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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Cobra Effect On Luzerne County Justice

With all of the different thoughts about who killed Bryan Kocis and speculation that he was killed to keep him from testifying against the judge who changed his charges after the fact it really makes you wonder if Bryan had something on Judge Conahan that helped him avoid jail time. Now early on in this investigation someone suggested that Bryan was killed by a hit man. I will admit that I thought that to be the case. What is really interesting is that the more that is discovered about this case the more I think of it as a possibility. There were always just to many things with this case that did not fit.

I know that it is claimed that Joe and Harlow killed Bryan because he was an impediment to them working with SeanLockhart/Brent Corrigan. But what is interesting is that the more I look at what has transpired in this case more I think that Joe and Harlow could have been framed. mind you I do understand all of the evidence that is being presented against Joe and Harlow. I have seen enough of the evidence to understand the belief of those who think that they did this. But you have to understand that you have only seen the prosecutions side of the case. I really have no clue what the defense will provide as evidence. The one thing good about our justice system is you don't have to disprove the prosecutions case you just have to introduce doubt.

First of all Joe and Harlow were under investigation in Virginia Beach for a Rico case with regards to their escort business. The search of their house in February was based on the Rico charges and had nothing to do with the murder of Bryan Kocis. The Pennsylvania police went on a ride along on that search because Harlow was a "person of interest". What is also interesting is that the affidavit for that search warrant is still sealed and the people who have tried to get a look at it have found it is resealed every time it comes up to be viewed by the public. I wonder why that is? Could it be that what was seized in that search was seized illegally?

You also have the recently indicted Judge Michael Conahan who is same judge who was accused of illegal campaign practices by Judge Musto during their heated campaign. Judge Musto alleges that Conahan received $180,000.00 in campaign donations illegally. Conahan said that he loaned it to his campaign by taking a second mortgage on his home but no records existed of any such transaction in county records. Federal agents conducting a probe on the financial dealings of Judge Conahan, and his wife are also examining the county court records as well .

When Judge Conahan was a magisterial district judge he was involved in a cocaine trafficking case. Judge Conahan’s name surfaced during Mr. Belletiere’s 1991 federal trial in the "Empire" drug case involving Hazleton drug trafficking in the 1980s. Federal witness Neal DeAngelo testified Judge Conahan called him in 1986 and said he had heard Mr. DeAngelo’s brother, Paul, had been buying cocaine from a dealer who was under investigation. Judge Conahan offered to put the DeAngelos in contact with a Florida dealer, Mr. DeAngelo testified. Mr. Belletiere, who is a former Hazleton resident, subsequently called Mr. DeAngelo at Judge Conahan’s request.

According to testimony, and the DeAngelo brothers and another man traveled to Miami to buy $26,500 worth of cocaine from Mr. Belletiere. While Judge Conahan was on the prosecution’s list of witnesses for the Belletiere trial he was not called to testify. The federal prosecutor in the case, during a "sidebar" conversation with the judge out of the jury’s earshot, called Judge Conahan an "unindicted co-conspirator" in the case, according to a court transcript.

Four years ago Judge Conahan’s wife, Barbara, formed a Pompano Beach used-car business, according to an official with the company who said Monday that he met with Judge Conahan, the judge’s wife and Mr. Belletiere (the former dealer from Florida) to discuss setting up the business in 2004. Barbara Conahan was president of the used-car business, RAB Auto Sales Inc., according to Florida corporate documents. The former drug dealer, Ronald Belletiere, operated RAB, according to the company’s former secretary/treasurer. Florida documents indicate the company has been inactive since September 2007.

Judge Conahan "retired" shortly before the arrest of Joe and Harlow with 6 years left on his ten-year term. Yet no one wants to believe that this man is capable of setting up a hit on a man who could get him thrown in prison on a mandatory 3rd degree felony where he could serve up to 15 years in prison. Now I have read various sentiments with regards to Conahan and Ciavarella and how could they do what they did and not get busted sooner. Someone in the DA’s office had to know what was going on. Could that person be Judge Peter Lupas the former Luzrene County DA? When you look at all that has transpired with regards to this case the whole conspiracy to frame Joe and Harlow does not really seem so far fetched.

It was claimed that it would be too hard to cover up a hit and to frame two guys for murder. The interesting thing is that there were several times that this case could have come to a horrible end for those accused. There was the early morning search of the home of Joe and Harlow. The police used concussion grenades and the swat team to raid the home. The fact is someone could have easily been killed. There is also the travesty that has been the case so far. With the musical chair game with the attorneys for the accused. The mad rush to trial by the Luzerne County courts. Judge Ciavarella stepping in to deny the accused legal representatation by denying them conflict council.

David Lupas was the DA when Bryan was convicted and he was also the DA when Joe and Harlow were arrested. He became a Judge at the beginning of this year. He is also the judge that was picked by Ciavarella to oversee the juvenile court system. He was also the DA when Joe and Harlow’s house was searched. He was overseeing this case from the start. It kind of makes you wonder what was going on in Luzerne County.

Judge Conahan is/was on the board of First National Community Bank — where billionaire casino owner Louis A. DeNaples was chairman of the board until his recent indictment on perjury charges with regards to a casino and organized crime. He is also in the business of landfill and used auto parts and real estate. DeNaples is one of the principal shareholders in this bank with his brother and his son. Now we have this connection for Conahan. Are you starting to get the picture now?

Then you have Judge Conahan and Ciavarella who were good friends with a Mr. Powell who wanted to build a new juvenile detention center. Powell and his partner built this center and gave the judges kick backs for all of inmates that were sent there. That is another huge travesty in Luzerne County. Mr. Powell then sold his interest in the youth centers to a Greg Zappola who I might add is not the most above board person I have read about. You have the builder and the lawyer and the judge all involved in a nice little scam against the public. And now Ciavarella is saying that he did not defraud the taxpayers. And guess who his attorney is, If you said Al Flora you would be correct.

The same attorney who with Conahan and Lupus got the charges reduced for one Bryan Kocis,
the victim of a murder that is being tried in Lucerne County in the very same court house where these dishonored judges used to preside. Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture? Now I can understand that from the point of view of the court system of Luzerne County they would want to keep this case in house. But in the name of justice I think it should be moved to a Federal Court. Luzerne had too much to loose to let this case get away from their control and now their worst nightmare has been realized.

What is funny is that the FBI was investigating the victim and the court system was also being investigated. Either way Conahan was going down but I guess it is better to go down for embezzlement than for consorting with a known child molester and allowing him to remain free to molest again. If you have to be tainted than just be a crook and not a pervert. But the one problem is that there are too many loose ends floating around out there that could continue to cause problems for his dishonor Judge Conahan.

It makes you wonder why the child detention centers? I wonder if Robert Powell has something to do with Kocis. Why would Conahan review all of the video that was confiscated during Bryan’s trail and then return it all and the equipment except the one video that should have convicted him. Why would he allow him to continue to produce pornography in a state where he took an oath to uphold the law and allow Bryan to continue to break it? Why did the prosecutor not protest this travesty of justice? Was he told that it would help him get on the bench if he ignored it?

It seems that Bryan Kocis was a big thorn in the side of Judge Conahan. He we was too high profile and he was drawing to much attention to Luzerne County. The slap on the hand that he received after raping that 15-year-old boy was drawing focus on the court system. The bogus court case with regards to Sean Lockhart, the civil case in federal court in San Diego, the back door deal with Lee Bergeron, the online fighting with Sean and Grant, Sean’s blog which was telling the world that Bryan was a pervert. The fact that Sean was underage when he filmed for Cobra Video. All of those reasons could have brought this little dirty court system down to its knees.

So Bryan Kocis had to be destroyed to protect the "integrity" of the court system.
There is a nasty taint on anyone who has ever had anything to do with Bryan Kocis. The fact that killing him did not remove it is quite telling. There are still those who defend Bryan and his actions as honorable. It really makes you wonder about those who are condoning his actions. They throw aspersions at Sean and Grant and anyone who defends them by calling them murderers. Bryan Kocis needed Sean Lockhart silenced but alas that did not happen, someone silenced him.

This is Elmysterio and I’m out

Monday, January 26, 2009

Breaking News: Ciavarella, Conahan plead guilty.

Update: Gregory Zappalla now owns Powell's interest in PA child care.
Breaking News: Ciavarella, Conahan plead guilty to income tax charges; will serve 87 months 1:24 p.m.
Well I have said all along that the Luzerne County court system was corrupt and I guess it was proven today with the guilty pleas of Conahan and Ciavarella. Who knows who else will be charged in this case and what the ramifications are to the cases that these judges have tried. I really is a sad state of affairs when the judicial system of a state or county is corrupt. It reflects badly on all involved in that court system and it brings serious doubt to all decisions rendered by the jurist of said county.

How many cases can be appealed due to this new evidence? Who knows what the truth is since they plead guilty. There will not be a trial and the facts of all of the other crimes might never be known. There have been stories about this case for the last couple of years. There was allot of uproar about the changing of the charges for Bryan Kocis, the murder victim in another high profile case. It seems that there has been talk about the judges who were just charged had motive to kill Bryan Kocis. This is due to it being a 3rd degree felony to impede due process of law and not having Kocis register as a sexual offender under Megan's law. There is a mandatory prison term with regards to this type of case.

There is also the possibility that there are other people who are going to be charged down the pipe as there are other things that these judges were involved in. Those who profited from the illegal activities that the judges were involved with could also be charged. Luzerne county is now under a serious microscope and there is the possibility that this latest problem could also affect the DA's office. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Here is the news story form the Citizens Voice the Times Leader also has reported on this case.

Published: Monday, January 26, 2009 1:36 PM EST
Luzerne County judges Mark A. Ciavarella and Michael Conahan were charged today with two counts of conspiracy to impede the Internal Revenue Service in collecting federal income taxes and a scheme to defraud the citizens of Luzerne County and Pennsylvania of the right to their honest services.Ciavarella and Conahan were charged with concealing the receipt of $2.6 million between January 2003 and April 2007. They have filed a plea agreement, signed by both judges, and pleaded guilty to honest service fraud and income tax conspiracy.The judges stipulated they will resign their judgeship and be disbarred. They will serve 87 months in federal prison and make restitution as stipulated by the court.

There was also the question of misappropriations of funds with regards to the juvenile court system where Judge Conahan's brother in law as the main psychologist for the evaluations of the people who appeared in front of his bench. There is also the the case of Conahan's wife who was involved with a former drug dealer with regards to a auto dealership in Florida. With all of this is there any wonder why Luzerne County is up in arms with regards to their court system.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out.