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Black helicopters
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Monday, December 3, 2007

Gladiator Movie or Porn Movie?

The movie "300" was hot men in capes and very little else. Well all I can say is if you have not seen it you should. I’m not really into war movies but this one made up for all the fight scenes with the visually stunning wardrobe or the lack thereof. It had great action sequences and epic battles but it was hard to follow the story because of all of the eye candy that filled the screen. The acting was good from what I gathered but as I said earlier it was very hard to follow with the wind machines and flowing capes and nearly naked men with their hair blowing in every frame of this film.
The one thing that impressed me the most was that the average age of the cast was 35 years old. If you have any negative body issues I would recommend you pass this one up but if you like hot men in battle then this is a flick you will enjoy. The actors were on a grueling work out regimen for at least 6 weeks before filming started and during the 2-month shoot and it shows they're dedication to their work ethic when you see this film. If you converted all of the six-packs on those guys in this movie to beer all of the college boys in this country would be drunk. This movie reeks of a Titan porn video maybe they should do one and call it "369" or something like that.

Cause this movie had it all, big ol healthy mens all hot and sweaty from battle half naked and hot and sexy in their capes and with their big swords and hair all blowing in the wind and their heaving chests and long well muscled legs and firm round butts all squoze up in their hot tight little leather briefs. Opps another run on sentence.

The cast is an interesting mix of fairly well known actors and not so well known actors and they are all visually appealing. There is quite a bit of CGI in this movie. Most of the film was filmed on blue or Green screen and the sets were all pretty much put in on post-production but the men were real and they worked really hard to look good for us in this move and that is the most important part. It does follow the original story very well and the movie has a good flow.

The battle scenes were stunning and it was just a fun and good time had by all that watched this film. I would definitely watch it again just to pay a little more attention to the story.

This is Elmysterio and I’m out

Friday, November 16, 2007

Moving on.

It seems that my blog has become a place where all we discuss is the murder of Bryan Kocis. Well that is far from my only interest in life. As I have been blogging here since February and I am getting just a bit tired of all of this. So I have stated my views and now I will be moving on to different subjects, which is what I originally wanted to do with this blog. So this murder will no longer be the center of attention of my blog. I will not delete the older posts and they will remain there for you to read. I will still comment on it as it is still one of my interests so you can still expect to hear from me on that subject. That being said lets move on.

Now for a bit of news: I just received an email from the new owners of Boybatter and they seem to think that my little blog is a good place to make this announcement. Well I guess I already made that announcement did I not, oh well so much for suspense. Well here is the news anyway; they are no longer affiliated with Joe and Harlow. The new owners are going to reopen the Boisrus site and it will be a site where you can send your amateur videos in and they can be voted on and the winners will receive fabulous prizes. It will no longer be affiliated with the escort site as there will not be any of "that" going on there.

As for the Boybatter site they have some new content and they are going to be updating it on a regular basis. It appears that Angel and Star are doing some work for them. So far they have 5 new scenes up and ready and more on the way. They had to move to a new server as they were having trouble with some Turkish rebels who did not like the site. But that is all behind them and the site appears to be working fine now. If you want to get a idea of what is going on at the new and improved Boybatter and Boisrus site check out Drab Boiz. He will be posting updates and links on his site.

Then we have the little issue of Joey K. who it seems is a little bent out of shape about the sale of the company he and Harlow helped to build. His latest rant on his blog seems to be a direct result of his demands of certain financial considerations not being met. I guess he is just a little pissed that he did not get considered a little more in the financial department and he carried out the threat that he made against Harlow. So I guess that there really is no deal between Harlow and the DA. Just Joe blowing off some more steam. I just have a bit of advice for Joey K., shut up and let your attorneys do the talking and follow Harlow’s lead. Oh well since when has Joe ever listened to me anyway? There are two instances that come to mind when he did not.

I am not in the porn industry and never have been but I have known several people who were and still are involved. So my view was always from the outside looking in. I don’t really understand what the whole hoopla is all about when it comes to some guys and girls taking of their cloths and having sex on camera for others to watch. That is something that I have never done and when I was offered the chance I turned it down. As far as doing porn goes I just read the latest post over on Brent Corrigan’s blog and he does one of his long dissertations on the pros and cons of the business and it was quite interesting. The little bitch must have read my mind or something cause I was going to do a post just like that.

To me most of the porn out there is not that good. It just appears to be some models going through the motions. There have been highlights that I have seen over the years but they are few and far between. The Boisrus idea seems like something that just might work out because you will have people who are into each other performing the nasty on film or tape or whatever the fuck you record on these days. And it will be a pay-site where you can submit your own content and get voted on. I guess it will be a kind of Sex Star Search. Now how cool is that. I wonder is there is going to be a special talent category? Now that could be interesting.

So I was thinking the other day that if I were going to put together my favorite scenes from several different porn movies and create the best porn movie ever what scenes would they be? So I started to go through the archives and find out which scenes were the hottest that I have seen in recent years. That my dear readers is going be a most daunting task to say the least. What are the criteria for a porn scene to be hot? Well I would have to say chemistry between the models is a given. The models don’t necessarily have to be hot as fuck for that to occur. But the if the models are attractive that does help but what is really hot is when the models appear as if they would choose the partner that they are paired with.

But I can say that I have seen a few that cum to mind right away. One of them is the now infamous scene with Kurt Wild and Julien when he was with Corbin Fisher when he gets fucked for the first time. That was hot. Then there was the scene with Chaosmen when he blew his wad for the first time while getting fucked the look on his face was priceless. Oh and Kurt is very vocal while in the throws of passion. A couple of his best lines were "Fuck me like you mean it" and "Man handle me" that was hot.

Then there was the scene with Harlow and Troy from Boybatter. That scene was way hot and I must also add it was quite sensuous as well. Another great line was uttered in that one and it was not so much the line but how it was said. When troy is getting it good and he say’s "Fuck me Harlow" and you knew he meant it. Funny thing is most of the scenes that are really hot that come to mind where with amateur companies. It looks like the pros are slipping a bit behind in the hotness category. But you can’t count them out yet. So it would appear that Boisrus just might be on to something here.

There was the scene with the late Danny Roddick and Alex Chandler from Hard Studies as well as his pairing with Josh Weston in Boot Black Blues. Those were hot scenes and they were done by Buckshot. That warehouse scene in Wrong Side Of The Tracks with Johnny Hazzard and Shane Rollins was way hot. Channe 1 releasing won a few awards for that one, Go Chi Chi.

As far as the sites that I enjoy for their content: Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher, Chaosmen, Boybatter and College Dudes 247 come to mind. There are several others who have shinning moments but they are in no way consistent. So I want you to all chime in with your feedback so we can see if we can cum up with the hottest porn video of all time.

So tell me what scenes you thought were hot and who was in the scene and why it was so hot that you remember it and we will discuss it and add it to the list. I really don’t feel that it has to be any certain category because I like it all from bear to jock to twink. As long as the scene is hot I really don’t think it matters all that much. So lets get this discussion under way and see what we all can come up with. Hope to hear from you all soon.

This is Elmysterio and I’m out.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Black Helicopters and other conspiracy theories:

So let me get this all straight the prosecution want us to believe this is what really happened:

Sean and Grant contact Joe and Harlow. Grant thinks Harlow would be a great fit to work with Sean on their web-site. But Joe and Harlow also think that Sean is a hot property and they offer Sean a huge sum of money to work for their web-site but Sean turns them down because it is to good to be true. So which is it? But then Sean and Grant invite Joe and Harlow to Las Vegas where Joe and Harlow take them out to dinner and Drop 3 large on the feast.
The subject of Bryan is brought up and they discuss how he has been in the way of Sean and Grant’s success and how at every turn Bryan was there to stop them from doing what they wanted to do.

Somehow the subject turns to what can be done about Bryan and Joe and Harlow are said to make an offer to kill him. Sean and Grant decline that offer and assume that Joe and Harlow do the same. But unbeknownst to Sean and Grant, Joe and Harlow secretly hatch a plan and tell several people about their plan to do away with Bryan and to make Sean an indentured sex slave for they’re boydelo. As we all know Sean has no say in the matter because he is so easily controlled. Bryan can attest to that, he could totally control Sean. That was proven by the ironclad contract that he had with Sean. Oh wait Sean broke that contract and took the car that Bryan purchased for him and did not fulfill his obligations. Oh wait I’m going off subject here, so back to Joe and Harlow.

They fly back to Virginia and put their plot in into motion. They send out an email to all of the subscribers of their web-site announcing their new deal with Sean/Brent and the new distribution deal in the works. They tell informant number 1 and Justin Hensley Informant #2 that they really want to work with Sean and that mean old Bryan won’t let them. In the three days prior to the murder their plan to do away with Bryan is put in to motion. Because Bryan has so much control of Brent/Sean and they really must work with him because of their so-called dire financial situation. So they hatch a plan to go to Pennsylvania to kill him and destroy all of the Cobra Video records and to still a Rolex watch so that they will now have 6 of them and to steal some video cameras.

They get a throw away phone to only be used to call Bryan and they buy a knife and a gun but they don’t use them and they rent a car which they use because they don’t want to drive one of their fancy cars to Pennsylvania in the dead of winter. You know the salted roads can be hell on your fancy car. They also create an email account only to be used to email Bryan and they get a background report done on Bryan as well as email him their pictures. They go to visit Bryan a man they have never met before and kill him in cold blood because he is in the way of them working with the biggest prize in porn. Then they burn his house to hide the fact that they were ever there and they call Sean the day after to say look at what has happened. And claim that “I guess my guy went a little crazy”. Then they send some threatening messages to Sean and Grant about the deal they supposedly had.

But they seem to have forgot that they told a few people about they’re plan and now they have to run and hide in Florida while they tell everyone that they are in Hawaii. They post on several blogs that they are innocent and they talk to the newspapers and deny that they knew the victim and they say that they were in Virginia at the time of his death. While the whole time they are trying to recruit people to lie about their whereabouts. Then they have the audacity to make a video about their meeting with “Drake” the supposed killer of the victim. Then to top it all off they get a contract sent to them by Sean and Grant to work together and they fly to San Diego and tell Sean and Grant all about their exploits and how they witness Bryan get killed. And they apologize to Sean and Grant for the trouble that they caused them.

Then they get arrested and proclaim their innocence and are extradited to Pennsylvania and the first thing that Joe says when they arrive is that Harlow went to the house alone while he was in the motel room surfing the Internet. And Harlow claims he did not do it and that Bryan was dead when he arrived at his house.

This all makes perfect sense to me if they are crazed killers and mentally defective. The fact that they tell several people about their plan to kill a man that they have never met just to work with a twink porn star. They are by all means mentally defective if they thought this plan would work. Does anyone else see this? You have to be a special kind of stupid to think you will get away with a crime this stupid.
Did I get all this right?

So let’s recap:

1: They tell two people who live with them that they are going to Pennsylvania to kill Bryan. And they also tell them they want to work with Brent Corrigan/ Sean Lockhart one of the models of Bryan Kocis’s Cobra Video and that Bryan is in the way of them doing so. And it is assumed that they must kill him.

2: They have dinner with the model Sean Lockhart and his boyfriend Grant Roy who they want to work with and they discuss killing Sean's boss to do so.

3: They send out an email to their web subscribers announcing that they are going to be working with Brent Corrigan. (This model is said to be under contract with Cobra Video. But the contract that was in place at the time of the murder was not exclusive and Sean/Brent could in fact work with other models with the exception of any Cobra model and he could also work for other studios. The contract that he had prior to the settlement was voided when Sean Lockhart breached it in September 2005. That is why there was a settlement.)

4: They create a fake email account get a Internet background check on the victim and send him their pictures and get a throwaway phone and buy weapons and rent a car all using their own credit card and rent a room in Pennsylvania using their drivers license.

5: They do all of this in the hopes that they will get away with killing someone whom they have never met just to get the opportunity to work with Brent/ Sean and make millions.

6: And to top it all off they attempt to burn down the victim’s house to destroy all of the evidence. But they cant resist and steal two cameras and a Rolex watch as souvenirs and take them back to Virginia and leave them in their own house for the police to find when they search it. They did all of this thinking that they would get away with murder.

In Summary:
Now I don’t know about any of you all out there but to me this sounds like someone who could just be a little crazy. A psychiatric evaluation is really not out of the question here.

If all of what the DA in Luzerne County is claiming to be true then they must be certifiable and therefore can not be put to death. But he has filed a petition for the death penalty in this case so he must think that they are not crazy. So what is it? Is this in fact what they did or is it just a trumped up case with a bunch of circumstantial evidence made to fit the crime? Is there a simpler reason why they went to Pennsylvania?

To me it looks like the DA has truly upped the ante on his burden of proof with all of these allegations.
It would appear that he now must prove that they planned this and that in the planning of all of this they were sane individuals.

The reason the DA is trying to prove that they had someone lie about there whereabouts on the night in question is to prove that they had the fore thought to get people to lie for them in the process of this crime and it would go to show that they were sane and that they knew it was wrong.

There must be some reason for this murder other than what the prosecution is claiming. The motive in all of this will only work if those accused were in fact crazy at the time this crime was committed.

My opinion

From what I have discerned from all of this is that Harlow wanted to work with Sean and he could do this with Cobra Video. He did not want Bryan to know about his link to Boybatter and escorting. The reason for this was because of the trick that Sean and Grant played on Bryan in Las Vegas. Using Boybatter as a point of leverage in the negotiations with Bryan. They did this for a better settlement deal and it apparently worked. So Harlow and Joe decided that they would create a false name. That is how Danny Moilin was born. So now that we have that out of the way Harlow/Danny sends an application to Cobra Video with his pictures attached. He goes out and buys a throwaway phone to contact Bryan and he creates a fake email account. All of this to maintain the secrecy of who he really is. All is well so far and contact is made and Bryan and Danny agree to meet.
Joe and Harlow go to the pawnshop and buy a gun and a knife. This might have been done for any number of reasons none of which I know other than Joe was a collector of such. They also do an Internet check on Bryan. I will not try to guess as to why they did that either only to say that if any of what Sean and Grant might have told them made them want to do so.

They rent a car and drive to Pennsylvania and stay in a motel and register under Joe’s name. They are in contact with Bryan via phone and email several times during these three days. Harlow’s original appointment was set for a earlier time but Bryan called him and changed it to a later time as he was having meetings and he would not be available until later in the evening.

Harlow is said to have arrived at Bryan’s sometime either just before 8:00PM or shortly thereafter and he says that when he arrived he saw that the front door was slightly opened and he called Bryan’s name and went in. He said that he saw that Bryan was dead on the couch and he heard someone upstairs and that they were about to come downstairs and he panicked fled the scene.

Now from phone records we have Bryan talking to his attorney at 7:50PM for the last time and it is assumed that he was still alive. Harlow is logging into his email account at 8:06PM, where was he when this occurred. And from witness testimony we have Harlow leaving the house at 8:20PM and the fire being reported at 8:34PM and the fire department arriving about 10 minutes later.

So what we have is about a 20-30 minute time frame for all of this to have happened. The crucial thing is when did Harlow arrive and who was in the house besides Bryan. As the affidavit says Harlow was logging into his email at 8:06PM. Was he at Bryan’s house when he did that or had he not arrived yet? If Harlow was not at the house @ 8:06PM then that cuts the time available for him to have done all of this down to just minutes. Ip records and Cell tower pings will show this. If Harlow arrived as he has said and Bryan was dead then this case has gone in the wrong direction from the beginning. As I have said all along that the burden of proof in all of this is on the prosecution and the facts to me just don’t add up and Joe and Harlow are innocent until proven guilty.

As far as conspiracy theories go there really are none other than a “rush” to justice, which I might add is really a slow rush. The police and the prosecution have done their level best to make their case work with the evidence that they have but to me it just does not jell. I think once we go to court and all of the evidence is presented it will become quite obvious that something is really wrong with all of this.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bare Backing Across America, Or the next viral explosion

I for one did not have a clue about AID’s when I was in my early twenties. It was something new and no one really knew what it was. We are talking about the early eighties here. I got wise real quick and made it a point to not sleep around with just anyone and I tended to have steady boyfriends during that time. Many of my friends were not so lucky and they got infected early on and the medications that they were taking were toxic to their systems and they died. We now have better medicine and people are living longer with the virus but that does not make me want to go out and get infected. I just read a post on DeWayne’s blog about three models who just tested positive after a bare back shoot. They’re ages were 18 to 26 years old. This I find quite alarming and so preventable. These guys now are sentenced to a daily regimen of pills and regular blood tests to insure that the virus does not progress.

Now I was watching a video the other day and I noticed that there were a lot of the current batch of models in it and they all preformed bare back.
Here are the names of a just few models who have preformed bare back in the last few years. Some of them might be a shock to you but they did it for smaller companies and they have since moved on to mainstream work.
Leo M pictured on the left just recently made it public that he tested positive. He worked for Eurocreme and Blake Mason. Blake Mason is a strong advocate of the use of condoms. Many of the companies are now starting to film models bareback and it is the models choice to do so. Some companies are adamant about not going there because they have seen first hand what can happen. Chi Chi Larue is one of the ones who has said she would abandon porn if it came to that.

We all know of Brent Corrigan and Aaron Phelps, they were under contract with Cobra Video. But did you know that Josh Vaughn did a bareback video, how about
Zack Randall, Brent Everett or Tory Mason.

Yes they have all gone on to bigger and better things but they all preformed in bareback porn. There are many others who have gone the same route. I have no bad feelings towards any of them because it. It is their life and the choice is theirs to make but was it an informed choice? If they were faced with the same choice would they do bareback porn again? I for one would not if the opportunity were presented to me. As far as I know they are all still HIV negative and I truly hope they all stay that way.

From what I know now there is no way in hell that I would do it. I spoke to Harlow and Joe about the bareback porn they filmed and I told them that I had my concerns and they told me about what they did to insure that they’re models were safe. That is all fine and good but you can not insure that a model always practices safe sex. So how are we to insure the health of the models that perform in these videos? The fact of the matter is that we can not. No amount of testing and can insure you that someone is not carrying the virus. This was just proven in the case in England. The models were all tested before the shoot but one had not converted yet and the virus did not show up in the standard antibody test. He in turn infected 3 other models. Now this model was responsible enough to inform the producers about this and the other models were tested.

But this is not always the case and there have been incidences were some models don’t care and will infect as many people as they can. There is one known model that has done just that. My question is who should be held responsible for the testing and the health of the models? The producers, the models or should we just let things go the way they are and not care.

Eastern Europe is starting to show signs of a outbreak of new HIV infections and that is becoming quite alarming since most of the market saturation of Bareback porn is coming from there.

Bareback porn is up to a 30% share of the market and it is rising fast, especially in the twink market. Most of these boys are far to young to have a real grip on what it means to be positive. And they are doing bareback porn because they are told that it is safe and that the models are tested and they will be paid more for it. Consider this you are eighteen and you need money and you have a gun with one bullet and some one who tells you it is safe. Do you spin the chamber and hope the one bullet is not there? That is what it is like to perform in bareback porn. I just want to say this: Consider your options and if you don’t feel safe doing it then don’t do it. Dominik Trojan Pictured on the left has made at least 20 Bareback videos and he seems to want to move on as far as I know he is still negative. I have seen what AID’s has done to the gay community FIRST HAND and I for one do not want to see us go through it again.

I have seen allot of porn and I can tell you from my own personal experience that whether they use condoms or not does not make it hot. Some of the worst porn I have seen did not use condoms and some of the best did. Is bareback porn hot? It can be but I have seen porn where they use condoms and it is hotter than most of the bareback porn that I have seen. Porn is just what it is, some is good and some of it really sucks the big one. It really is all about chemistry. If the models have chemistry than it is hot if they don’t then it is just going through the motions. Most of the European videos that don’t use condoms are not worth the time it takes to watch them. I could make a list but that would be another post.

This is elmysterio and I’m out.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat and Birthday Wishes

Today is the beginning of the 21st year for one of the most notorious twinks in the history of twinkdom. Lets all say Happy birthday to him and best wishes for a better year.
Happy birthday Sean. Scorpios rule!

BB's latest post seems to be a Halloween trick of sorts as I have received no new information on Joe and Harlow and all seems to be well. A trial seems to be eminent.

We also want to Say hello to a new blogger, Jim has a new blog "Silence of the Chinchillas" is a cute play on words and might be of interest to the all of the Harlow haters out there in blogland.
And I just got the lowdown from Virginia Beach that there were no Federal warrants issued for Joe and Harlow. Because if there were warrants extradition would not have been a issue now would it. I wonder where that trick started. Oh and by the way the Asst. DA in Virginia swore to that in a Court of Law. Guess that kills that theory.

And last but not least I still have not seen the email that I sent to the "unmentioned one" yet posted on his Technicolor trash page I guess he is still thinking of a lie to post about what it said.
I am starting to get impatient, I want to know what I wrote.

That's pretty much it for today, So happy Halloween and stay safe all you Goblins.
This is Elmysterio and I'm out

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Why would someone post some of the horrid things that I have seen posted on some of the blogs? This is all in regards to the senseless death of a human being? Why would some revel in the misfortune of those who are accused of said crime? It really makes we wonder what the world is coming to. The police knew that the victim was a not a well-liked person so I guess to make the charges stick they had to vilify those who are accused of killing him.

When I first read about the murder of Bryan Kocis almost 10 months ago I thought to myself, oh my god this is horrible. I thought some deranged fan of Sean Lockhart might have done this. My next thought was that Sean was in danger from this crazy obsessed fan. Then I started to read all of the supposed theories of the other bloggers and thought that some were plausible and some were not. As we moved forward and more information surfaced and we had to dig through it all to get at the truth that original thought I had was changed.

Now I know that Bryan Kocis was no angel but the way he was killed showed that someone hated him with a passion that caused me to take pause. When you think of the way he was killed he would have died almost instantly yet someone was filled with so much rage that they stabbed his dead body 28 additional times. To me that shows that who ever killed him was not satisfied with the fact that he was dead and felt that he did not suffer enough. The fact that he was stabbed 28 more times alone speaks to rage of the killer. The way he was killed made me think of the O.J. Simpson case. The only thing that still has me puzzled was the lack of defensive wounds on the victim. Was Bryan incapacitated when he was killed? Did his killer surprise him? Was there more than one person involved?

From the arrest affidavit we have probable cause to believe that those who are accused of this might have done this. But the reason for them doing this still leaves me perplexed. They kill him to work with one of his models? Now I don’t know about any of you out there but Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves and you can not own another human being in the United States of America. So in effect Bryan Kocis really had no hold on Sean Lockhart. So what was there to stop Sean from working with anyone he wanted to work with? Why would Joe and Harlow kill a man they did not even know to work with Sean Lockhart? If you were Sean would you want to work with someone who had just killed someone in cold blood? So that just makes no sense to me all around.

The other thing that I find interesting is that Bryan sued Sean for breach of contract and cyber-squatting because he used his stage name "Brent Corrigan" on an Internet web-site. Now this brings to mind two things that I find interesting.

1: Bryan filed for a trademark on the name Brent Corrigan and the images of that persona. What purpose would it serve Bryan to own that name? It is not like he was going to use it for himself as a stage name or for another model. The name itself was attached to a living person and would be virtually useless too Bryan as Sean Lockhart was the person that the name was attached to. The fact that Sean filmed the Velvet Mafia under a different name should have shown Bryan that.

2: The contract that Sean broke with Cobra Video was non-binding as you can not require someone to perform a sex act on film, video or in the privacy of your own home. Because forced sex is considered rape and payment for such is prostitution and that is illegal.

So what was the civil suit all about? The fact that Cobra Video was in fact two different entities, one from Pennsylvania formed in late 2001 and the other from Delaware formed in 2005 and from what I have been able to decipher they were independent of each other. To me it looks like Bryan was hedging his bets when he sued Sean and Grant with the newly formed in 2005 Delaware entity of Cobra Video. The funny thing is the Pennsylvania version of Cobra Video was the one that held the trademark on the name "Brent Corrigan" and they also had the broken contract as well. So the lawsuit was suspect at best. Also during this period Bryan's earlier conviction was changed to corruption of a minor. This was so he was not required to register as a sex offender.

The other thing that is disturbing is the fact that Bryan was going to buy out Lee Bergeron's Share of LSG Media of which Lee was the principle shareholder, thus making Bryan the principle in a company that he was suing. Now from what I have gathered Lee was not mentioned in the original civil suit. Bryan was going after Sean and Grant on all fronts. Sean had threatened to drop the name Brent Corrigan so Bryan would have no hold on him. So he went after the company that Sean was part owner of. What I also find interesting is that there has never been another case that I know of where a model was sued by a porn producer. I guess Bryan just did not want to loose.

What was Bryan’s fascination with a model that wanted nothing to do with him? Was Bryan in love with Sean or did he just want to destroy him? From where I sit it looks like destruction was his goal. Sean had too much information against Bryan for him to just let him go. Bryan was aware of Sean’s age fraud from early on and he apparently did not care. He was aware of the forged age documents and he had Robert Wagner witness them making him a party to that fraud.

With the bogus lawsuit he filed he made his attorney possibly a party to that fraud when he lied and sued LSG Media with a company that did not even exist when the contract was broken or the age fraud occurred. What was the purpose of all of this? Al Flora, his attorney when he was charged with having sex and filming it with an underage boy was also a possible party to his fraud when he claimed that the model he was filming was for his Video Company, which at the time did not yet exist. And he did not yet have his valid ID on record. And Bryan’s claim that the boy lied about his age would have made any another video producer more diligent in his 2257 record keeping with regards to the types of boys he filmed. From what I have gathered companies do not film they’re models until they have proof on file for them. And from statements from people, who knew Bryan, they claimed that Cobra was more of a hobby than a business for him. That would explain the hundreds of videotapes seized when he was arrested. Bryan liked to film boys having sex as a hobby and he did this before he had a company to produce these videos.

Why all the fraud from this one man who the police claim was a businessman. Some business he ran, he filed for bankruptcy in 2002 because of a failed cellular phone business venture with his sister. Who he sued because she wanted nothing to do with him after he was arrested for molesting that fifteen year-old boy and he plead guilty. Then he starts a porn venture when he was for all intensive purposes broke. He files for a Limited liability company in Pennsylvania and says that he is the sole proprietor of it.

So in effect he started his company and said he was the sole owner is suspicious in the fact that it was done to cover the lie that he told his attorney; his claim that he was filming those boys for his video company. From what I have gathered the business he ran was illegal in the state of Pennsylvania. That is correct it is against the law to produce pornography in the state of Pennsylvania. Yet Bryan did it from the basement of his house in a residential neighborhood for 6 years. I guess he had connections to the right people. The fact that he was caught on videotape having sex with that 15 year-old boy and he was not subject to Megan’s law says a lot about the legal system in PA.

So let’s recap: Bryan was broke he filed Bankruptcy, he filed as a sole proprietor for a video pornography business in Pennsylvania. That business was an illegal operation in that state. He sued his sister for a failed business attempt. And molested a fifteen year-old boy and plead guilty and was not required to register as a sex offender. Looks like 2001 was a banner year for Bryan Kocis. All of these things still do not justify his being killed in the way that he was. It does make you wonder how many people would have a motive to do it though.

Now Joe and Harlow were brought into all of this because of Sean and Grant. They were used as a point of leverage against Bryan. They were used to get a better deal on the settlement that LSG Media was working on with Bryan and Cobra Video. Once all things with Cobra were settled Joe and Harlow were told that they could not work together because of the contract with Cobra Video. Yes that was a dirty deal but I guess that’s how you do business in the porn world. The fact that Sean had broken his contract with Cobra 18 months prior to all of this not withstanding it was a good excuse for Sean and Grant to get rid of Joe and Harlow.

Funny thing is Sean introduced Harlow to Bryan and Falcon Studios. Now from what I have been told Harlow wanted to work with Sean and he went to Cobra Video to do so. Sean was "required" as part of the settlement to film a certain amount of video scenes to fulfill his obligation with regards to the settlement. Harlow wanted to put his image out there with "Brent Corrigan" and when Sean’s obligation was filled with Cobra they could work together at their respective companies and Sean could use the name Brent Corrigan.
Now the settlement forbid Sean to work with any other Cobra models out side of a Cobra production. But Danny Moilin was not a real person and Bryan would have no recourse against him. If Bryan tried to pull the same tricks he pulled with Sean it would be the end of him because he was not diligent with his 2257 records. That could possibly close down Cobra Video. Even if Danny worked as Harlow, Bryan would have no recourse because Harlow was his real name and Bryan could not trademark it and it is a proven fact that Harlow had used that name before.

Now here’s were it gets sticky Robert Wagner was a witness to the age fraud with regards to Sean Lockhart and possible other models. The fact that Sean Lockhart had gone to the FBI on several occasions to report that he was underage when he worked for Cobra Video would have caused Robert some very serious legal problems had the FBI taken Sean’s claims seriously. There is also the question of whether the FBI had Bryan under investigation for producing underage porn. All of this was a good reason for Robert Wagner to be worried. Could this have been a motive for murder???
Now Robert was in effect Bryan’s right hand man and he was diligent in his research of Sean Lockhart. He knew who Harlow was because his picture was on Sean’s deleted Myspace page. That would be where Robert would have seen his picture and put 2+2 together and made the whole plan work. He would vet Harlow to Bryan as Danny and set up the interview and thus set up Harlow for the murder of Bryan Kocis. He would send himself the email with the pictures and send Sean an email saying that Bryan had a new model for him to work with. All of this was done while he was pretending to be Bryan.

Now I have said in a previous post that the coroner could not accurately determine the time of death of Bryan Kocis due to the subsequent fire. That alone could acquit Joe and Harlow and destroy Roberts alibi if serious doubt is placed on the time and date that Bryan died on. I have also said that the subsequent phone calls made to the victim on the supposed date of his murder could have been received anywhere that his cell phone was. I have questioned the location of Bryan’s cell phone and it has been the cause of some interesting emails and online posts on my blog. The fact that anyone could have been on that phone claiming to be Bryan is something to think about. The fact that his phone could have been anywhere is also questionable as well.

His attorney Sean Macias is said to have called him and spoke to him on several occasions on the day Bryan is supposed to have died but he was not present at the preliminary hearing to testify. I find that interesting, is there a reason for that? Maybe he was to easy impeach as a witness because of the dealings between Lee and Bryan of which he was working on. Or the fact that he claimed in the affidavit that the model had arrived when it was in fact another phone call to Bryan that lead him to that assumption. That phone-call from Robert Wagner to Bryan that was placed at 6:30 PM on the night in question. There were also other phone calls placed that were not listed in the affidavit which puts the question out there as to what are they hiding.

I for one when I look at the evidence against Joe and Harlow do not see them as guilty. What I see is the fact that there are certain questions that still need to be answered. Who was the one who advised Harlow to set up the fake email account and get the throwaway phone? Could this be the reason that Harlow panicked and fled the scene did not call the police or the fire department when he saw that Bryan was dead? Because he knew he was being set up? Could that be the reason behind his bravado on the Blacks Beach tapes? They were not sure if it was Sean and Grant who set them up? Maybe who ever killed Bryan set up this elaborate ploy to remove blame from whoever did this and point it towards Sean, Grant, Joe and Harlow.

This is what the trial is for to get to the bottom of this and I am content to wait for the outcome of it and hope that justice is served. Some seem to think that what has been presented so far is conclusive evidence to convict them, lets just hope they are not on the jury. Let’s hope that they do get an impartial jury who will weigh all of the facts in the case and come to a rightful conclusion. Whether they are found innocent or guilty as long as they have a fair trial I will be satisfied that the law took its course. But I for one still do not believe that they did what they are being accused of. I still do believe that you are innocent until proven guilty.

This is Elmysterio and I’m out.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Fag Fridays is moving!

Well it looks like another San Francisco Institution is moving to a new location. Fag Fridays is moving from the legendary Endup at 401 6th street @ Harrison in San Francisco to a new location @2935 16th Street(Between Mission and South Van Ness),San Francisco, Ca.
This Friday October 12th that is the last day there and they will be moving to new digs.
I can tell you this that I remember the Endup fondly from the many years that I went there. I can remember the first time that I went there. It was one of the first bars that I went to when I finally admitted that I was gay. I will tell you this I was terrified and I hid in the back and watched what was going on. I was 21 and really had no clue as to what to expect. But the music helped me overcome my fears and I hit the dance floor. Just like the Trocadaro Transfer I met some lifelong friends who share so many of the same memories. There are so many interesting stories that I could tell you all about the Endup.
This is the same club where Ron Pearson was discovered after a jockstrap dance contest where I was a judge. And if you wanted to know Ron won the contest that night. I being a judge was given free drinks for the night and needless to say I took full advantage of them.
This is a flyer for they're
Grand opening at their
new location.

That was also the same night when I almost started my own porn career. Needless I was stopped by a good friend from going that route. I was so drunk that night that a friend drug me out of the club and we chilled in his car till we sobered up enough to go back in the club. take a wild guess where we went after the endup closed, if you said the Trocadaro you would be correct. and wer were back at the Endup sunday moring for "Sunrise Church Services" yes I was a wild child in my youth and I still can be a bit wild to this day. Just a little more responsible thats all.
Here is a flyer for they're next event
afer the opening of theyr're new location.

Maybe in another post I will go into more Endup stories. So if you are in San Francisco tonight you might want to pop by for a cocktail and a twirl. It should be a good time and I know the music will be hot.
This is Elmysterio and I’m out