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Monday, February 16, 2009

Coming clean about the bullshit

With all of the crap being spread about this murder case and Luzerne County and the shake up in the court system I think that it is time for me to come clean on a few issues. OK lets see where should I start. Well lets start with the instant message deal. It would appear that PC got a little miffed about something that I said on a blog and he decided to try and make it look like I threatened him. When the truth is it was Renee Martin who was making the threats. I was just conveying them to him via an instant message. PC initiated that instant message conversation with me. It was about Joe and Harlow getting their house back, PC instant messaged me about it and I asked him not to post it because the judge had not signed off on it yet. I just so happened that I was on the phone with Renee Martin at the time. Coincidence or what? I told her about what he was going to do and she got "pissed". What I did not know the time was that PC and Renee had planned that all along.

Yes it is true. I found out that Renee was playing me and that PC and her were working together all along. Now it is also true that she was the one who initiated the three-way phone calls between Joe and Harlow and me. I never asked her to do that. She is also the one who made first contact with me. She is also the one who told me that I was going to be called as a witness because of the three-way phone calls. She even told me to contact a police detective Steven Polishan with regards to the phone calls. Jimmy, Renee’s husband got mad at her and he spilled the beans about it to me. He also called the police and told them about what Renee was doing with regards to Joe and Harlow. Then Renee was *arrested and a bail bond was placed on her for $50,000.00 to make sure that she appeared in Luzerne County for this case. That is why Renee was arrested and is out on bond with regards to this murder case. Now I never said anything about it because I really thought I should just back away from the mess.

page 15 and 16 of docket sheet.
There were also those who were claiming that Harlow was going to take a plea deal early on in this whole mess. BB posted about it and several people tried to get me to go along with that as well. Harlow said that there was no plea deal so I believed him. And I never posted that there was one. As a matter of fact I said that Harlow denied there was a deal. I never went out of my way to contact anyone regarding this case. I was getting emails from several people all claiming to have information on the case. It was all just getting a little crazy if you ask me. There were several people telling me all of these contradictory stories about this case and none of it made any sense. After weeding through the bullshit I decided to stop posting about the case. What is strange is that I am still getting shit for it after I said fuck it.

I was accused of being off my rocker for saying that the Feds were investigating the Luzerne County courts and guess what bitches?

I was accused of being crazy for saying that Bryan Kocis was under investigation and guess what bitches?

I also said that Lee Bergeron was a dirty dealing back stabber and guess what bitches?

I also said that Joe and Harlow were being investigated for prostitution and guess what?

But I am the crazy one and I have been discredited for my black helicopter theories. Get real I was telling you what I knew and I guess that since it has been proven to be fact I am still considered crazy and discredited. I was being lied to by some to protect their own selfish interests. Now as far as Joe and Harlow killing Bryan I will let the courts deal with that. But as far as what I was told by several people who wanted me to post their lies on my blog well that is a different story.

I was told by a certain British barrister that Sean Lockhart was not under age when he worked for Bryan and that he checked the social security number and had proof of such. But guess what he was wrong. Sean is in fact 22 years old as of 10/31/2008 so he was in fact underage when he worked for Cobra Video. Bryan’s attorney Al Flora knew this and that is why he did not take the civil case. Sean Macias knew this as well but he was a shady lawyer and he just wanted to make the money off of that fool Bryan Kocis. Bryan Kocis is dead and he can no longer defend himself against all of the allegations made against him. That is really too bad because I wish he was alive because he would be going to jail along with Robert Wagner for the crimes that they both committed.

Robert Wagner was just as culpable in the ID fraud as Bryan because he to knew that Sean was under age when he worked for Cobra Video. Sean Lockhart was not the only underage model who worked for Cobra Video either. There were others and several of them have come forward and told their stories to the authorities. Once this murder case is done with, several others will be indicted on various charges with regards to the dealings of Bryan Kocis. The Kocis Family did not want this murder case to go to trial because it would tarnish an already sullied name even more. Bryan was lucky that he had a crooked court system in play when he went up on charges for molesting that boy in 2001. But now with the house cleaning that is in play I don’t think that it would work quite as well.

The Feds are well aware of what took place in that court system and I can tell you that it won’t be pretty for years to come. Everyone in the Luzerne County Court System is suspect. How could this happen unless the DA’s office turned a blind eye to what was going on. The DA is just as culpable in the matter of 500 kids who were placed in jail and denied their constitutional rights. The public defenders office is just as culpable, and don’t get me started on the hand picked Conflict Counselors that Ciavarella and Conahan picked.

As far as the lies that I was told, I have come to grips with those and those who fed them to me. I have told the truth as best I could in regards to this case. If you consider those who were feeding me their "version of the truth" it is no small miracle if we ever get to the truth. I am no longer blogging about this murder case and I have taken a back seat to those who continue telling the story. Some are so hell bent on pushing their agenda that they will ignore the truth. And some are so blinded by the bullshit that is being spread they don't have any idea what the truth really is.

Will we ever get to the truth as to why this murder occurred? I doubt it. With the evidence presented and the one-sided view that we are all being constantly feed it is no wonder that everyone thinks that Harlow and Joe committed this crime. We have not seen any of the evidence that the defense will be presenting and we will not until the trial is under way.
With Jury selection in the beginning stages and everyone getting ready for the big show I will just watch what happens and let the jury and fate decide how this will all end. Sad as it is there is a real person here whose life hangs in the balance. There will be 12 people who do not know him determining his fate. This is our justice system at work and we get to watch it play out on the blogs and the newspapers.

This is Elmysterio and I’m out


  1. My decision to never give out my email address is looking better and better, I must say.

    Elm, regarding Renee...what's her angle on this? Her behavior has been strange even before this post, and now you add this, it's even stranger. Something has to be motivating it, do you know (or think you know)? Just curious.

    "I was accused of being off my rocker for saying that the Feds were investigating the Luzerne County courts and guess what bitches?

    I was accused of being crazy for saying that Bryan Kocis was under investigation and guess what bitches?

    I also said that Lee Bergeron was a dirty dealing back stabber and guess what bitches?

    I also said that Joe and Harlow were being investigated for prostitution and guess what?"

    I should point out my position on all those issues has always been that they are all red herrings. They may be true, they may not. But even if true, they have little to no relevance as far as the guilt or innocence of Harlow and Joe is concerned.

    "Will we ever get to the truth as to why this murder occurred? I doubt it. With the evidence presented and the one-sided view that we are all being constantly feed it is no wonder that everyone thinks that Harlow and Joe committed this crime."

    Joe Kerekes was fully informed of all views of this case (Prosecution, plus Defense Plans A, B, C, etc...), and now he thinks he's guilty. And Harlow too.

    So, something tells me getting us all to a similarly two-sided view here (Plan C? or are we higher now?) isn't gonna change many minds, I'd wager.

  2. Joe and Harlow's innocence or guilt is not what I am talking here. I am talking about the fact that you accused me of lying about Joe and Harlow's finances. Well guess who told me that they were not in debt? That would be Renee. Guess who said they were? That would be PC and he also pulled their credit report. Now do you see what I am talking about. Then you accused me of lying about it.

    It was Cad who new that the 2257's were destroyed and he also knew that Sean was not under age but he lied about both. The fact that I was accused of lying I why I did this post.

    Now I know that there are those who are not going to believe me after all of this time but I really don't care I just want to get the truth out there. As for Harlow's guilt that is up to a jury and I do hope he has a fair trial.

  3. "I am talking about the fact that you accused me of lying about Joe and Harlow's finances."

    Under the circumstances, can you blame me?

    Let's review the circumstances:
    1) Privately, PC tells you they are in debt, has proof
    2) Privately, you don't disagree with him
    3) Publically, you post they are not in debt
    4) When PC publically posts they are in debt, and gives proof...are you upset at being lied to by Renee?

    NO! In fact, you get mad at *PC* for violating credit privacy laws. Which you have to admit is kind of a LOL because you expressed no such shock in step 2 above. Quite the contrary, you recommended to PC pulling Sean and Grant's credit reports too.

    I'll be straight with you Elm: If back then you had gotten mad at RENEE for lying to you, rather than at PC for telling the truth...what I wrote would have been ENTIRELY different.

  4. Well to tell you the truth it really does not matter now because I have told the truth now and put it all out there.

    The fact is that at the time I did not know about the alliance between PC and Renee. I did not find out about that until later.

    Oh and this is for Damon don't even come here and try and post you bullshit.

  5. Thats right Kentie I can see you lurking out there. We always know where you are.

  6. Elm,

    I'm sorry the trial hasn't gone the way you had hoped... but don't be hating. ;)

  7. PC, Harlow is getting a trial with attornys of his own choosing with a jury, so the trial is going the way I wanted. As far as me being a hater guess again.

    You proved that you were a hater when you put my information out there because you could not handle what I said about you.

    Now Renee, BB and you can go and celebrate the trial together.Keep up the cut and pasting it is working so well for you.

  8. Interesting. Renee Martin was arrested and bail bond imposed. The true meaning of the bail bond affidavit. So much for Martin's candor.

  9. Elm,

    First I wanted to say that was a good post.

    Regardless of what some people may think.

    Certain bloggers lied to many people from the very start of this mess and they continue to lie to this day about this case and for what, it’s all over something that really has nothing to do with them at all.

    The sad part is that some of the bloggers are so stupid, they post whatever they want with no regard to the actual truth of this case and then try to convince everyone else they are right and everyone else is wrong.

    I have no doubts about what you have said about being lied to by Renee and I honestly could believe that Renee and PC where in this together from the very start of this case.

    Once I learned about Renee, I immediately stopped blogging about the Harlow and Joe case.

    PC claims to have no inside source, but yet was able to report up to the minute updates on some topics. Just like when Renee was in PA and being questioned by the prosecutor. Within minutes of her arrival at his office, PC had posted she was there and what was happening. So could I believe that Renee called PC as she walked in the door, yep I could believe that.

    I used to talk to Renee almost daily about this case and I know first hand some of the games she would play in regard to this case.

    She had certain people she would contact to have different information posted just to stir the pot so to speak and sadly I took part in some of her schemes. I made several post on my own blog at her direction covering topics that raised a lot of controversy among the bloggers following this case.

    Renee as awesome as I thought she was at first for going out on a limb to help a friend soon destroyed all trust and respect I had for her.

    She purposely lied, had other people tell lies and then preached it to be the truth and it was done for the purpose of helping Harlow.

    Renee often felt that if there was some sort of ruckus among the bloggers following this case that she could get more interest in Harlow’s blog and then make more money to support him.

    Sadly her plain failed and none nothing but destroy what she had promised Harlow she would do.
    There’s a few thing in life that I cannot stand one of the things I hate the most is being lied too for whatever reason.

    The case will now start to get interesting as the defense will now have the opportunity to oppose the theory the state has presented so far in this case.

  10. Oh, this gets better and better!

    "She purposely lied, had other people tell lies and then preached it to be the truth and it was done for the purpose of helping Harlow.

    Renee often felt that if there was some sort of ruckus among the bloggers following this case that she could get more interest in Harlow’s blog and then make more money to support him."

    Question for Elm and Jakester: Preacher George at one point accused Renee of embezzling Harlow defense funds before she fled to Texas.

    (I'd look this comment up, but PG as we all know has this bad habit of deleting his own comments only days after posting them...and I think this may have been one of them. But surely, some of you others must recall this too...).

    Anyways...looking at all this in hindsight, do you both now think PG was right? Was Renee was only in this for the money, all along?

    As you all know, I for one never trusted her, especially after her persistant efforts to phish me:

  11. Jim,

    Who knows? I certainly don’t.

    I stopped following this case on the blogs.

    I’m not even sure who George is, I don’t know if he was a made up person anonymously blogging or if it was Renee trying to stir the pot even more.

    I really have no clue who she is or what her motives where in this matter. I guess we will find out more once the trial starts.

    By the way Jim,

    You threw such a fit on my blog when I deleted comments and stopped blogging about this case because of censorship…

    I was laughing my ass off when I read you were censoring comments left on your blog.

    What happened Jim? Did you forget that people have the right to freedom of speech? lol

    That’s a good way to practice what you preach… Yes I’m still laughing over that… lol

  12. Well to tell you both the truth I don't know about George either but I did get a email from him and he seemed to be sincere. He seemed to actually want to help Harlow. So I will hold off on my thoughts on George for the time being.

  13. A public source PC.

    BB has never worried about attributing a single thing. He'd have to write a coherent English sentence and not rely on Yoda Speak. Yet, you have an overwhelming need for his voice.

    Do explain for all why you made the remark that Sean and Grant would be arrested on setting foot in Pennsylvania on the occasion of the suppression hearing. I wasn't the only one you told that to. Dewayne remembers. Your remark was a tad off. No one was arrested. Attribute that.

  14. As far as Renee being in this for the money that is not something that I ever got from her.

    She was trying her best to keep them in canteen money and phone cards as well as trying to keep that website up so that it could help pay the bills.

  15. Renee Martin, a charitable purpose? Spare me. She is a self-promoting, loud-mouth lout.

  16. Well I did have some respect for her until she used Joe and Harlow to get her name on the blogs. As far as stealing money from Joe and Harlow well I don't think she did that. But there are concernes with who she was aligning herself with. From Damon to BB and PC what is the real deal. I will admit that I was used by her and her gang of misfits.

  17. I think she made the situation for Harlow as a defendant worse.

  18. Rob, I will agree with you about her making it worse for Harlow. She has hoped from camp to camp all along trying to make it seem like she has something of value to say. when all she did was facilitate a bunch of 3 way phone calls.

    She was a enemy of PC, Damon and BB on the blogs and thwe she turned and high tailed it over to there side when the truth of what she was doing got out.

  19. Jim was right about her to a point.

  20. Frankly, I found her contradictory and someone who went out of her way to mislead.

  21. Don't get me started. A cancer exists that is trying to infest another young man who made mistakes, learned from them, moved on, and is currently achieving some fame, some success, and some of his goals.

    BB, Bio Boi, Biohazard Boi, Robert Wagner is that cancer. Robert Wagner's stock in trade is ongoing harassment of Sean Lockhart and anyone who supports him in his quest to become self-sufficient, self-activating, and successful in whatever avenues he chooses to try.

  22. What I really don't understand is why she did what she did. Even after she was arrested she still continued to stay in contact with Harlow.

    Was this for the prosecution? Is that why she did this? Was the prosecutions case really so week that they had to do something like this?

    Why did she run over to BB when she was rejected by PC and everyone else on the blogs?
    Is she trying to use him as well? what does she think she will get from him?

  23. BB enough said Elm. Bio Boi is always quick to jump on and put out the worst portrayal of Sean's behavior he possibly can. He was using Renee Martin as his willing spew dump.

  24. Rob I think we have all been mislead by the idea of BB being Robert Wagner. there really is no proof that Bb and Wagner are one in the same.

    If BB and Wagner are the same person I think we would have learned the truth by now.

  25. Are you implying that PC is unoriginal in acquiring material?

  26. I think the real truth about BB is that he is a deluded man who can be classified in the same catagory as Damon Kruezer.

    He is an attack monkey and Renee has played right into his hand.

  27. where did I say anythng about PC being unoriginal?

  28. Believe what you will. Bio Boi is all over this. Like a dog's mistake on the living room carpet.

  29. PC gets his info from the court records and the newspapers. so in effect he is just as accurate as the media that he gets his info from.

  30. BB does not have anything of value to add to any of this he is just a minion of a dead molester. He has Renee fooled and PC is allowing him to post his shit all over his blog.

    Jim has now stopped all mention of Robert Wagner on his blog and I think I might do the same thing. It would also work quite well to keep BB away as well.

    I am tired of that little shit disturber.

  31. Robert Wagner is a moral and ethical coward. Robert Wagner cannot confront his "enemies," real and imagined, in the open. Instead Wagner's preferred method is to attack others from the shadows and behind a moniker that originated with the dead man who was his boss and lover.

    Wagner does not like to be reminded of his series of serious faults. He merely likes to belittle and castigate. Wagner comes across as one who is stuck on the limited confines of hobby horses, devices, that while moving are, nevertheless, stationery.

    Shit disturber would be accurate.

  32. PC is into full coverage. I am wondering when he is going to get off of his ass and interview two of the chief parties in this mess. Sean and Grant. He had the opportunity at the time of the suppression hearing last summer. Wonder what he is waiting on.

  33. Well rob to tell you the truth Wagner has never made a post on any of these threads with regards to this case. So we really can not acuse him of anything with regards to this murder case.

    BB and Wagner are not the same person, you really need to get that straight. you have been attacking wagner like he is posting opn these threads but I can say that I have never seen a post that could be attributed to him.

    Bb is another story. He is a lying little shit disturber, that is a fact but I really do not think he and Wagner are in anyway connected

  34. PC does not really care about Sean and Grant. As far as he is concerned they don't really have anything to add to his blog. I have never seen them make a comment on his blog in all the time that he has been talking about this murder case.

  35. Wagner, opps!, Bio Boi, never offers any fact for any of his premises, only character assassination. Flaming words from a guy who ceased using his smarts along time ago. Vague and ambiguous meanderings and ramblings. Partial truths about his interactions with Sean Lockhart and deep-seated rage when the full facts are provided such as the nature of Plaza Hotel affair (4th of July, 2004 weekend) in which Wagner plied Sean with drinks and palmed him off onto one his own friends. As another example, Wagner is of the opinion that Sean is 24-years-old despite overwhelming evidence that Sean Lockhart is 23. He persists in this lie. But then, he is not alone in that bit of convenient fiction hatched by Bryan Kocis. Someone else believes that too. Someone blogging. Jim doesn't believe it. He has always believed Sean's birthdate to be October, 1986. Boggles the mind doesn't it that some stalwart would persist in that error. That would be tantamount to calling Sean a liar though the facts bear out Sean's truthfulness.

  36. BB is Wagner. Has always been Wagner. He is still chained to his dead master. People who persist in his lie that he is someone else only stoke the furnance.

  37. What is funny is that Sean and Grant were the reason that so many started to contact me when I have really had very little contact with them.

    Everyone wanted to know if I thought they had anything to do with the murder. to tell you the truth i never really thought they did because they were 2500 miles away when Bryan was killed.

    I was told by several people that Joe and Harlow were in Virginia. it was also reported by the newspapers that Harlow had a alibi for the night of the murder.(Harlow's own words) But it was attributed to me that I was the one who said that Harlow had a alibi.

    I just got tired of all of the bulshit that was being attributed to me. like the camping trip. funny Joe said that to the newspaper reoporter on his arrival in PA. I am just tired of being blaimed for all of the misimformation about this case.

  38. That sounds like you are saying people had agendas and axes to grind. What for? Sean and Grant were minding their own business in San Diego.

    Joe was yapping all over the place. Harlow was keeping to himself. You'll pardon my disbelief. Elaborate please.

  39. Cad, the beloved British solicitor, isn't off the hook. He was running pack-wise with Wagner early and often.

  40. Rob you persist in calling BB wagner when there is no such proof that he is wagner.

    Wagner was in new york with Sean, not BB.

    Bb has a issue with Sean because Grant called him Bryan. So BB goes on this tirade to attack Sean and Grant. BB is a crazy person who hides behind his nasty words and threats. BB is in no way really involved in any of this.

    He is in my opinion no better than Damon Kruezer. He tried to use Damon to get information when he actually thought that Damon had some value with regards to this mess.

    Robert wagner is in my opinion a nonissue. He is just a witness to a couple of cameras and some emails. That is all that Wagner has to do with any of this. The prosecution has declared Sean, Grant and Robert Wagner innocent. I think you should deal with that Rob.

  41. I have had my issues with Cad and I have severed all contact with him.

  42. Bullshit if ever there was any. Wagner is Bio Boi. He is not clever by nearly half. Do like that putz of rip and redact. Never challenge that gutless wonder.

    That Wagner consorts and find solace with another known liar and associate of the late King Cobra, Cadinot4ver (Cad) is well known. One does not make a move that the other does not know of it. Cad shares a commonality with Wagner, both men were in communication with King Cobra on the evening of his murder. Still another commonality, both men used King Cobra personas in order to attack both Sean Lockhart and Grant Roy, first on the JuicyGoo forum, then other venues. Both condoned the sexual assualt and gang rape of Sean Lockhart in Anonymous writings condoned and posted to the Cobra Video site by the same late Bryan Kocis.

    Cad, who communicated with Kocis the day he was murdered, knew of the Backdoor Deal, arranged by Kocis with Lee Bergeron. He was Anonymous three days after the murder at Jason Curious and commenting on that detail that wasn't even common knowledge to other bloggers or even Sean and Grant at that time.

    Yep, Wagner deserves everything he gets.

  43. Elm writes, "The prosecution has declared Sean, Grant and Robert Wagner innocent. I think you should deal with that Rob."

    You deal. If you are going to quote court documents Elm, get it right. They were not found innocent, your words; the actual statement said they were "not complicit" in Kocis' murder.

  44. That is similar to bullshit about Kocis' driveway that PC was trying to pull. To gosh damn bad I found the news photo of the fire truck and police cruiser parked on either side of Kocis' driveway the day after the murder and fire that shows more than one car could park across it just like Sean Lockhart said, an eyewitness to the layout of Kocis' home and grounds from 2004.

  45. But then PC told us that Renee Martin was not arrested. Well, bail bond is not imposed without arraignment in front of a judge. That means an arrest. Oh PC drops the ball. He also left out two pages.

  46. Look Rob we have been down this road before and I really don't feel like taking that trip again. You have accused me of all manner of criminal activity and I have been vindicated in all of it.

    As for the Driveway you can deal with PC about that. As far a what documents PC posts that is also on him. But as far as Renee goes I was aware of the request for her to appear in front of a judge with regards to her little phone trick. She did "circumvent jail house security". Something I might add that you blamed me for but I don't have a bail bond on my ass and I don't have to go to Lucifer County this lovely Winter.

  47. You are a flaming idiot! PC can go pedal his bicycle through a pile of papers and selectively cherry pick while balancing Wagner on his handle bars.

  48. "Robert wagner is in my opinion a nonissue. He is just a witness to a couple of cameras and some emails. That is all that Wagner has to do with any of this. The prosecution has declared Sean, Grant and Robert Wagner innocent."


  49. Jim go climb on mt Shitmore where you can get a beeter view of the trial. As far as any of this goes I am pretty much over all of this shit.

    I am so tired of all of the bullshit that goes with this case.

  50. Rob as far as me being a flaming idiot you might be right. I got involved with this stupid murder case and I now see that it was really a waste of time. But you are in no better shape than I am with all of your rants about BB/Wagner.

  51. Don't lump me into your love fest with Harlow. He is where he belongs, behind bars and deservedly so.

  52. As for Wagner, he has purposefully gone out of his way to damage reputations. Ignore the son of bitch at your own peril.

  53. This may come as a surprise to you Elm (or maybe not), but I'm pretty much over it all too. Right now, I'm just counting the days...

    I'm actually happy for you that Renee dragging you into that three-way call didn't end up dragging you to LC.

    BTW, I would not necessarily cast aside what Preacher George alledges about Renee's embezzlement. Assuming Harlow's attorney's are on their toes...we'll get to hear a LOT about Renee's interesting past during defense cross-examination.

    Suffice to say she has a rather colorful AND extensive legal history in and around the courthouses of Virginia Beach. Both the Circuit Court and the District Court. Both civil AND criminal.

    This is why I'm finding these reminisces of you and Jakester so fascinating. :-)

  54. Look I am so tired of people claiming that I have some kind of wish to be with Harlow. I barley ever spoke to Harlow. As a matter of fact I spoke to Joe more than I ever spoke to Harlow.

    As far as Wagner goes he will have to deal with the fallout of the crap that was Cobra Video. that little dicked crosseyed titmouse does not bother me one bit. He has no power over me.

  55. Well Jim it was not my idea to get this mixed up in this mess. I never solicited anyone to come and tell me anything. It just happened and I was so gald to get out from under it. PC can have it since it is so obvious that he needed this more than I ever did. As far as I am concerned we will finally have a trial and Harlow has attorneys of his own choice.

    Renee has done the damage that she has done and I hope she is proud. PC gets to get all of the glory on his blog and he can tell all of the story as he sees fit.

    BB is still screaming about Sean and Grant even after they have been removed from all aomplicity in this murder. BB really needs to come to grips with his rage and move on like the rest of us are.

    I hope Damon has his plane ticket for the trial and he can do his color commentary from the court house steps.

  56. elmysterio said...

    "PC does not really care about Sean and Grant. As far as he is concerned they don't really have anything to add to his blog. I have never seen them make a comment on his blog in all the time that he has been talking about this murder case."

    That is incorrect. Grant used to comment on PC's blog all the time when I first started posting.

    I have read this thread with mouth agape. I cannot for the life of me figure out why BB even got mentioned in the first place, there was nothing in Elm's post about him, and BB didn't even comment here. It's bad enough when threads get hijacked because BB says something provocative and the BB/Wagner comments derail everything. But BB WASN'T EVEN HERE!

    This is why Jim banned the Wagner comments, they just start for no reason and they are completely irrelevant to anything that is being discussed at the time.

    Rob, all due respect, but your fixation on Wagner really isn't that different than BB's fixation on Sean. Someday when you look back on all this you may see that.

  57. Will--

    "BB is not here." Sounds like the bullshit Wagner/BB pulls when he can, as he can. I am equally tired of Robert Wagner attacking people who support Sean and Grant and Sean and Grant themselves.

    That Grant attempted to post at PC's and Jim's the other day and was CENSORED by the Jim and PC I find extraordinarily hypocritical. Grant and Sean post but rarely. When they do post, I want to read it and make up my own mind. Wagner rants, nothing relevant and posts. Most curious.

    Just so you understand. PC finds Robert Wagner/Bio Boi relevant and talks to him routinely. Yes, you read me correctly. He does the same with Cad. He obviously finds both witnesses RELEVANT. You don't have to take my word for that. PC whinned about that to Dewayne. I am also not enamored of that "objcctive" blogger who tried to sell that Kocis' driveway could not accommodate more than one car. The photographic evidence shows otherwise as does Sean's experience and first-hand account in having lived at Kocis' house during the Summer of 2004. The official status of Wagner is not complicit. No one termed him, innocent. I will restate: Pennsylvania finds Wagner not complicit in Kocis' murder. It does not clear him of anything else and that is a big distinction.

    I am also skeptical of that same blogger who has not interviewed, or attempted to interview, Sean and/or Grant, yet he supposedly billed as thorough. Bullshit. He left out two pages of Renee Martin's Bail Bond Affidavit and has yet to post the missing pages. He reported to two of us that Sean and Grant would be arrested on setting foot in Pennsylvania. Looks like his crystal ball was off that day.

    Upshot. Wagner is relevant. He took a call from the dead man the day he died. Cad is relevant. He was talking with the dead man the day he died.

    Too bad you aren't as harsh in going after Wagner when that putz attacks and insinuates that Sean and Grant are guilty by association.

    As for a thread going off track on anyone's blog that has happened infinite times and on matters in which Wagner's name was never raised and not an issue.

    When I read a comment from Grant Roy that he has proof of Wagner as the BB identity, I am very interested.

    This is not any different than any of the bullshit I took for stating Renee Martin's status when PC introduced her. Interestingly, the day after that post, Jim stated that what I wrote about Renee Martin was right: she contradicted herself and misrepresented facts. Wow, the power of hindsight. And here is another relevant detail: Elm pointed out above that State's witness Renee Martin is in regular contact with PC. That is current and timely.

    I will determine for myself what I choose to comment on and why. You are under no obligation whatsoever to read my remarks or even comment.

    I have read plenty of other blogger's bullshit, and much of that directed as personal slams at Elm, something I did, and regret. He did not need the abuse. That does not mean that I do not disagree with him about Harlow's arrest and probable conviction. Harlow belongs in prison and from what I read that is where he is headed.

    Mind your own house Will. I will not suffer a minion who engages in personal attacks.

  58. We'll let readers decide if there were any personal attacks in my post, Rob, and if you completely missed my points.

  59. Renee is having a shit fit and she is conversing with you know who on PC's blog about what I wrote here. Pity that she won;t come here and spew her bullshit.

    Madame said...
    BB I love how elm goes on about his conspiracy theory about you and me and pc, he needs to get a mental grip, and to set the record straight, he is the one that made the call and every bit of information he got came directly from Joe.... El sucked it up like a dog without water, wanted to have the scoop on Pc cause he was jealous of him. Has nothing to do with anything else but that he fell prey to Joe just like everyone else. Get over your self El you were a sucker like the rest of us.

    Get over feeling sorry for yourself and blaming shit on everyone else, you wanted to talk to Joe and you wanted to post those stories and you did so know ing that Joe has truth issues from well before this case starting. So now who is the liar here. Get real you were dealing with Joes lying ass well before he got arrested and falling for his crap then. Then you want to claim conspiracy again and black helicopters again.

    As for this supposid arrest please find the booking sheet in Luzerne County were I was arrested and booked. It would be public record. But you cant find it can you. Cause you make up crap as you go along, when you can find the booking sheet like on Joe and Harlow open your mouth then and spew in the mean time shut that big lying trap of yours and your feel sorry for me syndrome

    Thursday, February 19, 2009 12:32:00 AM

    well guess what Renee here is proof that you were requested to appear with a $50,000.00 retainer I might add.

  60. Rob we have had this conversation before about your obssesion with Wagner. Do not use my blog as a platform for your hate against Wagner.
    Thank you very much!

  61. Oh Will finding out information to the contrary about fairness as an issue.

    You save the lectures. You are not the attack dog. Wagner is and I will not let him go unchallenged.

    and thank you Elm another Renee Martin big lie put to rest.

    you were saying Will?

  62. Hot Damn! Renee Martin was ARRESTED. Wow. Just think what you find when you actually read what PC posts from public documents.

  63. So I was Jealous of PC. Renee it sure is funny that I was not the one who was spitting my bile towards PC and telling me that I had to scoop him, that was you dear.

    I was not the one who was making all those threats about getting PC arrrested that was you dear.

    It was you who was burning up the phone lines about PC. Telling me that I had to scoop him on every little bit of "news" that you had.

    All the time you were working with PC.

    You pissed off your husband Jimmy and he spilled all your shit to the PA DA and me. that is why your ass was hauled in.

    You can claim that it was me all you want but there is a witness to all of that or did you forget.

    You called me, you can not lie about that. The way three way phone calls work is that you had to initiate them. Joe called you you called me, the same goes for Harlow. Joe and Harlow could only make collect calls, remember?

    I do not have any phone calls on my bill that says that I accepted collect calls. You on the other hand do. You are the one who has a sizeble warrant on your ass not me. splain that away dear.

  64. Well, well. Look who are commenting in unison about this at PC's: Renee Martin and Bio Boi.

    The very people PC chats with. What a tremendously small universe!

    Renee is still doing the lets get the story straight polka and Bio Boi is far out on reality.

    I just love that Booking Sheet. So much for her not being arrested.

  65. Believe what you will about what Wagner uses as an identity to post. Verizon/Sprint tells the tale.

  66. Now this is strange PC deleted the comment by Madame Renee. I wonder why that is?

    Comment deleted
    This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

    Thursday, February 19, 2009 12:32:00 AM

    And the comment made by BB in response to Madame Renee was deleted as well, I guess he must be trying to distance himself from the truth. How funny is that. At least Madame Renee's truth that is.

  67. Or perhaps PC sees the posts in hindsight as personal attacks (vs you), and is simply correcting things in accordance with that hindsight, and his stated blog policy.

  68. I think it was also because the posts were totally irrelevant to the topic of the thread, another thing PC dislikes, justifiably so.

  69. And here we are back to "relevance" again.

    The State thought Robert Wagner so irrelevant that they demanded he get his irrelevant bod back from London to the relevant murder trial in relevant Luzerne County.

    The State considers Renee Martin so irrelevant that they are putting up her irrelevant carcass in a separate location from other State's witnesses to keep her from relevantly intimidating and confronting those other relevant State's witnesses.

    The relevant reporting on this case has come from the relevant Times Leader and relevant Citizen's Voice. None of those relevant publications uses irrelevant PC (as witnessed by his trip to Alaska) in its relevant bylines. More relevant reports, courtesy of PC's irrelevant presence, at the relevant trial, as reported by the relevant journalists for the relevant local press who will be there.

    The relevant PC has yet to state why he found the irrelevant Robert Wagner/BB and irrelevant Renee Martin personally relevant to the point of entering into relevant conversations with them, especially when both of those PC dubbed irrelevant personages are relevantly hostile to Sean Lockhart and Grant Roy and have been relevantly trying to undermine the relevant credibility of both of those relevant State's witnesses.

  70. A relevant detail for the irrelevant pile: The Times Leader reports that "Most of the witnesses are from other states, including a witness – Robert Wagner – from London, England." I blogged about that point regarding Wagner from late last September. So much for BB's hype.

  71. Rob I never had any doubt that Wagner was in London. It was BB who was saying that he was not in London. Why BB would know or care where Wagner was is strange.

    BB was saying that he was not in London and that is what cuased the confusion. Wagner has been in london for quite sometime and it even says so on his myspace page and his manhunt profile. His boy friend Ben is also in london where he is a club DJ. that is on his my sapce page as well as comments from their freinds that confirm it.

    For some reason that sent BB into a tizzy but since he says he is not Wagner I really do not know why it would upset him. There is that comment that Renee made on BB's blog about his moving around the same time that Wagner went to london but I think that might just be a coincedence.

  72. Renee wouldn't know her ass from a hole in ground. No shocker that.

  73. I understand the why of the purchase of the Kocis background report from USAPeople Search. But information on Kocis' neighbors as well raises serious questions about motive. I used to believe that the origninal purpose was to strong arm Kocis into giving up 2257 records, master video, and his cameras and the suspects daring Kocis to go to the police to attempt retrieval in lieu of the grifting pair's price--the services of Sean Lockhart for their struggling business. It is quite clear that both grifters went to Kocis' home with the premeditated purpose of killing the man.

    Joe is where he belongs and Harlow is soon to follow him.

    As for fairy tales about Wagner not being Bio Boi BULLSHIT. The coincidence which you so conveniently pointed out tells a different story as does this fact known by me since late September of last year. The attempt at deflection flounders. Harlow is a murderer and belongs behind bars.

  74. According to the Times Leader, Bryan Kocis was on the telephone speaking with his attorney, Sean Macias, when police suspect Harlow Cuadra arrived at Kocis' Dallas Township home.

    Attorney Sean Ernesto Macias, of Los Angeles, California, testified that he was speaking with Kocis on Jan. 24, 2007, when Kocis set the phone down and answered his door.

    "[Kocis] seemed to be in a good mood," Macias said from the witness stand. "My conversation was brief with him; he said he was expecting a guest that day, a model or something [like that]."

    Macias testified "[Kocis] went to answer the door; it sounded like he put the phone down and said 'Hello.' The name [of his visitor] started with a 'D.'"

    "D" first letter of the alias used by Harlow Cuadra on the model application. And Macias clearly stating that Bryan was ALIVE at the time Danny/Harlow knocked for admittance on Bryan's door.

    Where's the defense razzle-dazzle? So far the CCT's and BBT's are vindicated as truthful accounts, straight from the mouths of key participants Cuadra and Kerekes.