Black helicopters

Black helicopters
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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Black Helicopters and other conspiracy theories:

So let me get this all straight the prosecution want us to believe this is what really happened:

Sean and Grant contact Joe and Harlow. Grant thinks Harlow would be a great fit to work with Sean on their web-site. But Joe and Harlow also think that Sean is a hot property and they offer Sean a huge sum of money to work for their web-site but Sean turns them down because it is to good to be true. So which is it? But then Sean and Grant invite Joe and Harlow to Las Vegas where Joe and Harlow take them out to dinner and Drop 3 large on the feast.
The subject of Bryan is brought up and they discuss how he has been in the way of Sean and Grant’s success and how at every turn Bryan was there to stop them from doing what they wanted to do.

Somehow the subject turns to what can be done about Bryan and Joe and Harlow are said to make an offer to kill him. Sean and Grant decline that offer and assume that Joe and Harlow do the same. But unbeknownst to Sean and Grant, Joe and Harlow secretly hatch a plan and tell several people about their plan to do away with Bryan and to make Sean an indentured sex slave for they’re boydelo. As we all know Sean has no say in the matter because he is so easily controlled. Bryan can attest to that, he could totally control Sean. That was proven by the ironclad contract that he had with Sean. Oh wait Sean broke that contract and took the car that Bryan purchased for him and did not fulfill his obligations. Oh wait I’m going off subject here, so back to Joe and Harlow.

They fly back to Virginia and put their plot in into motion. They send out an email to all of the subscribers of their web-site announcing their new deal with Sean/Brent and the new distribution deal in the works. They tell informant number 1 and Justin Hensley Informant #2 that they really want to work with Sean and that mean old Bryan won’t let them. In the three days prior to the murder their plan to do away with Bryan is put in to motion. Because Bryan has so much control of Brent/Sean and they really must work with him because of their so-called dire financial situation. So they hatch a plan to go to Pennsylvania to kill him and destroy all of the Cobra Video records and to still a Rolex watch so that they will now have 6 of them and to steal some video cameras.

They get a throw away phone to only be used to call Bryan and they buy a knife and a gun but they don’t use them and they rent a car which they use because they don’t want to drive one of their fancy cars to Pennsylvania in the dead of winter. You know the salted roads can be hell on your fancy car. They also create an email account only to be used to email Bryan and they get a background report done on Bryan as well as email him their pictures. They go to visit Bryan a man they have never met before and kill him in cold blood because he is in the way of them working with the biggest prize in porn. Then they burn his house to hide the fact that they were ever there and they call Sean the day after to say look at what has happened. And claim that “I guess my guy went a little crazy”. Then they send some threatening messages to Sean and Grant about the deal they supposedly had.

But they seem to have forgot that they told a few people about they’re plan and now they have to run and hide in Florida while they tell everyone that they are in Hawaii. They post on several blogs that they are innocent and they talk to the newspapers and deny that they knew the victim and they say that they were in Virginia at the time of his death. While the whole time they are trying to recruit people to lie about their whereabouts. Then they have the audacity to make a video about their meeting with “Drake” the supposed killer of the victim. Then to top it all off they get a contract sent to them by Sean and Grant to work together and they fly to San Diego and tell Sean and Grant all about their exploits and how they witness Bryan get killed. And they apologize to Sean and Grant for the trouble that they caused them.

Then they get arrested and proclaim their innocence and are extradited to Pennsylvania and the first thing that Joe says when they arrive is that Harlow went to the house alone while he was in the motel room surfing the Internet. And Harlow claims he did not do it and that Bryan was dead when he arrived at his house.

This all makes perfect sense to me if they are crazed killers and mentally defective. The fact that they tell several people about their plan to kill a man that they have never met just to work with a twink porn star. They are by all means mentally defective if they thought this plan would work. Does anyone else see this? You have to be a special kind of stupid to think you will get away with a crime this stupid.
Did I get all this right?

So let’s recap:

1: They tell two people who live with them that they are going to Pennsylvania to kill Bryan. And they also tell them they want to work with Brent Corrigan/ Sean Lockhart one of the models of Bryan Kocis’s Cobra Video and that Bryan is in the way of them doing so. And it is assumed that they must kill him.

2: They have dinner with the model Sean Lockhart and his boyfriend Grant Roy who they want to work with and they discuss killing Sean's boss to do so.

3: They send out an email to their web subscribers announcing that they are going to be working with Brent Corrigan. (This model is said to be under contract with Cobra Video. But the contract that was in place at the time of the murder was not exclusive and Sean/Brent could in fact work with other models with the exception of any Cobra model and he could also work for other studios. The contract that he had prior to the settlement was voided when Sean Lockhart breached it in September 2005. That is why there was a settlement.)

4: They create a fake email account get a Internet background check on the victim and send him their pictures and get a throwaway phone and buy weapons and rent a car all using their own credit card and rent a room in Pennsylvania using their drivers license.

5: They do all of this in the hopes that they will get away with killing someone whom they have never met just to get the opportunity to work with Brent/ Sean and make millions.

6: And to top it all off they attempt to burn down the victim’s house to destroy all of the evidence. But they cant resist and steal two cameras and a Rolex watch as souvenirs and take them back to Virginia and leave them in their own house for the police to find when they search it. They did all of this thinking that they would get away with murder.

In Summary:
Now I don’t know about any of you all out there but to me this sounds like someone who could just be a little crazy. A psychiatric evaluation is really not out of the question here.

If all of what the DA in Luzerne County is claiming to be true then they must be certifiable and therefore can not be put to death. But he has filed a petition for the death penalty in this case so he must think that they are not crazy. So what is it? Is this in fact what they did or is it just a trumped up case with a bunch of circumstantial evidence made to fit the crime? Is there a simpler reason why they went to Pennsylvania?

To me it looks like the DA has truly upped the ante on his burden of proof with all of these allegations.
It would appear that he now must prove that they planned this and that in the planning of all of this they were sane individuals.

The reason the DA is trying to prove that they had someone lie about there whereabouts on the night in question is to prove that they had the fore thought to get people to lie for them in the process of this crime and it would go to show that they were sane and that they knew it was wrong.

There must be some reason for this murder other than what the prosecution is claiming. The motive in all of this will only work if those accused were in fact crazy at the time this crime was committed.

My opinion

From what I have discerned from all of this is that Harlow wanted to work with Sean and he could do this with Cobra Video. He did not want Bryan to know about his link to Boybatter and escorting. The reason for this was because of the trick that Sean and Grant played on Bryan in Las Vegas. Using Boybatter as a point of leverage in the negotiations with Bryan. They did this for a better settlement deal and it apparently worked. So Harlow and Joe decided that they would create a false name. That is how Danny Moilin was born. So now that we have that out of the way Harlow/Danny sends an application to Cobra Video with his pictures attached. He goes out and buys a throwaway phone to contact Bryan and he creates a fake email account. All of this to maintain the secrecy of who he really is. All is well so far and contact is made and Bryan and Danny agree to meet.
Joe and Harlow go to the pawnshop and buy a gun and a knife. This might have been done for any number of reasons none of which I know other than Joe was a collector of such. They also do an Internet check on Bryan. I will not try to guess as to why they did that either only to say that if any of what Sean and Grant might have told them made them want to do so.

They rent a car and drive to Pennsylvania and stay in a motel and register under Joe’s name. They are in contact with Bryan via phone and email several times during these three days. Harlow’s original appointment was set for a earlier time but Bryan called him and changed it to a later time as he was having meetings and he would not be available until later in the evening.

Harlow is said to have arrived at Bryan’s sometime either just before 8:00PM or shortly thereafter and he says that when he arrived he saw that the front door was slightly opened and he called Bryan’s name and went in. He said that he saw that Bryan was dead on the couch and he heard someone upstairs and that they were about to come downstairs and he panicked fled the scene.

Now from phone records we have Bryan talking to his attorney at 7:50PM for the last time and it is assumed that he was still alive. Harlow is logging into his email account at 8:06PM, where was he when this occurred. And from witness testimony we have Harlow leaving the house at 8:20PM and the fire being reported at 8:34PM and the fire department arriving about 10 minutes later.

So what we have is about a 20-30 minute time frame for all of this to have happened. The crucial thing is when did Harlow arrive and who was in the house besides Bryan. As the affidavit says Harlow was logging into his email at 8:06PM. Was he at Bryan’s house when he did that or had he not arrived yet? If Harlow was not at the house @ 8:06PM then that cuts the time available for him to have done all of this down to just minutes. Ip records and Cell tower pings will show this. If Harlow arrived as he has said and Bryan was dead then this case has gone in the wrong direction from the beginning. As I have said all along that the burden of proof in all of this is on the prosecution and the facts to me just don’t add up and Joe and Harlow are innocent until proven guilty.

As far as conspiracy theories go there really are none other than a “rush” to justice, which I might add is really a slow rush. The police and the prosecution have done their level best to make their case work with the evidence that they have but to me it just does not jell. I think once we go to court and all of the evidence is presented it will become quite obvious that something is really wrong with all of this.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out