to the stand to take his oath and sit down. This was after a break. So RW, myself and Ken were outside in the hall as Sean was escorted into court right past us. RW commented "well he's going for a bright look." When we entered, Sean was at front of the rows. I kept looking at Harlow wondering when he would look over at Sean. And slowly he turned his head to his right looking at the floor, I watched as his eyes slowly moved up and looked at Sean for the first time. He looked for about three or four seconds at Sean and then slowly looked away. I wondered what he was thinking, because this is a guy he (Harlow) had the major hots for, and is about to give the most damaging testimony against Harlow thus far.

    Sean had several reasons for wanting to testify. 1) a part of his life was taken (financially), 2) his reputation in the industry was ruined (others not wanting to work with him) and 3) Harlow's advances were not welcomed, and Sean had to do the BBT recordings, etc. (major hassle).

    So his being pissed off at Harlow was totally evident in the way he spoke on the stand.

    When Melnick asked Sean if he knows defendant Harlow R.C., Sean of course said yes, and could you point to him in the courtroom? Sean said right there! as he pointed. The "right there" was said with some emotion, and a strong accusational tone. It told me that Sean really does not like Harlow at all, and that he had been waiting forever to take the stand.

    Sean had tossed and turned many nights thinking about this I'm sure, and what he would say. He was really looking forward to this moment and it showed. As I said before Sean requested that questions be restated, he simply said I don't understand the question, can you please state it again.

    Then Sean says "I feel pressure, can I use the restroom?" This is in the middle of questioning. This is why I had said I felt that he totally took control of the pace. Asking for questions to be restated, and then asking for a break in the middle. He was so glad to get to this day, and wanted it to be good with no rush.

    During Sean's testimony on the stand there were no audio tapes played. But the Black's Beach video was shown while he was on the stand (the audio tapes were played while Grant was on the stand).

    In some places on that video, Sean has his hands over his cock as if to cup it from being shown on video. Like he was cold, both hands covereing. You still saw Sean nude, but he was not shown as much as Harlow. The camera panned up and down Harlow several times to show off what his body looked like. It was not a sexy video, but looked like a cold overcast day which was not hot (sexy) at all imo. In court, once the camera pans up and down once you have seen enough of Harlow's cock and chest. But the camera kept going up and down Harlow's body like three or four times. I think it may have been Joe, or might have been Grant filming. At any rate, it was a cringer of a video, Sean had good reason to try and hide his dick knowing this video will be shown later in a court of law. He kept moving, like doing cartwheels, etc. And when he stood still, that is when he covered his dick.

    I felt sorry for Sean, as this is not the good kind of close up, and felt sorry for Harlow, as he came off kind of weird in the video, not sexy, and not sexy when your mother is sitting there either, turned away not looking.

    But anyway, back to Sean, he got emotional and you could hear his nasal passages were moist. He never cried on the stand, but there was a sound in his voice as if he was close. It peaked when he described the meeting with Bryan, when Bryan talked to him in private after signing a settlement. Bryan hugged Sean and said he was sorry for the (messy) way he'd handled this whole ordeal. Sean explained this five minutes in private with Bryan, and he went on in detail about what was said. This is the closest he came to crying. And it took five minutes for him to describe the five minute conversation. But it was gripping, and you never felt like you wished he would hurry up.

    When Sean was asked what name Harlow called Sean in email, Sean answered "Buttercup" (an email was shown). I kind of felt sorry for Harlow, because here he was trying to be sweet in calling Sean a name like that, and in court it much have been pure humiliation to hear it back in this context. I know it was pure humiliation for Harlow.

    I think Harlow did have a bit of sexual interest in Sean "Buttercup". It shows in every picture of them two together.