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Thursday, December 31, 2009

have a groovy new year

I know that 2009 was not the best year for some of us but I predict that 2010 will be much better and it will be much groovier too so lets bust a move to the funk get on with it.

Happy New Year all.
this is elmysterio and I'm out

Monday, November 23, 2009

"Butt wars" the hottest ass on the internet

While searching the Internet for some stuff of interest I ran across this image and I must say it inspired me. Yes it is a fine specimen of man ass and it made me think. Hmmm there must be other fine examples of the male ass on the Internet and more stunning pictures too.

The ass above belongs too Robert Sepulveda jr. all I can say is damn baby.

You know I chat on a regular basis with some hot men on twitter who have remarkable gluts. There is Jeff from Str8cam
Just looking at the round ass you can understand why his picture is here. And becuase I love me some str8cam he gets another picture posted here. I am quite sure I will get no complaints about this either. All hot round and inviting.

And Canada's very own @jeremeyfeist who is just smart sexy funny and sensitive and a world class zombie hunter with a fine young round ass. And further more he likes to share pictures of that fine ass too which we can appreciate.

Here is another fine example of the hot sexy ass of Jeremy Feist. He likes to post pictures of it and we all enjoy the pictures too.

There is Derek Diamond who has a ass that is so hot that they have named a day after it. national Derek Diamond ass appreciation day.

There is Jesse Santana who has a ass that almost defies description in its round splendor that it can be covered and it is still hot.

Oh and the ever so sexy Wolf Hudson who has tapped that hot ass of Jesse Santana and also returned the favor in a uber sexy Cockyboys video.Yes Wolf has a kinky streak and a hot ass to go with it. He makes us all think nasty thoughts.

Then we have Joe at Sean Cody who proves that a hot man is ageless with his hot 30 something year-old ass that can only inspire hope to all of those who have not reached that threshold. His ass is way hot

And just to let you all know that a hot butt is ageless here is one that is in its fourties. Yes bitches it is my old but still hot ass at 48 years of age. And at 51 it still can drive men crazy Don't be jealous.

There is @BrentCorrigan and I like this picture because it shows what hard work and good genes can do for a already famous ass. yes children there is hope for us all when you can grow a pair like Brent did, I mean butt cheeks bitches

@Brent Everett who has hot round butt too. This is classic star bootie at is finest. firm tight round and oh so sexy. don't hate appreciate.

When it comes to hot ass there are several shapes and sizes that comprise star bootie. There is the ever classic bubble, the jet bootie, cause it just looks like the boy is fast. The heart shaped bootie that is attached to a tiny waist and some big legs, yummy. The shelf bootie that makes you wonder what is holding all that up.

and then there is Rafeal Alencar who has a ass that defies description it just makes you look at it and go Damn. He has the classic junky trunk ass. In the world of porn a hot ass is just as important as a big cock. In my opinion a man should look just as good walking to a bed as he does walking away from it.

Kurt wild certainly does accomplish that with his pretty face and his hot little muscle bootie.

Oh and I can not forget to post a hot picture of my future ex-husband the sexy Austin Wilde. No bootie pictorial would be complete with out that hot ass of the year.

So this little blog post is going to be very interactive you tell me about hot asses and I will post them here so we can all have a fun place to check them out and make comments. And hopefully we can even get some of the owners of these hot booties to tell us how they keep those fine asses in the shape there in. Sounds fun to me so lets get this butt party started.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out but you can comment and tell me who to look for and who has your favorite ass and I will post them here. Just send me a link to the picture or email and It will be posted. Just make sure that there is nothing penetrating it. This is infact a family blog ;-)

And the hot butt pic's are rolling in here we have Skekoa from twitter and a fine ass it is. it gets a Damn damn damn on the bootie hotness scale

Here is another lovely ass to look at it belongs to the super cute Aiden Ash and I might add that it is just a perfect example of what a hot butt should look like. Can you say round? I sure will. you can read about Aiden on his blog too Jayden Grey is putting some tension on those undies and it looks rather hot.

He also has a very respectable ass too although he does not think so. Do I hear any complaints? Yeah I did not think so. So he gets to be one of the hottest asses on the internet too.

Tell Jayden that he has a hot ass on twitter.

Here is a picture of Angel Benton and his hot ass. He is now a member of the hot ass club. Check out his beltless jeans that reveal his round globes. Who knew that he was hiding that ass all this time.

I wonder if his ass is covered with Pixie dust. Does anybody know the answer to that?
Brandon Wilde see's the beach for the first time in Florida for Christmas 2009 and he is sporting some hello kittie undies how cute is that?

He is the newest model from DV8casting . He is a cutie as far as I am concerned and it looks like he will be making a big splash in the gay porn industry. You can follow this sexy boy on twitter too.

Now this bubble butt belongs to Michael Brandon and he is known by all as monster because of his other attirbutes but he is also packing some serious junk in his trunk too and this picture proves just that check out his globes. I bet you wanna circumnavigate that ass now don't you.

Damn baby where you been hiding that? Oh and if you wnat more of this check out is website

This is Elmysterio and I'm out

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pop goes the zipper was off the chain

The chant was don't be tardy for the party. They were right when I got there at around 10PM the place was seriously jumping and the boys were humping to the beat of course.Rob Romoni was working the red carpet and doing color commentary. DJ Chi Chi Larue was throwing down the beats and the crowd was loving it. When I got inside there were Rocco Giovanni and Josh Griffin both working it out on the dancer stage to the beats.
Chi Chi threw on some old school Michael Jackson and guess who jumped on the floor and busted his best MJ moves. None other than Wolf Hudson. Yes he can dance really really well. The king of kink might just be the king of the dance floor too and I even jumped out there too. Wolf is such a sweetheart when I introduced my self he gave me a big hug and thanked me for the kind and funny tweets I made to him.

There were so many people that I recognized that it felt surreal. All of the hottest guys in the gay porn industry were there. Lex Sabre, Adam Killian, Francois Sagat, Eddie Diaz, Ryan Raz, Austin Wilde, David Taylor, Jeremey Bilding, RJ Danvers, Paul Wagner, Scott Tanner and TJ Hawke and plenty more who I saw but did not get a chance to talk too.

The models were all stunning and Sister Roma is a total sweetheart. I meet so many models and director Steven Scarborough from hot house and Jack Shamama and Paul Bookstaber from the sword and Mr Pam is a gas. I also saw Tim Valente too. I met several models who I have tweeted with and they could not have been nicer. I also got to meet two of the coolest guys on twitter PornoBobbie and Jimyvr. They are to much fun to hang out with. All in all it was a great night of boy watching and chatting with some fun people.
I also want to give Jason Seacrest props for his invaluable assistance with this post. I posted all of the Pictures that I took so enjoy. I must also thank the Sisters of Perpetual indulgence for all of the great work that they do for the LBGT community. They were there during the darkest hours and the brightest as well. Thank you Sisters

This is my favorite picture with Jeremy bilding and Jimyvr. Jimyvr was babysitting a slightly overserved Jeremy and I took this picture and Jimmy is the one who looks drunk but in fact it was Jeremy who minutes ealier had his head between his legs. Go figure that Jeremy could be loaded and he looks like this. Don't you just hate him for being so gorgeous


I am so jealous of Rob Romoni that he got to hump Austin Wilde that I could just spit, well I actually I did spit. I apologized for that to the guy standing next to me. I kind of spit on him and he got off on it. Who knew that some guys like getting spit on

I want to thank Raging Stallion Man of the year Austin Wilde for this picture of Ryan Raz making a deposit at BofA. I wonder how many guys are jealous of that ATM right now. By the way DNA experts are swabbing it right now to find out who left that sticky mess.

I had a good laugh with Tim Valenti about the I beam club he used to manage and his home decorating that I helped with by helping with the lighting for it. I had a real nice conversation with R.J. Danvers who is such a sweetheart that he just makes you want to take him home with you.
David Taylor is like oh my god hot and a total sweet heart for posing for a second picture after I screwed up the first one. I also want to thank all of the fabulous looking models for being so nice to allow me to chat and take their pictures. I am no photographer by any stretch of the imagination and the fact that all of these pictures came out so good is a true testament to all of the subjects unnatural beauty. Chi Chi's picture is courtesy of Marques Daniel's photos
I also must congratulate David Taylor and Austin Wilde on being voted Raging Stallion's men of the year. Both of them are known for making other things rage besides Stallions if you get my drift.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out

Sunday, September 20, 2009



I have said all along what my opinion on bareback porn is and if there was some sort of way to protect the model I would not have a issue with it. Yet the industry thinks that just because they advocate the use of a condom that they are not promoting unsafe sex paractices. The real truth is they are, don't be fooled a condom will protect you to a degree but the knowledge of knowing your viral status will protect you and your partner. So get tested and know you are truly safe. this open letter was Posted and then removed. I wonder why, could it be that it slaps the gay porn industry in they're collective mouth with the truth of the hypocrisy that they use?

Posted on 17. Sep, 2009 by Kyle Majors in Blogroll, Gay Porn Updates

As you may know, California is the porn production capital of the world. Recently, Cal OSHA and the California Legislature have begun to take a serious look at porn producers’ practices regarding STD testing and mandatory condom usage.
Yesterday a major gay porn blog posted an article claiming that the gay adult industry is rallying to “wage war” to stop the California government from requiring STD testing on porn sets. The article suggested that the industry is united on this, and that such a requirement would cripple bareback production and drive everyone’s production costs through the roof. I replied to the article suggesting that it was one-sided, pointing out that requires AIM testing AND condom usage, and suggesting that anything less is unacceptable.

The blog pulled the original article, stating that a revised article is forthcoming. The blog also removed my commentary. The gay adult industry is absolutely not united in opposition to AIM testing and condom usage. Having been silent in the public debate, and having had my post removed yesterday, I decided to go on the record in my own blog and other blogs who find the topic of interest.

CockyBoys has been AIM testing almost since we started AND requiring condom usage. We pay for the AIM tests, not the models. And, we are not alone. Many web-based studios have required testing and condom usage for a long time. Bait Bus, Randyblue, NextDoorMale and Suite 703 require AIM testing. Sean Cody and Collegedudes247 require HIV testing.
Testing is NOT prohibitively expensive, except maybe for studios that pay models crap to begin with. It’s especially a meaningless cost if you are shooting the model in more than one scene and amortize the cost across those scenes. The AIM folks will work with you to find local testing centers near the models so out-of-state models don’t have to come to California to be tested. The problem is that there is a general sense that profits come before models. My God we have an obligation to models – to protect them – not expose them to unnecessary risks. If a studio really can’t afford testing, they probably shouldn’t be in the business.

Further, many “condom only” studios like to pretend that they have no responsibility because condoms are used. A lot of condom studios give models a false sense of security spreading myths about the level of safety on their sets. Condoms break and have a statistical percentage of failure. One studio boasts that it not only uses condoms, but also inspects models before a shoot for any visible signs of STDs. What a crock of bull – as if the naked eye can detect STDs.
There is also the issue of “facials” where one model cums in another’s mouth. Although less risky than bareback sex, oral cum shots pose certain risks. A number of studios who use condoms, but don’t test, then turn around and shoot oral cum shots. They usually give the model some line about how saliva is acidic and oral sex is safe. That’s simply not true. If the ejaculating model is infected with an STD, the receiving model’s mouth is potentially vulnerable. This is especially true if the ejaculating model has a cut on his penis, has blood in his semen, or has a high viral count, or the receiving model has a cut in his mouth, a bleeding or receding gum line, recently brushed his teeth, or is “deepthroating.” Even with testing oral cum shots raise certain moral questions for me, but without testing they are clearly irresponsible and unsafe.

I am sick and tired of the DVD and bareback guys whining over this issue. This is a situation where the industry should have banded together and self-regulated. There might have been some means of establishing “truly informed consent” that could co-exist with testing. That didn’t happen. Now the only state in the Union where producing porn is clearly legal is considering government regulation – it’s policing an area where the industry failed to police itself. CockyBoys approached a couple of the pro-condom DVD studios a year or so ago about creating an industry trade association and we were privately told to “not rock the boat” over bareback content. Now the government is stepping in, and frankly, it’s about time.
Condoms are a “must.” Bareback has no place at all in legalized porn production in my opinion. In an insightful piece written for entitled, “Pornstars to Producers: Condoms Not Enough,” the author highlights models’ genuine concerns over the risks and the general lack of communication by studios regarding potential STD exposures. The article states that 30% of gay adult models are HIV positive. I suspect that number may be higher viewed on a studio-by-studio basis. In that light, bareback studios are downright irresponsible. There is NO REASON to permit bareback production. It presents an unacceptable degree of risk rising to a level of reckless endangerment in my view.

I recently read a quote from a bareback producer stating two models could cost three hundred dollars or more to get tested. The producer said most models don’t have the money so they’re not going to pay for it. Are you kidding me? The producer should pay for it. $150 per model is what we are talking about? So let’s say “fuck it,” not pay the $150, have them shoot bareback and roll the dice? Interestingly enough if you google the same producer you find claims from a model that the producer pressured the model to do bareback work (even though the producer also shoots condom scenes).

With power comes responsibility. Models do porn principally because they need the money. I can pull out my check book, and if the number is big enough I can make just about anyone do just about anything. Could I give our models a bunch of bullshit about how testing minimizes the risks, write them a check, and get them to do bareback? Yes, I probably could for many. But they wouldn’t be doing it because they wanted to, or because they really feel comfortable, they would be doing it because they need the money.

Here’s where the “free will” people chime in. It’s suddenly all about models’ rights and the models’ ability to make their own decisions. This is probably the only time you will hear studios advocate models’ rights, so listen up. The idea is that models are at least 18 years of age, and are informed adults. They have the right to make their own decisions regarding their health. They have the right to control their own bodies. This is America damn it – who is the government to regulate what we can do with our bodies? Well this argument is so silly it only merits addressing because so many people toss it about. The fact is that the government regulates what we can do with our bodies all the time, principally in an effort to stop us from doing something stupid in the name of money. Selling blood and semen is legal in most states. Selling kidneys isn’t. Prostitution is legal in Nevada on a county by county basis. Most states think prostitution is a bad idea. There are tons of examples where the government protects us from doing something potentially dangerous for money. If you can’t sell a kidney or a lung for money, it seems to me you shouldn’t be able to engage in unsafe sex for money either. The model is not only endangering his health, but the model in question almost certainly is without health insurance. When he gets sick he’ll probably be a burden on the state as well.

There are at least two primary reasons to oppose bareback porn: the health risks, and the message it sends. I’ve already discussed the obvious health risks to models. The “message” point is more subtle. Bareback porn arguably sends a message that bareback sex is “ok” or “safe.” The idea is that bareback porn encourages others to engage in unsafe sex. This argument not only indicts bareback producers, but also distributors of bareback content and “pre-condom” content. That’s right; if you find the “social message” argument compelling, you have to condemn the “pre-condom” companies too. It’s not about when the content was produced, it’s about the social message it sends. Personally I’m less moved by this argument, as model safety is my primary motivating factor. However, the argument is not without merit.

Finally there’s the argument that if California adopts regulations on porn producers, production companies will move to another state and California will lose hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue. Producers informed on the law governing adult entertainment production know that California has more favorable laws than any other state. However, if California’s actions pose a real risk of state flight by producers, then it’s an argument for regulation at the federal level. As opposed to allowing producers to “state shop” for states that don’t regulate, perhaps the federal government should adopt national regulations. Instead of devoting so much energy to 2257, maybe the feds should take a close look at bareback porn and the benefits of condoms and testing.

The bottom line is this. Neither condoms nor testing is enough. Condoms break, and HIV exposure takes 9 to 11 days to show up even in AIM HIV tests. Testing combined with latex is the only morally acceptable solution. We are asking guys to have sex on camera for money. The least we can do is foot the bill (less than the cost of a decent dinner) to test. As for condom usage, well if you don’t see the health benefits of that by this point….nothing I say in closing will convince you. This is one area where the models have to come before profits. If it takes the government stepping in to force the matter, then so be it.
Thanks for listening. Be well.
Kyle Majors

Thank you Kyle for taking a stand and for showing just how chicken shit this industry really is.
thank you Disd for getting the letter
This is Elmysterio and I'm out

Friday, September 18, 2009

I am pissed off at the porn industry right now

The truth of the matter is I have no stake in the porn industry. I don't have to worry about Kent Barclay outing me to my family or my school or my place of employment. Kent Barclay has no dirt on me and even if he did it would not matter because he is powerless against me. If he fucks with me like he has apparently fucked with the gay porn industry I would tear him a new asshole. I guess you all in the gay porn industry are just too fucking chicken shit to stop his bullshit. Go ahead and allow him to attack and berate your performers and stalk and harass them. That is all on you.

But when you all wake up one day and the industry is shut down and no one is making any money any more you will all have yourselves to thank for that. You complacent attitudes towards this vile and disgusting man are going to be your down fall. Believe me it has happened before and it will happen again. All of you who use Damon Kruezer to do you nasty bidding will soon find out that it was not worth it. All of your lies and tricks to get an edge over the competition will all come back to bite you in the ass.

What you don’t seem to realize is that Kent is using you just like you are using him. He is using you to get his jollies by claiming that he is some industry bigshot talking to the young models that are your fucking bread and butter and when they don’t give Kent what he wants he goes on a mission to destroy them. That is all fine and good, but do you know what, one day a young model is going to take his life and the grieving parents of this young man are going to take this to the court of public oppinion and this will get so much media attention that it will shut all of your stupid asses down.

And all because you would not put a stop to your petty disagreements and you allowed this vile menace from Quincy to bring you all down in the gutter with him. after 11 (eleven) years of all of you people in the industry feeding him information on others in the industry it will all blow up in your faces. Yes I know al about who feeds damon information and you all know who you are. When this happens you will all only have yourselves to blame and no one else.

You can already see that the old guard has lost their strong hold on the business and it is changing hands faster than you can film content. The industry is changing and the old ways you handled things must change as well. Keep doing the same old bullshit and you will end up in a hovel with an Internet connection surfing escort sites and trying to chat up young boys just like Kent Barclay. It will be a sad end to what could have been great.

this is elmysterio and I'm out

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beyonce responds to Kanye west

After her embarrassing moment at the VMA's which left her in total amazement and shock. Beyonce the queen of all media makes her first public statement about the rude behaviour of Kanye West towards Taylor Swift at the VMA's. Always a lady Beyonce really lets loose on Kanye and goes all Sasha Fierce on his ass in this video Statement.

The President even chimed in on this utter display of stupidity by calling Kanye West a "jackass". Now you know you did something stupid when the Commander and Chief puts his foot in your ass.

so I guess Kanye thinks he made a big splash. you know I remember a incident similar to this last February at another awards show where another big mouth blowhard took to the stage and did something similar to this but that's another post.

Is it just me or is there a sudden out break of public stupidity affecting the country. with a crazy out burst during the Presidents speech on the floor of congress it really makes you wonder.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Porn relationship news

The Jarics renew their contract with Falcon and Zack and Derek end theirs. Well it seems that the whole monogamous thing with the Jaric's has paid off with Falcon renewing their exclusive contract. That is really nice for them considering that they are both hotties and people seem to enjoy them working together. I guess that was not in the stars for Zack and Derek though. There was just to much hotness in that pairing anyway. It kind of makes you a little jealous and nauseous all at the same time to see two guys that hot together. Anyway this is porn we are talking about and the likely hood of a relationship lasting is seriously challenged. I can only hope for the best for those who are in relationships.

The truth is a relationship is hard enough without porn being involved. Just look around at your friends and see who are in relationships. With all of the speculation from gossip websites and that nefarious blogger who no one reads aside relationships are hard. With the high profile relationships of the likes of MJ taylor and Jason Pitt, the Jaric's and Zack and Derek they are fodder for the gossip blogs. Funny that Derek thought that he had to make a public announcement about wanting to keep the break up quiet. To tell the truth does it really matter?

People fall in and out of love on a regular basis Brent and Grant, Benjamin Bradley and Ethan Reynolds (whatever happened to Ethan?) Ben is back with Roman Heart last I heard, Pierre Fitch and Ralph Woods for example. The world did not come to an end when they broke up and we all survived and they did not feel the need to put out a press release. Oh and by the way a press release that also speaks of all of the new projects that they have coming up in the near future. I personally think it is a bit funny that Derek thought that it was necessary to to release this video.

So I guess with youtube and Twitter and all of the other places that you can upload video you can make anything seem news worthy. I think I will do a video to announce that I don't care.

This is elmysterio and I'm out

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MIchael jackson always a class act

Today the world said goodbye to an icon but his family said goodbye to a son a brother and a father. When Marlon said a piece of him died with Michael I could feel his pain. I am still having issues with his passing. To me one of my first memories of Michael is of that a small scared little boy. The fact that he could get up on a stage and do what he did to me was a miracle. I have never been star struck or a big fan of pop stars. Not to say that I don’t enjoy the entertainment that they provide because I do. I think that the talent of a person is something to be celebrated not their private life. I have met allot of famous people in my lifetime and their talent is what puts them in the public eye. The one thing that I can say about most of them is that they are people first.

Michael Jackson broke down barriers that were weakened by those who came before him. Michael was an amalgamation of the several who came before him and he paid reverence to them all. He took the pieces of them all and made them all apart of him. Michael’s talents were undeniable to anyone who ever saw him. He loved his family and he loved his fans and he loved the world. It was this love that endeared him to us all. But as we all know once you reach great heights there is always some bitter bitch that wants to tear you down. The tabloids, bloggers and just plain nasty people will always be there to try and tear down. I can tell you that there is always going to be some nasty person out there who will not have anything nice to say. The fact is that Michael Jackson is dead under suspicious circumstance will always leave-unanswered questions. The allegations of criminal activity were not proven but they haunt him in death.

The one thing that I can say about the memorial service was that it was very tasteful. Michael’s family was nice enough to share this celebration with his fans and the world. I might also add that this was a tasteful event, very well done and filled with emotion and love. The one thing that I can say is that this service made Michael real. All of the wonderful things that his friends and family said about him brought home the fact that he was a son, a brother a father and a friend. I can say that I am happy that the world got to finally see that side of Michael. When my father passed away we did something similar. We had a celebration of his life there were moments that were sad but for the most part there was the joy that my father had lived and that is what my father wanted. I am sure that Michael would have loved this celebration of his life. I just hope that he knew how loved he was in life.

All of those who spoke of him truly loved him. The heart felt performances by Jennifer Hudson, Mariah Carey, Tre Lorenz, Stevie Wonder, Jermaine Jackson, Lionel Ritchie, John Mayer and Usher. One thing that I thought that was really sweet was the fact that they included the dancers and singers who were going to go on tour with him. The fact that it was broadcast around the world and that the crowds were so polite and respectful gave me great joy. There was a message in this celebration and I hope it sticks. We really do need to learn to love one and other. Michael Jackson leaves a legacy of great music and great videos as well as a legacy of great charity. Michael’s legacy will live on through his music and his great accomplishments and in the hearts of those who loved him. Brooke Shields said it best "Today, although our hearts are aching, we need to look up, where he (Jackson) is undoubtedly perched in a crescent moon - and we need to smile." Then Jermaine sang Michael’s favorite song Charlie Chaplains Smile. I smiled through the tears.

This is Elmysterio and I’m out.