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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Reading in between the lines of madness

You know if you read between the lines in any of one of Damon Kruezers comments you will see the truth. Damon never wants us to see what he is really thinking because it would show the world what a complete and utter asshole that he really is. But I have used my exclusive translator software that I got from Detective Chernobyl. It has translated Damon last manifesto on Just One hot Minute and deciphered the truth. It is actually quite disturbing to see what Damon really means in his blog comments. So I say to all of you read the true meaning of what Damon is trying to tell us.

Damon Kruezer on Sun, 22nd Feb 2009 4:53 pm
Tell it like it is? As the FIRST industry reporter to accurately report the AEBN/RSS shotgun marriage and the FIRST industry figure to call for a BOYCOTT of the GAYVN’s, my fans have been clamoring for me to once again post here.

The truth: I begged to be allowed to post here. My fans are at best sock puppets that live in that sick brain of mine.

Kentie Consistent with some excellent communications with the responsible party, I have chosen to do just that. So let’s clarify some important things regarding MJ Taylor, a man I deeply admire, like and respect, and a great performer I was the first to interview.

The truth: I promised Mark to be good and not lie on this blog but I can not control myself. I will now try my best to kiss MJ Taylor’s ass so he will answer my emails.

Kentie: It seems MJ feels he’s between a rock and a hard place and is trying to maintain neutrality in a battle that actually has nothing to do with him. He’s right about that and I agree with him - other people’s dramas are not his.

The truth: This really sucks that MJ Taylor came here and handed me my walking papers. I really should not have tried to push my agenda on this one. What really sucks is that I have no ammunition against MJ and I can not blackmail him to get my way.

Kenite: But since certain people have INSISTED on making false claims to him - as alluded to by MJ himself - I’m not going to stand still and allow misrepresentations to be passed off as facts.

The truth: How can I take what MJ said about me and make it seem like he was forced to say this. I know, I will say that he was forced by the truth squad. Yeah that’s it the truth squad made him do It.

Kentie: Truth is, as Howard Andrew can attest, MJ Taylor did indeed get his first interview with me, as well as his second. They are in the Kruezer archives, with numerous photos sent me by MJ to be used at my discretion. In this regard I worked hand in glove with Kyle Majors of Cockyboys, with whom my site is an affiliate.

The truth: Howard at Fabscout won’t return my emails anymore, MJ Taylor won’t return my emails anymore. I know I will claim that I have pictures and interviews in my archives. Yeah that’s it the “fans” will believe that. I hope my Cockyboys link works on my site. Damn how do I get that shit too work. I need it to work so I can prove that I am getting paid from them. Where is my Cockboys link?

Kentie: It’s beyond dispute that as a result, MJ Taylor and Cockyboys benefited from the publicity and favorable exposure on my site, and in fact sought it out.

The truth: I wonder if anyone believes that I have helped the career of MJ, Do they believe that my support of Cockboys has made people join the site? Do they believe that anybody reads my website? Do they believe the emails that my “fans” send me?

Kentie: Whether MJ was offered the spot here due to the continuous favorable press on my site - often for WEEKS when no one else mentioned or pictured him - I leave to private conjecture.

The truth: I did do posts on MJ because I wanted people to believe that I knew him. And now because of all of my lies MJ has a place here on Just One Hot Minute. So this is all because of me, it has nothing to do with MJ’s hotness factor. So I will just let the world believe that it was all because of me that MJ is famous. Yeah they will believe that.

Kentie: Concerning false claims, never have I or anyone working with me claimed that MJ Taylor was repped or managed by me. We have always been clear that he was a Cockyboys exclusive this past year, that his contract ended amicably, and that he was and is repped by Fabscout.

The truth: I wonder if there is any record left since I deleted my website in January saying that I discovered MJ and that he was my client. I hope Dewayne In SD or that evil Yves Mignon don’t call me out on that lie. As far as MJ’s contract with Cockyboys I really have no clue about that and I don’t know who Howard represents because he won’t talk to me either. God it sucks to be me

Kentie: So what exactly is the problem? That MJ shouldn’t have interviewed with me and sent me photos? Well he did, and he got priceless publicity and a favorable image from it. Word from Lauderdale is that both parties there were mightily pleased with the way it worked out.

The truth: God I hope they don’t ask me about any of this. I hope Howard and MJ don’t read this. I wish I had really gone to Florida. My publicity is really priceless and it is only favorable to me. Just like my article in DNA magazine about me and Zeb Atlas that those fuckers rewrote. They did not realize that people only wanted to read about me. MJ Taylor was just another way for me to talk about me. It really is all about me. God I think I am great don’t you?

Kentie: Not to mention my own pleasure in receiving those nice monthly affiliate checks, often based on photos or write-ups about MJ linking to Cockyboys.

The truth: Damn I hope they don’t go to my website and look for that Cockboys link. I am so broke that I had to tell this elaborate lie about going to the Cybersockests. I got so busted for that I hope they don’t bust me for this lie.

Kentie:So is anyone saying I “shouldn’t” have the right to do that, or that Cockyboys shouldn’t have my site as an affiliate? If any of you are saying that, how is that any of your business? If you try to interfere in my PRIVATE business based on PERSONAL dislike focused on false allegations that have never been validated, what does that say?

The truth: Now I know that I not interviewed anyone that I have claimed to interview and I know that Cockyboys won’t return my emails. I have no business dealings in the porn industry because I don’t matter but I will persist in this lie. I hope that I can drive it home that I do matter and those who don’t like me will have no argument because I will deny any wrong doing. I have never been arrested because I can hide really good. My bathroom makes me invisible and you can not find me when I am in there. If I only stay in my bathroom It will never be proven that I did bad stuff.

Kentie: This entire syndrome of DK detractors trying to literally dictate, pressure or intimidate others to do their bidding - based entirely on hearsay and conjecture - is just so against everything we gays supposedly stand for, it’s beyond contempt.

The truth: I declare that there are only a few DK detractors against me. Everyone else likes me and I am fabulous. These anti gay people are trying to discredit me because I am gay. I will get the Lambda legal defense team to take up my fight because all of these haters are perpetrating a hate crime against me because I am gay. Even though the people who are hating on me are gay as well. There is nothing for them to base their arguments on because I delete all of the evidence when things get to hot. I will be deleting my webpage in the next couple of weeks because they are all on to my lies. I wonder if they will understand my previous comment or do I have to do another one of those "end of the world speeches" again.

Kentie: Be advised MJ, this is how the haters work: Deluging you with tons of emails making false claims and insinuating some kind of “damage” if we’re known to be friends, trying to make the DK name “toxic” using the Big Lie technique.

The truth: MJ this is a threat too you to be nice to me or I will tell your parents that you do porn and I will get you fired from your job because I have that power. And the world bows down to me when I threaten them because I am the Patriarch of Homoerotica. You better believe me MJ or I will say your real name on my website. Just look at how many other models have not come out against me publicly. It is because they are scared of me. At least I hope they are

Kentie: But I have great faith in MJ and in our friendship, especially since at no point in the past 18 months have MJ and I ever had a dispute, a misunderstanding, or any problems of any kind.

The truth: God I hope MJ believes that I have some good dirt on him. Wait I don’t have any dirt on MJ and he told the truth about me. Shit I can not threaten him cause I don’t have anything. Oh my god I have to be nice to him or he might post all the stalking emails that I sent him. Oh no, I must regain my composure and act like I still have the upper hand in all of this. Now what should I write to make it look convincing. I know I will write this

Kentie: We’ve just been good friends and professionals in the industry who like and respect each other and support each other - even when the going gets tough.

The truth: I hope this little white flag works and MJ gets off the warpath. Yeah I think the readers will believe that me and MJ are friends. Everybody likes me; yeah the whole world likes me. I am the Guilty Pleasure and Cybersocket says so

Kentie: And I certainly appreciated MJ’s personal invitation to his birthday party earlier this month.
Howard Andrew is a great manager and a good man, and I’m proud to count him among my friends in the biz.
MJ Taylor is a fantastic performer and a fascinating, smart, sexy and honorable man, whom KRUEZER AT NIGHT will always support no matter how stormy the seas we’re sailing may become

The truth: I better kiss some serious ass right about now before they come out with proof that I am an asshole and a liar. Damn why did I tell that lie about MJ’s birthday party? That will surely get me busted, no one talks to Howard though and he won’t tell anyone the truth about me. At least I hope so

Kentie: Experience has shown that MJ is fiercely indepedent as Kam Scott is, and does not take kindly to other people with an axe to grind telling him what he “should” feel, think or do in regard to a person, and a website, that has been nothing but 110% supportive of him…especially when he did not ask their opinion of such matters in the first place.

The truth: I will throw one more threat out there to make sure that these models don’t say anything nasty about me. I hope they do not believe all that has been said about me. I have been only nice to these models and I have only said nice things about them so that they would be my friends and give me some credibility in this industry that I am trying to claim that I matter in.

Kentie: Enough said. My liking and respect for MJ Taylor is without terms or conditions. Always did, always will.

The truth: Did anybody actually believe any of this bullshit that I just spouted out? Did MJ and Kam heed my threats? Will JUST ONE HOT MINUTE allow this batch of bullshit to grace their WebPages? God I hope they do because this is some of my best writing and I think I have gotten my point across that I am great and the models fear me and they will not say anything bad about me

I’ll leave it at that.


  1. Elm. or Yves, or whoever the hell wrote this, I just wanted to say I really enjoyed it.

  2. The Dunderwhlp is doing those scales again,,memememememememememememememe

    But all he is hearing in response is a CHORUS of Derisive laughter!

    Kent the Pornstars are LAUGHING AT YOU!


    Elm is a DAMN GOOD Writer!

    So is Yves and he has such a purty ass!

    Kent is jealous

    It Sucks to be Kent!

  3. Dont you just love my sockpuppets, I bet kentie is jealous because my sock puppets are all fucking sexy bois.