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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Will this bullshit ever end?

Now I can understand Michael Lucas not wanting under aged models to work in the porn industry. I can understand the risk that this can have on an industry that already has a serious image problem. What I can not understand is how all of this is the fault of one model. I will also agree that what Brent Corrigan did was wrong. What I can not understand is why part of the blame for Brent's entree in the gay porn industry has not been leveled on the studio that hired him.

The law clearly states that is the producers responsibility to confirm the age of the model before they film the model. It would appear that Cobra Video and Bryan Kocis did not do their job. Brent Corrigan has apologized for his part in all of this and he has become an advocate against the use of underage models and the filming of bareback porn.
On the other hand Cobra Video and all of the people who are left to run it have never taken any responsibility in any of this. And to this day they are blaming Brent Corrigan for all of this. When it was Bryan who went on the attack against Brent, which lead to his demise. Had Bryan done the right thing and taken responsibility for his failure to do his job he would most likely still be alive.

The gay porn industry should also be held responsible for not calling Bryan Kocis to the carpet for his practices that endangered their industry. What is sad is that none of this should have ever happened but through greed and stupidity we are left with the nasty residue of it. One man is now dead and two people are in prison for the rest of their lives and now we have Michael Lucas who is ignorant of the facts trying to stir this shit up again.

People this is porn! It is not something that will cure the ills of the world it is just people fucking on film. The Gay porn industry needs to grow up and get their shit together or they will ever gain any respect. We have producers of porn trying to blame a model for the lack of due diligence of one of their own. Was Brent Corrigan wrong for doing what he did? Yes he was! Was Bryan Kocis just as culpable? Yes he was! Is Michael Lucas wrong for his actions at the GayVN awards? Yes he was! The gay porn industry is in danger and the reason is because they have allowed people like Bryan Kocis to operate in they're midst.

Michael Lucas does have some good points but his approach is misguided and he is somewhat uninformed on the real facts. I do believe that Brent Corrigan is owed an apology from Michael Lucas. Michael Lucas needs to get his facts together before he makes anymore-ignorant statements based on subjects that he is not well versed in. Since these two porn producers have center stage and the media spotlight I think it is a good time that they come together to make a positive change in an industry that is destroying the lives of people and do something positive.

There are several things that they can do to help fix many of the problems that plague the gay porn industry and the gay community as a whole. They need to advocate safe sex and mean it. If the industry is going to resume bareback porn production they need to advocate testing of all of the models. They need to make it clear that the porn industry has a zero tolerance policy to drug use. Advocating drug testing and STD testing of all employees. They need to do this before the government steps in and requires it. They need to take a proactive policy for the protection of the talent and the industry that they both love so much.

This is Elmysterio and I’m out.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lucas to get secret treatment outside of US

For immediate release

It would appear that Michael Lucas has fled to Russia in fear of his life. As of late he has been increasingly irrational in his behavior and has been taken to a secret location for his safety. In a secret meeting with the staff of his company Michael told them that he was "going to visit his father". The truth is that he is off to an Eastern Europe for medical treatment regarding a failed cosmetic procedure. In my research for this blog post I have found out that Michael Lucas is in fact 65 years old and he has been lying about his age for years. All of these press releases are just a cover up for the real truth.

Michael was under the care of a "cosmetic practitioner" who got a batch of black market Botox and it seems that it contained a high concentration of mad cows decease. Thus causing Michael to temporarily loose his faculties. He has since been rushed to a doctor in Russia for secret treatments. The fight with the boyfriend of Brent Corrigan is just a symptom of his problems. I believe it was said that during the awards ceremony he had experienced slurred speech and seemed to be stumbling when he walked causing him to run into people.

The altercation and his belligerent behavior are also a symptom of being infected with this toxic agent. The FDA had recalled that batch of Botox that he received but through the unscrupulous black market there were some "beauty consultants" who bought up the supply that was supposed to be destroyed. It seems that in the ever-tightening financial markets this seems to be a recurring problem. People trying to save money and getting a bad product.

Stay tuned for further breaking news regarding this story.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Threats and arrests at the Gayvn awards?

Seems that two of the most controversial players in the gay porn industry are at each other’s throats. Seems to be a battle between the lips and the butt. Yes Michael Lucas wanted to get Brent Corrigan ejected from the GAYVN awards ceremony last night because Brent lied about his age when he first started doing porn. Seems that Michael thinks that Brent’s lies could have caused serious jeopardy to the industry. Now I don’t know about any of you but it would seem that the person who would hire someone who looked as young as Brent did when he first started would take serious precautions before hiring such a young looking model.

Now that is all water under the bridge anyway. Seems that there is another issue at play here and it seems that Sir Michael of Lippsinburg Russia is a little pissed that a certain model refused to do a video shoot with his New York based company. Now I am not one to condone violence and if there was a threat made to Michael it should be taken seriously. It would seem that Brent gets these over zealous boyfriends who tend to make threats and want to beat people up who say mean things about Brent. My theory is if you can’t take the heat stay out the fucking kitchen.

Michael has been known to stir up controversy whereever he goes. From posting the story of his own death to promote the video the Gigolo, to getting sued for his mega award winning la dolce Vita for copyright infringement and the Ice cubes incident at the Gayvn’s he has also been accused of beating up his neighbor. Michael is not one to stray away from the controversy and the public eye. Whether any of this is true or not is the real issue here and Brent seems to be caught up in the fire storm.

The same can be said about Sir Brent of the Twin Peaks he has been know for his controversial activities as well. Falsifying documents to work in porn to spilling the beans on the tyrant that ran the Video Company that he first worked for to breaking contracts and bad mouthing Falcon studios. Oh yeah and consorting with murderers. I know that is a touchy subject to some but you know what I consorted with the murderers too.

Now I don’t know if all of this bullshit is serious but I think it is a great PR campaign non-the less. They both worked on the movie Not another gay sequel and I did not hear too much about any fights but then again maybe there were a few cat fights. Michael Lucas is notorious for speaking his mind. Too bad you can barely understand him when he does. He is known for being a catty bitch but for that matter so is Brent. The two of them court controversy where ever they go. So is this a big deal or is it just hype to promote their websites and studios. Is Michael Lucas jealous of Brent Corrigan’s 3 Gayvn award wins last night? Or is he just pissed that Brent refused to work with him? Or maybe Michael just wants to put those duck lips of his on Brent’s big round ass and chomp away.
With the economy the way it is I guess you would try and get all of the free press that you can. And lord knows these two are the perfect pairing to stir up a shit storm if there ever was one. Maybe Michael and Brent should just get a room fuck and get it over with. I can’t wait for the Grabbys that should be a really fun show since Brent is one of the hosts of that show. Michael should have some real fun trying to get him thrown out of that venue. Is this all just a publicity stunt or is it real you be the judge.

Update: Jim chimes in with a new post that sheds some light on Michael and the Grabby's.

Update: This shit is getting out of hand and there seems to be no stopping it.

My personal opinion in all of this is that the industry stood by and let Bryan Kocis and Cobra Video degrade Brent Corrigan and did nothing to correct the practices of Bryan and Cobra Video. The law states that the producer is the one responsible for verifying the Id of the models they hire. Bryan Kocis did not do that. He looked at Brent and all he saw were dollar signs. Michael Lucas is a misguided idiot if he thinks that all of the problems with this lie on Brent’s shoulders. Brent said that he was wrong for what he did and Brent is the only one who has taken any resposibilty for his actions. Bryan Kocis never did nor did Brent's exboyfriend Chris Henriquez. Bryan tried to hide the truth and when it did come out he tried every trick in the book to make it look like he was not responsible.

For Michael Lucas to say that this is all the fault of the model(s) and Brent Corrigan in particular is in his own way validating the practices of Bryan Kocis and Cobra Video. In doing what Michael did pointing the finger at one model and not the studio that the model worked for was wrong. Both parties are just as responsible for the fiasco the transpired. This is not the first time Michael Lucas has gone off half cocked and it won’t be the last. To disassociate your self from him is your prerogative but I think that in no time at all Michael will put his big foot between his big puffy duck lips and make a total fool of himself. It has Happend before and it will happen again.

Update: Michael Lucas has spread this bit of info to Michael Musto. Is there no end to the madness?

Update: Can this shit get any better? Lucas calls Corrigan to the carpet about bareback porn and I find this tidbit. Is life funny or what?

Update: the san francisco chronicle chimes in on the story