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Black helicopters
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Friday, August 31, 2007

The Shit has hit the fan or The Latest News

The shit has hit the fan. Or the latest news
Well I’m not one to pat myself on the back, who am I kidding yes I am because I stated several months ago that the Cobra Video records were destroyed and I was called a liar for saying it. That in of it self is a quite interesting story for some other time maybe. The real news here is that a fellow blogger is making a big stink about it now and he has a brilliant post about it on his blog, Dewayne in SD. I highly recommend it to all of the interested readers who are following this saga.

In related news: It looks like some documents that were not destroyed after the murder of Bryan Kocis will be very damning to someone very close to him. His "Best friend" may be facing some prison time for falsifying documents with regards to the age of one of the models for Cobra Video. We will just have to wait and see about that one.
It looks like the documents were entered in to the court records of the civil trail between LSG Media and Cobra Video. So it would appear they are court records. Now how damning is that?

This just in: Joe's blog has a new post and it is very interesting. it is a letter from Damon kruezer. One that Damon did not want posted. Go Joe! It is a good read. I just love how Damon always mentions me. It makes me feel so special. Oh yeah Check out the latest alexa ratings. They are listed here in order of rank highest first. oh yeah and the lover the number the better. Click the name to go the ranking page and see thew stats. PC's and KM's blog ,Elmysterio, Dewayneinsd, Damon and BB . Hey Damon jealous much? It must truly suck to be you.

In other Breaking news: It would appear that Joe Kerekes has a new place to post his thoughts on the Internet. Contrary to popular belief , Oh who am I kidding, Damian Luezer claims that he is writing this for Joe. That is total bullshit. Damian is basing that claim on a letter he received from Joe when Damian was making claims of a $5,500.00 donation to Harlow’s defense fund. Joe sent Damian a letter demanding $3,000.00 dollars of the fake donation as a joke. Joe knew that no donation existed. By the way that was the same donation that Damian used to help Joe and Harlow get their house back with. This was also the same time that Damian had his mysterious hospital stay. You know when he almost died from an aneurysm. People all I have to say is that Damian is luezing his mind. He has broken the bullshit meter on this one. Oh you can read more about Joes blog here and here.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How cell phones work.

How cell phones work.
Well just a little info about Cellphones. They have dedicated towers for different companies. So if you have sprint your phone will first ping a sprint tower. If you have a dual band phone which I have it will roam or search for a signal. It will only do this if you have the phone set up to do this though. My phone will also roam on any tower as long as it is set up to do so. The latest in cell phone technology is that all new phones have a locator chip so in the case of an emergency the highway patrol can locate you. This is a GPS type of chip but it does not work like a standard GPS device. It relies on tower triangulation. A tower is pinged and they base it on the signal strength of your phone between several towers and they can locate you. It is actually fairly accurate up to 100 yards. So if the tower that both of Joe’s cell phones pinged was for Joe and Harlow’s service company then Joe’s phone would have pinged the same tower. You see there are several towers in the same area but do they all cover the same companies? Cell phones ping a tower and then the call goes through conventional phone lines and then to the tower nearest you and it locates your phone and your call is completd. So if the service provider only had the one tower in the area it would use that tower unless your phone was roaming. Then it would ping the nearest tower. We have all had dropped calls so we know that the technology is good but it is no way near perfect. Also as you travel your phone will jump form tower to tower along your travel path. This is done by the circutry in your phone and the information it sends to the nearest cell tower. I'm sure that if you turn your phone off it can take a few seconds for it to be operational again when you turn it back on. it will search for a signal and that is how it locates a tower. It is this process that allows you to travel with your phone and stay in contact with the person that you are talking to. So in effect a Cellphone is a digital two-way radio. This information is from the Sprint and Verizon websites.
This Elmysterio and I'm out.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Chris Crocker star of the You Tube Galaxy

Updated: Chris Crocker says Leave Brittny alone and he gets a responce from several others and he also talks to Jimmy kimmel live. To me it looks like Chris is rising fast in the internet galaxy as a star to be reckoned with. Now there are nude pictures of Chris on the Internet and he looks like anything but a girl. That boy is packing some serious man stuff. I just have to say that he is funny and hot all at the same time.

So I get this email from a friend and it leads me to a link and I go there and I have never laughed so hard in my life. This little queen is deranged, but in a good way. Soon to be a international star in my opinion. Chris Crocker rocks. So let the show begin.

This one is funny too. There are more for your enjoyment on youtube

Check out his myspace page for more info on this up and coming Internet star. The boy has "it" and a lot more he is just a riot. If this is what they are producing in the Bible belt then maybe they are doing something right. I say unleash the queen and let it be known that Chris Crocker will be on computer screens everywhere. He has a fan club and he calls his fans and they freak which I might add is hilarious.