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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gay for Pay or Bisexual and won't admit it

Look I have had my issues with this whole "gay for pay" thing and I have come to the conclusion that it really is not such a bad thing if the model does a convincing job of fucking and sucking and making nice with the other model.
Look the the real thing about porn is that it be hot and steamy. What I find funny is that no one ever complained when a gay guy did Playgirl Magazine.
So I guess that would be straight for pay?
Look there is a whole group of gay men who get all hot and bothered by the idea of getting a straight guy into bed to me that is not such a thrill but I say what ever floats your boat. There are plenty of gay guys in gay porn.
So if you don't like the "straight" ones don't watch them. I am of the opinion that it really does not matter. Truth be told I have seen some of the hottest fucking on film done by a couple of "straight" guys. and to be honest some of the most boring from a couple of gay guys. Look people it all really comes down to chemistry.

It really does not matter at all the sexual "orientation" of the participants but the heat factor between them. When you get the right combination you get hot. Now on the hotness factor there is a scene that Brent Corrigan did with a model by the name of Brad that he admitted that he did not like and it was one of the hottest scenes that I think he has ever filmed. Both of them are" gay" boys and now Brent has a new friend. Sean Cody had one of my favorite scenes Owen and Harley flip flop. Just pure raw sex, It was fucking hot and it stared 2 "straight" boys and a dildo. Corbin fisher has been on a roll lately with a hot scene that has Joel and Trevor shaking the bed. Trevor is straight and Joel is undeclared. Then we have Noah and Lucas which was hot and steamy and those boys truly got off on each other and guess what both are straight. Now the fact is gay porn pays more that straight porn so that in it self is incentive for a "straight" guy to tip on in and get paid.

The one thing that I find really interesting is that there is such a big deal made about a guy taking it up the butt. Look most of the guys reading this if you are "gay" have taken it up the butt. And shock of all shocks you fucking loved it. Now I want you to think about this, what is the anatomical difference between a "gay guy" and a "straight guy"? If you said nothing then you are correct.
Sex is all in your head always has been, so the only real way to cure a gay child is through a brain transplant. In other words can't be done. Just like a gay guy can play straight and stay in the closet a straight guy can play gay and bust out the closet .

In my 50 years of life with 29 of them being an out homosexual I have seen my fair share of men who were fucked up by the bullshit that society has placed on them. I have seen the hurt the anger and the confusion as well. So to say that a guy is "gay for pay" is just plain stupid. In my opinion this is one smart dude who can get that pussy and that dick and be famous all at the same time while getting paid for it.
I can just see him complaining to his girl friend about having to go too work and suck a big dick and get fucked up the ass for a couple of grand when you know good and damn well he would do that shit for free cause he fucking loves it.

The real truth is the only difference between a gay guy and a straight guy is a couple of drinks and that goes both ways. Gay for pay is bullshit hell being gay is bull shit just like being straight is bullshit I say fuck the labels and just fuck. Sex is not bad because if it was it would not feel so good. The reason that so many people have issues with sex is because they were taught.
Children naturally explore the differences in their anatomy when they are young, teenage children do the same but it is among the same sex and this is natural. To me it is just a part of growing up. But due to the fact that there are some who prey on young children they are not allowed to grow up naturally and because of this they get a skewed outlook on life.

Now I am not advocating a wild free for all 247 orgy but I am saying that we all have our limits on what we will do sexually and to label us for it I think is just plain wrong. It's really is not about us and them its about everyone. So the only real way to let someone find out who they are is to not label them. If you most label them, call them something cool like "sexual explorer" because that is what they really are doing. Plus I like the air of mystery that it has.
And to tell you the truth you know if someone wants to fuck you and you did not need a label to know that.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out