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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

You have questions? Well I have some answers.

I received an email from one of my readers and we were trying to put some things together in regards to the events that transpired before and after the death of Bryan Kocis. Just to clear a few things up there is an associate who received the pictures of Danny Moilin/Harlow Cuadra; it was Aaron Phelps/Robert Wagner. he recieved an email from Bryan on the 22nd of January containing photos of Danny Moilin. Now this is what I find interesting. Did Aaron meet or see Harlow in Las Vegas? If so did he tell Bryan the truth about whom it was he was seeing on the evening that he was killed. "From what Harlow said in the San Diego beach tapes he intimated that he thought Bryan knew Danny Molina was fake". Now that I find interesting and I truly do wonder if that is the case and if so did Bryan threaten Harlow and this lead to Bryan’s death. Here are some of the questions that one of my readers asked of me. This is in regards to the emails that I shared with Harlow and Joe and Grant.

Q:Elm, questions for you - did you contact Harlow and Joe or did they contact you?

A:No they contacted me with regards to a picture on my blog of Harlow that they wanted changed.

Q:Was this before or after their arrest?

A:It was before the arrest in late march I believe.

Q: Did you know they were going to be arrested?

A:No I did not; it came as a total shock to me. They emailed me that morning about the interview with Damon Louezer the one I told them not to do. I was amazed at the turn of events.

Q:BTW, I also take most of what Kruezer says as nothing but some fantasy story that he has concocted. If you read his blogs (which is hard to do), he comes across as trying to take advantage of this situation - oh, how many interviews should I accept?

A:If Damon Louezer told me that the sun came up in the morning I would want a second opinion

Q: Which scripts should I write and then sell? This has nothing to do with him, but he doesn't see that.
He also says he spoke with Grant recently. I can't see that as being true, considering Grant hates him as much as he does Bryan, but if it is true, can you imagine what these two talked about?

A:Like I said Damon is a lunatic and the sad thing is he believes his own hype. Not a big fan of Grants but I know he has enough sense to stay away from Damon Louezer.

Q:Do you believe Harlow and Joe were set-up?

A:Yes I do, Grant sent them a contract. I do not believe for one minute that they would hatch such a stupid plot such as this. That is the plot straight from the Velvet Mafia. Kill Bryan and achive porn domination. That theory is just a little to far out there to be believed. They told me that Grant had contacted them and they had a nice conversation and that they might be working together soon. We chatted about that in back and fourth emails and also talked on the phone as well. We chatted about other stuff as well cars and video. They received a contract or some type of agreement from Grant and Joe was going to send it to me, I never thought that much about it. I did tell him to take it to their lawyer and have it checked out. Because I thought it could be a trap of some kind because of all the previous stuff that was reported. Which they said they did. Then they told me in another email that they were going to California to see Sean and Grant and possibly film a video. They seemed excited about it and told me to keep it a secret and they would send me confirmation of the video, which they did. A picture I posted on my blog of Harlow and Sean on Blacks Beach. I debated long and hard about posting that picture and I emailed Joe and he seemed to be ok with it so I posted it. I thought it was strange that Sean had on dark sunglasses on an overcast day but really did not question it.

Q: Do you believe the evidence path was just too convenient?

A:Some of it is just to perfect. And some is suspect like the 2 informants are very questionable they worked for Joe and Harlow so the police probably had them up on charges of some kind and what they said was coerced. Joe or Harlow never spoke of Cobra as competition to me. They seemed genuinely sad about Bryan’s death. They were excited about working with Brent and Grant. But they were truly concerned about the timing of the video and they asked me to put up an anonymous poll to see what the demand for such a video would be so I did. Grant emailed me as well about a post I was going to do on Brent and his anger towards Bryan was alarming even after the man was dead. I can understand some of it. But why so much anger after his death? Just move on I say, it’s over. But the anger was quite evident in the email in his tone and it kind of alarmed me. But in all fairness here is an excerpt from Grant's e-mail:

Let me get this clear! I wanted Bryan to pay dearly for what he had done, but not with his life. I wanted him to suffer a very public humiliation; since that was the route HE chose, in addition to lose everything he had, including Cobra Video! Yes, I wanted to kill, but not Bryan Kocis! Sean did not feel the same way, until things got progressively worse and Bryan continued to block us at every turn. All the while law enforcement at all levels sat back and allowed him to try to ruin us!

Q: Do you believe either Grant and/or Sean are somehow involved in all of this?

*A:Yes I do to what degree that is debatable. The records being destroyed and the master discs that is all Grant Roy, They had to be told where exactly to look for what they went there to destroy. The house was not ransacked. I know Grant wanted to destroy Cobra Video and he made no bones about it. It was obvious he did not want to settle with Cobra Video he delayed the progress on several occasions. He even stated so in his email. I don't know if killing Bryan was part of the plan though. Something happened on that night and I believe they panicked and Bryan was killed. I believe that when Sean and Grant found out that Bryan had been killed is when Grant panicked and went to the police disavowing all connections to the plan. That's my theory and I'm sticking with it.

*I can not be sure of this and it is purely speculation but from speaking with Joe and Harlow on the phone on a few occasions they did not sound like cold-blooded killers to me. I suspected no fear from them and no anger in their voices when we talked and they never acted as if they were hiding anything. They were actually quite open and friendly. There are references to our conversations in my "Who ever heard of Boybatter post" . I also have read and reread the e mail from Grant and as I have noted before his anger is apparent .So who is to say what plan was hatched. But the results did not benifit anyone. It really is quite sad for all involved.

Update: new links to some interesting history to how this all started. This was forwarded to me by one of my posters who was on the jucigoo forums, The Essance of Double Talk and A snake in sheep’s clothing –The Story of Sean Lockhart vs. Cobra Video

This is Elmysterio and I'm out

Monday, May 21, 2007


pre·var·i·cate –verb (used without object), -cat·ed, -cat·ing.
To speak falsely or misleadingly; deliberately misstate or create an incorrect impression; lie.

This is the reason we are gathered here to day to discuss the prevarication’s of a few of people

Well I have heard from several people about the whole crazy mess between LSG Media and Cobra Video and I have followed what has transpired between these two companies for the last couple of years. All the lies and the hate being thrown around and the various spins either side put on their arguments. Well to tell you the truth I am getting just a little disgusted by it all. So lets put some truth out there shall we.
Grant Roy did not initiate the settlement between LSG Media and Cobra Video Lee Bergeron initiated it. Grant was content to fight with Bryan until the end. Just some spin that I wanted to correct.
Also the attorneys fees were not the responsibility of Lee Bergeron they were the responsibility of Grant Roy. Lee was to pay the models and Grant was to pay the attorneys. The reason that the settlement was not moving forward was because Grant Roy halted the negotiations; their attorney never said it in exact words but that is implied. Grant Roy also was trying to hold up the settlement but Bryan gave them an ultimatum. Grant was waiting for some sort of reprieve so they would not have to settle. He dragged this on for far to long and everyone was getting tired of it. All parties finally signed on the 20th of January.
There is a settlement in place and I have that confirmed from a very reliable source.
As always with Sean and Grant they try to blame others for their pitfalls. They really should look closer to home for who or what is causing their problems. Lee is well within his rights as the major shareholder in the company to sell the video footage to recoup his investment. I know you are saying that this is a complete turn around for me but I had to play the game to get this story to this point. I had to get the age issue resolved so we could clear up the other issues. But then the arrest happened and now here is where we stand.
Just to debunk another lie, Harlow did not contact LSG Media first they contacted him asking if he would like to work with Brent Corrigan. They also invited them to Las Vegas to the AVN Expo. Joe and Harlow took them out to dinner and there was a tentative business deal made to film some videos after the settlement was signed. That is why they made that announcement to the members of their web-site on January 14th. Why would they make such a statement if there were not a possible deal? Did Sean and Grant Break yet another contract? The story that Sean comes up with in the Jody Wheeler piece "TwoPair" is also a blatant fabrication by the spin-meister him-self. The story of an offer to good to be true made to Brent when they emailed Harlow. And the statement "Harlow and Joe fucked it all up" what did Sean really mean by that? Why would Grant say that Brent was still under contract with Cobra? Brent Broke that contract in September in 2005. Wasn’t this why they were in settlement negotiations in the first place, so Brent could have use of that name and he could work for or with who ever he wanted to? The settlement says with only a couple of exceptions that Brent could work with anybody he choose to work with. Why would they lie about this? If you did not want to work with Joe and Harlow why did you not tell them the truth? It really is not that hard or is it? What I really don’t understand about all of this is why Joe and Harlow would go and kill Bryan Kocis unless they were put up to it by a deal that was to good to be true. Kill a man they did not even know in some sort of porn turf war. Grant did you come up with that one for the cops? Now you don’t expect me to believe that crook of bullshit do you? You have stated your hate for Bryan from as far back as I can remember. The juicygoo forums and the cobrakiller blog and even in the anonymous posts on my blog. Your anger towards him is off putting. I can just imagine Joe and Harlow sitting there listening to you spew your hate for Bryan. How he stops you at every turn and he was a child molester and how he molested and was mean to Brent and how he stole the name Brent Corrigan and shut down your web-site and made your life miserable. Yet you expect us all to believe that you did not hatch a plot to destroy Bryan Kocis and Cobra video with Joe and Harlow. Get real, people talk and word gets around about things you think no one knows about. And its only a matter of time for the truth to come out and all the spin your band of supporters are doing for you will not help you then. They might just get pulled into jail with you.
The evidence against Joe and Harlow looks pretty damning but they may still have a rabbit up their sleeve. It is because of all these lies that Bryan is dead, Joe and Harlow are in Jail and LSG Media is broke.
All these lies surround the name Brent Corrigan. The name is tainted. And it leaves a nasty taste in the mouth of all that speak it. I really can't say if Grant was or was not involved in this nasty mess but his hands are not clean either. I just speaks volumes towards the decietful charactor of all those involved. so what is next more lie and deceptions. I will just say this Lee Bergeron you better watch your back. Porn is a dirty business and the players don't all play nice as we have all witnessed in the recent months and you never know what nasty little games these people play.
I also have it from a reliable source that Cobra is not dead and there are back up masters and also back up 2257 files and Cobra will be sold as per Bryan’s will and the new owners will enforce the settlement. So I guess this was all for naught. Where does LSG Media go from here?

This is Elmysterio and I'm out