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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Voice of Reason II

I find it quite interesting that people have been saying that just because Sean Lockhart is sexually active that he can not be raped or molested. Where do these people come up with this shit? If someone forces sex on you and or has sex with you against your will it is rape and at the very least molestation. Rape by definition is a not a sex crime but it is a crime of power and control of the victim. It does not matter how many people you have sex with as soon as someone forces sex on you and it is not wanted it is rape. Any adult over the age of eight-teen who has sex with a fifteen-year-old is a rapist. There are reasons for sexual consent laws. The laws were put in place to protect children who are deemed not capable of making such a decision. Anyone who has sex with someone who is clearly underage runs the risk of serious jail time. There are other things that are illegal as well, owning or producing videotape with under-aged children engaged in sexual activity. Bryan Kocis is guilty of all of the crimes that I just mentioned he also filmed himself having sex with a fifteen-year-old boy. Yet he was only charged with possession of the videotape and that charge was reduced to corruption of a minor. In my opinion he should have been charged with the rape and the possession of underage porn. His lawyers excuse was that he did not acquire the documentation from the model prior to filming. That is bullshit and we all know it. Bryan was a pornographer and he knew the rules. As far a Sean Lockhart goes he was and still is a lying manipulative little shit yet Bryan Kocis molested him. You do not give Alcohol to a minor and then proceed to have sex with them while they are sleeping. That is wrong and we all know it, it does not matter if they are having sex on film or having sex period. If there is no consent it is molestation or rape. Bryan was an adult and he knew better than to do that. Just 3 years prior he was charged with in a similar case. I guess he did not learn from his mistake. You can candy coat it all you want but Bryan was a very sick man. Sean is not really any better he uses sex to get what he wants and will continue to do so for as long as he can. But no still means no, no matter what you do for a living.
Grant Roy is just as bad as the other 2 he is just a loud mouth and he is full of hate and it is this hate and vitriol that is the driving force behind the anger of so many posters on these blogs. I read the Juicygoo forum and the cobra killer blog and it has not colored my perception of any of the players in this mess. To me they are all just lost souls who need some serious guidance. The death of Bryan Kocis is sad but he knew his days were numbered. His actions and the way he treated people would lead one to believe that he would make a lot of enemies. His whole approach to the problem with Sean Lockhart was totally uncalled for yet he felt he was right. Grant Roy’s whole approach was wrong as well. He tried to bring Bryan’s information to the public but he chose the wrong avenue to do so. Sean cares only about one thing and it is that stupid name Brent Corrigan. He wanted it as well as Bryan because of some sort of assumed value that it held. But to me there is no value in the name the value was in the performer. Most people who watch porn don’t know who is in a porn movie and don’t really care about their name. The only thing that matters to most viewers is that the models are hot and the sex is hot. So in effect Bryan was killed because of a name that really would have done him no good to posses. What was Bryan going to do strip and do porn under that moniker or try and find some look a like to fill the role? The fact is it would not have worked. The main reason that Brent was so popular is because he looked illegal. His videos sold to the men who like young boys. It did not hurt that he is kind of cute but that was not his big selling point. I was because he looked illegal, under-aged, because he looked taboo. Sean Lockhart is a small man he stands 5’-7" tall and weighs around 130 lbs. He is a classic twink but he was much smaller when he started working for Bryan the truth be told when I saw the box cover of "Every Pool-boy’s Dream" I was shocked I could not believe that the cover-boy was legal, he looked 12 years old. But that is why the video sold so many copies.
It had nothing to do with Brent/Sean being cute because he was just your average looking teen boy. Sean did not come in to his looks until much later. At present there are many more models coming up through the ranks that are much hotter than Sean. The big Draw with Sean Lockhart now is his notoriety he has only done 9 videos that have been released and 4 you can’t get anymore and his performance in the ones that are available is lackluster at best. Harlow and Joe had the potential to be huge in the business but they were just impatient and look where it got them. Their company was putting out some very good product and the scenes were hot and the models were cute. Harlow being a twink is laughable at best. He was to well built to be a twink. I knew that all of there big and grand promotions were going to get them in trouble. I warned them about it but they did not listen. The fact that they are implicated in the death of Bryan Kocis is really quite sad. Their company had the potential to be huge with a little more time under its belt but I guess they were mislead or just not patient enough to wait. In my opinion because I have spoken to them both it just seems a little surreal that they would be involved in such a thing as this murder but then again anything is possible. To me it just does not fit the personalities of the people that I got to know. One thing that has been a recurring theme in this whole mess is the disdain for escorts. I find it quite strange that there is such a negative connotation placed on them. We are talking porn here people and to me it really is no different. It is people being paid to have sex with people that they may or may not know. So get a grip people it is not much of a real difference. I really can not believe that some of the people who are posting here are trying to put a value judgement on the people involved. If you watch porn you are no better than the people who make it are. If you have sex with strange men you are no better than an escort, actually the escort is smarter they are at least getting paid. Who made any of us the judge and the jury in this whole mess? There is so much stupidity among the readers and the posters on these blogs with regards to what is being said that it saddens me. No one is willing to listen and take this story for what it is; this is just a sad commentary on the gay population as a whole. Just a little question here how many of the people who are reading these blogs are actually telling their friends about it? I doubt very many of you are, because you are too embarrassed to admit that you got involved in this sordid mess. That is understandable because it is an embarrassment. This whole case is an embarrassment from the early actions of Bryan Kocis and Sean Lockhart and Grant Roy on the Juciygoo forum to the undeniably stupid murder of Bryan Kocis. Whatever side of the proverbial fence you are standing on you are still on a team of idiots. Because being involved in this at all makes us all idiots. It should have never gotten to this point and no one seemed to have the balls to take anyone of the main characters in this stupid plot aside and tell them that they were idiots. Well I take that back there was one and he was the attorney for LSG Media. And his only reason was because he was not making a profit from the stupidity. Sean Macias should have told Bryan that his actions were stupid but he was getting paid so he did not care. Aaron/Robert you were a friend of Bryan and so were you Cad, you are an attorney you should have told Bryan shut up and give up. DeWayne, Albert and Jody you should have taken Sean and Grant aside and told them to give it up and walk away from this mess. If a bully has no one to bully they go away or they find some one else to mess with. The gay porn industry as a whole should have stopped this. There were plenty of opportunities for any of those involved to speak up and take a stand but it would appear no one did. Sean and Grant you should take the most responsibility in this because through your public and very verbal stand and your enticement of your readers and the recruitment of people for your "team" you caused the most damage. With out you Joe and Harlow would not have become involved and with out your lies to them the "idea" to murder or destroy would most likely have never come up. And you're hatred would not have affected them as it has affected so many who read all of the various blogs. I just have one thing to say to you and it is that you are a cancer on the gay population as a whole. You have infected people world wide with your hate speak and it needs to stop. There is no need for anyone to respond to this post. I just want everyone to read it and understand that this bullshit needs to stop and we all just need to move on. This did not effect any of us, as we would like to think it did. None of the people reading this are in jail facing murder charges or have a porn career that is never going to amount to much or have the eternal guilt associated with what was said to incite such violence. We can all go about our lives and feel no guilt by association. We don’t have to sit here and berate those involved anymore we should be trying to heal. There are those who claim that they want to know the truth but are unwilling to accept it when it is given to them because it is not what they want to hear and you all know who you are. To you I say move on because you will never be happy with the outcome. This is just going to get messier and nastier as the days go on and you should leave while you still can so that you don’t get dirty. All who are truly involved are dirty and covered with the filth of all of this and it will never wash off.
This is Elmysterio and I’m out