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Black helicopters
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Monday, February 16, 2009

Coming clean about the bullshit

With all of the crap being spread about this murder case and Luzerne County and the shake up in the court system I think that it is time for me to come clean on a few issues. OK lets see where should I start. Well lets start with the instant message deal. It would appear that PC got a little miffed about something that I said on a blog and he decided to try and make it look like I threatened him. When the truth is it was Renee Martin who was making the threats. I was just conveying them to him via an instant message. PC initiated that instant message conversation with me. It was about Joe and Harlow getting their house back, PC instant messaged me about it and I asked him not to post it because the judge had not signed off on it yet. I just so happened that I was on the phone with Renee Martin at the time. Coincidence or what? I told her about what he was going to do and she got "pissed". What I did not know the time was that PC and Renee had planned that all along.

Yes it is true. I found out that Renee was playing me and that PC and her were working together all along. Now it is also true that she was the one who initiated the three-way phone calls between Joe and Harlow and me. I never asked her to do that. She is also the one who made first contact with me. She is also the one who told me that I was going to be called as a witness because of the three-way phone calls. She even told me to contact a police detective Steven Polishan with regards to the phone calls. Jimmy, Renee’s husband got mad at her and he spilled the beans about it to me. He also called the police and told them about what Renee was doing with regards to Joe and Harlow. Then Renee was *arrested and a bail bond was placed on her for $50,000.00 to make sure that she appeared in Luzerne County for this case. That is why Renee was arrested and is out on bond with regards to this murder case. Now I never said anything about it because I really thought I should just back away from the mess.

page 15 and 16 of docket sheet.
There were also those who were claiming that Harlow was going to take a plea deal early on in this whole mess. BB posted about it and several people tried to get me to go along with that as well. Harlow said that there was no plea deal so I believed him. And I never posted that there was one. As a matter of fact I said that Harlow denied there was a deal. I never went out of my way to contact anyone regarding this case. I was getting emails from several people all claiming to have information on the case. It was all just getting a little crazy if you ask me. There were several people telling me all of these contradictory stories about this case and none of it made any sense. After weeding through the bullshit I decided to stop posting about the case. What is strange is that I am still getting shit for it after I said fuck it.

I was accused of being off my rocker for saying that the Feds were investigating the Luzerne County courts and guess what bitches?

I was accused of being crazy for saying that Bryan Kocis was under investigation and guess what bitches?

I also said that Lee Bergeron was a dirty dealing back stabber and guess what bitches?

I also said that Joe and Harlow were being investigated for prostitution and guess what?

But I am the crazy one and I have been discredited for my black helicopter theories. Get real I was telling you what I knew and I guess that since it has been proven to be fact I am still considered crazy and discredited. I was being lied to by some to protect their own selfish interests. Now as far as Joe and Harlow killing Bryan I will let the courts deal with that. But as far as what I was told by several people who wanted me to post their lies on my blog well that is a different story.

I was told by a certain British barrister that Sean Lockhart was not under age when he worked for Bryan and that he checked the social security number and had proof of such. But guess what he was wrong. Sean is in fact 22 years old as of 10/31/2008 so he was in fact underage when he worked for Cobra Video. Bryan’s attorney Al Flora knew this and that is why he did not take the civil case. Sean Macias knew this as well but he was a shady lawyer and he just wanted to make the money off of that fool Bryan Kocis. Bryan Kocis is dead and he can no longer defend himself against all of the allegations made against him. That is really too bad because I wish he was alive because he would be going to jail along with Robert Wagner for the crimes that they both committed.

Robert Wagner was just as culpable in the ID fraud as Bryan because he to knew that Sean was under age when he worked for Cobra Video. Sean Lockhart was not the only underage model who worked for Cobra Video either. There were others and several of them have come forward and told their stories to the authorities. Once this murder case is done with, several others will be indicted on various charges with regards to the dealings of Bryan Kocis. The Kocis Family did not want this murder case to go to trial because it would tarnish an already sullied name even more. Bryan was lucky that he had a crooked court system in play when he went up on charges for molesting that boy in 2001. But now with the house cleaning that is in play I don’t think that it would work quite as well.

The Feds are well aware of what took place in that court system and I can tell you that it won’t be pretty for years to come. Everyone in the Luzerne County Court System is suspect. How could this happen unless the DA’s office turned a blind eye to what was going on. The DA is just as culpable in the matter of 500 kids who were placed in jail and denied their constitutional rights. The public defenders office is just as culpable, and don’t get me started on the hand picked Conflict Counselors that Ciavarella and Conahan picked.

As far as the lies that I was told, I have come to grips with those and those who fed them to me. I have told the truth as best I could in regards to this case. If you consider those who were feeding me their "version of the truth" it is no small miracle if we ever get to the truth. I am no longer blogging about this murder case and I have taken a back seat to those who continue telling the story. Some are so hell bent on pushing their agenda that they will ignore the truth. And some are so blinded by the bullshit that is being spread they don't have any idea what the truth really is.

Will we ever get to the truth as to why this murder occurred? I doubt it. With the evidence presented and the one-sided view that we are all being constantly feed it is no wonder that everyone thinks that Harlow and Joe committed this crime. We have not seen any of the evidence that the defense will be presenting and we will not until the trial is under way.
With Jury selection in the beginning stages and everyone getting ready for the big show I will just watch what happens and let the jury and fate decide how this will all end. Sad as it is there is a real person here whose life hangs in the balance. There will be 12 people who do not know him determining his fate. This is our justice system at work and we get to watch it play out on the blogs and the newspapers.

This is Elmysterio and I’m out