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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gay for Pay or Bisexual and won't admit it

Look I have had my issues with this whole "gay for pay" thing and I have come to the conclusion that it really is not such a bad thing if the model does a convincing job of fucking and sucking and making nice with the other model.
Look the the real thing about porn is that it be hot and steamy. What I find funny is that no one ever complained when a gay guy did Playgirl Magazine.
So I guess that would be straight for pay?
Look there is a whole group of gay men who get all hot and bothered by the idea of getting a straight guy into bed to me that is not such a thrill but I say what ever floats your boat. There are plenty of gay guys in gay porn.
So if you don't like the "straight" ones don't watch them. I am of the opinion that it really does not matter. Truth be told I have seen some of the hottest fucking on film done by a couple of "straight" guys. and to be honest some of the most boring from a couple of gay guys. Look people it all really comes down to chemistry.

It really does not matter at all the sexual "orientation" of the participants but the heat factor between them. When you get the right combination you get hot. Now on the hotness factor there is a scene that Brent Corrigan did with a model by the name of Brad that he admitted that he did not like and it was one of the hottest scenes that I think he has ever filmed. Both of them are" gay" boys and now Brent has a new friend. Sean Cody had one of my favorite scenes Owen and Harley flip flop. Just pure raw sex, It was fucking hot and it stared 2 "straight" boys and a dildo. Corbin fisher has been on a roll lately with a hot scene that has Joel and Trevor shaking the bed. Trevor is straight and Joel is undeclared. Then we have Noah and Lucas which was hot and steamy and those boys truly got off on each other and guess what both are straight. Now the fact is gay porn pays more that straight porn so that in it self is incentive for a "straight" guy to tip on in and get paid.

The one thing that I find really interesting is that there is such a big deal made about a guy taking it up the butt. Look most of the guys reading this if you are "gay" have taken it up the butt. And shock of all shocks you fucking loved it. Now I want you to think about this, what is the anatomical difference between a "gay guy" and a "straight guy"? If you said nothing then you are correct.
Sex is all in your head always has been, so the only real way to cure a gay child is through a brain transplant. In other words can't be done. Just like a gay guy can play straight and stay in the closet a straight guy can play gay and bust out the closet .

In my 50 years of life with 29 of them being an out homosexual I have seen my fair share of men who were fucked up by the bullshit that society has placed on them. I have seen the hurt the anger and the confusion as well. So to say that a guy is "gay for pay" is just plain stupid. In my opinion this is one smart dude who can get that pussy and that dick and be famous all at the same time while getting paid for it.
I can just see him complaining to his girl friend about having to go too work and suck a big dick and get fucked up the ass for a couple of grand when you know good and damn well he would do that shit for free cause he fucking loves it.

The real truth is the only difference between a gay guy and a straight guy is a couple of drinks and that goes both ways. Gay for pay is bullshit hell being gay is bull shit just like being straight is bullshit I say fuck the labels and just fuck. Sex is not bad because if it was it would not feel so good. The reason that so many people have issues with sex is because they were taught.
Children naturally explore the differences in their anatomy when they are young, teenage children do the same but it is among the same sex and this is natural. To me it is just a part of growing up. But due to the fact that there are some who prey on young children they are not allowed to grow up naturally and because of this they get a skewed outlook on life.

Now I am not advocating a wild free for all 247 orgy but I am saying that we all have our limits on what we will do sexually and to label us for it I think is just plain wrong. It's really is not about us and them its about everyone. So the only real way to let someone find out who they are is to not label them. If you most label them, call them something cool like "sexual explorer" because that is what they really are doing. Plus I like the air of mystery that it has.
And to tell you the truth you know if someone wants to fuck you and you did not need a label to know that.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out


  1. Sexual Explorer hmm like that brings a whole new connotation to the classic line.

    "Dr.Livingston I presume"

    Ya got THAT right STANLEY all 8 inches!

  2. Dewayne--

    Sexual Explorer is just about right. I am of the opinion that bisexual applies to all of us since at some time in our lives we were attracted to women and to guys. Some of us develop a stronger attraction to one sex over the other.

    The common point is that we are sexual beings and bonding with another in sex is, probably, the most singular act of giving of oneself to another in a most unselfish way to state in actions how we feel about another.

    So, thanks Elm and Dewayne for one of the more thought provoking and practical posts.

  3. I have my own issues with this topic. For one, I am not sure I'm a big fan of how SeanCody and ACM/Corbin Fisher eroticize the fuck out of "straight boys." Personally, I think it kinda sucks that in our community, hyper-masculinity is associated with heterosexuality and that is somehow marketed and generally accepted as "better" that

    I am a bigger fan of the models who are also gay like me (makes me think even when my hand is wrapped around my cock) that I might have a chance in hell with them; rather than just think that he's simply an image in a Media Player Classic box that I can rewind and fast-forward at will....

    Btw, hello from my corner of the world :D

  4. Julien I can understand how you feel I at one time felt the same way. But then I realized that they are just naked actors playing a roll. Some are good actors and some suck.

    All they really are doing is fucking for money and our pleasure because we like to watch.It really is that simple. To me it seems that there is alot less drama on the set as well.

    The risk of them falling for they're costar is minimal and they wont come on set with a pissy attitude towards one and other.

    Queens can be vicious I know cause I can be a real bitch.

  5. Elm, I'm sure you've already seen the raging debate going on about this here:

    God am I glad I stayed out of this one. (I did have a brief comment in the earlier Rideout thread.) But I think it's a healthy debate.

    Let me ask you this Elm: You mentioned in a previous post that you were approached when you were younger about doing porn, and you momentarily toyed with the idea. When you were even for a brief moment considering it, did it ever even cross your mind to do STRAIGHT porn? Let me guess, the answer would be "no." Why? BECAUSE YOU ARE GAY. Could you ever imagine being able to do a straight porn scene and get that "sizzling chemistry" and that kind of genuine heat that you talk about seeing with these "straight" boys?

    I don't think labels are important either, but reality is. I think this whole "gay-for-pay" thing is mostly a marketing ploy, but there is also a huge dose of internalized homophobia -- on both sides of the camera -- and denial mixed in. I think that's why it gets so many gay guys riled up.

  6. Just an addendum, to tie this in with an earlier controversy:

    I will give Mason Wyler credit where it is due. He is one of the very few openly gay models who has talked about the unpleasant experience he had early in his career when he was forced to portray himself as straight for one of these websites (Sean Cody, I believe.) I think it's really admirable that he would talk about that, because I'm sure the owners of the website do NOT want him to, and it's probably cost him work. So good for you, Mason.

  7. Will G--

    About the other night, personally, we BOTH were out of line.

    I got annoyed because I seriously believed you were putting me off in answering my direct, pertinent and earlier question. In argument (debate) it is incumbent on the pro side of the issue to state the case and not send the opposition on searching for the foundation of the pro argument. I also saw the Former Damon Fan site degenerating to the level of the gopher wheel of Mason was or was not raped.

    Now, my opinion of you has not changed. You seem reasonable to me on a range of issues; however, very few issues turn me aggressive. Like CC, I am mandatory reporter by law. I will do my duty and report child abuse. Next, I work for rape victims and I am a very strong opponent of victimizers. I will unchain the Hell Hounds to chase down attacks on the victims. All of this I commented on at Jim's and Dewayne's when the Mason rape was being hurled back and forth.

    In so far as the Barclay/Dexx matter is concerned, I believe coincidence is being unfairly used against Dexx.

    Geoff Harvard, dry wit that he is, can be way off base. Also, he damages his own credibility by calling Elm anti-Jewish in one of Elm's more recent posts. There is absolutely no reason for the name calling on Geoff's part.

    I have spoken to both Dexx and Kevin Clarke before they became an issue, several months back. All I have for Dexx is a NYC phone number, prefaced by a NYC area code. Does he have an office in NYC or NC? Was Dexx visiting NYC? Does he have an apartment or condo in NYC? Don't know and don't care. The NYC Dexx thing is also mentioned by Dewayne. That suggests that NC may be a summer residence or even a business location in which he has a part interest. Dexx is semi retired. That tells me he lets others do the heavy lifting now in any business he is still part of, that is, Dexx desires no active role in business matters at this stage of his life.

    Neither Dexx or Kevin are Barclay fans. And both want him put away where he can do no more harm. This position of theirs has not changed.

    This whole "issue" has now become the post "About nothing" at Jim's which speaks volumes in where this "issue" stands.

    The one point we can both agree on is that Barclay is a menace to all concerned.

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  9. Rob, all I have to say to you on this is: Why do you choose to interrupt a discussion that is just beginning here on a new topic with this reference to an older topic on ANOTHER blog? Why not post on the blog and thread you are talking about? It's very disruptive and not very polite of you to do that IMO. This thread, unike Jim's, IS about something, and now you have thrown it off track.
    November 21, 2008 8:50 AM

  10. Will to ansewer your first question about porn. I did toy with the idea of doing porn. both "straight" and "gay".

    The only time that I came in contact with a porn producer he happened to be producing gay porn.

    I had a girl friend from the time I was 17 till I was 21. And we fucked like rabbits it was not a problem for me.

    As far as a the company that Mason worked for it was Corbin Fisher not Sean Cody.

    As far as the companies who produce "gay porn" with "straight" models, that claim does not seem to be hurting they're business.

    The real problem as I see it is that is does seem to foster the idea of homophobia. But then again that same homophobia would affect the "straight" models who perform for these companies.

    Like I said in my post labels suck and it is those lables that help to catagorize us and lead to seggragation in our society.

    Now I am not some self hating gay boy like some will try to claim. As a matter of fact I think I finally became enlightend because I have been out for years and my family accepts that.

    The reason I did this post was to say that I don't feel that we can be catogorized by our sexual identity. It is not static, it can be all over the place.

    I will admit that I have met some woman who I could see my self being in a relationship with as recent as last year. And for the most part most of the men that I have met always seem to turn out to be just a quick fuck.

    Don't get me wrong I was in a eight year relationship with a man who I loved but it did not work out. The same goes for wommen the longest relationship was 3 years .

    The problem for me is trust, if I can not trust you, you have to go.
    the dimise of those relationships had nothing to do with my sexual identity.

    The thought that someone can preform "gay" sex or "straight" sex is actually ludicris.

    After all it is just sex. We are sexual beings and the fact that these guys get to do this and get paid for being "Sexual explorers" to me is rather interesting.

    Like I Said your sexual identity is all in your head. It has nothing to do with your physical being.

    I really don't get what the big deal is about "gay for pay" other than it being a marketing ploy.

    Either these guys like the sex they are having on film or they don't and you can tell the ones who don't. Nuff said?

  11. As for the topic of Damon and Dexx there is a thread dedicated to that please take that topic there.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. My beef isn't so much with the models per se, and I'm not suggesting ANYBODY in any walk of life has to "label" themselves -- yay for sexual fluidity and exploration and open-mindedness and all of that.

    It's with the companies like Corbin Fisher, who insisted on giving Mason Wyler a completely fake "straight" identity. This kind of thing is rampant today, especially in the online world. I've subscribed to CF in the past, and gotten off to it, but I don't think I would ever patronize that site and others like it any more, at least until they get over this need to portray 90% of their models as 100% straight. It's ridiculous.

    This debate on JC Adams about MEN Magazine should really not be blaming the magazine at all, it's the online companies that are supplying the models and it's these companies who are "labeling" them. These guys are probably CONTRACTUALLY obligated to say they're straight. I say phooey.

  14. Will I have taken issue with this before and I agree with you that there is a problem with the whole gay for pay phenom.

    I really wonder what all of the hupla is really all about. I left this comment on JC Adams page.

    I know it will piss allot of people off but it is my opinion and I am sticking to it.

    You know I have been reading this thread and I have commented on several threads and done posts on my blog dealing with this same subject. Some of what has been said I agree with and some I do not. That being said I would give you my opinion on the matter. First of all this is just porn, it really is that plain and simple. We use it to get a nut.

    The fact that we are projecting our fantasies on the model and hoping and wishing that we could possibly one-day hook up with them is what makes porn work for us.

    The whole thing about whether the model is gay or straight is really pointless. Porn is a fantasy acted out on the screen by two or more “models” for you viewing pleasure? It really is that simple.

    The whole idea of a straight model doing gay porn is in my opinion a joke. I have never really fallen for the whole idea of gay and straight. At one point in my life I thought it was them or us but over the years I have come to the conclusion that sexuality is fluid and it can not be categorized. It is all in our heads.

    When you think about it we all try to place ourselves in-groups because it makes us feel comfortable. As far as the general public goes they think being gay is a lifestyle and we as “gay” people continue to allow them to believe that. We chose gay neighborhoods and gay clubs and we exclude them from our private lives. I have come to believe that the gay community is it’s own worst enemy. Now I know I will take some flack for that but that is how I feel.

    I have never chosen to live in the gay ghetto because for me being gay, a neighborhood did not define me. I define myself and I always have. I have been out and proud for damn near thirty years and I have had issues with not being accepted for who I am. If I were not liked for being who I was I would just say fuck you to who ever had an issue with it and move on. I have had more issues in the gay community for being black that I ever had with society in general for being gay.

    I really think the gay community should take a step back and look at it self to see where the real problems are and correct that before they expect the world at large to just accept them. The real problems with the gay community mirror the general population as a whole. We are not accepting of ourselves and that is where the real problems lie. The gay population as a whole is more than two hot hunky butch white men sucking cock and butt fucking. And until you all realize that we are doomed to be second class citizens.

    The fact that so many of you have disdain for dragqueens just pisses me off. It was the dragqueens who stood up to the police in New York during the stonewall riots. So you can thank them for making the first great strides towards your equality.

    It was the female gay population who came to the aid of the male population during the aids crisis While so many gay men were in denial about that dreaded epidemic. Yet there is a great disdain for lesbians among large groups of gay men.

    I remember the great debates in
    San Francisco about closing down of the Gay bathhouses and how much flack the politicians took for that. But they were just trying to stop the spread of the virus. Even when we knew that bareback sex could spread the Aid’s virus and cause us to get infected we choose to continue doing it.

    When to porn industry started producing safer sex porn we balked at the idea even though most of the performers who at that time were either all infected and or dying? And now the fastest rising form of porn is bareback porn, what does that say about us?

    The fact that you are upset because a self identified straight man is making gay porn and getting recognized for it is not the issue here it is US that is the real issue. We have to understand that it is our dollars that pay the salaries of the models that do porn because it is our dollars that buy that porn.

    So if you really have an issue with straight men doing gay porn vote with your wallet. But you might want to remember this, Porn is just a fantasy and that is all plain and simple.

    There is too much emphasis placed on the sexuality of the models in my opinion. Porn is supposed to get you off and if you are watching it and and wondering if the guy really likes to suck a dick or get fucked up the ass then you are watching some bad porn and it is not doing the job it is supposed to be doing.

    I have said to my friends repeatedly that that good porn requires chemistry between the models. It is that chemistry that does not make you ask the question is he really straight or gay it just makes you bust a nut.

    Now I am not going to be a bitch here and name the names of performers who I think suck and I am pretty sure you all know who they are. If they don’t work for you then let the producers know with your wallet.

    But to say that a performer does not deserve to be recognized for their work because they identify as straight is in my opinion just plain wrong. We are acting just like the people who we think are doing us a great disservice by denying us our rights.

    You can not have it both ways, either we are accepting or we are not and if we choose the latter them we are no better than those who choose to oppress us.

  15. Will--

    Oh, I see. It is perfectly alright for you to berate anyone you happen to have a bone to pick with when it suits your purpose, whatever the Hell that is.

    Your sensibilities are hurt? Just exactly how? Barclay never went after you personally. Presumably, he has gone after both Kevin and Dexx personally.

    As for any blog more or less sticking to the main thread, that has been more observed in the breach than otherwise. The fact is Will you don't want a peace branch when it is offered. You just want to bash.

    I have tried to meet you half way, but you don't appreciate the gesture.

  16. elmysterio said...

    As for the topic of Damon and Dexx there is a thread dedicated to that please take that topic there.
    November 21, 2008 11:04 AM

  17. Will here is the page header from the Corbin Fisher site.

    Now I don't necessarily agree with it but then again it really should not matter. people choose to become members of the site because of the hot guy's.

    Corbin Fisher's Amateur College Men features the most gorgeous young men. mostly STRAIGHT BOYS, showing off their finest assets and earning an education in hot, gay action!

    Now I know that it is not a free site and if you do not agree with the premiss then you do not join it.

    Also that goes for the models who apply to work for the site. They I am sure know what type of site it is and they choose to work for it.

    So for Mason to come out 3 years after the fact and complian about being made to pretend that he is straight is a joke.

    I have very good gaydar and I know who is straight gay or bi on any of the sites.

    And I also know who is fucked in the head as well. For some models to think that we will be fooled by who they really are becuase we might think they are hot is just plain delusional.

    I personally don't care about the sexual orientation of the models as long as they are hot and appear to enjoy what they are doing.

    The truth that so many are failing to see is that you may be attracted to someone and then you find out he is straight. Do you hold that against him or do you move on?

    Do you get pissed at him for being so hot and making you want him and complain to his parents because he is not gay?

    No you do not and do you know why, because it is just stupid. So for so many of these maladjusted queens to get pissed off becuase some porn model who some find to be hot does not want to fuck them but wants to fuck a girl instead just makes them look stupid.

    People get a grip!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. As with Corbin Fisher, so much of the marketing of these sites is tied into the fantasy OR reality of the models being straight. Look how they stretch out the whole "training" scenario on CF -- ooh, he's sucking dick FOR THE FIRST TIME, ooh, he's fucking FOR THE FIRST TIME, ooh, he's getting fucked FOR THE FIRST TIME, it's all kind of laughable and transparent. It shouldn't be taken seriously, I agree, but I think enough is enough. I'm sick of it and won't ever be giving them my money again.

    P.S I think it's very ironic, Elm, that you choose to crticize Mason Wyler for THAT, and not -- well, you know what I'm talking about I trust.

    MW didn't have a blog until fairly recently, so he didn't HAVE a forum to talk about these things before. Why do you point out that it's "three years later," who cares? Again, I think he's just about the ONLY model who has EVER talked about it.

  20. Will Look I was just making a point about Mason and Corbin fisher.

    You seem to take issue with every thing that I say. If it such problem then why read it?

    Personaly what stake do you have in the fact whether Mason was raped or not?

    I happen to believe him so what is so wrong with that. You seem to spend you every waking hour trying to convince everybody that they are wrong.

    Why is that Will, what is your stake in any of this. This is not a thread about Mason being raped yet you bring it up any chance you get.

    You seem to have a real issue with Mason, why I dont know you doubted he had a brother and you run to Jim's blog to say that he does. I am tired of hearing about it.

  21. Corbin Fisher is not the only company that uses that primes Will. Sean Cody, Randy Blue, Mike Hancock, English lads and Chaosmen just to name a few all use that same Primus.

    Now it may not be right but it sells. The real issue here is the consumer of this product. They make it viable as a marketing tool because that is what they want to see.

    If that were not the case than these companies would not be in the business of producing this product. Gay men want to see straight acting men have sex.

    That is and has always been the case. Even in the old days of gay porn it was always some guy who was perceived as being straight being seduced by a gay guy.

    Porn is a fantasy and it always has been. Gay guys having sex is not what the market requires. And if the models that are performing are gay they have to be perceived as straight acting.

    This is what the real problem is with gay porn and the gay population in general. We balk at the idea of an effeminate guy; we have real issues with that.

    We always have derogatory names for them such as nellie or queens or fem. The fact is we are all gay and we share one thing in common and that is that we like the same sex.

    Like I have said sexuality is fluid and it is and can not be defined. There are variations to us all and that has always been the case.

    We are individuals yet we try to label ourselves and compartmentalize ourselves under a single category as GAY.

    The fact is we are all different yet we try to label it and in my opinion that does not work. If a man has sex with someone of the same sex he is by default bisexual.

    He may only do this on video but that does not change the fact that he has sex with men. Just because he dates woman off the porn set and does not have sex with men it does not change that fact.

    That is why I say that sexuality is fluid, these guys are fulfilling a need that they have for sex with men.

    It is not a bad thing in my opinion and if someone wants to have sex with them then apply to work for the company they work for. But just remember it is a job.